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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Joe Thomas, NAHMA, 703-683-8630 Recognition Given to Outstanding Affordable Housing Industry Leaders Statesmen, Partners and Organizations Comprise an Impressive List Jan. 19, 2007, Alexandria, VA -- The National Affordable Housing Management Association (NAHMA) announced today the winners of awards given for outstanding service to the multifamily, affordable housing community. Now in its third year, this awards program honors individual lifetime achievement, outstanding individual leadership in several categories, and outstanding partnership organizations (such as a government agency, nonprofit or business partner). The 2006 awards will be presented to the following individuals and organizations at NAHMA's winter meeting March 4-6, 2007, in Washington, D.C.: 1) NAHMA Industry Statesman This award goes to two outstanding industry leaders whose presence, intelligence and inventiveness have been a constant source of inspiration over their long and distinguished careers of service to NAHMA and the industry. They are: · Larry J. Barrett, former President, Rental Property Management Co., Mount Pleasant, SC Larry Barrett was one of the founding members of SAHMA in 1982. He worked diligently to organize and promote SAHMA throughout the region as the source of information, education and advocacy efforts for owners and managers of affordable multifamily housing doing business in the Southeast. In addition to his 25-year commitment to SAHMA, Barrett supported the creation of NAHMA and has held various posts on its Board of Directors, including treasurer. Barrett recently completed his service on the NAHMA board, and NAHMA is proud to acknowledge his many contributions as an Industry Statesman. Harris Davis, former President, N & H Enterprises Inc., Orangeburg, SC Harris Davis is a long-time member of NAHMA and has served in many leadership roles, including on the Education and Training Committee, the National Association of Housing Professionals' Certification Review Board, the Senior Housing Committee and the Board of Directors. Over his 25 years in the affordable housing industry, Davis has been devoted to providing SAHMA and NAHMA members with the latest information and changes taking place in the industry. In every way he is an ideal Industry Statesman.


2) NAHMA Industry Achievement The following winners have been integral to the development and achievements of NAHMA and the AHMA of the Pacific Southwest, as well as to their own company:


Johrita and Bruce Solari, President and Executive Vice President-Chief Financial Officer, respectively, of Solari Enterprises, Inc. This husband-and-wife team have grown their company to the point where they now manage nearly 4,000 multifamily units in 53 locations throughout California. The Solaris helped create AHMA Pacific Southwest to serve as a voice for owners and managers of affordable housing and are nationally recognized authorities in the field of affordable multifamily housing. Johrita is a founding member and past president of NAHMA and serves on the Board of Directors of numerous other industry and community associations. Bruce is a former president of the AHMA and was elected one of nine lifetime members of its Board of Directors. He has also been awarded the AHMA's highest honor, the Clive Graham Memorial Award.

3) NAHMA Industry Partner The following awardee exemplifies the value that can result from strong partnerships with local HUD offices: · Encarnacion (Connie) Loukatos, Director, HUD's Multifamily Resources Hub, Philadelphia, PA Among Connie's numerous achievements and contributions to the industry over the years, she recently played a major role in launching the PennDel AHMA two years ago. In October 2006 she received the PennDel AHMA's Founders Award for her leadership role in creating the organization. The AHMA serves a portion of the state of Pennsylvania and Delaware.

4) AHMA of the Year Regardless of size, these organizations go all out for their members and serve as role models for other AHMAs around the country: · Large: SAHMA (Southeastern AHMA) The association sponsored 23 events in 2006 and has 80 properties that have received Communities of QualityTM recognition. Medium/Large: MAHMA (Midwest AHMA) With some 250 members, the association has won kudos for its educational courses and outreach to new and potential members. Medium: Rocky AHMA This regional association had a 98 percent retention rate in 2006 and has shown a profit for the past five years. Small/Medium: JAHMA (New Jersey AHMA) A spring management conference, guest speaker events and educational sessions are a hallmark of this organization's work. Very Small: Oregon AHMA Membership in this organization has nearly doubled during the past four years despite a challenging regional economy.





5) AHMA Membership Recruitment · MAHMA (Midwest AHMA) The association markets its programs to member and non-member companies and contacts every non-member company that participates in one of its education programs. 6) Individual NAHMA Membership Recruitment The NAHMA Membership Recruitment Award is given annually to a NAHMA member who leads in new member recruitment for the previous 12-month period. · Scott Reithel, Executive Director of Property Management Division, Metropolitan Associates, Milwaukee, WI.

Reithel has been in the affordable housing industry since the mid-1970s. He has received several awards, including the Kenneth Prealskin Memorial Award for work with persons with mental illness given by the Grand Avenue Club, Inc. of Milwaukee. He is a three-term president of Midwest AHMA and is its liaison to NAHMA. Reithel is a CPM and a NAHP-e. In 2006, Scott recruited four new members to NAHMA. 7) NAHMA Communities of QualityTM Award Given annually to a NAHMA member who has the most properties listed on the NAHMA National Recognition Program COQ Registry: · WinnResidential, which has 59 properties listed as Nationally Recognized Communities of Quality in the program, is the recipient of this year's award. 8) AHMA Communities of Quality Awards NAHMA is pleased to acknowledge those organizations with the highest number of COQ properties based on AHMA size. · · · Large: SAHMA (Southeastern AHMA) Medium: AHMA Pacific Southwest Small/Medium: NEAHMA (New England AHMA)

9) AHMA Innovation All AHMA's pride themselves on innovation, but each year at least one stands out. This year, there are two. · AHMA Pacific Southwest: Beginning in 2004, the AHMA-PSW Foundation partnered with Washington Mutual Bank to bring a Financial Literacy Program to AHMA-PSW properties at no cost to its members. Employees of Washington Mutual volunteer their time teaching valuable financial topics to people at AHMA-PSW complexes. Two or three communities within walking distance of one another enable the requisite classes of 10 to be organized. Subjects taught include checking and savings, budgeting and credit and lending basics. JAHMA/Thomasville Furniture Galleries: The JAHMA Foundation and Thomasville Furniture Galleries have partnered to create In Time of Need, a furniture distribution program for lowincome households. Over a 12-month period, In Time of Need will donate furniture to residents of JAHMA-affiliated properties who are in genuine need of furniture for their home as a result of compelling and unavoidable circumstances. These can include fire, flood, burglary, poverty -- any compelling hardship that may stretch to the limit the patience, determination and emotional bonds of individuals and families. The first beneficiary, in May 2006, was a woman and her six children, victims of Hurricane Katrina who relocated to Eggerts Crossing Village in Lawrenceville, NJ. The family received an entire four-bedroom apartment of furniture. Several more applications have been approved and two more furniture placements have been scheduled.


10) The President's Award Each year at the spring meeting, NAHMA's president makes a surprise announcement of this special award. NAHMA's new president, Michelle Norris, will convey this award at the March meeting. NAHMA is the leading voice for affordable housing, advocating on behalf of multifamily property managers and owners whose mission is to provide quality affordable housing. NAHMA holds a unique position in the industry as an advocate for professional standards, and it supports legislative and regulatory policy that promotes the development and preservation of decent and safe affordable housing. It also is a vital resource for technical education and information and fosters strategic relations between government and industry. Founded in 1990, NAHMA's membership today includes the industry's most distinguished multifamily owners and management companies. ###


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