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file indref October 2005 External sources for local history of Ethiopia Sources used for more than some ten extracts are in the main files given abbreviated references. These are listed here with bibliographical explanations, also rather short but believed sufficient for finding the document in catalogues. Languages of the sources used here are English, French, Italian, German, and Scandinavian languages (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish). Arén 1978 Asmarom 1973 Gustav Arén, Evangelical pioneers in Ethiopia, Uppsala/Sweden 1978 Asmarom Legesse, Gada - Three approaches to the study of African society, New York 1973 Marc Aubert, Ethiopia (Local Colour illustrated guide to Ethiopia), Hong Kong 1999 Theodore Bent, The sacred city of the Ethiopians, London 1893 Gustavo Bianchi, Alla terra dei Galla, Milano 1896 Philip Briggs, Guide to Ethiopia, Bradt Publications, UK 1995 (also USA) Spectrum guide to Ethiopia, Camerapix Publishers International, Nairobi/Kenya 1995, 2nd ed. 1996 R.E. Cheesman, Lake Tana & the Blue Nile, London 1936 (covering period 1925-1934) Donald Crummey, Land and society in the Christian kingdom of Ethiopia, USA & UK (Oxford) 2000 Haggai Ehrlich, Ras Alula and the Scramble for Africa ... 1875-1897, USA (Red Sea Press) 1996 Taye Tadesse, Short biographies of some Ethiopian artists, Addis Ababa (1984) 1991 Katsuyoshi Fukui & John Markakis (editors), Ethnicity and conflict in the Horn of Africa, UK & USA 1994 Count Gleichen, With the mission to Menelik, London 1898 Staffan Grenstedt, Ambaricho and Shonkolla, Faculty of Theology, Uppsala Univ. 2000. Studia Missionalia Svecana LXXXII Guida dell'Africa Orientale Italiana, Consociazione Turistica Italiana, Milano 1938 Jenny Hammond, Fire from the ashes - A chronicle of the revolution in Tigray, Ethiopia, 1975-1991, USA (Red Sea Press) 1999

Aubert 1999

Bent 1893 Bianchi 1896 Bradt 1995 Camerapix 1995

Cheesman 1936

Crummey 2000

Ehrlich 1996

Eth. Artists

Ethnicity 1994

Gleichen 1898 Grenstedt 2000

Guida 1938

Hammond 1999

Jäger 1965 Levine 1965 Marcus, Menelik

Otto A. Jäger, Antiquities of North Ethiopia, Stuttgart 1965 Donald N. Levine, Wax and gold, Univ. of Chicago Press 1965 Harold G. Marcus, The life and times of Menelik II, Oxford 1975 (The Red Sea Press 1995) Harold G. Marcus, A history of Ethiopia, Univ. of California 1994 John Markakis, National and class conflict in the Horn of Africa, (Cambridge Univ. Press) 1987 Philip Marsden-Smedley, A far country, London 1990 Danilo A. Jelenc, Mineral occurrences of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa 1966 Mohammed Hassen, The Oromo of Ethiopia, A history 1570-1860, The Red Sea Press/USA 1994 P.A. Mohr, The Geology of Ethiopia, Addis Abeba ca 1961 (printed in Asmara) Dervla Murphy, In Ethiopia with a mule, London 1969 (also a later pocket edition) Desert and forest, 1934, Penguin Books 1935, Abyssinia unveiled, The Albatross/Hamburg 1935 (travels in 1928) Richard Pankhurst, An introduction to the economic history of Ethiopia from early times to 1800, London (Lalibela House) 1961 Richard Pankhurst, A social history of Ethiopia, Institute of Ethiopian Studies 1990 (The Red Sea Press 1992) Richard Pankhurst, The Ethiopian borderlands, ... regional history from ancient times to the end of the 18th century, The Red Sea Press 1997 Sven Rubenson, The survival of Ethiopian independence, London etc 1976 Alberto Sbacchi, Legacy of bitterness - Ethiopia and Fascist Italy, 1935-1941, USA (Red Sea Press) 1997 David Shirreff, Bare feet and bandoliers, London (Radcliffe Press) 1995 John Young, Peasant revolution in Ethiopia, The Tigray People's Liberation Front 1975-1991, Cambridge University Press 1997 Harold G. Marcus /editor/, New trends in Ethiopian studies, Papers of the 12th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies, vol. I, The Red Sea Press/USA 1994 (example of these Int. Conf. papers)

Marcus 1994 Markakis 1987

Marsden-Smedley 1990 Mineral 1966 Mohammed 1994

Mohr, Geology 1961

Dervla Murphy 1969

Nesbitt 1934(1935)

Pankhurst 1961

Pankhurst (1990)1992

Pankhurst 1997

Rubenson 1976

Sbacchi 1997

Shirreff 1995 Young 1997

12th Int Conf 1994


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