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Troubleshooting Adobe Digital Editions Installation Issues Installations There are three ways that an installation of Adobe Digital Editions can occur ­ we suggest the third option merely due to a cleaner installation of the application software and the different levels of security that can be seated inside of different Companies networks. 1) From the main Adobe Digital Editions web site 2) From the Adobe Library ­ to be able to install and test the capability to download the document: 3) Download Adobe Digital Editions 1.7.1 for Windows ­ ( Do a Save as to save the Software executable to the local machine. Once the *.exe is saved ­ execute the installation from the local machine. Failed Installation ­ With Security / Firewall blocking occurring From the Adobe main website or from the Library ­ Start installation

Click Yes to download and continue installation of Adobe Digital Editions

The Default installation options appear ­ leave these options set as they are

Default directory where Adobe Digital Editions will install

At this point ­ a Corruption error message will appear ­ This occurs because the installation software coming directly from Adobe's website is unable to communicate and pass information through the Firewall or PC security to write to the machine or there is potential that your network is "locked" down limiting the accessibility on the Machine to install or uninstall software from the PC. Contact the IT Department at this point

Successful Installation of Adobe Digital Editions From the Link provided to pull Download Adobe Digital Editions 1.7.1 for Windows ­ the Software from Adobe's ( website do a Save to the itions1x7x1.exe) Once the *.exe is saved ­ execute the installation from the local C:\temp directory on the PC machine where the documents will be downloaded A prompt will appear potentially with a Security Warning message ­ Click on "RUN"

Leave the associated "Default Settings" in tact and click on "Next"

The "Default" installation directory will appear ­ please leave this set as it appears Click on Install

Installation should begin and progress accordingly ­ Click on "Close" at the end of the installation

Upon Completion of Installation ­ Adobe Digital Editions will appear on panel Click on "Continue"

When the Activation screen appears ­ Select ­ "DO Not Authorize" computer - Click on Activate

(Note) If you choose to "Authorize" computer utilizing an "Adobe ID" please make sure that you enter the correct User ID / Password for your newly setup Adobe ID

If you choose to complete "Do Not Authorize" Computer ­ the following screen will appear Select - Continue

The final screen will appear for the Completion of Installation / Setup Click on ­ Finished

At this point your Adobe installation has been successful and is ready for usage.

Adobe Error Messages ­ Troubleshooting / Resolving "Document is licensed for a different user account". Account went from a "Do Not Authorize Computer" to "Activating" an Adobe ID "Activate" Adobe Digital Editions after signing up as "Do not Authorize" Entry of Email address / password for the Adobe id that is setup is required "Click on Activate"

Adobe request confirmation and "warns" that if any documents are associated to the Digital Editions library on the computer ­ which they will no longer, be readable. Click on "Replace"

Adobe completes "Activation on the Computer" - Click on Finish

What happens to Documents that are associated Error Message: "Document is licensed for a different user account".

Removal and Reinstallation of the Document will result in the E_LICENSE error message ­ prompting a removal and reinstallation of the software on the machine

"Error getting License: License server communication problem: E_LIC_ALREADY_FULFILLED_BY_ANOTHER_USER" Error message is a result of a couple of different issues 1) User has installed an Adobe ID on more than one machine 2) User has modified the clocks on their computer 3) User has modified their account from a "Do Not Authorize" to an "Adobe Activated ID" 4) User has "De-installed" and "Re-installed" adobe digital editions ­ but the installation is not being removed from the machine completely. Uninstalling Adobe Digital Editions

Start > Programs > Adobe > Adobe Digital Editions > Uninstall Or Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add Remove Programs

Complete Uninstall

In order to remove all remnants of Adobe Digital Editions / Adobe Adept from the machine ­ a "Registry Edit" will need to be performed

Click on Start > Run > Regedit

Search for ADEPT HKEY_CURRENT_USER> Software>Adobe>Adept Delete the full folder

Complete a search on the machine for ADEPT Remove only the structures that are seated under the "SOFTWARE" extensions

This will remove the Adobe ID / License and Activation keys

Clear any outstanding tasks that may be associated to Adobe Digital Editions downloads C:\data\my digital editions or C:\my documents\my digital editions

· And ·

Select the "Restore" folder and click on the Tasks Folder Select the "Restore" folder and click on the Failed Folder

Highlight any documents within these folder and "delete" them

Important: You must empty your "Recycle Bin" prior to rebooting your machine

Right-click your recycle bin on your desktop and select "Empty Recycle Bin"

After emptying your Recycle Bin ­ Restart your computer and "Re-install" ­ Adobe Digital Editions

Re-install Adobe Digital Editions When Adobe installation completes ­ Setup Assistant will appear

Manually install Adobe Digital Editions for Windows 1. Finish installing or uninstalling any other applications. 2. Download Adobe Digital Editions 1.7.1 for Windows.

Click Continue and Choose ­ Do Not Authorize computer Click on "Activate"

Click on "Continue"

Click on "Finished"

Adobe Digital Editions will appear once again ­ this time without the error message

Document should now successfully download to the machine:


Troubleshooting Adobe Digital Editions Installation Issues

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