OVERVIEW The number of ATM transactions is growing very fast day by day and the need to have a very efficient ATM reconciliation tool that eliminates manually reviewing reports for GL entries and for non posted items reconciliation system has been felt by all commercial banks. This is not withstanding the fact that there is a growing network of ATM's being provided by independent providers such as Kenswitch and Pesa Point, and once the bank joins these networks, the headache of ATM transaction reconciliation becomes a nightmare. This is due to the fact you have to handle atm transactions from non customers using the banks ATM as well as own customers using other banks Atm terminal. The Solution: What Does it do? The NAIS ATM reconciliation software can help ensure that all ATM transactions (cash replenishments, withdrawals, transfers and other transactions) are truly, properly and correctly represented and posted in branch books of accounts. The reconciliation system has also become necessary to reconcile ATM cash balances. Due to the large number of ATMs, significant amounts of float cash exist in the ATMs and this amount of cash cannot be ignored in bank's balance sheets from the point of Audit and Profitability. In addition, in situations where cash has not been disbursed, but customers accounts have been debited, or cash has been dispensed and customer's accounts have not been debited, there is need to pass reversed debits or credits in the customers accounts as early as possible. This will reduce inconvenience caused to customers The Process : How Does NAIS ATM Reconciliation Work:NAIS ATM Reconciliation programs automate the daily balancing of the ATM transactions. Once the transaction report from the Data Processing System(Internal banking system) and the Confidential: New Age Information Systems Ltd Page: 1


ATM Network report file are downloaded to a PC's disk, the program loads the transactions, run's the reconcilement program and create a report of unmatched items between the two systems. Thus, this easy to use program quickly loads transactions from the network activity report and DP system activity report, compares them and provides a list of unmatched transactions to research and resolve. This is normally the most time consuming part of balancing the ATM activity each day What Are the Key Benefits From this System: 1. Eliminates the Manual Ticking 2. Saves Time: It only takes less than 5 minutes to reconcile transactions that would have taken more than a whole day or more depending on the number of transactions. 3. Accuracy: No transactions are left out or over looked as in the case of manual reconciliation 4. Get a report of accounts not debited, hence quickly post before the customer uses the money. 5. Get a report of erroneous debits and quickly post before the customer complains 6. Reports transactions not found on DP system and ATM switch. 7. Eliminates printing the ATM and DP system transaction reports. 8. Eliminates manual reviewing of reports for GL entries and for non posted items 9. Compare with third party reports on how many transaction were carried out on the banks ATM network, hence how much to pay to the service provider eg Kenswitch, PesaPoint 10. Compare for Accuracy on settlements to other banks and settlements from other banks as well. 11. Get statistical reports on ATM transactions and usage. Confidential: New Age Information Systems Ltd Page: 2



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