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New Apostolic Church International

District Apostle Meeting


NACI Administration


Coordination Group (with Chief Apostle and the respective Consultants)

Doctrine of Faith DA Koberstein

Congregation Management DA Brinkmann

Congregational life DA Nadolny

Church Strategy DA Kolb (DAH Sobottka Translator)

WG Finance Strategy

WG Questions of Faith

WG Instructions for Ministers with Subgroup Divine Service Guide

WG Contatcts with other Denominations/Religions

WG Church Strategy

Commitee for special affairs

PG The New Apostolic Faith

P hde ' G C irn l s Teaching Materials

WG Public Relations

WG Africa

FG Civil Service Law Germany

PG Introduction of Catechism

PG Marriage ­Family Cohabitation

WG Music with Subgroup Choir Literature and Subgroup Recruitment & Training

WG Copyright

WG Doctrine + Knowledge

Consultant for ,, u en s o n tr" G i le r ies d i f Mis

WG Medicine

Consultant for ,,h me fh e e t n T e s eR v l i ot ao

WG History of the NAC

valid from 2011.01.01


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