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3D TRASAR® Boiler Technology provides invaluable information to optimise steam system operations


Steam boilers are dynamic systems with rapidlychanging water quality and operating conditions. In the past, frequent manual testing was used to try and manage this situation. In current times, few organisations now have the manpower available to devote to the frequent testing of boiler conditions. Unscheduled boiler downtime may cause loss of production, which is no longer acceptable as factories run with minimal levels of stock. A delay in one part of the supply chain has serious consequences for those further down the line. Additionally, increased operating efficiency has become highly important as organisations seek to limit the impact of increasing fuel costs and also to reduce their carbon footprint. Making improvements is challenging with limited system operating information and so Nalco has identified a strong need to not only provide better, automated control of plant conditions to fill the gap left by reduction in manpower, but also to provide significantly improved insight into how the steam boiler plant is operating. To do this Nalco has developed 3D TRASAR Boiler Technology.

3D TRASAR Boiler Technology

3D TRASAR Boiler Technology is the innovative and unique boiler treatment package, designed to deliver superior sustainability performance, operational efficiency, and asset protection. This ground-breaking modular technology continuously responds to changes in boiler operation and feedwater quality, minimising system corrosion, ensuring clean waterside surfaces, and minimising water and energy resource use. The result is continuity of production, conservation of resources, minimisation of emissions including Greenhouse Gases (GHG), and improved cost management.

3D TRASAR Boiler Technology control

3D TRASAR Boiler Technology is used by leading corporations around the world to secure improvements in their environmental and economic performance, optimise boiler efficiency, meet sustainability goals, specifically in the areas of water and energy use reduction, and to protect assets, a key driver in boiler management and steam generation. 3D TRASAR Boiler Technology also meets the requirements of the Best Available Techniques for energy efficiency under the EU Integrated Pollution Prevention & Control (IPPC) legislation in the categories of increasing overall energy efficiency, reducing water use, reducing emissions to air, and reducing emissions to water.

Case Study CH-997E

Examples of the value delivered by 3D TRASAR Boiler Technology

Example 1: Identification of deaerator operating problems

A plant operated its main production activities from Monday to Friday. The NCSM identified corrosivity upsets were occurring each Monday morning (high readings and spikes) as shown in Figure 1. The upsets were being caused by high steam demand on production start-up that was overwhelming the capacity of the deaerator with its current design. If left in this condition the increased corrosion from operating this way would cause premature corrosion failure of the boiler system resulting in high repair costs at the very least, and possibly plant shutdown or early replacement of the economisers or boilers.

3D TRASAR Boiler Technology Control Module

3D TRASAR Boiler Technology consists of several new and unique technologies. This includes the Nalco Corrosion Stress Monitor (NCSM), which measures the corrosivity of the feedwater by using new probe technology that can operate at boiler feed line temperatures and pressures. This is used to provide on-demand control of the feed of reducing agent, to provide continuous and effective control of corrosion, and to provide information on when corrosivity upsets start to take place. Nalco fluorescent tracer technology is used to monitor and control the feed of antiscalant to control scale formation, maintaining heat transfer efficiency and optimum sustainability performance, and also providing useful real-time diagnostic information.

Figure 1 ­ Boiler feed water ORP spikes on Monday mornings

Example 2: Detection of dosing system accidentally switched-off Dosing pumps may be accidentally turned off leaving the boiler system vulnerable to scaling and corrosion. For example if power has to be turned off while electrical work is being done, or unauthorised adjustments made to pump settings, the boiler system can be at risk. Figure 2 shows that the 3D TRASAR Boiler Technology very quickly detected an incident where the dosing of antiscalant was interrupted.

Figure 2 ­ Antiscalant accidentally turned-off

Figure 3 ­ Carryover detected in the feedwater

Example 3: Detection of carryover Many boiler systems suffer from carryover giving rise to poor steam quality and purity. Knowing exactly when carryover events are happening is difficult to detect without dedicated steam monitoring equipment, and this makes it hard to identify what the root causes of the problem are, such as high boiler water levels, sudden load swings, or foaming. 3D TRASAR Boiler Technology controls the level of inert tracer in the feedwater and this then concentrates-up in the boiler itself to a concentration many times higher. So, when the feedwater unit sees sudden large peaks of inert tracer, it is a very strong indicator that boiler water has entered the feed water system. This can often be seen as a dramatic spike in the reading as the contaminated steam enters the deaerator and returns to the TRASAR unit as seen in Figure 3. The 3D TRASAR controller can be set to issue an alarm when this happens, and the data logger used to determine when the problem occurred, enabling the plant to narrow-down the likely causes and to immediately correct them.


The real-time detection of damaging plant upsets and the improvement of plant operation require a level and quality of data not traditionally available on a routine basis. For the very first time, Nalco's new 3D TRASAR Boiler Technology provides a superior level of realtime insight into plant conditions. This allows upsets to be detected before they cause damage, and underlying poor operating conditions to be identified and corrected so that the overall efficiency and reliability of the plant can be maintained and improved. With the time pressures increasingly faced by operators and managers, 3D TRASAR Boiler Technology enables reliable boiler operation to be achieved in the least amount of time. Once system conditions have been optimised, the use of 3D TRASAR Boiler Technology allows wet testing by operators to be reduced to a minimum, freeing up time for other important tasks. Excellent control of boiler water chemistry is essential in maintaining the energy efficiency and integrity of steam and heat generating systems. 3D TRASAR Boiler Technology assures optimum management of heat transfer surfaces and water use, delivering major positive impacts upon system efficiency, asset integrity, and sustainability performance.


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