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The Divine Bhrigu Samhita

The following are words spoken by Maharishi Bhriguji at His Temple in Hoshiarpur, India,

Sri Shukraji, with folded hands, asked, "O Almighty Lord, ocean of mercy, Lord of the worlds, in Sravana-mas, Shukla Purnima on Bhriguji's day, in the Virgo Ascendant--seeing all the people's hearts, I wish to hear something for their benefit. O my Lord, this month is for worshiping Lord Shiva by arcane, and it is also auspicious for going on pilgrimage. By these the jives become auspicious. Your incarnation day, which is famous as Raksha Bandham, is for explaining what is beneficial for the people. In Kali-yuga the jiva is very unhappy. I feel that the people have so many possessions, and still they are most unhappy. I want to hear your auspicious words, which can take away their suffering."


The Divine Bhrigu Samhita

Sri Maharishi Brghuji said, "O my son, may you be blessed. I have an intense desire that the living entities connect with the Universal Soul. I will explain this yoga. Look, Shukra, the reason for all suffering is `sambhanda-janya--the connection with matter.' If the jiva seeks pleasure within the realm of matter, then he must accept the concomitant duality of pain. This acceptance of the search for happiness within matter is a misuse of the free will. If we try to fulfill external needs but do not care for the self within, how will we ever be liberated?

God has unlimited resources and qualities and is unlimitedly nectarean. This universe displays only a tiny part of His power, but few are even interested. The human mind is very degraded, and I am very upset about this.

There are things much more valuable than what money can buy. First, there is gross matter. Then the implements or fixtures of the universe, such as the air, water, trees. More valuable are the cows, sheep, and their by-products, such as milk and cloth. From here the human species is higher. Among humans, the most valuable species are the intelligent, and among the intelligent, higher still are the self-realized.

Sleep rejuvenates one materially, but it is an enemy of hari-bhajana. It smothers the bhajana of Lord Hari. If you call on Lord Hari with love and affection, He appears before you. He does not come by ordinary punya; He is achieved by love and devotion. Don't be attached or unattached to anything, but do your hari-bhajana like a fixed tree. Then you will be jivan-mukta. The self never dies, though the body transforms from childhood to old age.

Whether you see a man, a woman, or a wall, never change your vision. Differences are perceived because of attachment. When detached from the world, you become realized in jnana, and when thus situated and also attached to Lord Hari, that is called bhakti.

Always do good sat-sanga. In the Kali-yuga, with but tapas and sadhana, you cannot


The Divine Bhrigu Samhita

achieve this. It is by bhakti and chanting that the highest goal of siddhi is achieved, and mukti follows along.

A person on the reverse path will never agree with any of this. One attached to matter can only be saved by Lord Hari. Don't become a debtor by enjoying the pleasures of the world. Otherwise, at the end of life, you will never remember Lord Hari. Think like this, that Lord Hari is with us and we can know Him. Then Lord Hari will reveal Himself to one of such strong faith.

Matter is diminishing day by day, yet we hold onto it. This is an obstacle to Lord Hari. Hearing this knowledge with strong faith is called sat-sanga. Thus the jiva is liberated from all desires and becomes vilaksana (in his true glory). This world is always entangling and degrading the jiva; but Lord Hari has unlimited love and affection, so the jiva should not entangle himself in the world of ego, violence, and attachment, thus becoming more unhappy. The human body is a chance to achieve Lord Hari through sat-sanga. "

Words about Bhrguji from Nalini... Maharishi Bhrigu is an eternal personal associate of Lord Krishna, a guru of many great personalities such as the Pandavas, and a progenitor of mankind. His spiritual abode is hinted at by Sri Sanatana Goswami, who says that "the bhajan (worship) there is indescribable," and by the Srimad-Bhagavatam, which describes Bhriguji's home as "worshipable even for the saints who are transcendentally situated" (Bhag. 2.2.25). My guru, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, mentioned in his scriptural translations that "any gentleman must be interested in astrology," and that "the perfection of astrology is found in Bhrgu-samhita ." Srila Prabhupada went to the Amrtananda Bhrgu Ashram in 1964, listened to Bhrguji's words, and followed them by "going to the USA to spread Lord Krishna's Name, and that books will be a big part of your preaching."


The Divine Bhrigu Samhita

Obviously, if one experiences this divine source, and if one follows the path Bhrigu outlines, one's material and spiritual lives are greatly benefited. This is a divine and devotional exchange between you and a great mahatma, not material astrology meant to satisfy whimsical desires.

God has not left us in the dark, though we chose to come to this material world. He has appeared in a variety of forms, at many times and in different places, to bring His parts and parcels back to the normal condition of the soul in sat-cid-ananda (eternal, knowledgeable and blissful) existence. Bhrigu Maharishi appeared during the advent of Lord Krishna 5,000 years ago. At that time, Bhriguji's text, which uses the vehicle of astrology but is really dictated through His spiritual vision, was spoken to His son, the divine Shukra.

The book, spoken for the many whom He saw hearing His words over the next thousands of years, was carved in stone in the Himalayas. Two thousand years ago, those words were written down on papers, which are kept with great care in Hoshiarpur in the state of Punjab in Northern India. A saintly lady named Sneha Amrtanand lives there and translates the words of Bhrigu for us. There are many sources in India which say they are "Bhrgu astrologers" or "Bhrgu Pandits," but if you want the words of the Maharishi Himself and not those of a self-interested person, our opinion, and Bhrgu's direct words, are to go only to this source, and get the divine blessings by FOLLOWING the guidance.

For those interested, you must visit the center in India or meet Snehaji on one of her travels. It may take time, even years, to find your reading, but it happens when the time is right or when Bhrigu reciprocates with your prayers/desires. I will be glad to try and help you make an appointment with Snehaji. This is not ordinary astrology or "nadi" astrology of India. These are direct words of the Godhead Himself, and they are revealed in the heart of one who approaches with, and follows the words with, faith.

Thank you very much! Hare Krishna.



The Divine Bhrigu Samhita

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