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NYGH Warmly

Welcomes moZAC

NyGh has worked in partnership with the malaccan school, Sekolah menengah Sains musaffar Syah (moZAC) since 2008 with the aim of providing Secondary 2 students an opportunity to interact with our malaysian counterparts and to develop an appreciation for the malay language and culture.

It was a wonderful and meaningful experience interacting with friends of a different country, culture and religion. The MOZAC students were really friendly and I could see their excitement as they learned more about our school during the tour. They commented on how impressively built the school was, which made me further appreciate the conducive environment in Nanyang. Although I went over to Malacca last year, hosting the MOZAC students here was a different experience. Interacting with them were definitely the most enjoyable part. Not only did I gain friendships with people of a different nation and culture, I also gained a deeper understanding and knowledge of Malaysia. It was definitely a learning journey for both the MOZAC students and me. ~ Chen lixin (314)

NANyANG GirlS' hiGh SChool

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NYGH Warmly Welcomes MOZAC Lit Talk ­ An International Flavour Inter-Culture Dialogue at Sec 2 Boarding School Experience / Total Defence: Bilingual Debate Grace Under Pressure / Secondary 4 Students Visit the Kranji War Memorial / Annual Prize Giving Ceremony 2011 Lifeskills Camps 2011 On Public Speaking / "" / National Schools Individual Chess Tournament 2011 Congratulations to the NYGH Sports CCA Teams! NYGH Student Leaders Investiture 2011

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NYGH Warmly

Welcomes moZAC

Some say friendships cannot be forged over a short period of time. I beg to differ, as I have forged many valuable friendships in the short time that I hosted the MOZAC students. I found them very friendly and sociable but what amazed me most was their eloquence, willingness to learn and inquisitiveness about our school. It has indeed been an enriching experience that has taught me the beauty of international friendship. ~ lynn loy (314)

An International Flavour

~ pearly Ang (314) Lit Talk's inaugural session, held on 13 April, was a resounding success. In celebration of International Friendship Day, Lit Talk featured poetry readings by teachers who introduced and read poems in Malay, French, Spanish and Norwegian. Transcending language boundaries, the emotions in the teachers' voices and the sound and rhythm of the words powerfully conveyed each unique message. The enrapt audience was also treated to a reading from The Lord of the Rings by Sarah Westvik, a student from the Australian International School. In addition, Maya Shanmugaratnam of 312 shared her thoughts on her current reading and listening interest, The Beatles. Bringing together teachers and students with a love of literature, Lit Talk has proven to be a wonderful avenue to fuel students' interest in language and literature. Kick-started by the English Department, it is currently run by students for students.

inter-Culture Dialogue

at Sec 2 Boarding School Experience

This programme introduces dialogue as an entry point into cross-cultural awareness and understanding. Intercultural awareness and dialogue skills are crucial in the 21st Century and in Singapore, the value of which goes beyond the immediate. As NYGH is a largely homogeneous community of girls (mostly Chinese Singaporean), the Boarding School experience provides a suitable setting for inter-culture dialogue. Students form dialogue circles, together with international students from the Boarding School. These circles meet over 3 Fridays in small groups of 10 ­ 12, facilitated by student leaders, to build friendships and discuss issues that touch on differences and similarities between people.

Inter-culture dialogue was nothing short of exhilarating for me. It was wonderful to be myself, to put my guard down and trust those around me--my group mates. From whichever culture we belonged, we shared our stories, our pasts, and our lives. We achieved a greater understanding through our discussions on mental archetypes and the ignorance on which biases are formed. As I listened to the many tales of different lives, the dialogue created a lens that replaced my blurred ones. I can now see a larger world beyond my own. ~ Gwen Chua (211)

Total Defence Day

Bilingual Debate

To commemorate Total Defence Day, the school organised a bilingual debate. I was initially sceptical, unsure if the contrasting nature of the languages wouldn't impede the debate's progress. However, I was pleasantly surprised that the debate turned out to be very refreshing as both the Mandarin and English speakers illustrated their points well, complete with effective rebuttals and concrete examples. This debate was a true reflection of our excellent bilingual programme. The debaters articulated their thoughts and ideas fluently in both languages.

The topic was "National Education (NE)--Should it be an examinable subject?" Emotions ran high as this topic touched the hearts of the audience. The students burst out in applause often, supporting the debaters who spoke on their behalf. What a wonderful performance--we gained a deeper understanding of the issue and the art of effective argumentation. ~ Cheryl Tham (314), member of the audience

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Grace Under pressure

on 11 march 2011, an 8.9-magnitude earthquake occurred off the coast of Japan, triggering a 10- metre-high tsunami that struck Japan minutes after the earthquake. These events led to a death toll of more than 18,000 people and extensive structural damage. Two students -- were moved by how well the Japanese handled the natural disaster and shared their thoughts with the school.

"The Japanese possess an extraordinary ability to endure pressure with poise and dignity. We must also acknowledge the Japanese's level of preparedness in the face of a natural disaster. As a country that experiences a fifth of the world's most powerful earthquakes, Japan is in a constant state of readiness, which has saved many lives and is definitely worthy of respect. As stated in a review article in The Straits Times--`In these times that try the hardiest of souls, Japanese people themselves will stand. They have strong hearts.' It was also touching to see many countries, including Singapore, lend a helping hand. Aid poured in from all around the world. People sometimes criticize the Japanese by making references to WWII but in the wake of this natural disaster, many have put aside their differences and come to the aid of Japan." ~ yap lin hui and Zhang Tianjiao (401)

Secondary 4 Students Visit the

~ Shauna Tan (406)

Kranji War memorial

The clouds parted ways to reveal an inviting sun on January 25, perfect weather for our visit to the Kranji War Memorial. For many of us, the greatest takeaway was the realization that these brave men had given up their lives not to attain the glory of victory, but to defend the people of their country. I also learned that the soldiers who died were from many different countries, a good reminder that Singapore will not be able to survive without the help of others. "No man is an island"--we should treasure our good relationships with our neighbouring countries. During a simple ceremony, some of us held up flags of the countries that fought in the war, such as Australia, India, Malaysia, Britain and Singapore, while the rest of us bowed our heads in silence for a minute to honour these soldiers. The ceremony ended with an offering of poppy flowers, a symbol of eternal sleep. It was heartening to see the flags flying high in the gentle breeze against a backdrop of tombstones. Despite its association with death, this was a place where I witnessed beauty and grace through the memory of our fallen soldiers.

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Annual Prize Giving


The Nanyang Girls' High School Annual Prize Giving Ceremony was held on 25th February 2011. More than 200 students received awards from the Academic, CCA and Scholarship categories. Mdm Wee Bee Hoon, our Chairlady of the Board of Directors, was the Guest of Honour. For being the top Integrated Programme(IP) students, Tan Hui Han and Esther Wong Mei-Yu received the Ling Siew May Scholarship, while Jaslyn Seah Wen Yen was awarded the Liew Yuen Sian Scholarship for All-Round Excellence. The recipient of the Ling Siew May Scholarship for Outstanding Fine Arts, Chew Li Xian, also performed at the ceremony. Mr Lee Yit Hao, Chairperson of the Parents Support Group, presented the CCA team and group awards. Also gracing the ceremony were the Principals and primary school teachers of a number of Secondary 1 students, who were recipients of the Nanyang Girls' High School Board of Directors Scholarship. Congratulations to all our deserving award recipients!



Secondary 1

~ rachel Kwok (112)

Lifeskills Camp 2011 was truly memorable. My favourite part of the whole camp was Talentime, which gave my class, 112, a great opportunity to bond and further understand each other. Three weeks before the camp, when other classes were hard at work practising their Talentime item, our class was still debating what to do for ours. We spent all our breaks and after-school hours practising our dance to perfection. During the actual performance, we supported each other on and offstage, cheering each other on. Onstage, it was all a whirl of excitement and although we did not win, the experience has given us precious memories and friendships to treasure for the rest of our lives.

Secondary 2

~ low Shin ler (213)

Lifeskills Camp 2011 was definitely a camp worth remembering. Who knew that organising an activity could take up so much time and effort? But we did it--all 13 classes managed to come up with activities for the Secondary 2 Lifeskills Camp. My class connected over preparation of the Haunted House--managing the logistics, decorating the venue, dressing up and coping with the frenzy before the actual event. We definitely cherish each other more now. What we took away from the camp was more than fun and enjoyment; we learned how to be sensitive to each other's feelings and how to not just be a voice but also a listening ear. We've grown so much since Secondary One and our class spirit has become incredibly strong.

Life SkillsCamps 2011

Secondary 3

~ rachel Tan yuen Ting (304) The Secondary 3 students went through a 5-day camp at Outward Bound Singapore (OBS). Initially, I dreaded the thought of the camp as I wasn't enthusiastic about stepping out of my comfort zone. Gruelling as it was, it turned out to be a very memorable experience for me. One of the most physically and mentally tiring activities was kayaking around Pulau Ubin, which we did in eleven hours. It was taxing but the motivation and encouragement that pushed us to complete our journey was unforgettable. Other activities included trekking, rock climbing and jetty-jumping. The whole experience, though exhausting, has definitely made us stronger. I can confidently recommend the OBS camp to all those who have not gone through it yet ­ it is an experience not to be missed.

Secondary 4

~ lydia lau hui Xian (402) At the Sec 4 Lifeskills Camp in Downtown East, each class put up a performance on stage to showcase their interpretation of the camp theme, "Becoming a Respected Member of Society". It was hard for my class to come to a consensus on what a respected member of society should be. We eventually concluded that anyone could become a respected member of society, regardless of job, nationality, or even race if they were aware and sensitive to their environment. Amidst the fun and preparation, we began to understand that as long as we give of our best, we can make an impact on society and thus become respected members of society.


First Runner-Up in the ACJC Orator's Trophy competition this year and individual champion in the 2011 Story Challenge competition, Phoebe Leau of 413 shares her thoughts on public speaking. "I love to share my opinions, argue about issues and discuss a spectrum of things: from movies to books to lamenting about a boring day. And my involvement in drama and debates has also nurtured my passion for public speaking. What are the elements of public speaking? They are a speech, an audience and a voice. Speeches do not have to be dull and lengthy discourses about serious issues. In fact, speeches, regardless of subject matter, can be exceedingly fun!


on public

There is no proven method to excel in public speaking, but these three `C's--Confidence, Character, and Cogitation, are important. So, believe in yourself and speak with conviction, display your personality in your speech to connect with the audience and think before you speak. Possessing charisma is an added benefit. While not all of us can be Mark Antony, who swayed the Romans effortlessly, everyone can be charismatic! The first step begins with believing strongly in what you say. While stage fright is not always easily conquered, public speaking is truly a refreshing and liberating platform for self-expression. Don't be afraid to take the stage and speak your mind ­ let not the fear, but your words, define you!"

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Danielle ho (class 408)

National Schools Individual Champion, 2008 & 2009 National Age Group Champion, 2009 & 2010 Open Category Best Female Player, 2011

michelle ho (class 107)

National Age Group Champion, 2007-2010 Under-13 National Schools Individual Chess Tournament Champion, 2011

Hooked on chess ever since they first learned how to play at a very young age, Danielle Ho and Michelle Ho are sisters who have participated in numerous local and overseas competitions. They find International Chess a supremely complex game, but appreciate its intricacy and beauty. "Besides the enjoyment the game brings, chess teaches us careful and detailed planning, quick thinking (required in rapid games), and time management. The training and

competitions have helped us learn self-discipline, patience and resilience. A single game is often played for hours at a time, testing nerves, stamina, persistence, critical and independent thinking and creativity. We are grateful to our schools and coaches, the Singapore Chess Federation and our very supportive parents for the training and competition opportunities. Not only have our skills been sharpened with each competition, but we have also enriched our lives by making friends, both locally and overseas."



to the NYGH

Sports CCA Teams!

Trampoline National Champion (C Div) and 4th Place, Nationals (B Div) Table Tennis West Zone Champion (B and C Div) Badminton 3rd place, Nationals (C Div) and West Zone Champion (B Div) Basketball 3rd Place, West Zone (B Div) Tennis 2nd place, Nationals (C Div) Softball 4th place, Nationals (B Div) Netball West Zone Champion (C Div) and 3rd place, West Zone (B Div) Wushu National Champion (C Div) Shooting National Champion (C Div) and 2nd place, Nationals (B Div) Sailing 2nd place, Nationals (B Div) Track & Field 2nd place (B Div) and 4th place, Nationals (C Div) Cross-Country 3rd Place, Nationals (B Div)

A SpeCiAl meNTioN For The ChAmpioNS iN ArTiSTiC GymNASTiCS:

National Individual All-Round Champion (C Div) Janessa Dai min yi (113) National Individual All-Round 2nd Place (C Div) Zeng Ai ping Faith (104) National Individual All-Round Champion (B Div) Foo en Ning (413)

10 - 11

Leaders Investiture

NYGH Student

~ Lee Joey (406), President of Nanyang Peer Support Leaders The annual investiture was a great platform for all four leadership boards to work together as one, an opportunity that we do not get often. The Investiture was not just about doing proposals and carrying out our leadership skills. It has taught us much more than that, for example, stepping out of our comfort zones. The performance item was one of the highlights of investiture. Many of us had never experienced performing in front of a large crowd and the investiture was the platform that gave us this rare opportunity. How often do you get to see athletes dancing on stage? It was definitely an unforgettable experience trying to coordinate our arms and legs, memorizing dance steps for the first time for many of us! I am sure it was unforgettable for the dance ICs as well as they did their very best to put the bits and pieces together. The Student Leaders Investiture was not just a ceremony during which we stood on stage in our yellow blazers and court shoes. It was about starting the new leadership term with an irreplaceable experience for which we had all worked hard together as one, for the first time.

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