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Audition Information Sheet

Tryout Dates: Wednesday, October 10th & Thursday, October 11th 2:40-4:00 in the NPS Cafeteria ­ Please arrange for a ride home! Practice Dates: to be announced Dress Rehearsal Dates: Monday December 10th and Tuesday December 11th 2:30-5:30 NPS Cafeteria Guys and Dolls Performance: December 12th and 13th in the NPS Cafeteria at 7pm

What can I expect at the audition? Meet in the cafeteria after school. Mrs. Walsh will explain how the auditions will run and break everyone into smaller groups. There will be four stations for you to rotate through with your smaller group. 1. Lines Station: You will say and perform the lines of dialogue for the character you would like to play in the performance. Practice these lines ahead of time! Some of the 8th grade enrichment students will read the lines from the other characters in the scene. You will be able to use a script for the audition, however, you will be scored higher if you perform with out it. Your group will have approximately 15 minutes in this station. Judges will score you based on the Audition Rubric. They will be looking at the Stage Presence, Enthusiasm, and Voice/Diction categories. 2. Singing Station: This is a musical. All of the characters sing. Some sing solos and some sing along with the ensemble group. You will sing one of the songs suggested for the character you would like to perform in the play. Practice a song ahead of time and be ready to tell the judges which song you selected. Practice "Guys and Dolls" or "The Oldest Establishment" if you are planning to be in the ensemble cast. The 8th grade enrichment students will have a boom-box with the performance CD. You will have the choice of singing the song with the music only version or with the music and lyrics version. You will be singing with the music only version during the actual performance! Your group will have approximately 15 minutes in this station. Judges will score you based on the Audition Rubric. They will be looking at the Singing category. 3. Dance Practice Station: You will be taught a simple dance routine by the 8th grade enrichment students. Your group will have approximately 15 minutes in this station. You will not be judged at this station. You will simply learn the dance routine that you will perform at the next station. 4. Dance Station: You will perform the dance routine that you learned at the Dance Practice Station. The judges will tell you the order in which you should line up for the performance. Judges will score you based on the Audition Rubric. Judges will be looking at the Dance/Movement category. How can I prepare for the audition? Read the Guys and Dolls Summary ahead of time. Talk with an adult if you do not understand something in the summary. Decide on a character that you would like to be in the play. Stop by Mrs. Walsh's room for suggested dialogue for each character. Visit the school web site for links to a breakdown of each of the main characters, suggested lines from the script, and for music to the suggested songs to sing for the audition. Practice saying and performing some of the suggested lines for that character in front of a mirror and for your family. Listen to 30 second audio clips of the songs from the play. Search the Internet for video from other productions of Guys and Dolls. Keep in mind that you will only have 15 minutes at each station to impress the judges. Come prepared and "WOW" them! Who are the characters in the play? Nathan Detroit ­ Nathan is the heart and soul of Guys and Dolls. Nathan needn't be a great singer, but should be a good actor with excellent comic timing. Nathan's secret is that he probably wants to marry Adelaide, he just can't bring himself to admit it. (Suggested vocal auditions: "The Oldest Established"

measures 10-27. Suggested dialogue auditions: Scene 1- pages 44-46, Scene 1 ­ pages 46-49, or Scene 12 ­ pages 94-95.) Adelaide ­ Adelaide is a comic version of the classic gambler's moll. She needn't be a great singer, but must have a strong sense of pitch. Adelaide needs to be able to do a convincingly thick New York City dialect and have excellent comic timing. (Suggested vocal auditions: "A Bushel and a Peck" measures 31-54 or "Adelaide's Lament" entire song. Suggested dialogue auditions: Scene 1, pages 44-45, Scene 12, pages 94-95 or Scene 14, pages 103-104.) Sky Masterson ­ Sky is the quintessential, smooth as velvet Broadway gambler. Sky needn't be a great singer but MUST be able to own the stage in delivering the show-stopping "Luck Be A Lady". Sky should not be too slick. Sky has a soft spot for Miss Sarah Brown and has to be able to convey it to the audience. (Suggested vocals auditions: "I'll Know" measures 30-47 or "Luck Be a Lady" entire song. Suggested dialogue auditions: Scene 1 ­ pages 46-48, Scene 2 ­ pages 50-52 or Scene 7 ­ page 71.) Sarah Brown ­ Sarah is the girl next door with a more adventurous side that is waiting to get out. She is Sky's mirror opposite, and he is her weakness. Sarah should be an excellent singer and a good actor. She must show two distinct sides of herself and be able to hold her own with the likes of Sky Masterson. (Suggested vocal auditions: "I'll Know" entire song, "If I Were A Bell" entire song, or "I've Never Been In Love Before" measures 32-64. Suggested dialogue auditions: Scene 1 page 39 (monologue), Scene 2, pages 50-52. or Scene 14, pages 103-104.) Arvide Abernathy ­ Arvide is Sarah Brown's grandfather and the bass drum player. This part can easily be cast as a girl by changing to Sarah's grandmother. Arvide needs to be parental, a shoulder to cry on. (Suggested dialogue audition: Scene 10, page 84-85.) Nicely-Nicely ­ Nicely is a walking, talking Broadway comedy. Nicely could be any physical type, but a great comedic actor and a wonderful singer. Make sue your Nicely can deliver the super-show-stopping "Sit Down You're Rockin' the Boat". (Suggested vocal auditions "Fugue for Tinhorns" measures 6-38, "Guys and Dolls" measures 18-33, or "Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat" entire song.) Guys ­ The rest of the male ensemble (except of the mission band) can be cast as "Guys". They are gamblers, workers, New York City folks of all types. Dolls ­ The Dolls are the Hot Box girls and other ensemble females. Mission Band ­ Guys or Dolls who are members of the Mission Band. What is the play all about anyway? All the hot gamblers are in town, and they're all depending on Nathan Detroit to set up this week's incarnation of "The Oldest Established Permanent Floating Crap Game in New York"; the only problem is, he needs $1000 to get the place. Throw in Sarah Brown, who's short on sinners at the mission she runs; Sky Masterson, who accepts Nathan's $1000 bet that he can't get Sarah Brown to go with him to Havana; Miss Adelaide, who wants Nathan to marry her; Police Lieutenant Brannigan, who always seems to appear at the wrong time; and the music/lyrics of Frank Loesser, and you've got quite a musical! Join in the fun and auditions for the NPS production of Guys and Dolls Jr.! When and how will I find out my role in the play? The roles will be announced during morning announcement during the week of October 15th. They will also be posted outside Mrs. Walsh's room. What if I don't get the part I auditioned for in the play? There are a limited number of main characters in the play. Not everyone will have a main role. However, many players are necessary to fill out the ensemble cast! We will need singers, dancers and gamblers for all of the scenes. Students will be assigned roles in the play based on the Audition Rubric. What can I expect for practices and rehearsals? The director of the play will set the practice schedule. It is a commitment to be in a musical production such as Guys and Dolls. You will have approximately 2 months to learn about the play, all of your lines, all of your songs, and how to bring your character to life on the stage. This takes time...time after school during the months of October, November, and December. Be careful not to put too much on your after school plate!


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