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June 2008

issue: #2

Today's Headline

Entered the final stretch to Beijing Olympics Games, the Olympics spirit radiates our City. A series of activities such as 200-day and 100-day countdown ceremony, torch relay, Olympics live sites, tie in with the official song "We are ready", stirring up the ambience of the event. When you walk into the city, an official slogan "One World, One Dream" is everywhere, on outdoor billboards, TV commercials, magazines or lamp poles. How many of you understand its meaning? It conveys the dream of people around the world: unity, friendship, progress, harmony, participation and dream. In Maunsell AECOM, we always stress the importance of work-life balance. To ride on these sports related stories, let's see how we put this into practice. No matter you are a sport amateur or not, let's take a break, and enjoy our sports edition.

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Merit entrant: He Xiongyi

Merit entrant: Han Zhi Hiang

Merit entrant: Su Fen Fen

Winner: Philip Chan


Merit entrant: Lo Hoi Shui Boris

Merit entrant: Liu Bin

Message From President

Every day our clients and the projects present us with unique challenges and opportunities. From the Ocean Park project, where we act as the project manager and infrastructure designer for the entire redevelopment programme, to the Singapore Sentosa Resort and HATS Tunnel projects, where we are the engineering consultant, we deliver the clients' needs through technical excellence and creative design to meet our clients' most complex challenges. To remain the best in class in our industry, I always share with our colleagues about the future and how we should cope with the changes of the future clients of our services. Though new and dramatic changes are coming at a furious speed to change our world, I still hold my firm belief that human capital is our key factor for success in the consulting business. Without good people, we will never be able to sustain our business in the marketplace, not to mention business growth. With strong business outlook of our operating region ­ Hong Kong / China / Asia in the coming years, I see there will be considerable growth opportunities of our business in different sectors. This will definitely provide a much wider platform and greater opportunity to our staff in advancing their career. We will continue to strengthen our human capital through advancing and embracing the Employee Engagement Programmes with particular focus on communications, training, professional and career development and performance management. The company is fully committed to invest resources to foster a culture of Employee Engagement across the entire organization. It is now the time for all of us to walk the talk the Employee Engagement and make us become a fully engaged workforce. Dickson Lo President Maunsell AECOM Hong Kong, China and Asia

May 2008 issue: #2 June2008 issue: #2


Lok Ma Chau Loop Ecological Baseline

n with Maunsell AECOM (ENSR Asia) in associatio (NEDI) Nanchang Environmental Design Institute the Shenzhen Institute for have been appointed by the Shenzhen Environmental Science (An affiliate to the ntal Protection Bureau) to conduct ecological Environme Ma Chau baseline survey and assessment of the Lok ct involves a one-year baseline Loop (LMCL). The proje amphibians, survey of vegetation, avifauna, mammals, aquatic biota reptiles, dragonflies, butterflies and inhabiting the LMCL and vicinities including the Shenzhen River, followed by an assessment of the ecological and conservation value of this 96-hectare site.

South Island Line (East) Pre

liminary Design

Maunsell AECOM ha has been awarded the Preliminar y De Design of the South Island Line (East) by MTR Cor poration. The South Island Line (East) will be a medium-capacity m line running from Admiralty Station to S th Horizons, Sou with intermediate st ti s at with station t Ocean Park, Wo O ng Chuk Hang an Lei Tung. The route inc and ludes a 3.5km rock tunnel from Ad iralty and about 3km of Adm viaducts, including a new brid ge ac oss the Aberdeen Channe acr l alongside the existing roa d br bridge designed by Mauns ell in 1980s. The assignme nt also includes the design of the station for the Shatin-to-Cent ral Link at Admiralty.

Avenida Dr. Sun Ya

Maunsell AECOM ha s been awarded by Gabinete para o De Macau Special Admi senvolvimento de Inf nistrative Region the g ra-estruturas of feasibility study and detailed design of Avendia Dr. Sun Ya tSen. Avendia Dr. Su n Yat-Sen is main road corridor runnin g along east-west orientation and prov iding connection between Outer Harb our Reclamation Ar ea and Sai Van Area. Owing to the rapid development of the v Souther n Macau an d Taip Area, improv ipa ement of the existing car ageway is requir rri ed to cater for the increase in traffic de r mand.

t-Sen in Macau

Reconstruction of Macau-Taipa Bridge

nete para o Desenvolvimento Maunsell AECOM has been awarded by Gabi Administrative Region the feasibility de Infra-estruturas of Macau Special Bridge which was opened in study on the reconstruction of Macau-Taipa 1974, aiming to improve the traffic capacity of MacauTaipa Bridge to cater for the future traffic growth.

Maunsell AECOM has recently been awarded a consultancy contract to Rewas Ports Ltd, a sub sidiar y of Reliance Industries Ltd for the review of detailed project rep ort for Phase 1 and preparation of ma ster plan for the Rewas Ports in Maharashtra, India. Maunsell AECO M will review the phase 1 development plan by taking into account the addit ional land to be available for the port de velopment.

Rewas Ports, Maharas

htra, India

Airport Rail Link (Hong Ko

tion Environmental Team and Land Remedia for CV/2007/03 Development at Specialist Anderson Road

Maunsell AECOM has recent ly been awarded by the MT R Cor poration a consultancy contract in respect of the pre feasibility study of the Airp ort Rail Link (Hong Kong Sec tion). Maunsell AECOM, as the Lea d Consultant, will provide mu ltidisciplinary ser vices in this pre-feasibility study for the section of Airport Rail Link (ARL) with in HKSAR boundary. This study is to develop cost effective railway schemes linking Hon g Kong International Airport, Nor thw est New Ter ritories with She nzhen Airport to facilitate preliminar y decision to be made on the ARL Project by the HKSAR govern ment and ARL Expert Groups . Total route length of the Airp ort Rail Link is about 40km and the maximum journey time between the two airports wou ld be no more than 20 minutes.

ng Section)

inted Maunsell AECOM (ENSR Asia) has been appo di tion L dR Team and Land Remediation as the Environmental eering Specialist by China State Construction Engin ciated (HK) Ltd on site formation and asso of a infrastructure works. It involves formation ry site for housing development 58-hectare quar ssary and associated uses, and carrying out nece improvement works to infrastructural upgrading or cater for the proposed development.

Maunsell AECOM (ENSR Asi a) has been committed by the Environmental Protection Department to und ertake a study on source-se parated organic waste sur veys and collection arra ngement. The study involves estimating the amount of organic waste, overseas jurisdictions review on cur ren t practices, developing feasible collection arrange ment options and seeking feedbacks from concer ned waste generators and collec tors.

Provision of Services for Source ­ Separated Organi c Waste Surveys and Collection Arr angement Study

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m to ized a donation progra l AECOM Group organ In May 2008, Maunsel in support the relief works uan ua hu chuan th uak 7.8-Magnitud Earthquake Sic 7.8-Magnitude Earthquake in Siich an earthquake and Sichu e clo Myanmar cyclone. Th Cyc on Atta k My nma Cycllone Attack in Myanmar s encouraging. response wa al Our call for action appe must be taken s disseminating to wa operating other AECOM B, companies such as TC ene t wil Your enerosiity w l r ng p Your generosity wiilll briing hope SR, CTE, Boyle, DMJM EN which Harris and ATG, r Donation Period: 15 ­ 23 May 2008 support their relief Red Cross to fur ther ascertained ou All donations will go to y, works in the regions. belief of "One Compan One Team".

vicinity Background photo: The n, Sichuan at Yingxiu Town, Wenchua Corporate Communication Please feel free to contact .com. [email protected] Manager, Gloria Mok, at

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June 2008 issue: #2

Adelene Ainal Alex Leong Alexandra Spencer Alfa Liu Alfonso Rodriguez Alira Ayob Andrew Blackwell Andrew James Wilson Andrew J. Westmoreland Androush Danielians Andy C.C. Luk Ang Soo Seah Anthony R. Wilson Au Chi Fai Au Chuen Po Au Ka Ho Au Ka Man Carman Au Pun Sin Au Shuk Kuen Au Wing Ling Au Yeung Po Lim Edward Au Yeung Pui Yi Au Ying Chi Au Yuen Shan Linda Ban Ban Zhuan Bong Shu Ying Francis Bruce Cunningham Bryan Musson Camelia Davis Carol Joe Cathal Ridge Chai Lai See Chan Chak Wing ChAn Cheuk Ying Chan Chi Ho Chan Chi Hung Chan Chi Kit Chan Chi Pang Chan Chi Wai David Chan Chi Wai Stanley Chan Chui Yan Trina Chan Chun Chan Chun Hung Chan Chun Kit Chan Chun Yip Chan Chung Ming Paddy Chan Hang Ting Corina Chan Hei Man Chan Hing Ming Henry Chan Hoi Yan Chan Hon Kin Chan Hon Ning Chan Ka Hang Chan Ka Ho Chan Ka Kwan Chan Ka Nang Chan Ka Po Chan Ka Wai Aaron Chan Kai Chiu Stanly Chan Kam Ming Chan Kam Wing Chan Kin Hung Edward Chan Kin Kwan Chan Kwan Kin Thomas Chan Lai Kwan Eliza Chan Lai YIn Chan Lan Yan Chan Lok Cheong Chan Man Hon Chan Man Tai Chan Mei Ling Vera Chan Ming Yui Chan Mo Yuet Chan Pak Hong Chan Shu Fai Chan Shui Hung Chan Shuk Ching Chan Shuk Man Chan Shun Chi Chan Sin Yee Chan Sin Yui Chan Siu Ling Chan Suet Yi Chan Sun Lee Cherry Chan Sze Chai Chan Sze Yean Wendy Chan Tat Wai Chan Tsan Cheung Chan Tze Kin Chan Wai Cheong Chan Wai Chung Byron Chan Wai Hong Chan Wai Kin Chan Wai Lin Chan Wai Man Chan Wai Sang Chan Wai Shing Chan Wai Tung Chan Wai Yee Fiona Chan Wai Yen Chan WeI Kwong Chan Wing Fai Chan Wing San

Chan Wing Yan Chong Lai Foon Chan Wing Yin Philip Chong Yin Fai Chan Yee Wa Eva Chong Yuk Sin Chan Yick Ting Chou Dominic Chan Yin Tong Joyce Chow Ching Man Chan Yin Wah Chow Chun Ho Chan Yiu Chung Chow Kwok Wing Chan Yu Keung Chow Kwong Chan Yu Ki Chow Kwun Wa Chan Yuen Heng Jason Chow Lai Yee Chan Yuk Ching Philip Chow Man Chung Chan Yuk Lan Chow Ming Yin Chan Yuk Yee Chow Wai Ying Christy Chang Man Weng Ray Chow Wing Fai Chang Ping Wah Chow Yi Lut Chang Wai Kwai Chow Yuk Man Chang Wing Keung Jeffrey Chu Kwok Wa Chao Patrick Archambaud Chu Pui Charlotte Lo Chu Siu Ha Queenie Chau Kin Yip Derek Chu Wai Man Chau Kwan Wah Jerry Chu Wing Pui Chau Shu Fan Chu Wing YEe Remmy Chau Wai Lin Chu Woon Ping Chau Wai Yip Chua Yew Seng Chau Wing Kit Eddie Chui Po Yiu Abby Chaw Bing Fai Chui Wing Yan Jenny Chen Aixin Chuk Sze Wai Chen Chun Tat Chun Kai Kwong Chen Qizheng Chung Chau Ying Chen ShA Chung Churk Wah Chen Yi Chung Hau Chi Cheng Ching Yee Chung Hoi Yee Cheng Hin Wing Chung Hon Kwong Cheng Ka Hing Chung Kai Wing Cheng Ka Wai Chung Kit Man Cheng Ngan Ping Chung Siu Ping Cheng Sau Ching Chung Tin Yeung Cheng Shuk Mun Chung Ting Hao Eric Cheng Tze Tak Chung Wai King Cheng Wai Hang Chung Yuen Man Cheng Wang Alfred Chung Yung Sang Cheng Yin Kwan Andy Cici Zhu Cheng Yung Yung Cindy Tang Cheong Chong Heng Cleo Yip Cheong Fiona Man Shan Craig Pearson Cheuk Man Yuen Daniel Wood Cheung Alan Man Tsun Dannie Yu Cheung Chee To Thomson David Stanfield Cheung Cheuk Lam David Yee Cheung Chi Lam Andy Denis A Norton Cheung Chi Ping Denise Hintzen Cheung Chi Wah Desiree Cheung Chin To Diana Han Cheung Chun Kwai Agnes Don Sepulveda Cheung Chun Ming FreemanDoris Stratford Cheung Chung Ching Due Ka Ping Cheung Fuk Yau Tommy Eddie Ho Cheong Wong Cheung Hang Shan EdwarD Wun Chan Cheung Hau Ping Edwin W. L. Ng Cheung Hok Choi Ee Gary Cheung Ka Chun Emmy Cheung Ka Ki F. Ng Cheung Kam Fai Fan Chin Wai Cheung Kin Wai Fan Moon Ming Cheung Kwok Yu Feng Weiqing Cheung Lai Wah Fiona Wing Ying Li Cheung Lok Man Fok Ion Chi Cheung Pak Ling Fok Sze Man Cheung Shuk Yee Fong Lok Man Cheung Suk Mei Fong Sik Chu Cheung Tak Mun Fong Tat Tong Cheung Tak On Fong Wai King Anita Cheung Tze Kei Foo Swee Jong Shirley Cheung Tze Kin Foo Thai Yin Cheung Wai Fun For Wei Yei Cheung Wai Kuen Fouad Azzam Cheung Wai Lun Frankie Fan Cheung Wai Sim Phoebe Fu Changyin Cheung William Fu Hongjiang Cheung Wing Hong Fu Kit Yee Cheung Yin King Linda Fu Yick Fai Cheung Yin Man Mandy Fung Ka Lok Cheung Ying Wai Fung Kwan Tat Cheung Yiu Fai Fung Lai Tuen Cheung Yu Kwong Fung Pui Yee Chiang Ching Yan Fung Sau Nam Chiang Chwee Li Fung Yiu Wah Chiang Dian Gan Shwu Jiuan Chien Travis Yau Chorng Gao Mei Chin Sai Ping Gary Leong Ching Wai Man Michelle George Ferguson CHiu Chi Heng Sharon Gui Huiping Chiu Ho Sze Guo Dong Chiu Man Chi Guy Bridges Chiu Sin Hung H.B. Lam Chiu Sung Tak Ha King Chiu Wai Lin Ha Shek Kit Choi Kai Yuk Ami Hamba Allah Choi Kit Ling Han Jian Dong Choi Man Yun Marian He Jian Hong Choi Suk Kwan Helen Hu Chong Chung On Hng Chuan Chin Chong Hau Tat Ho Bo Lun Alan Chong Ka Man Janet Ho Chi Hang Chong Ka Pui Ho Choi Yan

Ho Chun Ho Lai Chung Kin Lee Ting Wai Long Jiang Hua Ong Swee Hoon Ho Chun Wai Lai Chung Pak Lee Tsz Chiu Loo Choi Wan Paau Chun Ming Ho Chung Yin Lai Fu Chong Lee Tsz Leong Lor Wai Man Joseph Pang Chye Hin Jasper Ho Ka Lun Lai Ki Cheong, Michael Lee Wai Hung Louise Hoi Nga Lo Pang Hon Kin Ho Ka Ming Stephen Lai Lai Fong Lee Ying Dai Lui Man Wai David Pang Kin Fai, Edmund Ho King Lai Lai Leung Chi Leng Cai Ling Lui Pik Yee Pang Lai Yin Ho Kwok Wa Lai Lim Chun Leonard Chat Lui Tat Shing Pang Ning Tai Ho Kwun Tung Lai Pui San Leonard John Endicott Luk Chi Ching Pang Siu Ling Ho Lai Fong Lai Shing Tak Leong I Man Luk Eddie Chi Kin Pang Yee Lin Ho Ngan Ling Lai Siu Keung Leong Weng Hong Luk Ka Loi Paranthagan Kathiravan Ho Ping Sum Andy Lai Wai Kin Leung Chi Man Simon Luk Kin Choi Patrick Wong Ho Sing Ping Lai Wai Lun Leung Chuen Yue Ebby Luk Man Wai Patrick Wong Ho Siu Wing Lai Wai Yan Vivi Leung Chun Wai Nigel Luk Wai Yi Paul Fennelly Ho Suet Fong Lai Wing Yan Leung Chung Sang Luk Yau Chi Paul Laughlin Ho Tsz Him Lai Yiu Leung Leung Eric Yiu Tak Luo Ming Robin Peggy Lau Ho Tsz Yan Lam Cheuk Ming Leung Hin Tat Luo Pei Qi Peter Cheek Ho Wai Chun Cherry Lam Cheung Fai Leung Hing Kiu Luo Siqiang Phang Cheng Kwee Ho Wai Chung Lam Chi Chi Chris Leung Hoi Yee Isabella Ma Cheong Shing Phoon Hung Leong Ho Wai Man Lam Chi Kin Leung Hoi Yin Ma Chi Wai Poon Chun Ning Ho Wing Chai Iris Lam Chi Wah Leung Hon Chung Ma Chun Kwong Poon Chung Yan Edward Ho Wing Hang Lam Chung Po Leung Jacky Pui Chuen Ma Hip Hon Poon Ka Yam (Michael) Ho Wing Kun Terence Lam Ka Man Leung Kam Tim Ma Ka Po Poon Wing Chi Hon Chun Kei Ricky Lam Kai Wa Leung Kin Yee Ma Kai Leung Poon Yin Sang Peter Hong Chin Wang Lam Kan Sau Leung Kwok Chu (Simon) Ma Rui Poon Yiu Hung Patrick Hong Yin Lam Kei Wai Leung Kwong Yiu Peter Ma Sau Ping Poon Yiu Wah Hong Yin Hong Lam Kin Sang Leung Lai Wah, Stephanie Ma Siu Cheung Pui Kin Por Hopez Maribeth Lam Kon Wing Leung Nga Woon Ma Suk Kwan Pun Chun Man Hou Wai Kwok Lam Kwok Chuen Leung Pik Ling Ma Wing Chung Kelvin Pun Kam Wa Hu Jinshan Lam Kwok Kwong Perry Leung Po Lin Mack Ting Kai Pun Pak Wing, Vic Hu Xiang Bin Lam Kwok Wah, Michael Leung See Yuen Mak Chi Wai David Rachel Hong Huang Jiangnan Lam Lai Cheng Leung Sei Tsz Mak Fu Wa Ramany Huang Ruijing Lam Man Wai Raymond Leung Shin Sang, Simpson Mak Hoi Ting Ray Fares HUang Zhan Fei Lam PAk Yik Leung Shu Wing Mak Hung Kai Robert Resurreccion Hui Kwok Shing Lam Sam Lam, Sammy Leung Shuk Yee Mak Kok Ching Shafarina Hui Pak Leung Lam Shin Yee Leung Tai Tai Mak Kwing Yu Sham Luk Ying Hui Wai Shun Lam Siu Kei Leung Tat Yi Mak Ming Ho Shek Tze Lai Hui Yin Mui Lam Tat Shing Leung Tung Leong Mak Wai Lung Shek Wai Hung Hung Ling Yee Lam Tin Cheung Leung Wai Dong MAk, Simon Sai Hung Shella ROse Peregrino Hung Ying Yin Lam Tung Chi Leung Wai Ho Malcolm Crawford Pearson Llobrera Huynh The Diep Lam Wah Sang Leung Wai Kei Man Hing Wang Sherry Rui Ian Whitton Lam Wai Keung Leung Wai Man Man Hon Ki Roger Shing Pak Hang Ignacio L. Bernas Lam Wai Kin Leung Wai Pong Man Hon Ki Roger Shiu Lai Ming Nana Ignacio Roman Lam Wang Ki Leung Wai Shun, Wilson Man Ka Ho Shum Chun Kin Ip Chi Man Lam Yan Wing Leung Wing Yi Ellen Man Shi Yuk Siangchin Supote Ip Wing Sze Lam Yeung Kwan RaymondLeung Yiu Fu Man Wai Keung Sim Siang Choo Jade Wang Lam Yik Chong Leung Yiu Ting Manusell Staff Club Sin Kit Wai James K. C. Ting Lam Yim Wa Leung Yuen Chong Maribeth Lopez Sin Sze Ki Jenny Wong Lau Bo Ki Leung Yuen Han Maureen Aquino Sit Wing Hing Jeremy Yuen Lau Cheong Man Leung Yuen Jarc Kevin Md Mizanur Rahman Siti Nur Ashikin Kamarol Joanne Treiber Lau Cheuk Fung Leung, Chi Wing Mei Kit Ming Zaman Joenette Cavanagh Lau Chi Ho Li Chao Michael Chan Siti Zuraidah Abidin Johny Wilkinson Lau Chuen Fai Li Ching Yin Mio Chong Fai Siu Chun Yin Eric Jolene Chua Choon Khim Lau Chun Fai Li Chun Fai Mo Chun Chung Ryan Siu On Shun Ju Jiang Lau Chun Ting Li Dan Mok Chi Sam Siu Wai Lun June Susilo Lau Chung Hing Li Hei Lee Mok Ka Wai Gloria Slav Kozitsky K. H. Chan Eddie Lau Kai Yan Gabriel Li Hiu Yan Ariel Mok Kam Hung Henry Sng Hui Leng Kang Wei Lau Ki Cheung Li Hong Yu Mok Kon Shing Anthony So Chung Yuen Kanthaa Retnam Lau Kim Hung Li Kam Ming Mok Mei Ling So Hong Lung Karen Allina Lau Mei Ying Li Kwok Wai Albert Mok Suk Ling So Hung Tak Karmen Tso Lau Pui Ying Helen Li Lap Pui Monique Aguilar So Sin Yuen Kartini Bte Mohamed Basri Lau Shin Yee Li Man Kit Mu Yan So Siu Sun Kenneth C. Y. Yeung Lau Shu Hing Li Ruying, Rain Nam Ho Joe So Wing Sze Kenneth King Yee Leung Lau Tak Fai Li Tze Hoi Nee Yan Cho So Wing Yi Suyi Kenneth Kong Lau Wai Kit Li Wai Keung Neo Kee Boon Vincent Stanley Tsz Kit Ng Kenneth Poh Seng Tiok Lau Wai Tung Li Wai Ming Nesa Albeper Stella Fong Keung Man Yin Anthony Lau Wing Kwan Li Yuk LAm Ng Che Wa Jackie Stella Li Keung Yu Wang Lau Yau Fu Li Yuk Sing Tony Ng Chung Wai Stephen Teong Kew Khin FaH Lau Yee Ching Eva Li Bryan Ng Chung Yin John Steve Robinson Khalid Mahmood Lau Yiu Man Liang Lihu Ng Ho Yin Steven John Williamson Khoo Lin Inn Lau Yu Man Lim Chee Kehong Ng Hon Seng Suen Ho Yan Maggie Ko Fung Lin, Liza Lau, Kai Cheung Lim Chu Hong Ng Hong Tee Suen Kai Kwong Ko Hing Li Law Chit Kwong Lim Ee -Van Ng Ka Lai Sum Kin Fat Ko Po Tat Patrick Law Lai Wah Lim Kian Seng Roy Ng Kin Lam Sum PaNg Tuen Barry Ko Yuen Yat Packey Law Lai Yung Lim Kuan Ju Ng Kwok Ching Sung Chun Wa Frankie Koh Chuan Lee Law Man Ting Lin Hing Cheung Ng Kwok Kei Kenny Sung Kan Bik, Margaret Kok Tak Hoi Law Wai Chiu Ling Hon Yin Ng Kwok Keung Sung Yee Man Daisy Kok Tsun Yau Law Wing Cheung Ling Yin Chung Ng Kwok Suen Sze Chi Sum Mike Kong Chun Yan, Judy Lawrence Shiu Heng Tso Ling Yuen Chi Ng Leuk Yung Douglas Sze Yiu Hung Kong Hoi Yan Ivy Lee Bing Liu Chi Kuen Ng Man Wai Tai Tin Seng Kong Kin Tai Lee Boon Pui Liu Kin Hing Ng Mau Sun Tam Chi Chung Kong Kit Ming Lee Bun Liu May Yee Ng Ming Hoi Tam Chi Wai Kong Ping Lee Chi Fai Liu Qiu Lin Ng Pui Keung Tam Ching Yee, Christine Kong Siu Leung Lee Ching Man Liu Rui Rong Ng Shu Ki Tam Ho Yee Kong Wing Yin Lee Chun Fai Liu Sun Hung Ng Shui Chung Tam Kin Lun Kong Wun Wing Lee Chun Wai Liu Tin Man Ng Shun Lung Tam Kwok Cheung Kristofer Bartelle Lee Churk Lun Liu Xian Ming Ng Sin Wing Tam Ming Foon Kwan Chi-Wai David Lee Fu Pei Liu Yanhua Ng Tak Keung Tam Siu Fai Kwan Hon Wah Hamlet Lee Hing Chi Lo Cheuk Shun Ng Tik Yan Tam Tak Yuen Kwan Kam Hung Lee Kai Hong Lo Chi Hang Ng Tin Cheung Adrian Tam Wing Hung Kwan King Fai Lee Kin Chung Lo Dick Sang Ng Wai Shing Eric Tam Ying Fan Barry Kwan Man Chi Lee Kin Yee Lo Ka Leung Ng Wai Yan Tan Ai Hui Kwan Man Kuen Lee Koon Sun Lo Ka Wing Ng Wai Yan, Phoebe Tan Pheik Sim Kwan Wing Cheung Lee Kwok Fai Lo Kwai Leung Ng Yam Cheung Tan Siew Voon Kwok Chi Ting Sammy Lee Kwok Shing Victor Lo Kwong Fai Ng Yam Yan Tang Ho Yan, Joyce Kwok Ka Chun Lee Lian Beng Lo Nga Yan Ng Yiu Sing Peter Tang Hon Kei Kwok Kit Han Lee Moon Bor Bob Lo See Wah Ng Yiu Yin Tang Kit Han Kwok Wan Fai Lee Ngan Ling Sonia Lo Shuet Keung Ng Yuk Chai Tang Kwok Pan Jerry Kwok Wing Yuet Lee Oi Chun Raymond Lo Wai Hung Ng, Suet Fan Tang Lai Ling Kwok Yet Man Lee Sai Chung Lo Wai Man Ngai Wai Mau Tang Ming Sum Michelle Kwok Yiu Fai Lee Sai Siu Lo Wing Biu Nida San Luis Tang Sai Chung Kwok Yuk Fung Lee Tai Cheong, John Lo Wing Lum Norsahida Said Tang Shu Chi Alex Kwok, Alan Yau TAk Lee Tak Lun Ivan Lo Yuk Fai O'donnell Tara Tang Siu Chung Kwong Chi Ming Lee Tak On Oh Chee Yong Loh Leng Sem Tang Sze Man Virginia Kwong Tak Chi Lee Tat Kwong, Thomas Loh Lay Ling Evelyn On Hing Yip Tang Tak Chi Lai Chi Keung Lee Tin Chu Loh Lay Ling Evelyn Ong Huey Lih Wendy Tang TZe Fai

Tao Ka Wa Wong Tin Chi Tay Cher Kiang Wong Ting Yuen Derek Tee Kai Peng Wong Tsz Keung Joe Terence Pao Wong Tsz Kin Joseph To Yee Chung Davina Wong Wei Kei Tong Alex Sze Tsun Wong Wing Lung Tong Cheuk Yi Wong Wing Yin Tong Yiu Man Wong Woon Ki Tsang Chung Wing, Tommy Wong Yee Lap Tsang Heung Hung Wong Yik Hung Tsang Hin Lun Wong Yin Chiu Tsang Ho Kwai Wong Yin Ping, Maggie Tsang Kin Hung, Keith Wong Yue Tong Tsang Kin Man Woo Chun Hung Tsang Man Ho Woo Man Chi Tsang Pui Man Wu Chin Lok Tsang To Man Wu Chin Ping Tsang Wai Cheung Wu Chun Man Tsang Wai Kuen Wu Dan Tsao Chin Kiu Issac Wu Hiu Yan Hilary Tse Chi Kwong Wu Ho Chun, Andrew Tse Ka Chun Wu Lan Tse Man Yee Wu Shun Yuen Tse Mo Yung Wu Yibing Tse Sau King Wu Yuk Lan Tse Sau Man Wun Kit Man Tse Siu Sun Xia Houqiang Tse Tak Ming Xiong Jian Tso Moon Hong Xu Kejie Tso Sai Kuen Xu Wei Tso Wing Keung Ringo Xue Junwei Tsui Chung Hon, Royden Y. Y. Kwok Tsui Ngar Kok Jacob Y. Y. Leung Tsui Shing Chun Yam Chiu Har Tsui Yu Kwok Yam Wai Ting Tsui Yun Kwan Yan Ka Ki Tung Kei Tak Yan Kim Ming Vincent Luk Yan Kin Hung Virginia S. W. Law Yan Kin Sun, Kenny W.L. Ng Yan Kwok Wah Wai Hung Leung Yan Shiu Kin Franklin Wai Kei Wicky Wong Yan Shuk Wun Wan Hiu Lui, Lowell Yang Renwei Wan Ka Yee Yang Wenwu Wan Kin Ping Yasutsugu Yamasaki Wan Pak Lun Yau Chun For Wan Pak Nin Yau Ka Wa Wan Tsang Keung Yau Ka Yu Wan Yanxia Yau King Fai Wang Chi Tung Yau King Yee Wang Linli Yau Wai Ling Fion Wang Ping Yau Yen Nee Wang Tak Ming Yaw Kam Meng Wang Wai Ho Yee Pui Chi Wang Xiaohui Yen Ho Pan Wang Zulian Yeung Chi Ning, William Wat Ka Fai Yeung Choi Shan Eva Wayne Thompson Yeung Fai Fai Wo Kam Chuen Yeung Fook Chuen Wo King Chi Yeung Ka Chun, Henry Wong Cheuk Hin Yeung Ka Wing Wong Cheuk Pong Yeung Kar Sing Wong Chi Cheong Adrian Yeung Kin Ming Wong Chi Fai Yeung Kwai Fong Wong Chi Hung Yeung Kwong Keung Wong Chi Ming Yeung Lau Kong Wong Chi Wai Yeung Sai Yu Wong Chi Wing Yeung Siu Kwong Alan Wong Chun Yin Yeung Tsz On Ricky Wong Chung Yuen Yeung Wai Chiu Wong David Tai Fai Yeung Wai Ming Wong Hing Fai Yeung Wing Kee Wong Ho Yeung Yuen Mei Wong Ho Chung Yew Heung Hung Ruby Wong Hoi Wai Yick Siu Ming Wong Hoi Yan Mimi Yim Chi Cheung Wong Hou Fat Yim Kin Man Wong Hung Man Yin Fei Wong Ka Chun Yip Fung Ying Bonnie Wong Ka Po Yip Hau Ling Emily Wong Kam Fai Yip Kai Chun Jonathan Wong Kam Keung Yip Lai Chu Wong Kar Kuen Yip Shing Lam Wong Kin Wah Yip Yik Chung Wong Koon Fong Yiu Kam Fung Wong Kwok Fai Yiu Kwok Ming Wong Kwok Lai Yiu Mei Ling Wong Kwong Yui Alan Yu Chun Shing Felix Wong Lok Man Anthony Yu Hing Wai Wong Lung Shu Yu Kin Cheung Wong Man Hong Yu Lee Lam April Wong Miu Tor Yu Man Ki Wong Po Fung Yu Man Yee Wong Pui Ming Yu Tak Lok Wong Sau Chui Fancy Yu Wai Pong Wong Shiu Kei Yuen Chi Hang Wong Shui Chu Yuen Chi Ming Wong Shuk Lin Yuen Hong Ping Wong Shung Lai Yuen Tak Kei Wong Siu Fung Yuen Yiu Man Wong Sun Kit, Eric Yuen Yuen Lan Wong Tai Cheung Yung Chan Lap Wa Wong Tak Tai, Alan Yung Ho Kie Anthony Wong Tat Kuen Yung Yuk Hei Ivan Wong Tik Sum Zhang Jin

Zhang Shaoyan Zhang YAng Zhong Zhenhua Zhou Yong Zhu Liying

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Global Reach Feature Stories

2008 7-Aside (Hard Ground) Soccer Competition

The entire soccer competition has been completed successfully. There were altogether 8 teams forming within the Maunsell AECOM Group to join this event. Both the semi-final and the final match were held at Pai Tau Village Playground on 13 May 2008 and the Champion went to MGSL. Every participant enjoyed the game very much with their fantastic cheer squad. All the players wore their team uniforms ­ the most famous international teams around the world. Can you recognize? Here are some photos to share with you that how our colleagues enjoyed the event. Can you find yourself in the photos? Calvin Tam Business Line: Building Engineering


Imagine hiking to a beautiful view point high up in the hills overlooking the sea on a sunny day. You open your rucksack on a gentle grassy slope and lift out your incredibly light flying machine. After a few minutes spent inspecting your equipment, you put on a helmet and harness, look around, allow the wind to raise the canopy like a kite - and launch off into space. This is paragliding! effortlessly on windward slopes, and flown across country in good thermal conditions. In Hong Kong there are numerous official sites where you can fly, the most popular being Shek-O and Ma-On Shan(Sai Kung side). the ridge with the birds for as long as the wind keeps blowing. I have also flown paragliders in the UK, Taiwan, USA, China, Nepal and Mexico. Is it dangerous? Not really if you are properly trained, although we were once warned in the USA that we might be shot if we landed in the wrong field !!! Steve Williamson Business Line: Geotechnical

What can you do with one?

My experience of paragliding in Hong Kong is that it is a good place to fly most of the year round, often using the sea breeze at coastal ridge sites to gain altitude of up to a few hundred metres above the hill and then soaring peacefully up and down

What is it?

Developed from parachuting canopies, modern paragliders can be soared

June 2008 issue: #2

Play Hoops

"Grabbed the loose ball, ran the open court, looked for team-mates, crossed over, slashed to the hoop and made the soft layup..." that's how I played hoops on the basketball court. However, it has been something I didn't do for over six months after my knee injury last year. It wasn't easy to see only from the bench my teammates playing so hard to win the friendly match against the Shenzhen office just like injured Yao Ming watching his Houston Rockets lost two straight games to Utah Jazz in the NBA playoffs 2008. Watching NBA games is so much I can do to feel like playing basketball during my rehabilitation after the knee surgery. Especially this year has so many headlines to look at in the NBA. For example, new Boston Big 3 bringing the Celtics back to the top; Houston making the record 22 straight wins; Kobe Bryant looking for his 1st MVP award while leading the Lakers to top the West. By watching the players making 3-point buzzer-beaters, dishing out no-look passes, dunking on alley-oops, and so many more, I just love this game. While the 1.3 billion Chinese people are hoping Yao Ming can recover on time to play in the Beijing Olympic Games in August 2008, I am also hoping I can step back to the court and run the fast-break again for my team in the coming Maunsell AECOM In-House Basketball Competition in this August. Gabriel Lau Business Line: Geotechnical

Winter Sports All Year Round

Are you a winter sports lover? Do you find it difficult to spare several days for a ski trip with long, tiring flights? The real snow centre located inside the Window of the World in Shenzhen may be a much more convenient option for you. Opened in 2000, this indoor real snow centre attracts many ski and snowboard lovers to visit every week. Although there is only one trail, its two slope sections with different gradients and various obstacles allow advanced skiers and snowboarders to show off all their skills and tricks. Never skied before? Don't worry. Instructors are ready to teach novice skiers and snowboarders at a minimal charge such that you will learn the basics of the sport within a few hours. Rentals of equipment and sportswear are available. For kids and those young at heart, they will as well find fun from snow tubing, or simply building snowmen and having snowball fights in the fun zone. At the end of the day, when you are fully exhausted and your legs get numb, what is better than just sitting down to enjoy the spectacular night show in the theme park? Natalie Ng Business Line: Urban Development

SPORTS is Humanity's Common Wealth

Sports is a luck as the saying goes, "the life lies in SPORTS", not wrong, the life needs sports to light, the life needs sports to come healthy! Sports is a natural ability of humanity God entrusts with. Humanity in sports can make body and spirit stronger, grow continually. Sports can be diverting, We can put behind the worry in sports, feels the body and mind return their natural harmony and joy. After that, we go home to enjoy a hot bath, wash off the whole body and worries, how carefree it is! People all over the world, regardless of races, skin colors, beliefs or cultural ideas, may be engaged in sports . Anybody or association should not use any reasons to disturb, not to say eliminating the people the right of sports! Sports is humanity's common wealth! A friend in need is a friend indeed!

Sports can make us unite, we have not Jack Chen been discriminated in sports, drove mutually, only then a common goal, "higher, Business Line: Maunsell Shenzhen quicker and stronger" . Sports can make us healthy, we accelerate metabolism in sports, speed up the blood circulation, remove in vivo harmful toxin, strengthen the immunity.

When members of Maunsell Singapore Sports Club have self confidence they will tend to: persevere even when things are not going Sum Chan to plan, show enthusiasm, Business Line: Geotechnical be positive in their approach and take their share of the responsibility in success and fail. Whether you like the idea or not, most of us are now the proud members of Maunsell Singapore Sports Club and ultimately benefiting from its 4C's formula. Do not hesitate! Please come and JOIN US! Sajjad Anwar Business Line: Maunsell Singapore

Maunsell Singapore Sports Club

Do you have trouble staying focused during work? Lack of confidence during meeting, or simply choke during important competitive discussion? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then maybe you are wondering who you can go to for help. The answer is Maunsell Singapore Sports Club. Many of you don't know what a Maunsell Singapore Sports Club is or what it does? Or you may not know what credentials you will get by becoming a Sports Club member. Maunsell Singapore Sports Club assists its members to achieve the 4C's. Concentration, Confidence, Control and Commitment (the 4C's) are generally considered the main mental qualities that are important for successful performance in most sports. · · · · Concentration - ability to maintain focus Confidence - believe in one's abilities Control - ability to maintain emotional control regardless of distraction Commitment - ability to continue working to agreed goals

June 2008 issue: #2

Exchange Forum

Hong Kong Chapter of Engineers Australia

I have been asked to write a little bit about my year as President of the Hong Kong Chapter of Engineers Australia (EA). For those of you unfamiliar with the Australian system, EA is Australian equivalent of HKIE with more than 60,000 members from all disciplines of engineering. The Engineers Australia Hong Kong Chapter (EAHK) serves approximately 1,400 of these members who are based in Hong Kong. It was a very busy start to the year with a visit from the EA National President, Chief Executive, and the Head of International Operations. During their visit, we met with the Australian Consul General and the HKIE and we hosted our AGM. Since then we have: organised a number of technical talks and visits; hosted visitors from Australia such as the Chairwoman of the Women in Engineering committee; participated in school careers talks; and organized a number of social activities including rifle shooting, dragon boating, and soccer. Particular issues that have dominated our planning in 2007 have included: · The Year of Women in Engineering · Sustainability and in particular renewable energy and water supply · Skills shortage in the engineering sector During the year I have tried to expand the list of functions and extend the appeal of our functions. Also with the introduction of CPD audits, there is growing pressure on members to fulfil their CPD commitments and document their attendance. I am hopeful that a sample of the extensive range of EA CPD courses offered in Australia may one day be available locally to our Hong Kong members. We will continue to promote our functions through our Maunsell AECOM Training Manager. Please come along and enjoy. If you have any further interest in our activities then you can check out our website Hopefully I will see you at one of our functions soon. Ian Whitton Business Line: Transportation

The 10th Anniversary Edition of Who's Who in Science and Engineering

Congratulation to Fiona Tsui, Associate of Maunsell AECOM Building Engineering (Fire Engineering Group), who was recently selected as a biographee for the special 10th Anniversary Edition of Who's Who in Science and Engineering 2008 ­ 2009 published by Marquis Who's Who in America, which is not common for an consultant engineer in the region of Hong Kong. Fiona has practiced as fire safety engineer for 13 years and been pursuing the PhD degree while working through tuition scholarship. Through the years, she has more than 20 publications in both local and international conferences as well as engineering journals. She had been the project manager for the government consultancy study for the development of performance-based fire code in Hong Kong. Fiona was being granted a place as a biograhee because of her continuous contributions to the field of fire safety engineering on both practical performance-based building fire safety design in consulting industry and technological advancement in academic arena. She is the Visiting Lecturer for the sessions of fire safety system design for the Master Course in Fire and Safety Engineering in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University since 2004 and is the Secretary of Society of Fire Protection Engineers HK Chapter since 2002. In 2004, she was the winner of the NFPA David B Gratz Scholarship.

Disaster Recovery (DR)

Disasters can strike at any time. As we mourn for the thousands of people fatally injured in the Sichuan earthquake, one must feel humbled by Mother Nature and its power to bring destruction upon any of us. In a span of minutes, the earthquake wiped out buildings miles and miles across the province and left thousands without homes and most without loved ones. In the days following the tragic event, hundreds of aftershocks vibrated throughout the region, leaving that region's people frightened and nervous. Maunsell AECOM's senior executives agreed in unison that we too need to be prepared in the event of a disaster, natural or otherwise, to ensure business continuity and resilience. By giving their blessing and approval to the investment in business continuity and the disaster recovery plan, we do not lose our commitment to clients and our duty of care to the shareholders of AECOM. From a technical perspective, we have plans to replicate all files, emails and key business applications to the DR location in Shenzhen. By using the latest technology in replication, compression and data de-duplication, we are able to convert the masses of everyday work into small delta sessions which can then be

efficiently transported over the AECOM wide-area-network. Our replication plan is almost real time and the potential for lost work is minimal. In the case of an emergency, as defined by the Business Continuity Planning Committee, a failover plan is executed. The IT DR Team, which will consist of personnel in all three of our hub locations (Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Singapore), will then

initiate a sequence of steps in which the failover site, turns on the appropriate processes and databases, resumes the link into all production portals, activates all forwarding channels and takes over production status from Shatin. This process should enable our employees to be operational within hours of any disaster. The DR implementation is underway; we will share more information with you as the project progresses. Kevin Bong Corporate Services: IT

Employee Spotlights

New Born Baby

Mmm... My name is Esther Leow and I am going to be 8 months old. I thank God for I am special and wonderfully made by Him. [Baby girl of David Leow (Maunsell Singapore)]

My name is A A Ayu Teja Gayatri. I am the first daughter of Indriyani Madewi who was born on 17 February this year (2 months old now) in my hometown, Bali. She was born 2.8kg through normal delivery. [Baby girl of A A Auy Madewi Indriyani (Maunsell Singapore)] My name is Wenhui Zeng and I was born on 4th March 2008. I love smiling and I am not afraid of strangers. Many people said I am cute; I think so because sometimes I love to play by myself after sound sleep. As what many babies do, I love bubbling with my lip. Tell you something funny: when I was 30 days, I can make noise to let my mom and dad know I need to go wee-wee. Also, when I do something wrong, I open my wide eyes and look at my mom. Do you believe it? [Baby girl of Jason Zeng (Maunsell Shenzhen)]

New Marriage

Congratulation to Eduardo Fuentes Vergara (Maunsell Singapore)

Hi, my name is Chan Ka Tsun. I'm 15 months old. I like dancing and walking around. Come on, let's dance! [Baby boy of Esmond Chan (MCAL)]

ise To You My Prom to y breath I add m . That ath your bre may be our days earth. the long in our days of That the long. ay be people m e ay be on hat we m we may T hat person. T r roads... finish ou together.

June 2008 issue: #2

Corporate News

Farewell to our Janet

On 18 April 2008, a farewell lunch was arranged at Lee Garden Restaurant to express our sincere gratitude to our Administration Manager Ms. Janet Leung and celebrate her early retirement. Francis Bong, Tony Shum, Dickson Lo, Fred Ng, and top management all joined this meaningful event. Tony Shum presented a souvenir to Janet on behalf of the company. To memorize this precious moment, Toby and Johnnie had taken numbers of photos and later, we will consolidate all those pictures with some extra collections from Janet to make an album for her. We wish Janet enjoys her retirement life and all her dreams come true.

Employee Engagement Initiatives

In this quarter, we stretched our EE initiatives to the rest of offices in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Singapore. On Boarding Program, EE Workshop, Maunsell Shanghai & AECOM China Joint Annual Dinner...... more to come!! Leading an Engaged Workforce Workshop

Approximately 70 executives of Maunsell AECOM, ENSR Asia, EDAW and CityMark attended a rewarding training workshop, titled "Leading an Engaged Workforce" workshop at Shatin Regal Riverside Hotel on 14 & 15 April 2008. During this one and a half day training, executives learned more about their critical role that they as leaders and managers have to play in fostering Employee Engagement across the organization and employees, particular when we evolve and grow in new and exciting ways. Thanks to Bob Kelleher, AECOM Chief Human Capital Officer and Janis Coco, Director of Organizational and Professional Development of ENSR to deliver such successful workshop to us.

Metcalf & Eddy Spring Dinner

Over 80 colleagues participated in Metcalf & Eddy Spring Dinner on 28 March 2008. Numerous expert players joined in the mahjong competition. After a series of exciting mahjong games, a mahjong queen was born and won a valuable prize. All colleagues actively participated in Putonghua tongue twister game.


500 429-3059EE EE

200859 AECOM-

Welcome to AECOM Family!! ­ On Boarding Program

The 2nd and 3rd On Boarding programs were held on 22 & 25 April 2008 at Hong Kong Science Park and Singapore Indoor Stadium to welcome 135 new colleagues on board. The program was very well received and it enhanced the colleagues' understanding about our Group. The half day program concluded with a delicious welcome lunch and dinner.

Hong Kong On Bo arding

Singapore O n Boarding

June 2008 issue: #2

MGSL Activities:

Bowling BBQ

MGSL bowling tournament 2008 Warm up before game starts (6th-year) was held on 10 May 2008. 24 colleagues with their family members participated

MGSL BBQ Carnival on 26 April Colleagues enjoyed the BBQ 2008 at Shatin Whitehead Club Duck competition with 120 participants including family members

Go for higher score by 2nd runner up Raymond Lam

Bowling winners [from left 2nd runner up Raymond Lam, Champion Nigel Wightman (highest score of a game (179 pts), 1st runner up Patrick Chao]

John judged the BBQ Duck in the course of competition

MGSL BBQ Carnival ­ 1 out of 10 lucky draw

Maunsell AECOM Campus Recruitment 2008

Campus recruitment is one of the most effective channels where we can attract youngsters to join our Company. This year in March, we have made several visits to key universities including the University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to showcase Maunsell AECOM Group to several hundreds of graduates. We were honored to have Patrick Chao from MGSL, David Lui from M&EL and Julian Ling from MCAL to give an overview about our Company to the graduates. In addition, we have also invited some old boys and girls to share their working experience in Maunsell AECOM Group to about 100 graduates. Another great opportunity for us to introduce Maunsell AECOM Group was a career fair conducted in March at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Company information and job application forms were able to reach at the hands of some 500 graduates. Campus recruitment and career fair have demonstrated to be very effective for us. As of 2 June 2008, about 50 graduate engineers have already accepted our job offers. We will continue to work towards the goal of attracting the best calibers to choose Maunsell AECOM Group as their employer of choice.

Publication Sub-committee

Andy Chan Alan Ho Felix Yu Gigi Lam Gloria Mok Hamlet Kwan Kevin Bong Mok Suk Ling Patrick Wong Vicky Leung Victon Wong MCAL M&EL MCAL ENSR Asia Corp. Comm. Graphics IT MABE MABE MABE MGSL


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