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Romeo and Juliet

November 16 ­ 27, 2011

Elena Lobsanova and Guillaume Côté.

Photo by Christopher Wahl.


The 60th Anniversary Souvenir Book

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Celia Franca, C.C., Founder George Crum, Music Director Emeritus Karen Kain, C.C.

Artistic Director

Kevin Garland

Executive Director

David Briskin

Music Director and Principal Conductor

Rex Harrington, O.C.


Violins Benjamin Bowman Concertmaster Lynn Kuo, Assistant Concertmaster Dominique Laplante, Principal Second Violin James Aylesworth Jennie Baccante Csaba Koczó Sheldon Grabke Xiao Grabke · Nancy Kershaw Sonia Klimasko-Leheniuk Yakov Lerner Jayne Maddison Ron Mah Aya Miyagawa Wendy Rogers Filip Tomov Joanna Zabrowarna Paul Zevenhuizen Violas Angela Rudden, Principal · Theresa Rudolph Koczó, Assistant Principal Valerie Kuinka Johann Lotter Beverley Spotton Larry Toman Cellos Maurizio Baccante, Principal Olga Laktionova Andrew McIntosh Marianne Pack Elaine Thompson Paul Widner Basses Hans J.F. Preuss, Principal Paul Langley Robert Speer Cary Takagaki Flutes Leslie J. Allt, Principal · Maria Pelletier Shelley Brown, Piccolo Oboes Mark Rogers, Principal Karen Rotenberg Lesley Young, English Horn Clarinets Max Christie, Principal Emily Marlow, E flat Clarinet Gary Kidd, Bass Clarinet Bassoons Stephen Mosher, Principal Jerry Robinson Elizabeth Gowen, Contra Bassoon Horns Gary Pattison, Principal Vincent Barbee Derek Conrod Scott Wevers

Trumpets Richard Sandals, Principal Mark Dharmaratnam Robert Weymouth Cornet Richard Sandals, Principal Trombones David Archer, Principal Robert Ferguson David Pell, Bass Trombone Tuba Sasha Johnson, Principal Harp Lucie Parent, Principal Timpany Michael Perry, Principal Percussion Mark Mazur, Acting Principal Kristofer Maddigan Orchestra Personnel Manager and Music Administrator Jean Verch Assistant Orchestra Personnel Manager Raymond Tizzard Librarian Lucie Parent Extra Players Anne Armstrong, Violin Sandra Baron, Violin Renée London, Violin Rebekah Wolkstein, Violin Sonia Vizante, Violin Josh Greenlaw, Acting Assistant Principal Viola Nicholaos Papadakis, Viola Jill Vitols, Cello Tom Hazlitt, Bass Christine Little-Ardagh, Flute Rob Carli, Tenor Saxophone Christine Passmore, Horn Olivia Brayley Quackenbush, Horn Anita McAlister, Trumpet Edward Reifel, Percussion Edward Connell, Piano/Organ Andrei Streliaev, Piano/Organ Mandolins James Aylesworth Sandra Baron Valerie Kuinka Johann Lotter

· On Leave of Absence

Magdalena Popa

Lindsay Fischer

Principal Artistic Coach Artistic Director, YOU dance / Ballet Master

Peter Ottmann

Senior Ballet Master

Mandy-Jayne Richardson

Senior Ballet Mistress

Aleksandar Antonijevic, Guillaume Côté, Greta Hodgkinson, Ji í Jelinek, Zdenek Konvalina*, r Heather Ogden, Sonia Rodriguez, Piotr Stanczyk, Jillian Vanstone, Xiao Nan Yu+, Bridgett Zehr* Kevin D. Bowles, Lorna Geddes, Tomas Schramek, Hazaros Surmeyan Keiichi Hirano, Tanya Howard, Stephanie Hutchison, Etienne Lavigne, Patrick Lavoie, Elena Lobsanova, McGee Maddox, Stacey Shiori Minagawa, Tina Pereira, Jonathan Renna, Rebekah Rimsay, Robert Stephen, Brett van Sickle Jordana Daumec, Naoya Ebe, Chelsy Meiss, Alejandra Perez-Gomez, Jenna Savella

Danyla Bezerra, Ryan Booth, Skylar Campbell, Adji Cissoko, Shaila D'Onofrio, Krista Dowson, Nadine Drouin, Jackson Dwyer, Giorgio Galli, Selene Guerrero-Trujillo, Emma Hawes, Juri Hiraoka, Kathryn Hosier, Rui Huang, Lise-Marie Jourdain, James Leja, Alexandra MacDonald, Elizabeth Marrable, Ji Min Hong, Shino Mori, Tiffany Mosher, Andreea Olteanu+, Brendan Saye, Christopher Stalzer, Joseph Steinauer, Dylan Tedaldi, Nan Wang, Aarik Wells, Sarah Elena Wolff RBC Apprentice Programme / YOU dance: James Applewhite, Jack Bertinshaw, Esabelle Chen, Daniel Cooke, Francesco Gabriele Frola, Larissa Khotchenkova, Miyoko Koyasu, Lisa Lanteri, Nayara Lopes, Asiel Rivero.

The 2011/12 souvenir book features stunning images of the National Ballet dancers shot by Principal Dancer Aleksandar Antonijevic and acclaimed photographer Sian Richards.

Principal Dancer Greta Hodgkinson.

Photo by Aleksandar Antonijevic.

Lorna Geddes

Joysanne Sidimus

Pointe Shoe Manager / Guest Balanchine Assistant Ballet Mistress Répétiteur

The souvenir book is on sale in the lobby during intermission or order online at

Ernest Abugov Jeff Morris

Stage Managers

Shelby-Jai Flick

Assistant Stage Manager/ Stage Manager, YOU dance

*Guest Artist +Maternity Leave

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The 2011/12 season is presented by

Wednesday, November 16 at 7:30 pm Thursday, November 17 at 7:30 pm Friday, November 18 at 7:30 pm Saturday, November 19 at 2:00 pm and 7:30 pm Sunday, November 20 at 2:00 pm Tuesday, November 22 at 7:30 pm Wednesday, November 23 at 7:30 pm Thursday, November 24 at 2:00 pm and 7:30 pm Friday, November 25 at 7:30 pm Saturday, November 26 at 2:00 pm and 7:30 pm Sunday, November 27 at 2:00 pm


Romeo and Juliet

Choreography: Alexei Ratmansky Music: Sergei Prokofiev Set, Costume and Properties Design: Richard Hudson Lighting Design: Jennifer Tipton Répétiteurs: Magdalena Popa, Peter Ottmann, Mandy-Jayne Richardson and Lorna Geddes Lead philanthropic support for Romeo and Juliet is provided by Sandra & Jim Pitblado with additional generous support from Sandra Faire & Ivan Fecan, an anonymous friend of the National Ballet and Walter Carsen, O.C. This event has been financially assisted by the Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund, a program of the Government of Ontario through the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, administered by the Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund Corporation. World premiere: The National Ballet of Canada, Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts, Toronto, November 16, 2011

"Working with Alexei Ratmansky has been an amazing experience. He's both demanding and patient and won't settle for something he's not entirely happy with, which is why his results are always near perfection. His attention to detail and his unbelievable skill at developing characters and story are probably why he's one of the world's most in-demand choreographers. One thing that I love about his interpretation of this classic story is that although there is some foreshadowing of the drama to come, he doesn't want the characters to get drawn into the dramatic elements too early. He insists that the characters should grow gradually through the two hours onstage. I think that brings a spontaneous touch that will really get the audience into the story." ­ Principal Dancer Guillaume Côté, Romeo

Elena Lobsanova and Guillaume Côté.

"Alexei is a sincere and humble man whose mind is flowing with creativity. His version of Romeo and Juliet fills the music with meaningful movement. There are lots of steps, making it complex, but each step is like a letter forming words communicating the important dialogue from the text." ­ First Soloist Elena Lobsanova, Juliet

Photo by Christopher Wahl.

For casting, please see your programme insert

Shakespeare's tender, tragic and enduring evocation of youthful passion undone by familial and societal discord has exerted its incomparable emotional power over generations of ballet audiences throughout the world. The National Ballet is proud to mark its 60th anniversary with the world premiere of Romeo and Juliet, created by the internationally celebrated choreographer Alexei Ratmansky. "Having Alexei Ratmansky create a new Romeo and Juliet for the National Ballet to mark our 60th Anniversary is a dream come true. His aesthetic ­ steeped in the Russian school but open to contemporary sources ­ is ideal for this work and our company which, with our classical heritage and our passion for the modern, is perfectly suited to his distinctive dance vision." ­ Karen Kain, Artistic Director

Shakespeare's Play ­ The Origins


Karen Kain and Choreographer Alexei Ratmansky.

Photo by Aleksandar Antonijevic.

his timeless tale of star-crossed love did not actually originate with William Shakespeare. The story has its roots in folklore and a version of it dates back as early as the third century AD, in the tale of Ephesiaca by Xenophon of Ephesus. In this story, Anthia is separated from her husband and is rescued from robbers by Perilaus. To avoid marrying Perilaus, she obtains from a physician a sleeping potion that she believes to be a mortal poison. But Anthia awakens in the tomb and is carried off by tomb-robbers to further adventures. Some also believe the story of Romeo and Juliet to be based on real people and events. In the 13th century there were families named Montecchi and Capelletti that belonged to different political factions and the Montecchi

did live in Verona. In 17th century London, commercial playwrights like Shakespeare were expected to churn out plays for the multitude of theatregoers in great quantities. To accommodate the high demand for his work, originality was secondary to production, and it was common for many playwrights to re-work existing plays, borrowing from and improving on their stories. Shakespeare's production of the play was first performed in the 1590s under the title of The Tragical Historye of Romeus and Juliet. Shakespeare made a number of alterations to these stories. His play's action takes place during a few days rather than a few weeks. He also invented the character of Mercutio

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and the sword-fight between Tybalt and Romeo. Shakespeare's Juliet is also much younger than those found in previous versions of the story. His Juliet is nearly 14, on the brink of womanhood but still a child and experiencing first love. One should keep

in mind that in Shakespeare's day, marriage at 14 was not uncommon. Shakespeare thus made Romeo and Juliet his own, and of all known versions, his has become the most well known and universally acknowledged as a great work of literature.

Sergei Prokofiev's Score ­ A History

"I have taken special pains to achieve a simplicity which will, I hope, reach the hearts of all listeners. If people find no melody or no emotion in this work of mine, I shall feel very sorry; but I am sure that they will sooner or later." ­ Sergei Prokofiev on Romeo and Juliet (1935)

Alexei Ratmanky in rehearsal.

Photo by Sian Richards.

Heather Ogden and McGee Maddox in rehearsal

Photo by Sian Richards.


oday Sergei Prokofiev's score for Romeo and Juliet is considered to be the quintessential rendering of William Shakespeare's timeless tale and one of the most popular of all ballet compositions. However, Prokofiev's original composition of Romeo and Juliet was heavily criticized and it was many years before it was finally accepted and performed by a ballet company. In 1934, the Russian-born Prokofiev was commissioned by the Kirov Theatre in Leningrad to write a score, possibly based on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, to be choreographed by Rostislav Zacharov. The Communist regime demanded that the end

of Shakespeare's play be changed and that the ballet be given a happy ending, to which Prokofiev took offence. The score was written specifically as narrative dance-drama and was meticulously matched to the scenario by Prokofiev and the Kirov's stage director, Sergey Radlov. It was to be a lavish, spectacular production and Prokofiev's first full-length ballet. Though Prokofiev's score was completed on September 8, 1935, problems soon led to the Kirov Theatre backing out of the project. The ballet was then to be staged by Moscow's Bolshoi Theatre. However, the Bolshoi found the music unsuitable for dance and rejected it.

The dancers, used to the tuneful dance rhythms of Tchaikovsky, had difficulty with Prokofiev's unconventional rhythms and orchestration. The first performance of Romeo and Juliet to Prokofiev's music took place in Brno, Czechoslovakia, on December 30, 1938, with choreography by the little-known Vania Psota. Two years later, the Kirov Ballet, following numerous discussions with Prokofiev and alterations in the score, premiered Romeo and Juliet to choreography by Leonid Lavrovsky. The score was considered radical by many Russian musicians, who feared the worst upon the ballet's premiere. The time was nonetheless right, and the ballet proved a resounding success and was later staged in Moscow by the Bolshoi Ballet in 1946. Few composers have created full-length

ballet scores, particularly in the 20th century. As such, Prokofiev follows in the tradition of such well-known ballet composers as Tchaikovsky. Writes choreographer Lavrovsky: "Prokofiev carried on where Tchaikovsky left off. He developed and elaborated the principles of symphonism in ballet music." The score for Romeo and Juliet is both dramatic and symphonic, not unlike Tchaikovsky's scores for Swan Lake and The Sleeping Beauty. But, whereas Tchaikovsky gave musical selections dance names ­ pas de deux, pas de cinq, Russian dance ­ and interspersed his work with entertaining dance divertissements, Prokofiev linked his composition of 53 sections or items with the dramatic rather than the dance elements, naming his musical selections after the characters and situations they depicted. So Romeo and Juliet's plot and music are closely intertwined; its dances are not simply entertainment but an integral part of the drama. As in Adolphe Adam's score for Giselle, musical leitmotifs, portraits of the characters, are also prevalent in Romeo and Juliet, though in a less structured fashion and with greater variance and levels of depth. These leitmotifs include seven distinct themes for Juliet that outline various aspects of her developing personality and that incorporate slow tempi, strings and woodwinds. From the moment Prokofiev introduces her, Juliet is a girl brimming with youthful play but overshadowed by a foreboding doom. Prokofiev carefully creates atmosphere in his composition, from the lively, robust street scenes of Verona, to the lush, romantic love duets. The music for the first meeting of Romeo and Juliet is a madrigal, a love poem with a cantabile theme for violins and violas. Suddenly, Prokofiev has turned a young, playful girl into a woman in love. Later, in the balcony scene, their love is furthered in a lyrical adagio and bonded in a marriage scene that combines both the calm of their reason and their foreboding tragedy. It culminates in the bedroom scene, which also becomes their farewell.

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Selected Biographies

Karen Kain, C.C., LL.D., D. Litt., O.Ont. Artistic Director Acknowledged as one of the leading classical ballerinas of her time, Karen Kain is also one of Canada's foremost arts advocates, bringing the same passion and dedication she exemplified as a dancer to her roles as a spokesperson for Canadian culture and as the Artistic Director of The National Ballet of Canada. A native of Hamilton, Ontario, Ms. Kain studied at Canada's National Ballet School, graduating in 1969 when she joined The National Ballet of Canada. After quickly rising to the rank of Principal Dancer, she came to the attention of international audiences when she won the Silver Medal at the Moscow International Ballet Competition in 1973. This led to a highly successful career on stages throughout the world, dancing a wide range of classical and modern roles with such companies as Roland Petit's Ballet de Marseilles, Bolshoi Ballet, The Hamburg Ballet, London Festival Ballet, Paris Opéra Ballet and the Eliot Feld Company. Ms. Kain retired from dance in 1997 after a nationwide farewell tour and, shortly afterwards, assumed the position of Artist-inResidence with the National Ballet. In 1999, her role was expanded to that of Artistic Associate and in June of 2005, she was appointed Artistic Director of the company. Ms. Kain has received numerous accolades and awards throughout her career. She is a Companion of the Order of Canada, the first Canadian recipient of the Cartier Lifetime Achievement Award and was named an Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters by the Government of France. In 1997, she was honoured with a Governor General's National Arts Centre Award and received a Governor General's Award for Lifetime Artistic Achievement in 2002. From 2004 to 2008, Ms. Kain was Chair of the Canada Council for the Arts. In 2007, she received the Barbara Hamilton Memorial Award for demonstrating excellence and professionalism in the performing arts. In 2008, the Karen Kain School for the Arts officially opened, a tribute to Ms. Kain's ongoing contributions to the cultural life of her country, and in 2011, Ms. Kain was honoured by the International Society for the Performing Arts with the Distinguished Artist Award. Alexei Ratmansky Choreographer Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, Alexei Ratmansky is a choreographer and former ballet dancer. He is Artist-inResidence at American Ballet Theatre and former Artistic Director of the Bolshoi Ballet, having trained under Pyotr Pestov and Alexandra Markeyeva at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy. Prior to his appointment as Artistic Director, Mr. Ratmansky was a Principal Dancer with the Kiev Ballet, Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet and The Royal Danish Ballet. Mr. Ratmansky has created ballets for the Mariinsky Ballet, Paris Opéra Ballet, Royal Danish Ballet, Royal Swedish Ballet, New York City Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, Australian Ballet, Dutch National Ballet, Kiev Ballet and the State Ballet of Georgia, as well as for Mikhail Baryshnikov, Nina Ananiashvili, Wendy Wheelan and Diana Vishneva. His 2003 work, The Bright Stream, created for the Bolshoi Ballet, led to his appointment as Artistic Director of the company the following year. For the Bolshoi he choreographed the full-length productions of The Bolt (2005) and Lost Illusions (2011) and re-staged Le Corsaire (2007) and Flames of Paris (2008). His works for Mariinsky Ballet include Cinderella (2002) and Little Humpbacked Horse (2009). In 2011, he created Psyche for Paris Opéra Ballet. The Critics' Circle in London named the Bolshoi Ballet Best Foreign Company under Mr. Ratmansky's direction in 2005 and 2007 and he received their National Dance Award for The Bright Stream. He received the 2005 Prix Benois de la Danse for his choreography of Anna Karenina for the Royal Danish Ballet. His ballets for New York City Ballet include Russian Seasons, Concerto DSCH and Namouna and for American Ballet Theatre, On the Dnieper, Seven Sonatas, Dumbarton and The Nutcracker. Richard Hudson Set and Costume Design Born in Zimbabwe, Richard Hudson trained at Wimbledon School of Art. He has designed operas for Glyndebourne, Covent Garden, The Metropolitan Opera, Teatro alla Scala, Maggio Musicale Florence, English National Opera, Scottish Opera, Kent Opera, Opera North and Wiener Staatsoper, as well as the Munich, Chicago, Copenhagen, Athens, Bregenz, Amsterdam, Zurich, Barcelona,

Madrid, Brussels, Houston and Washington Operas. He has also designed for the Aldeburgh Festival, The Royal Ballet, Royal Shakespeare Company, National Theatre, Royal Court, Almeida and Young Vic. In 1988, Mr. Hudson won an Olivier Award for a season of plays at the Old Vic, and won a Tony Award in 1998 for The Lion King. He is a Royal Designer for Industry (RDI). In 2003, he won the Gold Medal for set design at the Prague Quadrenniale, and in 2005, he was given an Honorary Doctorate by the University of Surrey. He is a Fellow of the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, and a Companion of the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. Recent work includes Rushes, Goldberg Variations and Invitus Invitam (The Royal Ballet, Covent Garden), Rigoletto (Wiener Volksoper), Armida (Metropolitan Opera, New York), Tamerlano (Royal Opera, Covent Garden), The Nutcracker (American Ballet Theatre) Die Entfuhrung aus dem Serail (Teatro Dell'Opera di Roma), Dumbarton (American Ballet Theatre) and La Nuit de Gutenberg (Opera National du Rhin). Jennifer Tipton Lighting Design Jennifer Tipton is well known for her work in dance, theatre and opera. Her recent work in dance includes Paul Taylor's The Uncommitted and Alexei Ratmansky's The Nutcracker for American Ballet Theater. Her recent work in theatre includes Bergman's Autumn Sonata at the Yale Repertory Theater and the Wooster Group's version of Tennessee Williams' Vieux Carre. Ms. Tipton's most recent work in opera includes Gounod's Romeo et Juliette directed by Bart Sher at La Scala and

Mozart's La Clemenza di Tito directed by David McVicar at the Aix Festival in France. Among many awards she was the recipient of the Dorothy and Lillian Gish Prize in 2001 and the Jerome Robbins Prize in 2003. In 2008, she became a United States Artist "Gracie" Fellow and a MacArthur Fellow. Ms. Tipton teaches lighting at the Yale School of Drama. David Briskin Music Director and Principal Conductor One of the most highly respected and versatile conductors at work today, an insightful interpreter of works from not just the ballet repertoire but the operatic, symphonic and choral traditions as well, David Briskin is in his sixth season as Music Director and Principal Conductor with The National Ballet of Canada. He brings a rich and varied musical experience to his position with the National Ballet, having served as Conductor with American Ballet Theatre for seven years, leading performances at the Metropolitan Opera House, New York's City Center and major opera houses around the world. As a guest conductor, Mr. Briskin appears regularly with New York City Ballet and San Francisco Ballet and has also conducted for such companies as Houston Ballet, The Joffrey Ballet and Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal. He also served as conductor for The Juilliard School's Dance Division for 12 years. In addition, he has conducted symphony orchestras and opera productions throughout North America, Europe and Asia, appearing with, among others, the Pittsburgh, Detroit, Baltimore, Indianapolis and Shanghai symphony orchestras

and such opera companies as Calgary, Manitoba, Opera Carolina and Lake George. He also served for six years as the Music Director of the Masterwork Chorus and Orchestra, conducting annual performances of Handel's Messiah at Carnegie Hall. In 2008, Mr. Briskin was appointed Director of Orchestral Studies at the University of Toronto Faculty of Music and Conductor of the University of Toronto Symphony Orchestra. Mr. Briskin attended the Indiana University School of Music and received a Bachelor of Music Degree in orchestral conducting from the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music and a Master's Degree from Queens College, City University of New York. In celebration of the National Ballet's 60th anniversary season, Mr. Briskin will lead The National Ballet of Canada Orchestra in its debut concert performance at Koerner Hall in April 2012, performing works from the company's rich musical history. Nathan Fifield Guest Conductor Nathan Fifield is a regular guest conductor at top ballet companies including San Francisco Ballet, Houston Ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet and is currently the principal conductor of the Tulsa Ballet. Last season he conducted John Neumeier's The Little Mermaid with San Francisco Ballet and premiered the joint San Francisco Ballet/Pacific Northwest Ballet revival of Balanchine's classic Coppélia. Next year Mr. Fifield will make his European debut with Opéra de Bordeaux's The Sleeping Beauty, and will lead both Tulsa Ballet and Nashville Ballet in new productions of The Rite of

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Spring. Equally at home in the opera world, Mr. Fifield is currently the music director of Light Opera of Oklahoma. He has led many productions including Carmen, Le Nozze di Figaro, Hansel and Gretel, West Side Story, Into the Woods, and has worked with such companies as Utah Festival Opera, Opera in the Heights, and Chelsea Opera. His teachers and mentors include Michael Tilson Thomas, David Hayes, and Gustav Meier. Joanna Ivey Guest Artist Joanna Ivey graduated from the Professional Division of Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet in 1986. She danced with Basel Ballet in Switzerland and ATER Balletto in Italy before joining The National Ballet of Canada in 1992. With The National Ballet of Canada, Ms. Ivey performed featured roles in classical and contemporary repertoire such as Myrtha, Queen of the Wilis in Giselle, Variations in The Four Temperaments, the Stepmother in Cinderella and Lady Capulet in Romeo and Juliet as well as, in Glen Tetley's Oracle and The Rite of Spring, William Forsythe's Herman Schmerman and the second detail and George Balanchine's Serenade. Ms. Ivey danced in the world premieres of James Kudelka's The Actress (1994), The Nutcracker (1995), Swan Lake (1999) and the company premieres of Balanchine's Mozartiana and Episodes (1998) and Jewels (2000). Since retiring from dance in 2000, Ms. Ivey continues to appear as a guest artist in dramatic roles with the National Ballet.

Ernest Abugov Stage Manager Ernest (Ernie) Abugov has served as Stage Manager of The National Ballet of Canada since 1973, working with every Artistic Director in the company's history from Celia Franca to Karen Kain. He has travelled with the company all over the world, touring to Israel, Asia, Europe, Mexico and throughout North America. Mr. Abugov has worked with many of the world's most renowned choreographers who have created original works for the National Ballet including John Neumeier, William Forsythe and Glen Tetley. Mr. Abugov was born in Montréal, Québec. Before beginning his long association with the National Ballet, he worked with Les Feux Follets, The Charlottetown Festival, La Poudriere Theatre and The Studio Lab Theatre. He worked at Expo '67 in Montréal, stage managing over 4,000 puppet shows. Mr. Abugov also toured with Harry Belafonte. In what little spare time that he has, Mr. Abugov guest-lectures to theatre students. Jeff Morris Stage Manager Jeff Morris studied technical theatre production and administration at Ryerson Theatre School. He has worked as Production Stage Manager for Toronto Dance Theatre and with the Fringe Festival of Independent Dance Artists, in addition to a broad range of Toronto's independent dance artists. In 1995, Mr. Morris joined The National Ballet of Canada and has since stage-managed a wide range of the company's classical and contemporary

repertoire, including world premieres of James Kudelka's The Four Seasons, Cinderella and An Italian Straw Hat. He is also an adjunct faculty member at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre, where he teaches Production Elements for Dancers. The National Ballet of Canada Orchestra The National Ballet of Canada is privileged to have its own full orchestra with over 60 members. The orchestra has performed in each of the National Ballet's seasons and is led by Music Director and Principal Conductor David Briskin. The company's first Music Director was George Crum who, along with Founder Celia Franca, was a pioneer of the company. Mr. Crum held the position from the company's inception in 1951 to 1984, when he was appointed Music Director Emeritus. The orchestra was led by Ermanno Florio from 1985 to 1990. Ormsby Wilkins was Music Director and Principal Conductor from 1990 to 2006. The National Ballet Orchestra has toured extensively with the company through Canada, the US and Europe. Over the years, the orchestra has received much acclaim from audiences and critics alike and has recorded two CDs of Michael Torke's compositions for The Contract (The Pied Piper) and An Italian Straw Hat. For more information, visit

BMO Financial Group is proud to be part of The National Ballet of Canada's 60th anniversary season as the Presenting Sponsor of Romeo and Juliet.

Elena Lobsanova and Guillaume Côté.

Photo by Christopher Wahl.

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Photo by Sian Richards.

Message from the Chair of the Board of Directors: David W. Binet


t is a special honour to assume the role of Chair of The National Ballet of Canada's Board of Directors at this pivotal moment in the company's history: the 60th anniversary season. With an incredible 60 years of artistic growth, dedicated volunteerism and leadership to its credit, the National Ballet has never looked better. Artistic Director Karen Kain has worked tirelessly to attract talented choreographers like Alexei Ratmansky, Christopher Wheeldon, Crystal Pite and Wayne McGregor to the company, and her success has raised the international profile of the company substantially. This year, the National Ballet will pay homage to the past from an enviable place on today's world stage and with an eye to a bold and brilliant future. The achievements of the past 60 years are testament to the strong partnerships that continue to empower the National Ballet in all its endeavours. As the company has grown over the years ­ expanding its repertoire, roster of dancers, staff complement and its rehearsal, performance and production facilities ­ so has the generous community of donors and friends who have long championed its cause, often through heroic measures. The Volunteer Committee has been a leader in the philanthropic life of the National Ballet since the company's inception in 1951. The Volunteer Committee has raised essential funds for some of the National Ballet's most treasured and influential productions, including James Kudelka's The Four Seasons (1997) and Cinderella (2004). Among the Committee's contributions to the 60th anniversary season is its sponsorship of the Tutu Project, an education and outreach initiative that recognizes each year of the company's history with the creation of a unique tutu. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I thank The Volunteer Committee for its rich contribution to The National Ballet of Canada over our shared 60 year history. Included in the National Ballet's closest circle of friends is the Patrons' Council Committee, which also celebrates an

important anniversary this year. Thirty years ago, Founding Chair André Galipeault assembled a group of individuals with a shared passion for dance to promote and preserve the vitality of Canada's only national dance company. Seven Patrons have acted as Chair of the Patrons' Council Committee since Mr. Galipeault finished his term, and each has taken care to extend the company's reach. Last year, under the leadership of Ann Hogarth, the Patrons' Council Committee raised $1.65 million for The National Ballet of Canada ­ an historic high. I am pleased to welcome Krista Kerr as the incoming Chair for the 2011/12 season and look forward to working with her. I want to thank Ann Hogarth and all of our Patrons' Council Committee members for their extraordinary efforts. This season, I am privileged to lead the dedicated group of individuals who comprise The National Ballet of Canada's Board of Directors. As Chair, I will work closely with my colleagues to steward a company I admire greatly and whose importance as a cultural leader is widely known. I am honoured to follow in the footsteps of many great volunteer leaders associated with the company, including my friend Lucille Joseph, whose wise guidance over her three-year term as Board Chair was invaluable. I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge my colleague and fellow volunteer David Macdonald, Chair of The Endowment Foundation and the members of its Board for their efforts. I extend my sincere thanks to Lucille, our Board of Directors and our Honorary Board of Directors for giving so generously of their time, knowledge and financial resources to serve this great company. We are better for it. The National Ballet of Canada's 60-year history speaks to the hard work, passion and tenacity of all our friends and colleagues. I am proud to serve among you. David W. Binet Chair of the Board of Directors

Highlights of the 2010/11 Season Annual Report

Aleksandar Antonijevic and Jillian Vanstone in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Photo by Cylla von Tiedemann.


he 2010/11 season was one of our most exciting and memorable, both artistically and financially. A strong box office, combined with cost-saving measures and the continued generosity of our donors, gave us a surplus of $49,000 on a budget of $26.8 million. Artistically, under Karen Kain's inspired and forward-looking guidance, we staged works that were groundbreaking, both for the artistic achievements they represented and for the overwhelming audience response they received. Wayne McGregor's Chroma, Alexei Ratmansky's Russian Seasons and Christopher Wheeldon's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland displayed the company at its best, with the dancers, musicians and production personnel demonstrating why The National Ballet of Canada enjoys the high reputation that it does. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was our first co-production with The Royal Ballet (UK). This fact is significant in itself. Given the highly complicated production values, original orchestral score and brilliant choreography in Alice, the process was smooth and cordial on both sides. This ballet had extraordinary

success with audiences and critics ­ it was a smash in England and established a new box office record here. Another high point of the year was the opening of the magnificent Gretchen Ross Production Centre. An efficient, purpose-built, state-of-the-art facility for constructing and storing the company's sets was something long needed. Thanks to the generosity of our lead donors, Gretchen Ross and Jerry and Joan Lozinski, we now own it. This represents a truly important milestone, not just for our production personnel, but for the company as a whole. Finally, I want to extend my most sincere thanks to Lucille Joseph, our Board Chair for the past three years, who is completing her term this year. Lucille has been a strong and helpful guiding presence. Her ideas, passion and enthusiasm have been an immeasurable support to the company and her time as Chair will be remembered with gratitude and affection by everyone who worked with her. Kevin Garland Executive Director

View the 2010/11 Annual Report online at

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Paper Things: The Volunteer Committee, The National Ballet of Canada.

Photo by Peng Chiang.

Nadia Potts and Tomas Schramek in La Fille mal gardée (1976). Photo by Andrew Oxenham.

Greta Hodgkinson and Rex Harrington in The Four Seasons (1997). Photo by Andrew Oxenham.

Our Partnership with The Volunteer Committee, The National Ballet of Canada

he National Ballet of Canada is grateful to the many loyal and hardworking members of The Volunteer Committee who have contributed their time, energy and passion to the company over the past 60 years. Without their determination, the National Ballet would not be the success it is today. These dedicated volunteers have been instrumental for the company since its inception in 1951. The founding of the National Ballet was facilitated by three extraordinary women: Sydney Mulqueen, Pearl Whitehead and Aileen Woods. At the same time, they established


the Women's Committee, which over the years evolved into The Volunteer Committee of The National Ballet of Canada. Members of the Committee have been actively raising funds, supporting dancers, facilitating tours and financing new productions for the National Ballet ever since. In 1976, The Volunteer Committee established its Build-A-Ballet Fund to support new productions for the National Ballet. The first gift from The Volunteer Committee was La Fille mal gardée. To date, The Volunteer Committee has raised over $6 million to fund

47 productions, a contribution that has helped to maintain the vitality of the National Ballet and its repertoire. With The Volunteer Committee's support of new productions, the National Ballet is able to acquire the best ballets from the international repertoire, commission original creations and support emerging Canadian choreographers. Many ballets funded by The Volunteer Committee have become signature pieces for the National Ballet, such as Etudes, The Merry Widow, The Four Seasons and Cinderella. All of the new productions supported by The Volunteer Committee are gifts for the National Ballet's artists and audiences to treasure. The individuals who comprise the

Volunteer Committee are deeply committed to their fundraising and entrepreneurial activities. In 2010/11, Committee members volunteered over 13,000 hours at their two successful businesses ­ the Ballet Boutique at the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts and Paper Things in Yorkville. This year, the Volunteer Committee is sponsoring the National Ballet's 60th anniversary season. Part of their sponsorship includes the Tutu Project, a community awareness initiative that will culminate in the display of 60 uniquely designed tutus. In tribute to the excellence of both The Volunteer Committee and The National Ballet of Canada, our joint history will be celebrated throughout the 2011/12 season.

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Dancers First


he National Ballet of Canada's Dancers First programme offers a unique opportunity to support the company's most valuable asset ­ the dancers. Donors to Dancers First may cultivate a relationship with the company member they support and follow his or her career with pride, knowing they have made a meaningful contribution to dancer development. Donors may also attend exclusive Dancers First events and rehearsals while receiving special acknowledgement of their association with their sponsored dancer. The National Ballet is committed to providing its dancers with dynamic repertoire, competitive salaries, health and wellness programmes, and the best coaches, teachers and guest artists. Your participation in Dancers First will help The National Ballet of Canada attract and retain the best dancers in the world.


First Soloist Tanya Howard is sponsored through Dancers First by Nancy Pencer.

Photo by Sian Richards.

he National Ballet of Canada is extremely grateful to the following donors who have given generous gifts to support the dancers, new productions and special projects. These extraordinary gifts provide leadership and capital support to the priorities of the National Ballet.

(October 1, 2010 ­ September 30, 2011)

Production Builders

The following individuals and foundations have made extraordinary contributions towards our new production initiatives and the refurbishment of our signature repertoire during the 2011/12 season and beyond:

Walter Carsen, O.C. Sandra Faire & Ivan Fecan Ira Gluskin & Maxine Granovsky Gluskin Richard M. Ivey, O.C. Rosamond Ivey Judith & Robert Lawrie Wallace and Margaret McCain The Catherine and Maxwell Meighen Foundation Nancy Pencer Sandra & Jim Pitblado Gretchen Ross One Anonymous Donor

For more information about Dancers First, please contact: Diana Reitberger, CFRE Director of Development 416 345 9686 x306 [email protected]

Dancers First Sponsorship Programme

Dancers First is dedicated to the health and wellness of the National Ballet's greatest asset ­ its exceptionally talented dancers. The generosity of the following individuals makes the Dancers First programme possible.

Emmanuelle Gattuso & Allan Slaight Principal Dancer Guillaume Côté Ira Gluskin & Maxine Granovsky Gluskin Principal Dancer Heather Ogden Anonymous Second Soloist Jenna Savella Catherine & Ian Delaney Corps de Ballet member Shino Mori Lynda & Jonas Prince Corps de Ballet member Sarah Elena Wolff Robin & Ross Robinson Corps de Ballet member Brendan Saye Lucy White* Corps de Ballet member Krista Dowson Anonymous Corps de Ballet member Nadine Drouin Rolex Canada Ltd. Rolex Dancers First Award

Prima Circle

Gretchen Ross Guest Artist Zdenek Konvalina Diana St. B. Weatherall Guest Artist Bridgett Zehr Mr. Thor Eaton & The Honourable Nicole Eaton, Senator First Soloist Robert Stephen Sandra Faire & Ivan Fecan First Soloist Elena Lobsanova Nancy Pencer First Soloist Tanya Howard Anonymous First Soloist Keiichi Hirano


rima Circle acknowledges the extraordinary generosity of those donors whose cumulative giving to The National Ballet of Canada and The National Ballet of Canada, Endowment Foundation has reached $1 million or more. We are grateful for the exceptional commitment and invaluable support these individuals and corporations have provided to the National Ballet over its celebrated history. John & Margaret Bahen Torunn & David Banks Mona Campbell, O.C. Walter Carsen, O.C. Sandra Faire & Ivan Fecan Margaret Fleck & Jim Fleck, O.C. Kevin & Roger Garland Joan & Jerry Lozinski Sarah & David Macdonald The Catherine & Maxwell Meighen Foundation Sandra Pitblado & Jim Pitblado, C.M. Gretchen Ross The Volunteer Committee, The National Ballet of Canada One Anonymous Donor BMO Financial Group CIBC RBC Foundation TD Bank Financial Group

Special Gifts

Nani & Austin Beutel Orchestra Patron The Frank Gerstein Charitable Foundation Guest Coach and Guest Artist Support The John & Margaret Bahen Fund Canadian Touring Support

* Artists and Staff

Mary & Graham Hallward Orchestra Patron THE VOLUNTEER COMMITTEE, THE NATIONAL BALLET OF CANADA 60th Annivesary and The Tutu Project

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Our Community of Support


he National Ballet of Canada gratefully acknowledges the following donors and sponsors for their generosity and commitment to sustain the excellence, energy and innovation of great dance. These gifts from Patrons, Friends and Turnout members and corporate and foundation donors are vital to support all the artists and activities of the National Ballet.

(October 1, 2010 ­ September 30, 2011)

Guillaume Côté and Elena Lobsanova in rehearsal for Romeo and Juliet.

Photo by Sian Richards.

Director's Circle ($25,000 and above) John & Claudine Bailey Torunn & David Banks Mr. & Mrs David and Kim Beatty Mr. David Binet Ms. Susanne Boyce & Mr. Brendan Mullen Walter Carsen, O.C.^^ Ms. Hilary Clements Judi & Lionel Conacher^^ Jeanie A. Davis^^ Catherine & Ian Delaney Ms. Laura Dinner & Mr. Richard Rooney Mr. Thor Eaton & The Honourable Nicole Eaton, Senator Sandra Faire & Ivan Fecan Kevin Garland* & Roger Garland^ Ms. Emanuelle Gattuso & Mr. Allan Slaight Ira Gluskin & Maxine Granovsky Gluskin Mary & Graham Hallward Lynda Hamilton^ Richard M. Ivey, C.C. Ms. Rosamond Ivey Lucille Joseph & Urban Joseph, O.C. Ms. Judy Korthals & Mr. Peter Irwin^ Judith & Robert Lawrie^ Mona & Harvey Levenstein Joan & Jerry Lozinski^^ Sarah & David Macdonald Wallace & Margaret McCain^ Ms. Vanessa L. Morgan & Mr. Steven Wolf Nancy Pencer Sandra Pitblado & Jim Pitblado, C.M.^^ Mrs. Lynda Prince Robin & Ross Robinson^^ Gretchen & Donald Ross^^ Mr. & Mrs. David Scott Ada Slaight^^ Mr. George R. Sutherland Heather Thomson & Dick Thomson, O.C.^ Diana St. B. Weatherall Lucy White* Five Anonymous Donors

Artistic Circle ($15,000 - $24,999) Nani & Austin Beutel Julie Di Lorenzo Gail Drummond & Bob Dorrance George A. Fierheller Margaret Fleck & Jim Fleck, O.C.^^ William & Nona Heaslip^^ Ann Henderson & Lyman Henderson, C.M.^^ Mr. & Mrs. William R. Herridge Richard & Martha Hogarth The Henry White Kinnear Foundation Ned & Georgina McLennan^^ Mrs. Barbara Somers & Ms. Angela Stirpe Ms. Beth Wilson Mrs. David Young Partner ($10,000 - $14,999) Mr. & Mrs. Jack Creed Adelle and Paul Deacon Nanton Fund at the Toronto Community Foundation Sherry Taylor Drew Wendy Wood Flynn Mrs. Dorothy Forsyth Susan Harris & David Kassie Mr. & Mrs. G.R. Heffernan^^ Ms. Gail Hutchison Anna McCowan-Johnson & Donald K. Johnson, O.C. Ms. Karen Leggett Peter & Melanie Munk Aaron & Heather Regent Victor & Bernice Royce Tony Scott-Fisher^^ Judith R. Wilder Benefactor ($5,000 - $9,999) Elaine J. Adair^ Joan H. Addison Mr. Barry Allan Alison Arbuckle Fisher^^ Gregory & Irene Aziz Karen & Bill Barnett Robert Brews & Kenneth Brown Ms. Helen Burstyn

Dr. Ann E. Camps Ms. Susan Caskey & Mr. John Francis Judith & Marshall Cohen^^ Mr. & Mrs. Harold Corrigan Cathryn E. Cranston & John Coke Mr. Richard J. Currie, O.C. & Mrs. Elizabeth Currie Mr. Carl M. Dare^ George & Kathy Dembroski M.G. Eaton & David S. Kertland^ Ms. Adrian Elliott Anna-Liisa & Graham Farquharson Mr. & Mrs. John Flemer^ Margaret & David Fountain Mrs. Isabel Fox Maxine Goldberg Mr. & Mrs. John & Judith Grant Mr. & Mrs. Scott & Krystyne Griffin Hon. & Mrs. Paul T. Hellyer^^ Joan F. Ivory^^ Ms. Victoria Jackman Karen Kain*, C.C., LL.D., D.Litt., O.Ont. & Ross Petty^ Margaret Kawaja^^ Prof. & Mrs. James King Arthur Labatt, O.C. & Sonia Labatt Mr. Jim Lawrence & Mr. David J. Salak Paul A. Lee, Q.C. & Jill Maynard Anne & David LeGresley Philip & Sherri Lieberman Douglas L. Ludwig & Karen J. Rice Mr. & Mrs. A. Maggiacomo^^ Medipac International Group Vincent Mercier & Kirsten Halpin Ms. Linda O'Leary Mr. & Mrs. Robbie & Laura Pryde Barrie D. Rose & Family Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Royer & Family C. Anderson Silber^^ Mr. Geoffrey Wayne Squibb^^ Dennis & Denny Starritt^ Ms. Stephanie Stavro Mr. & Mrs. Daniel F. Sullivan Lenore Walters^^ Ms. Helen Ziegler Two Anonymous Donors

Generous Support for Romeo and Juliet


he National Ballet of Canada is proud to open its historic 60th anniversary season with a brand new production of Romeo and Juliet by one of the world's most renowned choreographers, Alexei Ratmansky. The world premiere of Romeo and Juliet has been made possible through the generosity of several cherished friends of The National Ballet of Canada. Lead philanthropic support for this

production is provided by Sandra and Jim Pitblado with additional support from Sandra Faire and Ivan Fecan, an anonymous friend of the National Ballet and Walter Carsen, O.C. Thanks to the vision and commitment of these remarkable individuals, the National Ballet will stage one of the most important new productions in the international repertoire to mark its diamond anniversary year.

Major Patron ($3,000 - $4,999) Ms. Yeti Agnew & Mr. Christopher Birt Mr. & Mrs. Clive V. Allen Ms. Jane Allen Mark & Gail Appel Dr. Talitha Arndt & Mr. Ed Esposto^ James Austin & Hans Eppenberger Hugh & Colleen Balders Dr. Robert A. Bandeen, O.C. & Mrs. Mona Bandeen, C.M.^^ Professor Marion G. Bassett Dr. Thomas H. Beechy^ Mrs. Fiona Berry Walter M. & Lisa Balfour Bowen^^ Mr. David Broadhurst Sheila Brown & Doug Guzman Mr. & Mrs. Joe & Laurissa Canavan Margaret Casey Dr. & Mrs. Albert Cheskes John Church Hugh & Carolyn Cleland Ms. Susan E. Crocker Missy & Allan Crosbie^ Carole Curtis^ John E. Davies Mr. & Mrs. Mark Davis^

Mr. Allan Dines Maureen & James Dunn Judy Dunn Mr. Joseph Fantl & Ms. Moira Bartram The Fell Family Ken & Linda Foxcroft Susan Garvie & Douglas Robinson Bronwen Gates Mr. Donald D. Grant^ Carol Gray Mrs. Lorna Greenbaum Carol Guppy^ Ralph & Roz Halbert^ Ann Hogarth^^ Mr. C.R. Hunter Mr. & Mrs. Patrick M. James Norman Jewison, C.C. Patrick & Barbara Keenan^^ Murray Koffler, O.C., O.Ont. & Marvelle Koffler^^ Ms. Joy Levine Eunice Lumsden & Peter Luit William & Molly Anne MacDonald^^ Sue & Biff Matthews^ Mrs. Barbara E. McDonald^ Patti McFarlane Joan McGill

Seth & Theresa Mersky Clive & Fran Minto^ Anne & Charles Morison Dr. Beverly Morningstar & Mr. Richard Rogers Mr. Hugh Morris Dr. Bo Y. Ngan Michael & Nina Overbury^^ Mrs. Rosemary Rathgeb William & Lesley Rogan^ Judith & Jack Rose Maxwell L. Rotstein & Nancy-Gay Rotstein^ Robert Rubinoff Mr. Geoffrey Rytell Esther Sarick Dr. Edward Sellers & Dr. Myroslava Romach-Sellers Dr. Patricia Shaw & Dr. Robert Buckman Dr. Hugh Siddall Mrs. Katrine Siverns Mrs. Doreen L. Stanton^ Joel Stevens Brenda Stinson & Carlo De Angelis Dr. Robert Summers-Gill^ Michele Leighton Symons John Theo^^

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Gillian Thomas & Michael Easterbrook Maureen & Philip Tingley^ Dr. Shantelle Veld Ms. Ruth Watts-Gransden Judy & Graham Weeks^ Mr. Brian B. Wilks Mr. John H. Williams Nan & Jack Wiseman Mrs. Timothy Wright Ms. Vivien M. Wu Patron ($2,000 - $2,999) Jordan Applebaum & Andrea Burridge Dr. & Mrs. Clive Aston Ms. Yveline Audemars & Mr. Humberto Rivero Lynly & Trevor Bailie^ Mrs. Nina Balciunas Ms. Katherine Barber^ Winifred Barclay^ Ms. Lindy Barrow Gillian & Ken Bartlett^^ Dr. Ewa Bernadska & Dr. Neil Gordon Mr. John R. Birkett^^ Ms. Josée Bouchard & Mr. Paul Belanger Ms. Ann Bowman Anna Maria & Bill Braithwaite^ Julia & David Briskin* Margaret Brock^ Ms. Martha Burns Della H. Campbell^ Ms. Denise Cargill Colleen Carmichael Diana Chant & Bill Mitchell^^ Peng Chiang^ Mr. Philip Chown Miss Vivian Ciaschini Mr. Philip A. Clappison^ Helene Clarkson Mr. Hugh M. Clarkson Amanda Demers & Brian Collins Mrs. Earlaine Collins David & Marilyn Conklin Jonine Copen Pauline Couture & Ian Morrison Mary & John Crocker Dr. Gaylord Curry, in memoriam Rupert Field-Marsham & Lindsay Dale-Harris Jane Darville & Dr. Skip Bassford Professor K.G. Davey DBG Canada Ltd. Mr. & Mrs. Garry & Pat DeGeer Mr. Jason Dehni Mary-Kathleen Delicaet & John Young Mr. Angelo Delzotto Mr. Leo Delzotto Mr. David Denison & Ms. Maureen Flanagan Mr. David S Dick Page 20

Wilf & Brenda Dinnick^ Richard & Lois Dodds^^ Ms. Lindda Chu & Mr. John Donald Denise Donlon, C.M. & Murray McLauchlan, C.M. Mrs. Susan Dore H.T. Dunlop Ms. Melanie Edwards & Mr. John Brown Estate of J. Douglas McCullough Joan Farano^ Catherine Fauquier Ms. Cecil Fennell Len Finch Mr. Lorne Fox Robert & Julia Foster Mr. & Mrs. Jean Louis Fuz* Dr. George & Mrs. Olga Gale André J. Galipeault, C.M. & Suzanne Galipeault^^ Mr. Peter Garstang Judith Gelber Gordon & Lorraine Gibson Mark & Louise Golding Judy & David Goodings Ms. A. Graham-Calderisi Ms. Sara Griffiths Ms. Taanta Gupta Mr. G. Douglas Hall Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm Hamilton^^ Ms. Naomi Harris Ms. Patricia Harris Linda Haynes & Martin Connell Ms. Susan Hayward Payne Avril Higgins & Robert Page^ Mr. & Mrs. David Hodgkinson Mr. Richard Howes Mr. Frank & Dr. Margaret Ionson^ Jarvis & Associates Jaye Jenkins Ms. Gail Julie Mr. Saleem Kassum Ms. Mony Kelley Michael Koerner, C.M. & Sonja Koerner^ Dr. R. Kong Ms. Catherine Lace Ms. Ann Lawson Mr. John B. Lawson, Q.C. Dr. Calvin Lei & Mr. Mark Oliver Mr. Anthony Lisanti Ms. Chris Long Jonathan & Dorothea Lovat-Dickson^ Mr. Michael A. LoPresti Ms. Judy Manji Ms. Diana Massiah Dr. Jill Matus Ms. Liza Mauer & Mr. Andrew Sheiner Dr. Malone & Dr. Oliver Malone Mrs. Barbara Mayer Mrs. Linda Maybarduk Ken McCarter & Dianna Symonds Ms. Eleanor McCain^

Bruce & Alison McDonald Mrs. June McLean Dr. Raymond McLenaghan Ms. Margaret C. McNee Mr. Timothy McNicholas Ms. Sylvia M. McPhee Mr. Shawn McReynolds Susan Melton^ Mr. Myles Mindham^ Xavier Mohammed-Maharaj Ms. Diane Morgan & Mr. Cyril Gibb Mr. Noel Mowat Mr. & Mrs. Benoit Mulsant L.J. Nagel & Stan Solomon Mr. & Mrs. John & Sarah Nagel Laurie Nemetz*^ John & Pamela Newall Ms. Eileen Newell Margaret Nicholson Susan E. Opler Ms. Marianne Oundjian Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Pankratz Mrs. Anne Pantalone^ Graham & Janet Parkinson Dr. Michael Partridge & Dr. Suha Rajagopal Mr. D. Ross Peebles & Ms. Judith Cole Miss M.J. Phillips Mr. Robin B. Pitcher Mrs. Wanda Plachta Frances & Tim Price Mr. Benjamin Prinsen Dr. Linda Rabeneck & Dr. CJ Campbell Dr. & Mrs. G.R. Rastegar Juta Reed Dr. Penelope Reed Doob Diana Reitberger* Lisa Richter Davey & Michael Davey Mr. Justice Sydney Robins & Mrs. Robins Mr. Gary Rogers Mr. Peter Ronn Elaine M. Roper Mr. & Mrs. Rainer & Sharyn Rothfuss Andrea Rosen & Stephen MacDonald^ Mr. Gerard Roxburgh* Mr. Go Sato Paul J. Savard^ Ms. Diane Schmidt Clayton & Ian Scott Dr. Hugh Scully & Vanessa Harwood, O.C.^ Ms. Colleen Sexsmith Mrs. Joan D. Shaw Stephen & Jane Smith Maggie Morris Smolensky^ Mrs. Joan Sohn^^ Marion Soloway Dr. Myra Sourkes Ms. Karen Sparks

The Tutu Project


n honour of the 60th anniversary of The National Ballet of Canada and The Volunteer Committee, The Tutu Project will see the creation of 60 unique tutus during the 2011/12 season, one for each year of the company's history. The tutus will be displayed to the public at the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts and The Design Exchange from July through August 2012 and online through our virtual museum. A community outreach initiative, The Tutu Project will feature the work of schoolchildren, artists and visitors to public events like Pride Toronto, The Word On The Street and the Canada Day festivities on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, providing a contemporary spin on ballet's most iconic costume. This fall, The Tutu Project will partner with two of Toronto's arts-based outreach organizations, ArtHeart and SKETCH, involving youth in the creation of a tutu. The Tutu Project will also participate in the National Ballet's regular outreach programmes, such as Share the Magic and Kids Corps. For more information about The Tutu Project, please contact: Heather Blom Development Coordinator, Special Projects 416 345 9686 x320 [email protected]

Pride Day Tutu. Photo by Heather Blom.

The Tutu Project is generously supported by THE VOLUNTEER COMMITTEE, THE NATIONAL BALLET OF CANADA

Mr. & Mrs. Carl & Jennifer Spiess Ms. Anna Stahmer-Jarmain & Mr. W. Edwin Jarmain Gaye & Andy Stein^ Inger Bartlett & Marshal Stearns Mrs. Judith Stephanson Dr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Stern Mr. & Mrs. Kim & Mark Surchin Karyn Tessmer & Dr. George Konn Craig & Cynthia Thorburn Mr. Alex Tosheff Jasmine A. Tucker Ms. Katherine Van de Mark Dr. R.B. Van Winckle Ann Vanderheyden

Mr. Jeffrey Verman & Mrs. Sandra Vettese Mr. Greg Wiebe Colonel R.I Weinert Ms. Barbara Williams Mr. Gregory Williams & Mr. Warren Sorensen^ Dr. Erik Yeo Ms. Maria Zakos Ms. Denise Zarn & Mr. James Shenkman Christine & Dieter Zeuner Mrs. Maria-Luisa Zoppas Veronica Zufelt^ Eight Anonymous Donors

Grand Jete ($1,100 - $1,999) Robert & Mary Pat Armstrong Tim Badgley Mrs. Cathy Barber Mr. Andrew C. Bome Ms. Frances M. Broome Leslie Buskard Mr. & Mrs. Peter Buttle Mr. Harold J. Chmara Drs. A & M Cividino Ms. M.C. Clancy Aida & Daniel Crosthwaite Mr. James L. Donald

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Mrs. M J. Dundas & Mr. John Petrosoniak Ms. E.L. Ellins Ms. Roberta Fuller B. Gaetz & L. Caswell Mr. John Galloway Aviva & Andrew Goldenberg Martin & Joan Goldfarb Ms. Joan Anne Gould Frances Greenwood Dr. & Mrs. Voldemars Gulens Mary Lou & Mark Hadden Dan Hagler & Family BPA Group Mr. Peter Heisey Philip & Claire Holloway Christopher Hopgood Mrs. Frances E. Johnson Ms. Susan Keen Mr. Elmer Rob Koppel Lindsay & Bud Kronenberg Janet Lamb Mr. Richard LaPrairie Shelby & Patrick Leeder Mr. Todd McCarthy W. Paul & Sandra McCrossan Ms. I. McDorman Mrs. Margaret Ann Pattison Mr. Brayton Polka Mari & Jim Rutka Barbara & William Shaw Ms. Kerry Ann Shipton Ms. Ibolya Smith K.A. Sproule Carol Swallow Muriel Tait Bonita & Walter Thornton Lyn M. Westwood Karen Wierucki Miss E. Joan Williams Durhane Wong-Rieger Kevin Coombs & Teri Worthington Coombs Four Anonymous Donors Arabesque ($800- $1,099) Mrs. June Abel Kathleen & Gordon Agar Miss Margaret Agar Ms. Isobel M. Allen Dr. Filio Billia Dr. & Mrs. Ian Blumer Ms. Janet Bulger Mr. W.C. Buttimer Ms. Hilda Clark Zane & Joan Cohen Claire Coire Mrs. Louise Cornblum Joan Curran & Roger Kenrick Ms. Sydney Dare Ms. Anne Davidson Elaine & Michael Davies Ms. Anita Day Mr. & Mrs. A. E. Diamond

Mr. Ephraim & Mrs. Shirley Diamond Mr. & Mrs. W. M. Dobell Mrs. Joyce Edwards Mr. & Mrs. Larry Enkin Evan & Hazel Ms. Bronwen Evans Mr. & Mrs. Lorne Farquhar Ms. Frances Filegan Mrs. & Mr. Elyse Fisher Mr. Trent Flack Ms. Sandra Forbes Karen & Alexandra Gaunt Susan & Nestor Golets Mr. T.M. Hall Mr. & Mrs. H. Clifford Hatch Mr. Lewis Hertzman Carla & Gary Huggins Dr. Melvyn Iscove Alanna & Wade Jack Ms. Pennie R. Jevnikar Bruce Kenning Joyce King Margaret D. King Carol Kleinfeldt & Roman Mychajlowycz Mr. Carl Knipfel Megan & Rachel Levy-McLaughlin Janice & Kira Loeb Dr. Vance Logan Mr. & Mrs. Dan & Faye Manor Ms. Janet McBeth-Mutter Anne S. McLeod Mr. Chris McMullen Mr. Ulrich Menzefricke Lynne & Paul Milnes Ms. Delia M Moog Terry & Dom Morris Martti Palaheimo Mr. Alan Pearson Renee & David Perlmutter The Perston Family Mr. H R Martin Phills Ms. Leslie Pidcock Ms. Lois Pineau Mr. Francis Pope Powis Family Foundation Mrs. Dorothy Purchase Elinor Gill Ratcliffe, C.M., O.N.L. Sandra Rye Ms. Sharon Sandall Dr. William Santo Ms. Lilia M. Sham Ms. Miriam Skey Mrs. Stanislawa Skrok Ms. Elaine Solway The Whiteside Foundation Mrs. Wendy Trainor Miss Vivian Treacy Mr. & Mrs. T. van Dalen Ms. Donna Watts Dr. Eleanor Westney Miss Kira Sofia Wilkerson Shelagh & David Wilson Hastings & Irene Withers

Mrs. Brenda Wivell Carole & Bernie Zucker Five Anonymous Donors Brise ($425 - $799) Jean & Harold Adams Ms. Zanana Akande Mrs. Janet Alderman Vanessa Alexander Mrs. Lyla Allan Mr. Brad Antle Mr. Frederick Appleton Ms. Karen Atkin Mr. Robert Ayling & Dr. Philip John Mrs. Margot A. Baker Ms. Judith Baldwin Mrs. Ursula Bargenda Mr. Michael Barkely Mr. & Mrs. E.R. Barnsley Ms. Helen Barron Mary E Bartle Mr. Fred Beattie Mr. Desmond Beddoe Christopher & Christina Begy N. Beilstein & A. Lee Mrs. Violet Bielski Ms. Barbara Bippus Diane Birch Mr. Nicholas Birch Mr. K. Birchard & Mrs. C. Dorman Ms. Helena Birt Ms. Katherine Bischoping Melynda M Bitzos & Paul Mesbouris Mr. Edward Blackstock Gwen Blakely Mr. Brainerd Blyden-Taylor Auguste A. Bolte Mrs. Esther M. Bonfoco-Perz Mrs. Susan Borden Dr. Paula Bourner Mr. Craig Bradshaw Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bradshaw Ms. S. Braithwaite Ms. Helen Brenner Mrs. Joan Breukelman Catherine Bridgman Ms. Teresa Briggs Dr. Ian Brindle Ms. Wendy Brodkin Ms. Karen Brookfield Ms. Sylva Brose Harvey & Rosemary Bruner Professor & Mrs. Forrest Buckingham Ely Buckland Irene & Erika Buechner Ms. Maria Buisman Ms. Judith Burns Cecchetto Elizabeth Payea Butler Ms. Janet Byford Ms. Kathleen Byrne Dr. Barbara Caffery

David Briskin.

Photo by Aleksandar Antonijevic.

Jillian Vanstone.

Photo by Aleksandar Antonijevic.

Dylan Tedaldi.

Photo by Sian Richards.

Music of the Dance


n September 12, 2011, Patrons' Council members explored the music of the 60th anniversary season at an exclusive event hosted by Music Director and Principal Conductor David Briskin. Also in attendance were Principal Dancer Jillian Vanstone and Corps de Ballet member Dylan Tedaldi, who discussed the relationship between the dancer and the conductor. The evening was one of many ways that The National Ballet of Canada

thanks its donors and encourages their involvement in a broader community of support for excellence in dance. For more information about the Patrons' Council, please contact: Lennox Toppin Development Officer, Patrons' Council 416 345 9686 x331 [email protected]

Miss Linda Campbell Ms. Virginia Campbell Mrs. Anita Captain Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Eleanor Carpen Mr. & Mrs. Ernest & Marie Carter Mrs. Martine Celej Gwen Chamberlain & Chris Huband The Chepesiuk Family Dr. Robert Chu Ms. Jean Clark David & Sandra Clattenburg Ms. Nancy Cohen Mrs. Sydne Conover-Taggart Ms. Jill Cooter Carole & Ted Cordner Dr. Brian Cornelson Dr. Joanne Coutts Mr. Denton Creighton Ms. Joanne Crookshank Robert Crouch Mr. David M. Cullen Thérèse Culnan Mr. & Ms. David Currie Maija Dale Mrs. E. Davidson Dr. Deborah L. Davies

Ms. Linda G. Day Trina DeSa Mrs. Marjorie Dibblee Mr. Sergei Dmitrevsky Mr. Colin R.C. Dobell Rob Dolan Seamus & Mary Donaghy Robert & Marnie Donaldson Mr. Steven D Donohoe Mr. James C. Duffield & Mrs. Jane Ann Hart Ms. Marion Duncan Mr. Gerald Dunlevie Mrs. Anne Dupre Robert & Lily Durrant Mrs. Louise Eason Mrs. Judith Edmondson Margaret & Howard Ellsworth Mr. Hugh Evans Sherry Evanylo-Houser Margaret Fairman Joan A. Farlinger Sheila Farrell & Darcy Farrell Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Karen Farrow Ms. Trish Fedora Jon & Roberta Fidler Mrs. Lois J. Field Tony & Carolyn Filice

Helena & David Fine Phyllis & Ab Flatt Mr. Mario Foisey Conor Struan Forrest Mrs. Alice H. Fox D J Fraser Ms. Devra Freedman Dr. & Ms. Sheldon Fruitman Dr. Lynne Fulton Ms. Nancy Fung Mrs. Nathalie Gagnon Ms. Christina Gay Ms. Kristina Getz* Ms. Heather V. Gibson Ms. Tamara Glied Mrs. Wendy Glover Mrs. Destree Godwin Anthony & Anat Goldberg Mr. Richard Goodman Dr. & Mrs. R.M. Gorczynski Ms. Freda Gottesman-Brender Mr. Donald Graham Ms. Sandra L Green Ms. Susan Greenbloom Mr. & Mrs. A.G.S. Griffin Ms. Louise Grummitt The Hadwens Mr. Michael Hafeman

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Mrs. Edythe Hall Mrs. Patricia Hall Mrs. Janet Haney Redhead Mr. Jack Harris Neil Harris Mrs. Joan E. Hart Mr. & Mrs. William Heaslip Mr. & Mrs. Guy Hebert Mrs. Betty J. Hellwig Ms. E.C. Lee Henderson Ms. Nancy J. Hennigar Dr. Donna Henrikson Susan Hersey & Mark Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Heyland Carol & Neil Hicks Mrs. Pamela Hodgson Mr. Mel Hogg The Horn Section of the National Ballet Orchestra Mr. James R. Horne Richard & Susan Horner Ms. Sally Hortop Connie Hosier Dr. John H. House & Mrs. Catharine J. Tafler Mr. & Mrs. Ernest & Margo Howard Mr. Donald Hughes Ms. Jill Humphries Mr. W.B.G. Humphries Mr. Andrew Iacobucci Denise Ireland Megan & James Ireland Mr. & Mrs. Alan T. Jackson Ljiljana Jakotic Ms. Laura Jantek Ilaria, Sophia & Alex Jemetz Mrs. Elspeth Johnson Dr. David Johnston Dr. Elizabeth Johnston Drs R.E. & Nancy Johnston Robert & Dixie Jones Mr. Kevin Jordan Dr. Caroline Newman & Mitchell Kamiel Dr. Niki Kanaroglou Ms. Ellen Karp Mr. & Mrs. Fred Karp Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Kates Ms. Marilyn Kay Richards Ms. Claire Keeley Ms. Elizabeth Kennedy Dr. Margie Kennedy Dr. Paul Kerr Ms. Helen M. Kersley P. Kertland Miss Irene King Mrs. Angela Kirbyson Ms. Patricia Knight Dr. C. Judith Knowles Dr. Jane Knox & Mr. Harvey Beresford Olga Kopti Ms. Henrietta Kostman Catherine Kourkounakis Page 24

Mrs. Katerina Kuprijanov Robert & Jacqueline Lamont Ms. Barbara Landry John & Ann Lang Mr. Samuel Laredo Paul LaRose Gail & David Lea Ms. Pamela Lehman Colleen Lennon Rosabel Levitt Ms. Harriet Lewis Mrs. Margaret A. Light Mr. Cédric Ling Mr. Eric Lipka Dr. Diane Logan Dr. & Mrs. Frederick Lowy Miss Joanne Lucena Hubert Lum & Eve Leyerle Mrs. Carole Lusby Dr. Beverly Lynde Ms. Nancy MacDonald Mr. John MacIver Mackenzie Financial Corporation Pamela & William MacKenzie Mrs. Iris M.R. MacLean Mr. Bosko Madic Ms. Susan Magee Kristina Majnarich Connie & Peter Mak Ms. Lili Manson Helen Mara Miss Laurie Markus Marcia S. Martin G. Massey Miss Eva Mazgola Mr. & Mrs. Brian McAskill Mr. & Mrs. Mcguiness Dean & Roxanne McNulty Ms. Robin Melnick Mr. & Mrs. Froim Merkur Mrs. Susan Mertens Robert & Rhonda Metelsky Marion Meyers & Family Ms. Marisue Miller Sheila Miller Colin & Meta Mills Dr. Charles & Nina Minett Ms. Michelle Moore Ms. Sandra A. Moshenko David Mulholland Mrs. Wendy Myers Ms. Michele Myrah Mrs. Eleanor A. Nadler Mr. Robert M. Neilson Mr. & Mrs. James & Lynn Neufeld Ms. Carol Newall Michael & Margaret Norris Mrs. Patsy Nunes Dr. Jean O'Grady Fiona Oliver-Glasford Ms. Diane Osak Ms. Lia Overs Ms. Sandra Pagan Shirley Page Miss Joan C. Pape

Mr. Douglas L Parker Mrs. Patricia Parry Ms. Lesley Paterson Ms. Nancy Pearson Bill Harper & Susan Pepper Nicola & Alexandra Perpick Ms. Susanne Peters Carol & Kristen Peterson John Phelan Nina & Terry Picton Lily & Sylvia Pigott Ms. Vida Pitman Raymond Pladsen Dr. Janice Polgar Anca & Stefan Popescu Ms. Nancy Posluns Ms. Nadia Potts Ms. Patsy Poulin Jane Pound Dr. Sydney Price-Sparling Dr. Sean Pritchett Mrs. Dorothy Prosser Ms. Maria Puccio Mr. David Purcell Ms. Graciela Rahbe Karin & Keith Ratcliff Clint & Janet Redhead Mrs. Florence P. Reeves Mrs. Shirley Reid Jasmin Reville & Wendy Reville Mr. Gordon A. Richardson Betty Rockley Mr. Juan M Rodriguez Peter & Verna Ross Mr. J. P. Roxbrough Ms. Susan Rozario Susan Rutledge* Ms. June K. Ryan Miss Diane Ryley Mr. Christopher Rzepa Mrs. Joan Sadleir Ms. Joan Sadler Mrs. Mary E Sarjeant Christina & Gabriella Sarrough Hon. & Mrs. William & Meredith Saunderson Dr. Michael Sayer Dr. & Mrs. A.G. Scarth Ms. Sylvia Schmid Mr. Robert J. Schram Harold Sclodnick Mr. & Mrs. James Scobbie Mrs. June Scott Mrs. Elinor Seppala Vincenza Sera Marjorie Sharpe Mrs. E. Joan Shatilla Mrs. Marjorie Sheridan Miss N. Sherwin Dr. Sony Sierra & Mr. Onkar Singh Mrs. Christine Simpson Penelope Smiley & Meg Cormack Mr. Donald A. Smith R. Smith MJ. Smith & C. Kennedy

Your donation is vital.

The National Ballet of Canada is a registered charity. Donations are vital to support the company's talented dancers, spectacular performances and enriching educational programmes. You can support the National Ballet's success by making a gift today. · · · 416 345 9595 The National Ballet of Canada 470 Queens Quay West Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5V 3K4

Charitable Registration Number: 11905 1449 RR0001 Karen Kain. Photo by Sian Richards. Page 25 11 Page 19 27 13

Brisé (continued from page 24) Dr. Robert & Dr. Pamela Smith Ms. Tenley Smith Dr. Peter & Luci Snodgrass Ms. Erinn Somerville The Soutter Family Mr. Timothy Spain Myrna Stait-Gardner Mr. & Mrs. J.M. Steiner Mr. Kenneth Stephen Cheryl E. Stephenson Mr. David Stephenson Mr. Andrew H. Stevens Ms. Elizabeth Stewart Ms. Penelope Stewart Ms. Sharon Stibbard Mr. Kenneth Stowe Mrs. Joan Taylor Ms. Kristin Taylor Mrs. Helen Tazzman Catherine Thiessen Dr. Lynne Thurling Mr. Patrick Tivy Catherine Tompkins & Sandra Zimmerman Ms. Diane Torney Mr. James M. Tory Q.C. Hazel Tregenza Marlowe & Barbara Tucker Ms. Leslie Tuttle Birch Gail Vanstone Lisa & Keith Verity Ms. Ruth Vernon Jane C. Virro Mrs. Gillian Von Teichman Mrs. Ann Wadden The Very Reverend Peter Wall & Anne Harvey Sharon, Tiffany & Robert Warden Mr. Gordon Warme Mr. & Mrs. Roger Watkiss Dr. Phillip Wattam & Dr. Lois Russell Wattam Mr. Peter Webb Ms. Bev Wellman Mr. Jacques Wensvoort Ms. Isabel Wheelwright Dr. Nick Whitehead Ms. Michele Wiederkehr Mrs. Deborah Wilkin Mrs. Kris Wilson-Yang Ms. Erika Wimmer Mr. Luke Windisch Ms. Ethel M. Woods Ms. Mary-Louise Work Barbara & Martin Worndl Mrs. Lilla Wright Mr. Mitchell Wywiorski Ms. Judy Yamamoto Ms. Valerie Yearwood Ms. Chung Yue Carolina Zuniga Miriam & Bernard Zylberberg 27 Anonymous Donors Turnout ($500) Ms. Andrea Anders Adrian Bacic Mr. Phillip Brown Jennifer Burton Kathleen E. Butterfield Nicola Cardwell Cathy Choi Ms. Julia Chow Lindsay Cook Ms. Kerri Craddock Ms. Stephanie Daub Jennifer Dawson Mr. Jason Dehni Trina DeSa Stephanie DiGiuseppe Flora Do Melanie Dowhaniuk Mr. Jonathon Fischer Allison Freeman Ms. Laura Furtado Juliette Gonsalves Ms. Susan Harding Ms. Carley Hay & Mr. Shael Greenberg Robert D. Howe Imaginis Marketing Inc. Jean S. Kim Catherine Lam Linda K. Lee Ms. Sharon Lymer Martine Mangion & Jamie Smith Prashant Masand Nicole McCallum Katharine McGinnis Mr. Jeff Melanson Mr. Aleks Mladenovic Vanessa Morcom Ms. Jennifer Murdock L. O'Leary Jennifer Rook Lisa Roscoe Grace-Emily Saati Joel Stevens Ms. Kat Tancock Ms. Yarina Tarasenko Vikas Tuli Briar Wells Mr. Jason Wong Teri Worthington Coombs Five Anonymous Donors Turnout In-Kind Donations Andris & Associates laura k DESIGN The National Ballet of Canada thanks all Fouetté, Pirouette and Plié level donors for their generous donations. *Artists and Staff ^ Patron for 10 or more years ^^ Patron for 20 or more years

Corporate Council

(October 1, 2010 ­ September 30, 2011) Corporate Leader ($10,000 and above) Fasken Martineau DuMoulin The Woodbridge Company Limited Corporate Executive ($5,000 - $9,999) Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Local 58 Charitable Benefit Fund Corporate Associate ($1,500 - $4,999) Classical 96 FM Mercedes-Benz Canada Incorporated Power Corporation of Canada

Gifts to The National Ballet of Canada, Endowment Foundation

The National Ballet of Canada, Endowment Foundation was established to ensure a secure future for The National Ballet of Canada. Funds donated to the Endowment Foundation are held in perpetuity; the income derived from these investments provides a long-term and predictable source of support. The Endowment Foundation provides financial strength and stability, helping to ensure the vitality and excellence of the National Ballet for generations to come. The National Ballet of Canada, Endowment Foundation owes tremendous gratitude to: · Canada Cultural Investment Fund, Department of Canadian Heritage, The Honourable James Moore, Minister. The matching funds component of this programme continues to be a significant incentive for donations to the Endowment Foundation. The National Ballet of Canada, Endowment Foundation owes tremendous gratitude to the following donors for their generous gifts. (October 1, 2010 ­ September 30, 2011) Mr. & Mrs. David and Kim Beatty Ms. Laura Dinner & Mr. Richard Rooney Sarah & David Macdonald Ada Slaight Vivien M. Wu All gifts from individuals to The National Ballet of Canada, Endowment Foundation are included in the annual giving listings. We thank everyone who made a contribution to help secure the future for The National Ballet of Canada Named Funds Named Funds are established to provide a lasting legacy to The National Ballet of Canada. The National Ballet is proud to celebrate the commitment and dedication of those named below. The American Friends of Canada Dancer Fund The Appel Family Fund in Honour of Bram & Bluma Appel The John & Margaret Bahen Fund supports the company's Canadian tours. The John & Claudine Bailey Fund The David & Kim Beatty Fund The Mona Campbell Fund The Walter Carsen New Creations Fund The Judith & Marshall Cohen Fund The Horst Dantz & Don Quick Dancer Wellness Fund The Paul & Adelle Deacon Fund The Celia Franca Memorial Fund The Kevin & Roger Garland Fund The Gail Hutchison Fund The Beryl & Richard Ivey Fund The Anna & Don Johnson Fund The Lucille & Urban Joseph Fund The James Kudelka Fund The Sonia & Arthur Labatt Fund The Joyce Lee Memorial Fund The Joan & Jerry Lozinski Fund The Sarah & David Macdonald Fund The Sylvia M. McPhee Dancer Fund The Julie & Ted Medland Fund The Nancy Pencer Fund The Sandra & Jim Pitblado Fund The Richard Rooney & Laura Dinner Fund The Ada Slaight Fund The Fran Taubkin Dancer Fund The David Tory Memorial Fund The Volunteer Committee Build-a-Ballet Fund

Foundation Donations

(October 1, 2010 ­ September 30, 2011) ($30,000 and above) The Frank Gerstein Charitable Foundation The Catherine & Maxwell Meighen Foundation The McLean Foundation ($15,000 - $29,999) J.P. Bickell Foundation ($5,000 - $14,999) Audrey S. Hellyer Charitable Foundation Hope Charitable Foundation The Langar Foundation ($2,000 - $4,999) The K. M. Hunter Charitable Foundation George Cedric Metcalf Charitable Foundation Kenneth G. Mills Foundation D.L. Parker Fund at the Strategic Charitable Giving Foundation The Silver Tree Foundation The Young Family Foundation ($500 - $1,999) Jackman Foundation Styles Family Foundation The Geoffrey H. Wood Foundation One Anonymous Donor

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Page 27

(As of September 30, 2011)

Celia Franca, founder of The National Ballet of Canada, ca. 1960.

Photo by Janine.

Celia Franca Society


n addition to donations made in their lifetime, many donors have also established gifts in their estates or through financial planning to help guarantee the future of artistic excellence at The National Ballet of Canada. These legacy gifts reflect an individual's belief in supporting the ongoing needs of the National Ballet and its mission to present the masterworks of classical and contemporary ballet. Donors who arrange a legacy gift are invited to join the Celia Franca Society, allowing the National Ballet to acknowledge their generosity and foresight during their lifetimes. In gratitude, the National Ballet invites members of the Celia Franca Society to special events and offers public recognition. The Celia Franca Society is named in honour of the National Ballet's Founder, to pay tribute to her vision, tenacity and passion. The members of the Celia Franca Society are likewise recognized for their dedication and generosity.

Elaine J. Adair Margaret Agar Vanessa Alexander Isobel Allen Reid Anderson & Dieter Graefe John & Claudine Bailey Lynly & Trevor Bailie Torunn & David Banks Katherine Barber Mr. & Mrs. E.R. Barnsley Florence Sharpe Barwell Avie Bennett John R. Birkett Ms. Katherine Bischoping Mrs. Gail Boire Marnie Bracht Mr. Douglas Bradley Jennifer Burton Dr. Ann E. Camps Walter Carsen, O.C. Peng Chiang Jeanie A. Davis Amanda Demers & Brian Collins Marilyn J. Doekes Sherry Taylor Drew Maureen & James Dunn Ardith Ekdahl Dena Feng Beverley Flint Mr. Douglas G. Gardner Kevin J. Garland* Ann (Kadrnka) Garnet Maxine Goldberg Freda Gottesman-Brender & Allan Brender Ms. A. Graham-Calderisi Mr. Donald D. Grant Tony & Kitty Griffin G. Michael Hale & C.N. Jacobsen

Dr. Ronald M. Haynes Ann Henderson & Lyman Henderson, C.M. W.R. Herridge Lewis Hertzman Mr. James Hewson Mr. Christopher E. Horne Margo Howard Gail Hutchison Joan F. Ivory Ishrani Jaikaran Ms. Agnes Jenkinson Robert G. Johnston Karen Kain*, C.C., LL.D., D.Litt, O.Ont. James Kerr & J. Linden Best Mr. Elmer Rob Koppel Kathryn Kossow Gurney M. Kranz Lindsay & Bud Kronenberg Jessica & Paul Lindenfelser Ms. Chung-Yee Loo Mr. Eric Lipka Mr. Doug Lowry Joan & Jerry Lozinski Sarah & David Macdonald Tim MacDonald & Michelle Morin Polly K. A. MacFarlane Janice May Mrs. Barbara McKenney Miss Jean McPhee Ms. Sylvia M. McPhee Julie & Ted Medland Stephanie Meredith Ms. Elizabeth Metcalfe Sigmund & Elaine Mintz Mrs. Joan Moes Marina Nawrocki Ms. Janis Neilson* Laurie Nemetz*

Tony Sylvestre & Lisa North Miss Dorothy M. Parr Sandra Pitblado & Jim Pitblado, C.M. Kenneth F. Read & Gilles Longchamps Dr. John Reeve-Newson Diana Reitberger* Margaret Riggin Robin Robinson Mr. J.M. Doc Savage Paul J. Savard Richard Ira Saxe Christine Scott C. Anderson Silber Robert Smith Maggie Morris Smolensky Larry S. Snyder Karen Sparks Mrs. Doreen L. Stanton Carolyn & Gordon Ste. Croix Astrid M. Stec Cheryl E. Stephenson Mrs. Frances M. Stretton Ann Sutton Ronald Taber & Rowland Galbraith John Theo Lennox Toppin* Ms. Diane Torney Mrs. Diana St. B. Weatherall Jill & Geoffrey Williams Mr. John H. Williams Ms. Ainslie Wood Ms. Ethel M. Woods Ms. Vivien M. Wu Mr. Denny Young Veronica Zufelt 28 Anonymous Donors *Artists and Staff

Bequests The National Ballet of Canada recognizes with gratitude those individuals whose commitment to the company extends beyond their lifetimes.

"It is my dream that The National Ballet of Canada endure forever and ever." ­ Celia Franca, 2006

To learn more about the Celia Franca Society, visit or contact Meredith Meads at [email protected] or 416 345 9686 x337.

The Estate of Daphne Bell The Estate of Mona Campbell, O.C. The Estate of Horst Dantz & Don Quick The Estate of Vida Peene The Estate of Lois Smith, O.C.

The Estate of Helen Allen Stacey The Estates of Irving & Miriam Steinberg The Estate of Hugh Victor Wallace The Estate of Evelyn Anne Young

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Corporate Sponsors

The National Ballet of Canada gratefully acknowledges the generous support of our Corporate Sponsors.

Lead Sponsors

Presents Romeo and Juliet and 60th Anniversary Opening Night Celebrations

2011/12 Season Sponsors

Presents The Nutcracker and Western Tour

Presents The Sleeping Beauty

Presents Chroma & Song of a Wayfarer & Elite Syncopations

Special Projects

Nutcracker Story Time Lead Sponsor of MAD HOT WONDERLAND RBC Apprentice Programme

Support for the 2011 Western Canada Tour

Stephanie Hutchison with Jonathan Renna, McGee Maddox and Kevin D. Bowles in The Man in Black.

Photo by Aleksandar Antonijevic.

Share the Magic Title Sponsor

Dance About Title Sponsor

Rolex Dancers First Award

Series Sponsor

Performance Sponsor

The National Ballet of Canada kicked-off the 60th anniversary season with a six-city tour in Western Canada, with stops in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo and ­ after an absence of 14 years ­ Winnipeg. The dancers performed the company premiere of James Kudelka's The Man in Black together with William Forsythe's the second detail, Jerome Robbins' Other Dances and Crystal Pite's Emergence. The response from audiences and critics was rapturous, proving once again that the Western Tour is a popular and rewarding element of the National Ballet's performance season. The National Ballet of Canada is grateful to TD Bank Group and Air Canada for their generous support of the 60th anniversary tour to Western Canada. "TD is delighted to play a vital role in contributing to Canada's culture by supporting The National Ballet of Canada and its performances in Western Canada," says Alan Convery, National Manager, Community Relations, TD Bank Group. "We believe it's important to showcase the wealth of Canada's artistic talent and to encourage an appreciation of the arts in our communities."

Offical Suppliers

Official Airline Official Dry Cleaner Official Event Supplier Official Hospitality Partner

Ottawa Tour Transportation Sponsor

Official Travel Supplier

Official Beer Sponsor

Official Valet Partner

TD Bank Group is the presenting sponsor of the 2011 Western Canada Tour.

Air Canada is the Official Airline of the 2011 Western Canada Tour.

Official Floral Sponsor Official Flooring Supplier Official Health and Wellness Provider

For more information about corporate partnerships, please contact: Susan Rutledge Senior Development Manager, Corporate Partnerships 416 345 9686 x380 [email protected]

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