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Grump Gold Nugget Project

November 7, 2005

By Jim Hoeltgen

A publication of the S.B.N.F.A.

Camping in the wilderness away from the cares of the city Saturday started with a bang with a phone call from Leslie at 7 AM stating that she should would be late because she was on her way to the ER to have the tip of her thumb sewn back on carrot cutting incident. Then Rex called saying he would be late because a family member had been run off the road totaling the car, and that they were bruised and had a laceration but doing well. By 9 AM at the Big Bear Ranger Station,

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Typical of the Hole in the Rocks dispersed camping area (wonder how it got its name?) we had Walt Roloson and 3 family members in his 4x4 Isuzu, Jim and Sara Greer with son Koti and Matt Stegmaier. On our way to 2N02 we were passed by two green sticker MC's on Baldwin Lake Rd who flew ahead of us on 2N02. My vehicle was placarded and I was in the green shirt for this part of the trip. We stopped at "The Curve" where the 3 vehicles had gone over and then continued.

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Another view of the camping area Grump #2 gives Jim Greer some photography advice As we crossed Arrastre Creek, I explained what the name meant and that there was a real Arrastre (a device used by early miners to grind ore before extracting gold) ahead but just slightly off our path and all voted to see it. The 2 bikes blew by us again at the creek and at the Arrastre. We headed to Round Valley Rd., which is black diamond for about 1000 yards, to the very old stone arrastre and a little bit of history. We made contact with 2 4x4's. We arrived before noon at the "Hole in the Rocks" dispersed campsite, which is just west of Viscera Spring. We set up camp in a really beautiful area. The area had several groups of 4x4's prospecting all around us and as many hunters. There were no hunters waiting in ambush for game in the spring areas, which we had been asked to check on. I had brought labeled rock specimens from the area of 8 different types of ores and minerals of the area including 4 real gold nuggets and a bunch of pyrite which we laid out on the table for all to examine. We pitched the tents and started some serious gold prospecting with metal detectors and pans. Rex joined us shortly there after, and low and behold in late afternoon here comes the Nissan Patrol with Kevin and Leslie Brown. I was going to mark the trails in with red plastic strips, but ended up doing only the chair at the campsite because I figured there was no way they were coming. But "The Thumb" made it with a huge bandage and 9 stitches on/in her wounded digit. Now who says our map/GPS training doesn't pay off. That was impressive. We did a lot of exploring and prospecting in the marvelous weathered stream bed where the vugs in the rock would fit a family. Rex and Matt went over to the spring and dug the sand out of the basin creating more space for water. In late afternoon the Rolosons returned to Serano - their campsite and

Grump #2 (Rex) get to know Koti Greer a little better One of the huge "Vugs" that Jim mentions in his article we prepared a feast. Steak, hash browns, hamburgers, hot

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Who can resist taking a picture of the native flora? Some great photos from a picturesque area dogs, beans etc. It was in the 70's during the day but the night just kept getting colder and colder. We put the propane lantern in a huge vug which lit the whole area and attracted Kevin to it's warmth along with a scorpion. Sara became ill so the Greers packed up and headed out through Pioneer town to home. At daybreak it was breakfast, 2 dozen eggs, sausage and 2#'s of bacon and then on to prospecting time. We explored the area by foot and Jeep, finding stuff as we did. This included a very big, very old, hidden mineshaft. We made contact with an MC and ATV and gave them directions to Rattlesnake Canyon. Around 4 PM we had stashed our gold, broke camp and headed for home, with a stop at Vaughn Spring and eventually the AM/PM to gas and air up in BB where a young lady in a SUV noticed the project shirts and said hello and a thank you, it was Sara. Would we do it again, everyone said yes. So much to see so little time. When we were motivating around pretty much everyone in the area noticed that something with the Forest Service was in the area with vehicles that could go places and they were camping overnight. Jim Hoeltgen OHV 83V, "Grumpy Old Men" Grump 1, Big Bear Co-Coordinator, 909-838-4420 by Tom Tammone

Taking the "Less Sound Equals More Ground" Message to the Public

Tom Tammone's roving sound check apparatus Hi all, at least one Sunday a month, I am in the field working with the San Bernardino OHV Volunteers, and we have our hands full trying to Mitigate numerous noise and

All setup and ready at the Pinnacles staging areas dust complaints by home owners. This is the Lake Arrowhead area at the intersection of

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Testing some mini-bikes for sound level compliance 3W12 & 2N75, the attached photos are of us educating riders about the need for Quiet mufflers, and a 10 MPH speed limit for only about 4/10Th of a mile. The photos also show repairs to the West end sign which appears to have been vandalized, input from the riders we talked to was 10 MPH was just not reasonable, but this changed when we explained the reasons and that it was only for about four tenths of a mile. This appears to be an extreme example where the 96 DbA standard may not be enough, and the reduced speeds in our judgment was very effective in further reduction of noise and dust. From what we observed most riders will accept reasonable speed limits for a reasonable distance. Providing education along with better signing by giving a brief reason and approximate distance of the speed limit may be beneficial. I would like to thank OHV Volunteers Gary Heston and

Certain riders didn't care for posted limit of 3W12 Rex Oswald for their help with this event, CTUC (California Trail Users Coalition) for their support with equipment and training. Alan Alvord has the other Easy-up and the sound meter the SBNFA purchased, he will also be using the other Sound Check Banner and we may get some more made. When Alan gets his computer up again I am looking forward to reports and photos from him, I understand he has made many contacts in parking lots. I would like some input on this, if we get more banners should we go with "Informational Sound Checks" or "Free Awareness Sound checks" with the "NO Tickets" statement. So far, the general consensus has been the later is much more inviting, however some concern has came up that some may take this as an invitation to violate the law. I personally feel we can make it clear that "NO Tickets" only applies to the 16' x 16' test area in front of our booth, and the colors and Logo's are Easy to change...Tom Hi all, 3N16 & 3N14 were not that crowded on this weekend but I did manage to get in about 10 "awareness" sound checks. Five bikes where too loud, out of that four riders sounded very positive about getting a quiet muffler, but one didn't want a test. He was 30 DbA (Every 3 dB is a factor of 2X louder) louder than anyone else driving by, so go figure. Most riders didn't give the white type 2 meter any less creditability, but they've got to be wondering where the Red type 1 "money meter" is lurking? Perhaps the Rangers are out using them to write tickets? Riders also appeared to feel more comfortable knowing these "awareness" measurements are not Law Enforcement grade, so they can't get a ticket, unless they run into a ranger with the Red meter. In my opinion education works better when people know there may be consequences like a ticket, if they chose not to listen and violate the Law or Regulations. However I have found education and outreach work at least 80% of the time, the other 20% or less well that's what the ticket books where printed for...Tom

Another "Sound Check" with Grump 2, Rex Oswald

Page 5 Painting Party at the San Jacinto Outpost 11/21/2005 By Ronald Sobchik

The original plan for painting the outpost was to spray it usOn Satuday, 11/19/2005, Bogdan Marziarz requested ing my compressor and bulk tank, but unfortunately the paint that OHV Volunteers come out to spruce up the donated Anwas so old that it had begun to geles Forest Trailer that will skin over, and every 5 minutes I serve as our outpost on that was having to take the spray gun arm of the forest . The folapart and clean out the crud. We lowing Volunteers showed up decided it would be faster to do bright and early ( 8 AM) to it the old fashioned way with pitch in and pull the weeds brush and roller. We all the help that had developed and paint we had, we were able to make our San Jacinto outpost: speedy progress and had the Anna Roehmann (OHV72V), trailer painted by 3:30 PM. I Ron Sobchik (OHV03V), case you noted Anna in a numDon Wintz (OHV51V), Jeff ber of the photos, that's because Ridenour (OHV58V), Mike she was tireless, masking the Fellinger (OHV13V), Bogdan running lights and windows, and Maziarz (OHV99V), and painting a good part of the top Chuck Jones (REC52). I of the outpost with a brush. All should note that Mike FellinAnna finishes the cleanup/reinstallation of the running lights and all, it was great to see the ger came over from Loma outpost transformed from ugly Linda where he had passed green to earth-tone colors that blend with the surrounding. his HAM License test, getting 100 % correct in the process.

Chuck Jones mans a roller while Anna uses a brush

Chuck, Bogdan & Don are thumbs up in front of outpost

Page 6 Northshore Report Saturday 11-19-05 By Doug Guimond, OHV45V

Suzuki Sidekick on its side on 3N34 Tracy Egan (HC) and I headed up to the forest about 10 AM on Saturday November 19, 2005. Greg Hoffman, USFS Liaison, had asked us to check out a truck off the road about 1/2 mile down Dart Canyon on 2N38. We drove down 2N38 and found the truck had been removed. We turned back around and headed for Manitoba and 2N75. As we drove down 2N75 we did not encounter any green sticker vehicles. At the intersection of 2N75 and 3N34 we met Jerry Snow OHV97V. He was following a quad back to Pinnacles Staging Area with a flat tire. We took some pictures and headed down 3N34 for Pinnacles ourselves. About a half mile down the trail we met Jerry again. He was having some fuel problems in his Jeep. A quick un-kinking of his fuel line and he was good to go. We stopped for a few minutes at Willow Creek crossing for more pictures and Jerry continued on. From Willow Creek crossing Tracy and I took the 3N34 green road (easiest) up to Pinnacles Staging Area. Less than 1/2 mile from Pinnacles Staging Area on 3N34 we came

The same vehicle back on all four wheels across a Suzuki Sidekick on its side. There were no occupants, but the oil pan was warm. Before I could call it in the owner came down from Pinnacles Staging Area with some help to right his vehicle. We inquired of the driver if their were any injuries involved in the rollover and he stated "No". Four of them flipped the Suzuki Sidekick back over like it was a skateboard. The driver got a little gas back in the carburetors and he was on his way. Tracy and I continued on to Pinnacles Staging Area, but could not find Jerry Snow. We made the rounds at Pinnacles Staging Area checking for current registration and spark arrestors we found that everyone was in compliance. Tracy and I headed back down 3N34 to 2N25 and back to the Northshore Volunteer Work Center with no further encounters. Rex Oswald (OHV78V) met us while we were signing out. Jeff Ridenour (OHV58V) was on his way home from San Jacinto, but we were tired and hungry and could not wait,

Rex Oswald crossing Willow Creek on 3N34

L-R, Andrew Gissell, Chris Fellinger, Tracy Egan & Rex Oswald standing on the T6 bridge over Deep Creek on 3N34

Page 7 Northshore 4x4 Patrol Report Sunday 11-20-05 By Doug Guimond OHV45V

2N96 & Banff, Doug Guimond OHV45V

Tracy Egan, Rex Oswald, Chris Fellinger, Andrew Gissel and myself met at Northshore Volunteer Center at 9 AM for a safety and tailgate meeting. We looked at multiple maps and discussed the strategy for the day. About 9:30 AM we headed out for Pinnacles Staging Area. With 173 washed out between the Northshore Volunteer Center and Pinnacles Staging Area, 2N75 is one of only a couple of ways around. We checked the gate/trail at Banff and 2N96 and then headed for 2N75. We made one contact on 2N75 with a green sticker motorcycle. He was a local and a regular, with attitude, knowing all too well that we were only volunteers. We headed on down 2N75 with no further contacts. When we hit 3N34 we made a left and headed West for Pinnacles Staging Area. We found Tom Tammone and Gary Heston at the sound check booth at Pinnacles Staging Area. We stayed and chatted for a few minutes before continuing the patrol. We decided to lunch at Devil's Hole and headed down 3N34D. Upon arriving at Devil's Hole, Rex made contact with a group cooking lunch over an open campfire. We made sure they completely extinguished the fire and broke up the campfire ring. Calling in, we received incident number 12624. Chris and Andrew slashed an illegal trail heading from Devil's Hole up to the Pacific Crest Trail. After lunch we were back on 3N34 headed East for T-6. We made contact with one group of hunters along the way. We arrived at T-6 early in the afternoon. All the work is complete and the contractors are waiting for the concrete to cure and then T-6 can reopen. While we were at T-6, Dave Barkdoll pulled up to survey the new work. Our last stop of the day was on Hook Creek Rd looking for green sticker vehicles trying to access the forest. We hung out for about 45 minutes and we met one green sticker motorcycle and asked him to turn around. We arrived back at the Northshore Volunteer Work Center at 3:15pm. A quick debriefing and we were done.

2N75 & Manitoba, Rex Oswald OHV78V

Chris Felliner & Andrew Gissel in the Chevrolet, Rex Oswald in the Jeep crossing Maloney Creek, 3N34 & 2N75

Page 8 Mill Creek Patrol Sunday November 27, 2005 By Stacey Harrold, OHV48V

Water wheel amid the debris below the pond Edison Hydro Plant. We found a fire ring at a really nice spot next to the creek. The fire ring was dispersed and the area exThis used to be a cylinder plored and enjoyed. Before getting to the Hydro Plant we decided to check on the spur to the left that goes back to the pond. The last time that we had tried that spur, several months In Attendance: ago, it was impassable due to the debris that had been washed Norm & Stacey Harrold; Vernon Castle; Ted Kalil; down the canyon from the winter storms. We were sorry to Don Wintz; Darrell Hanbin; and "Trusty" Herb Bunker see that all of the aqua duct equipment that was once used to move water from the pond and then through the mountain was We left the station shortly after 9am and headed for 1N12. Only one vehicle parked at the trailhead. From there we completely destroyed by the force of the water and debris that had moved through that canyon. took 1S13 to check on the Morton Peak Lookout. Thanks to the Santa Ana winds that were blowing, the view was fabuWe stopped for lunch at the Edison Hydro Plant. The lous! The area under the lookout tower was clean and free flues up river have been cleared and repaired and the hydro from trash or debris. We met one lone hiker heading down plant appears to be working at full capacity. 1N13 was clear 1N12 towards the highway. from the hydro plant up to the intersection of 1N09. Both We continued up 1N12 and turned off onto 1S12 towards gates, top and bottom, were locked. the Seven Oaks dam. The trails to this point are in good shape From 1N09 we headed towards Bear Creek. We met a with only minimal trash found. 1S12 is also in good shape. As always, it could use some minor brushing. The trail was clear couple in a full size red pick up truck coming down 1N09 in the same direction. We also passed a white 4-door sedan headof rocks and debris. ing in the opposite direction, towards hwy 330. Once at Bear Creek, we checked on the From the Seven Oaks dam we took 1N13 towards the Edison flues. Edison has the area cleaned up and the equipment repaired and flowing lots of water. Broken water gate at what used to be the pond From Bear Creek, we continued out 1N09 towards 1N64. We then took 1N64 to 1N64A and down to Slide Camp. Don found 2 fire rings. One hot, and one cold. We all joined in extinguishing the abandoned campfire, dispersing the fire rings and cleaning Lunch at the hydro-electric generator plant Water flow at the hydro plant

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of people. A big Thank You to all who joined us today! Stacey OHV48V & Norm Harrold OHV47V

up the trash in the area. Incident report is on file. 1N64 is clean and clear through to 1N54. From 1N54 we headed to Middle Control Road and back to the station. Another great day in the forest with a fine group

Holiday Greetings and Thanks from Greg Hoffman OHV3 Hello, thank you everyone very much for all of your generous donations of time, energy, professionalism, dedication, patience, organization, hard work, journalism, driving skills, leadership and flat out, caring enough to get out and make a difference on your National Forest! With your volunteer efforts on the San Bernardino National Forest, you have helped keep our forest roads and trails open, motorized vehicles on designated routes, the public informed and safe, the forest staff abreast of current forest conditions and helped our local and forest emergency staff in crisis situations. Together, we have helped to create one of the best OHV Volunteer and Adopt-a-Trail programs in the United States of San Bernardino National Forest Adopt-a-trail Program (2005) Road: Name: Organization: Length (Miles): 7 13 13 4 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 6 1 2 1 2 1 8 3 4 1 1 2 .1 1 2 Road: Length (Miles): 2N84A Spur My Jeep .5 2N84B Spur My Jeep .5 2N90 Tip Top Mountain Capo Valley 4x4 Club 2 2N90A Tip Top Mountain Capo Valley 4x4 Club 1 2N90B Tip Top Mountain Capo Valley 4x4 Club .5 3N02 Burnt Flat Forte 4x4 Club 3 3N03A Horse thief Flat Hill-N-Gully Rider's 4x4 Club 4 3N06A Cold Water Canyon Rubicon Owners of Ca. 2 3N07Y Cactus Flats Hill-N-Gully Rider's 4x4 Club 1 3N08 Holcomb Valley Club Xterra 5 3N10 John Bull Waywegos 4x4 Club 5 3N11 Wright Mine Orange County 4 Play 1 3N11A Wright Mine Saddle Orange County 4 Play 1 3N17 White Mountain Orange County 4 Play 6 3N17A White Mountain Orange County 4 Play 1 3N34 Dishpan Springs Dirt Devil's 4x4 Club 5 3N59A Luna Mountain Hegowee's 4x4 Club 3 3N61 Jacoby Canyon GAD-ZUKS 4x4 Club 3 3N69 Gold Mountain West Coast 4x4 Club 5 3N69A Gold Mountain West Coast 4x4 Club 1 3N80 Delmar Mountain Out 4 Fun 2 3N93 Holcomb Creek Riverside Ruff Rider's 6 4S21 Indian Mountain Hemet Jeep Club 5 7S05 Sawmill Trail Inland Jeep Freaks (pending) 8 1W17 Redonda Ridge (W) Honda Rider's Club of America 4 1W17 Redonda Ridge (E) Malcom Smith Motorsports Inc. 4 2E44 Allasandro Trail International Trials Assn 3 2W01 Devil's Hole Checkpoint Enduro M/C Club 3 3W11 Metate Trail 3 3W12 North Shore Trail Orange County ATV 6 3W13 Willow Creek Orange County Dualies 5 Name: Organization: America. I am looking forward to 2006 with many new challenges and exciting things for our programs. With the route designation process coming up, this could be one of the most important years for our programs to help our forest staff. I have attached a current list of the forest adoptions for your reference. We have well over 3,000 volunteers all doing their part to keep off-highway vehicle recreation an active part of the San Bernardino National Forest for our public to enjoy now and for many future generations to come. Thank you, you're awesome! Happy Holidays, Greg.

1N01 Pipe's Canyon Freelanders 4x4 club 1N34 Cucamonga trail Scout's West Inc. 1N34 Cucamonga trail Rubicon Owners of California 1N37 Bean Flat Geared 4 Fun 4x4 Club 1N38 Heartbar Peak Jeepin' Jeepers Jeep Club 1N54 Clark's Grade SBNFA OHV Volunteers 2N01X Hanna Flat Lost KJ's (pending) 2N04 Balky Horse NAXJA 2N06X Lower Larga Flat Rim of the World 4x4 Club 2N06XA Spur Rim of the World 4x4 Club 2N17X Silverwood Lake Victor Valley 4x4 Club 2N17X Silverwood Lake So. Cal Hummer Assn. 2N19 Craft's Peak Hegowee's 4x4 Club 2N27Y Rouse Meadow Inland Empire 4 Wheelers 2N28Y Rouse Meadow Inland Empire 4 Wheelers 2N29Y Stove Flats Inland Empire 4 Wheelers 2N34 Tunnel II Ridge Friends of Tunnel II 2N34A Tunnel II Ridge Friends of Tunnel II 2N47 Cleghorn Mountain Drifter's 4x4 Club 2N54 Snowslide (west) Southern California Big Dawgs 2N61Y Round Valley Riverside 4x4 Club 2N69Y Rattlesnake Cnyn Riverside 4x4 Club 2N70Y Rattlesnake Cnyn Riverside 4x4 Club 2N76Y Juniper Flats Desert Side Tracks 2N76YA Spur Desert Side Tracks 2N83 Green Valley Lake So. Cal. Big Dawgs 2N84 Little Bear Peak My Jeep

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Hook Creek Road Patrol Report

November 6, 2005

By Benjamin vonDielingen

Recently, on, there was a thread regarding illegal off-highway vehicle (OHV) use on Hook Creek road, in Cedar Glen. The concerns mostly focused on folks who rode non-street legal (green sticker) vehicles down Hook Creek road to access their OHV trails of choice. These actions sparked several complaints from residents, two of which are listed below: "We've been back in the Deep Creek area several times this summer and almost had a collision with an ATV zooming around a corner . . . I suspect that the CHP and USFS have given this area low priority as far as patrolling. I'd hate to see someone get killed to get their attention, but that's probably where we're headed." "Drop them [OHV members of com/group/SanBernardinoNF/] a line and ask their OHV groups to start patrolling the area for you. Good luck on that by the way. I've found the OHV contingent is very good at talking, but not very good at doing." Well, this past Sunday, November 6, 2005, the OHV Volunteer program got to "doing ". A four-man patrol, consisting of Greg Hoffman (USFS), OHV volunteers Todd Schamberger, Steve Bass, Jeff Ridenour, and myself (Ben vonDielingen " SBNFA) headed out to Hook Creek road, to assess the situation. Turns out, we had a pretty eventful day. Our group met at the North Shore outpost around 9AM, and we started our day by driving out to the Pinnacles staging area with Tom Tammone. After helping Tom set up his Sound Check booth, Greg and I headed up 3N34X. We found a heap of trash including a discarded TV, spent shotgun shells and empty beer cans near the cistern at the top, and called down to Jeff and Steve to bring up the truck so we could clean up a bit. After noticing some gunshots in the distance, Greg and I climbed back into the Jeep and headed down towards Willow Creek. On the way to the creek we came across a couple of guys on an ATV who were heading back to pick up a second ATV. They had their spark arrester and green sticker though, so we thanked them for being compliant and continued. At the creek crossing we found a Land Rover parked in the clearing, with no driver to be found. They were lacking an Adventure Pass, so Greg left them a friendly little notice and we moved on. We passed by a few hunters who were grumbling about their very unsatisfying final day of deer season, examined a little "side-trail" and met up with Todd near the junction of 3N34 and 2N75. We stopped for lunch near Splinters Cabin, and then went to meet up with Steve and Jeff over at the junction of 3N34 and Hooks Creek road. Driving down the road a bit, we decided to post ourselves where Fern Creek runs under Hook Creek road. We only sat for about 20 minutes when we heard the sound of ATVs coming our way. Pretty soon, we were face to face with 7 ATVs. While Greg checked for green stickers and spark arresters, the rest of us explained to the riders that Hook Creek road is, in fact, street legal only, and they could not legally continue in this direction. These riders were

from out of town, unfamiliar with the area, and were trying to get back to their trucks. We handed them several new OHV maps, and gave them websites and phone numbers for forest information. One ATV was lacking a green sticker and a spark arrester, so they also received a ticket for noncompliance. The riders thanked us for the maps, did a 180, and rode off back down 3N34. A few minutes later, a dirt bike came towards our position at a high rate of speed. He stopped short of us, and we only had enough time to tell him that the road was closed to green sticker vehicles before he turned around and headed back the other direction. Jeff and Steve went to check on the T-6 crossing at Deep Creek, and came back to report that there were four trucks on 3N34, coming down the black diamond trail from Crab Flats, headed towards Dishpan Springs and the T-6 crossing. Greg and I headed down to the T-6 crossing and met up with drivers. They were fairly courteous, and, coming from out of the area, insisted that they didn't know the road was closed " despite the gate at Crab Flats being shut. They were cited for being on a closed road, and were also presented with new OHV maps of the forest and phone numbers to call to prevent their being on a closed road next time. We drove back down to the Fern Creek crossing on Hook Creek road just in time to have another ATV come around the bend straight at us. Again, the operator claimed that he didn't know that Hook Creek road was closed to green sticker vehicles, nor did he know where the road went. Fortunately, his ATV was in compliance with green sticker and spark arrester regulations. Greg called for an incident number, and we turned the driver around. By this time, the shadows of the forest were growing long on theland, and we decided it was time to call it a day. We all agreed that this had been a productive patrol, and we should return to the Hook Creek road area again sometime during the following week. Most of the public contacted were very polite, and apologetic for being on the wrong road. Hopefully with enough education and volunteer hours we can reduce the number of illegal riders in this area, as well as other roads and trails in the forest. The SBNFA OHV Volunteer Patrol Program involves more than 300 volunteers, who contributed 15,000 volunteer hours last year. The OHV Education Outreach Program is one of 6 programs managed by the San Bernardino National Forest Association. The mission of the program is to deliver an outreach program emphasizing ethics, safety, and interpretive educational information to all public land visitors and community residents, with a primary focus on motorized recreation. The San Bernardino National Forest Association exists to support the USDA Forest Service in carrying out its mission of caring for the land and serving people, and to bring people, partners and funding resources to important forest projects. SBNFA is a 501 (c) 3, nonprofit organization primarily funded by grants, sponsorships and private donations.

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Page 12 North Shore Patrol November 27, 2005 By Kathy Pratt, OHV25V

Jim and Kathy Pratt's Land Rover gets "baptized. I have never done a patrol report before and this may end up looking more like a book!.......well here goes.......In attendance for the N. Shore patrol on Sunday, 11-27, were Doug Guimond OHV45v (our leader), Tracy Egan HC, Christopher Pratt OHV26v, Kathy Pratt OHV25v, and Gary Heston HC. Tracy was with Doug in his Jeep and Gary was with the Pratts in their Land Rover. We met and looked over maps while discussing the routes we would be taking before leaving at 9:00am. It was cold, but sunny. We had decided to practice some of what we had learned in Tracy Lenocker's excellent (and fun) Map & GPS class. Our starting GPS was N34 15'58" by W117 9' 51" (N. Shore Bdg.). Main trails for the day would be: 3N34, 2N75, 2N25, 3N16, 2N12X, 2N54, 2N31Y, and a peak (on foot) at T6. We learned some local streets and how to get to some of the different staging areas by using them. Our first trail was 2N25 to 3N34. At 3W12 & 2N25, we encountered a dirt bike rider on a street legal only area. He told us that he lived near by and always rode it to where ever he wanted to ride whenever he wanted to ride. His bike would never have passed Tom's noise testing either. This was at an area where a lot of people live close by and have made numerous complaints. Now we know who the culprit is of those complaints! Doug sent him back to where he had come from. We passed some people collecting wood and asked if they had a permit, which they did. We took down a make and model along with license plate number just for practice while we waited for Doug as he talked with them. We also took a GPS reading for our log: N34 16' 57" by W117 10' 6". Now we were back on the move again and at the 3N34 and on our way to the Pinnacles. We encountered some hunters in a Chevy Blazer @N34 18' 7" by W117 10' 35". It was a father and his young son. They were looking for turkeys and had seen a lot of deer instead. They were more into the time together than the hunting. We had been told by Doug that we would be able to baptize our Rover at several points on our patrol, and had the opportunity to do just that 3 or 4 times, with pictures too. We took 3N34X which was quite "rutty" and a lot of fun up to the Pinnacles. While there we tore apart a fire ring and a quad rider with a bike buddy helped us spread out the ring. We took a quick break at the Splinter's Cabin turn off, and went on our way to T6 and Hook Creek.

We crossed the bridge that had just opened and cleared the construction workers mess of yellow tape and some fallen signs that were left behind and in the roadway, and then had lunch. As we were getting ready to leave, we possibly recruited a guy with a jeep who had just arrived with his two boys. We left back through Hook Creek area and up through Cedar Glen. We took Kuffel Cyn. Road then the 18 @ N34 14' 0" by W117 10' 15". Then took Green Valley Lake Rd. past 2N19 and 3N16 to Crab Flats. We went to the staging area of 2N12X and 2N54. Then back to 3N16 and Crab Flats. We picked up trash and beer bottles at N34 15' 21" by W117 5' 4". Then on our way to Crab Flats we went. Next it was 2W03 and back to 3N34, 2W03, 3N34B, at 2W31Y and Tent Peg where we were to check a gate for Greg. It was locked so we were to get it open. We found multiple illegal "SUPER HIGHWAYS" there and the group worked very hard logging up the openings and covering with brush and rocks. Then back on the trail again. We took 3N34 to 2N31Y. We took a break at Group Camp. We encountered a lost green Freelander and provided her with directions and a map. We found the most beautiful place to tent camp with a great view at N34 16' 1" by W117 5' 33". This is a definite place to go see if you get the chance! We decided to go back the way we had come so we could take a couple of routes that Doug had been wanting to try. 2N54 was one of them. It is rated and marked as a green circle trail and for street legal vehicles. Yeah, right! It is definitely blue with spots of extreme blue to black. The worst is at N34 14' 58" by W117 4' 18" until N34 14' 57" by W117 4' 1" then it is blue again with areas of gorgeous views and a couple of caves. There is another spot that is really bad @ N34 14' 58" by W 117 3' 28" to N34 14' 58" by W117 3' 39" just before the gate is turns to a green. Past the gate a little @ N34 14' 58" by W117 3' 28, there is a really bad illegal trail that looks like it was made by quads and is used regularly. It was already 4:00PM and there was no time to do anything about it, but man is it bad and UGLY in such a beautiful area. We were back to N. Shore and out of service by 5:00PM. We really enjoyed going out with Doug because we were able to learn new things and to practice some things we had learned previously Also a special thanks to Stacey Harold whose patrol report I used as an example for this report.

Working on closing an illegal trail near Tent Peg


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