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The goal of this project is for each child to learn about a famous person in America's history. When done, each student should know about the life and contribution(s) of the historical figure he/she has chosen. To do this project, students should have at least 3 resources and one of them must be a biography book. The project includes: 1. A WRITTEN REPORT The written report should be 4-5 handwritten or 2-3 typed pages in length. The report should include in a student's own words a section on the person's early life and family background, a section on the person's adult life, and a final section on the person's achievements and/or contributions. This written report should also contain:

· · · · · a title page At least one drawing of the person (more photos are great!) a timeline which shows the person's contribution/accomplishments along with at least 3 other world events that occurred during the person's lifetime. a bibliography (examples are shown in class and in writing textbook) an attractive cover with a profile or picture of the person

2. AN ORAL REPORT Students should plan and practice a brief oral presentation to be delivered during class time the week the written reports are due. A good presentation should convey only the important/interesting aspects of the famous person's life. A good oral presentation does not involve the reading of the written report in front of the class. The scoring rubric for speaking is attached. 3. A WAX MUSEUM SHOW Students will become the person they have researched in a wax museum setting. He/she is to dress as that person would have dressed and try to find props that reflect that historical time period. Students may choose to make or paint a back drop. Each student has an area 3 ft. by 3 ft. in size available, so planning is in order.

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