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December 2007

December 2007 Five years ago this month, Natur-Tyme re-established itself in its current home on Bridge Street.The decision to move to a newer, larger location was the result of your desire for more goods that the Natural Products Industry had to Wendy Meyerson offer.You also asked for more education in the way of wellness counseling, support group meetings, and other lectures and presentations, now taking place in our Community Room.


5th Anniversary is wood ...

And we "wood"-n't be celebrating ours at our Bridge Street location without you!

The gift for celebrating a

As we approach our 25th year of serving the Central New York community and celebrate our 5th Anniversary on Bridge Street, Natur-Tyme wishes to thank YOU for your interest, desire, and dedication to your health and to our business. For those who have had a history with Natur-Tyme, I am grateful and applaud your commitment to taking charge of your health. For those newly acquainted with the Natur-Tyme family, please know that we plan to continue our legacy of education and information! Advancing my father Stan Meyerson's desire for championing the benefits of Integrative Medicine motivates me daily. In 2007 we've made HUGE strides. Networking with local hospitals, "traditional physician groups," and, of course, hosting one of the world's foremost authorities of Integrative Medicine, Deepak Chopra (to a nearly sold-out crowd!), are just some of the highlights! I am delighted to report that we have just begun! Looking forward to 2008, I am confident that this foundation which we continue to build upon, will become even stronger ­ you have my promise to stay the course! Yours in Health,

So to express our gratitude, come see what Natur-Tyme has for you!

Visit the store and:

· Receive Double Wellness Points on purchases made during the entire month of December! · Register to win one of these great prizes:

· A pearl necklace (valued at $480.00, compliments of Enzymatic Therapy) · A Champion Juicer (valued at $332.00, compliments of Nature's Way) · And Gift Baskets from:

· New Chapter · Jarrow Formulas · Nordic Naturals · Solgar

· Bigelow Tea · Solaray · Carlson

Nutritional Insights · December 2007


COOKIES & COCOA Perfect for Family Visits


33% Savings


7 oz. Reg. $3.79

Original recipes using only unprocessed ingredients, like evaporated cane juice instead of refined sugar, butter instead of margarine, all-natural chocolate, etc. The result: A delicious natural cookie. le Pri 7 flavors, including NEW Triple Chocolate Bliss!

23% Savings


5.3 oz. Reg. $5.89

A blend of dark chocolate with raw cane sugar and cocoa powder pressed from the same cocoa beans as the chocolate for extra intensity. Add hot, fresh milk and the result is a cocoa-rich chocolate le Pri drink with a creamy froth and rounded, $ balanced sweet flavor.

Soap is one of those never-go-wrong gifts.

Stuffed in a stocking or as part of a grander package, don't we owe it to those we are gifting to provide them with the very cleanest and best? Unsoiling Soap: Synthetic vs. Natural Most mass-marketed soaps are not really soaps, but petroleum-based detergents, which understandably leave skin dry, itchy, and tight. Fortunately, most natural soaps are made from vegetable-based oils, such as olive, coconut, and palm, and do not contain potentially harmful chemicals. Handmade soaps contain glycerine, a clear liquid that absorbs water from the air--a key factor in keeping skin soft and healthy.Those who suffer from skin conditions, like eczema, or with sensitive skin often find immediate relief by switching to an all-natural chemical-free soap. Look for it on the label.Your skin will be glad you did. Clean Facts: · Your skin absorbs 60% of whatever you put on it. So keep things as natural as possible. · Antibacterial soap is not needed to kill a cold virus. In fact, frequent use may produce antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Washing your hands with regular natural soap is the single most effective way to reduce the spread of infectious disease.


e ce


ce c



6 oz. Reg. $4.19




39% Savings


Soft, chewy, and totally yummy, it's hard to believe these cookies are gluten-free and allergy-friendly. Made with natural ingredients, unrefined sweeteners, no trans le Pri fats, and nothing artificial, $ they're a real hit among kids big and small. Choose from 7 flavors.

23% Savings


Not your kids' cocoa! "Drinking chocolate"--for the mature palate! Choose from: Authentic/ le Pri Unsweetened/ Xocolatl $

12 oz. Reg. $9.79




e ce



ce c

21% Savings


12 oz. Reg. $6.99

A rich chocolatey flavor children and adults will love. This fair-trade product helps the small-scale organic cocoa farmers in the Dominican Republic, the organic sugar farmer cooperatives in Paraguay, and the Organic Valley Family of Farms (organic milk powder) in the U.S.


27% Savings


The No. 1-selling macaroon in the natural food market. le Pri 3 flavors, including NEW Chocolate!

8 oz. Reg. $3.49



le Pri

ce c

ce c








24% Savings

7 oz. Reg. $5.99

21% Savings


The first organic, fat-free and kosher cocoa on the market. Choose from le Pri Low fat/ Non-dairy. $


Finally! Organic cookies to satisfy your discriminating palette and your sweet tooth. A decidedly grown-up delicacy, offering depth, character, and the highest quality organic ingredients. Choose from 4 flavors.

12 oz. Reg. $6.99


ce c


le Pri


ce c




Nutritional Insights · December 2007

Celebrate 5 Years on

Bridge Street with YOUR Top 5 Natur-Tyme Products

All formulations are made by quality manufacturers and designed for Natur-Tyme to ensure your body receives the most comprehensive, revitalizing, and restorative nutrients this side of Nature. B-Healthy!

60 caps Reg. $17.99 Sale $ Price

Make merry with further savings from these fine companies.


35% Line Drive

off MSRP

The world's leading grower and provider of whole-food cultured vitamins, minerals, and food supplements.

30% Line Drive off MSRP


Offers a complete line of nutritional products that includes vitamins, minerals, probiotics, standardized herbal concentrates, amino acids, and enzymes. Purity, value, and potency assured!


One of the highest quality providers of therapeutic dosage natural medicines and nutritional supplements in the nation. Striving to bring the best for your health.

20% Line Drive


off msrp

off MSRP



All fish oil products are manufactured in Norway, adhere to the highest standards guaranteeing exceptional product purity and freshness levels, and exceed both the Norwegian Medicinal and European Pharmacopoeia Standards.


Innovating and producing fine nutritional supplements since 1947. Its ongoing mission: To provide consumers with top quality, innovative, science-based nutritional supplements to enhance their total health and well-being.


120 caps Reg. $39.99 Sale $ Price



off msrp



15% Line Drive

off MSRP

Combines the most up-to-date colors with skin-care benefits that conventional makeup can only envy. State-of-the-art minerals are available in so many shades that there's one for every complexion no matter what the ethnicity.

Enhanced Daily Multi

120 caps Reg. $29.99 Sale $ Price

Originating as a humble pioneer of herbal products that contain two or more herbs with complementary effects, Solaray has been a full-line manufacturer of herbs, vitamins, and minerals since 1984.



A recognized leader among the nutritional and dietary supplement companies in America; revolutionizing the way retailers, consumers, industry, competitors--and even the government--view herbal and nutritional supplements.


off msrp


MSM Glucosamine Chondroitin

200 caps Reg. $44.95 Sale $ Price


off msrp





35% Savings


30 oz. Reg. $34.99

Contains more invigorating nutrients from more natural sources than any other product: 29 vitamins & minerals, 24 fruits & veggies, 12 green foods, 18 amino acids, 12 digestive enzymes, 10 EFAs, le Pri and 12 organic mushrooms--to create a Whole Food EnergizerTM $

50% Savings


60 sfg Reg. $34.95

A high-potency CoQ10 in a base of rice bran oil for enhanced absorption. CoQ10 is a natural substance essential to cellular energy production and a whole-body free radical scavenger le Pri involved in maintaining normal $ heart function.

Calcium Magnesium Citrate with Vitamin D

180 caps Reg. $23.99 Sale $ Price





off msrp

ce ce



ce c



Nutritional Insights · December 2007

Visit our Annual Holiday Gift Fair for


One·of·a·Kind Treasures

Friday, December 12 ­ 7 pm 7

Nature Photography by Debbie Christiansen

Mar y

Cutco Knives The perfect gift! Every Cutco product is backed by a forever guarantee and is made here in New York state! Visit or contact Mandy Reardon at [email protected] Natur-Tyme's Tea Table The benefits of tea have been known for thousands of years and recently brewing tea is experiencing a resurgence in popularity.Your search for the perfect gift is over. Natur-Tyme's tea table is host to artistic pots, delicious and healthful teas, and all the accessories. Stop by to browse and sample! Amber Waves of Glass Glass art by Amber Blanding, includes: · Blown glass · Glass jewelry · Stained glass · Cast/slumped glass Visit Candle Table displaying the wares of: Way out Wax ­ Aromatherapy candles, hand-crafted in Vermont with pure essential oils and natural, biodegradable waxes. Free of dyes and synthetic fragrances. Big Dipper Wax Works ­ Hand-crafted, pure natural beeswax candles available in many unique styles. Candles make the perfect holiday gift!


Celebrate the outdoors by bringing the beauty of nature into your home or office. Offering a variety of framed and matted photography featuring blooming flowers, cascading waterfalls, serene lakes, autumn trees, and more. For more information, e-mail [email protected] Four Chimneys Organic Winery




The first organic winery in North America, having produced their premiere vintage in 1980. Located on the western shore of Seneca Lake, their grapes are grown and wines vinified according to the standards of the Northeast Organic Farmers' Association of New York (NOFA-NY). Offering about 24 different wines to suit every palate: dry reds and whites, semi-dry, semi-sweet, semisweeter, honey-sweetened, and organic fruit wines. Come for an afternoon of tasting and holiday giftpurchasing from the area's leading organic winery. Two Hawks Gallery Dave and Lee Seaward present "Unique Items from the Far Reaches of the Earth." Rocks, crystals, tumbled stones, jewelry, and unusual gift items made from stone. Magnetic Personalities Look good and feel better with the healing properties of this custom-made jewelry.







Nutritional Insights · December 2007










The Natur-Tyme staff wishes you a happy & healthy Holiday Season!

Gifts for young and old alike.

Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup Organic cotton blankets and robes Mood lamps

Americanmade wooden toys

Give a gift you know they'll love.

A gift card from Natur-Tyme can turn into so many different things, each one helping to light the path to a healthier, happier tomorrow for your special someone.

Tea pots of all styles

Give the priceless Gift of Transformation ...

This holiday season indulge that special someone (or yourself) with a Kat James Two-day Total Transformation® Pre-paid GIFT CERTIFICATE. Choose from: · Single attendee, pay only $350! (regularly $395) · You and a friend, only $295 each! ($100 savings) · A party package of 10, only $275 each (includes a picture taken of your group by our photographer) · Special men's price (excludes makeup tutorial): $225


As an added incentive: Purchase a GIFT CERTIFICATE by December 20th and receive two FREE copies (one for a friend) of the new, fully updated and expanded, edition of The Truth About Beauty, hot off the presses by January 5th.

See pages 7 and 8 for more details on Kat and her program.













The Natur-Tyme staff wishes you a happy & healthy Holiday Season!

Nutritional Insights · December 2007


IN THE COMMUNITY ROOM Gluten-free HOLIDAY Demo Day Tuesday, December 11 2 ­ 7 pm The Holidays never tasted so healthy or so good! Julie Procopio Sampling is facilitated by Julie Procopio, who has a Nutrition Science M.A., is a member of the American and NYS Dietetic associations as well as the Dietitian for the CNY Celiac Support Group. Stop in, meet Julie, and see just how good gluten-free can taste! Through the sponsorship of Natur-Tyme, Julie is available--by appointment only--for free personal consultations for those with Celiac Disease struggling with diet.To arrange an appointment or a tour of the store and our extensive gluten-free options, please call Julie at (315) 671-5183. Tea with Two ­ and You! Friday, December 14 12 ­ 4 pm Join Wellness Educators, Carol Blair and Lolane Glundal for tea and an informal chat. If you Carol Blair haven't met with our wellness educators, here is an opportunity to become acquainted. If you have already met, then you are aware of the vast knowledge shared between them and what an opportunity it is to learn how they might Lolane Glundal better support you or your family's health goals. Come with questions, leave with answers--and maybe even a new friend--all while enjoying a healthful cup of tea and some light refreshments. There is no charge, but please call and reserve your space!

Give Yourself the Gift of Relief.

Natur-Tyme's Anniversary

De-stress Fest 2 ­ 7 pm Wednesday, December 12

Hosted by our Health & Beauty Professionals, enjoy 10-minute pampering sessions of Mini Facials, Mini Manicures, Mini Pedicures, and a Nail Polish service, and let your holiday tension melt away.

· Mini Facials · Mini Manicures · Mini Pedicures

· "Nail Painter" Hands OR Feet · Refreshments

(service separate from manicures & pedicures)

Reservations required. Call to reserve your spot. Each session is 10 minutes.

Free... At What Cost?

Why Reusable Shopping Bags Make Sense

· Hundreds of thousands of marine and land mammals die every year from eating discarded plastic bags mistaken for food.

Well over one billion single-use plastic · In a landfill, plastic bags take up bags are given out free each day. Here to 1,000 years to degrade. As are some facts to illustrate the actual costs litter, they breakdown into tiny paid by our environment and society for bits, contaminating our soil and the fleeting convenience of using plastic water. bags. · Their production requires petroleum · Collection, hauling, and disposal of plastic bag waste create an additional and often natural gas, both nonenvironmental impact. An estimated renewable resources that increase our 8 billion pounds of plastic bags, dependency on foreign suppliers.The wraps, and sacks enter the waste toxic chemical ingredients needed to stream every year in the U.S. alone, make plastic produces pollution during diminishing landfill space and manufacturing. causing air pollution if incinerated. · The energy needed to manufacture and transport disposable bags eats up Excerpted from more resources and creates emissions.

Reusable Shopping Bag.

Get a Free

Do your part to save the planet by reducing your carbon footprint with this stylish, yet eco-friendly tote!

The first 200 customers to bring in this coupon will receive an exclusive FREE Natur-Tyme/Crouse Hospital-branded Re-usable Shopping Bag! No purchase necessary.

Additional bags available for purchase for $.99. Offer expires 12/31/07.


Nutritional Insights · December 2007

Don't Let Cravings or Compulsions Sabotage Your Holidays or Your Life Part I of II

By Kat James, author of the soon-to-be released, fully updated and expanded best-seller, The Truth About Beauty

If you've been taking good care of yourself on the outside with all the right skin products and cosmetics, yet find yourself challenged by cravings, or worse, what I call compulsive self-sabotage, you're not alone.

that not only was I actually a very together, physically active 13-year-old when my compulsion developed, I also had amazing powers of will to have been able to starve myself despite these strong biochemical compulsions. I continuously overrode my body's innate survival commands (more on these brain signals in next month's Part II). In fact, it was the ease with which I could starve myself that all but guaranteed the development of the eating disorder that would be my undoing for the next 12 years. You Can Choose: Eternal "Control" or True Freedom

If it weren't for my health crisis, I would not have been forced to see or learn what true victory over compulsion is. Compulsive self-sabotage (which can switch into overdrive during the holidays) My life was a long string of false successes that kept my body touches ours as well as the lives of most everyone we know; quietly influencing at war with my impulses. Gratefully, that war is over. And it's split-second, seemingly benign everyday choices with impulses that repeatedly a war I know can be won. Unfortunately, most compulsion render us in opposition with our healthiest intentions.These impulses may victims suffer in the shame and self-blame game, unwittingly hover over us like an unassuming cloud, slowly dimming our beauty and reinforced by well-meaning fitness trainers and doctors.This quality of life--by choice, day by day, year by year, until that time we're diagnosed perpetuates the stubborn myths that 1) calorie and fat counting with a full-blown health condition, such as obesity, hypertension or diabetes. and excessive exercising; or 2) overriding your body via Suddenly ... you're a statistic. spirituality or willpower are the only ways to beat compulsion. But while emotional triggers may exist--to be addressed Over half of American women and over a quarter of men are now on a diet further in PART II--it is our brain chemistry that distorts 65% of our country is overweight; more than 33% are obese emotions and facilitates the drug-like mechanisms that leave Nearly two-thirds of Americans are estimated to be pre-diabetic us unstable and addicted, no matter how many emotional 23% of teens and adults binge drink alcohol at least once a month and spiritual breakthroughs we experience. Conquering your One in five has a substance-addicted family member will won't conquer your compulsion, because your will isn't what's calling the shots. Conquering your chemistry (as opposed to white-knuckle abstinence) is the only way to How Cravings Become Compulsions achieve peace within your body and reclaim your emotions-- Compulsive self-sabotage can be as innocent as your morning coffee fix or as and your choices--as your own. serious as an uncontrollable food or drug addiction. Most people consciously or unconsciously use food, caffeine, alcohol, prescription drugs, or nicotine to Who knew that the St. John's Wart I took for my depression, or the L-Tyrosine I took to stoke my sluggish thyroid, or the energize, relax, or manage anxiety. For many, what starts out as a choice or entertainment becomes a need. And here's the insidious part: the more we N-acetyl Cysteine and fish oil I used for my liver and skin partake in our distracting food, drug, or drink of choice--ALL of would all one day be found to help correct the biochemistry that had enslaved me? which spike our "feel good" brain chemicals--the more we deplete those chemicals. Sugar and alcohol binges, for example, are In my February 2nd weekend program here in Syracuse, shown to spike dopamine (the brain chemical that gives cocaine its pleasurable I will cover these and many other new findings in far greater effect) and, over time, reduce our natural receptors for it.These substances depth than space allows here. In the meantime, I encourage also deplete serotonin, another vital "well-being" neurochemical. And when a you to explore the ideas above and have yourself the person must have a "fix" and binges again, they have officially become an healthiest and sanest of holidays! addict. Look for Part II in next month's issue of Nutritional Insights. I first began to deprive myself of food at age 13 and was surprised by my Photo by Alana Cundy first binge. I did not plan it. It just happened. In response, I starved myself again to make up for it, and the pattern was established, leading to increasingly heroin-like binge responses. I only understood the chemistry a decade later! The truly awful lows between my fixes seemed to magnify every negative thought and make my body feel like a boulder and a black hole all at once. Soon I was deeply lost amid that eternal tug-of-war between epic willpower-- ® which I could sometimes manage for months at a time--and incapacitating binges. It got to the point that after starving, even the smallest amounts of food could "knock me out" with its drug-like effect (which I subconsciously had learned to manipulate and exploit over time). During those 12 dark years, I believed that my problem was caused by emotional turmoil and lack of WILLPOWER. I bought into the eat-less, move-more notions of health. I have learned in the years since my recovery,

Join Kat James in Syracuse for her FIRST EVER Two-day Total Transformation Weekend on February 2nd & 3rd! See our special Holiday GIFT CERTIFICATE offer on page 5.

Nutritional Insights · December 2007


Is it possible to Transform your Life in just Two Days?

See pg. 5 for Kat's Experience Kat James' FIRST EVER two-day Pre-paid Holiday Total Transformation® Weekend! Gift Certificate offer!! February 2nd & 3rd · Drumlins Country Club

Join Kat for her acclaimed Total Transformation® Program condensed into two amazing days! Immerse yourself in an entire weekend of dawn-to-dusk exploration, decadent-yet slimming meals, mini spa experiences, and healthy glamour. Sleep in your own bed each night as you save up to 85% off the regular price of Kat's full-length programs!!! This rare opportunity--offered exclusively through Natur-Tyme-- includes:

· Kat's complete core Total Transformation® sessions, Workbook, and Resource Guide · 2 days of luscious, strategic eating that will change how you feel by Program's end. · Kat's complete series of dawn-to-dusk lifestyle upgrade and game-plan sessions · An emotional "shedding" session to ready your mind for dramatic transformation · A group makeup tutorial and individual professional photo snapshot!! · A hot-off-the-press copy of the fully-updated re-release edition of The Truth About Beauty, now featuring Kat's "low-impact" Program Recipe Collection!! · Amazing door prizes, and a collection of great samples and coupons for all!

Kat James says, YES.

Kat's five-day Total Transformation® Program normally starts at $1800. Kat is offering Natur-Tyme customers a never-before 2-Day Total Transformation® pre-paid price starting as low as $275.

Space is limited · Reserve today (315) 488-6300

Photo by Alana Cundy

Nutritional Insights

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For eight years, Natur-Tyme's Wendy Meyerson has brought hours of invaluable nutritional education and information to Central New York.

The products and claims made about products throughout this publication have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The material contained is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease. Consult with your healthcare professional before undergoing any protocol.

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