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Flexible Packaging adhesive solutions

lioFol® adhesives with smart cure technology because saFety matters! Smart Cure technology opens new opportunities to support your company's sustainable goals with Henkel's solventless laminating adhesives. Like all solventless systems, adhesives with Smart Cure technology promote a clean environment, improve operational safety, and require less energy, thereby reducing costs. But more than that, Smart Cure technology helps speed curing time. The result? Your laminates can comply with food safety regulations in just 2-3 days* instead of 10-15 with conventional adhesives! smart cure technology Promotes saFety and health Backed by Smart Cure technology, you can always be confident in the safety of the laminates you deliver to your customers. Liofol® solventless adhesives with Smart Cure designation are rapid-cure products that have been proven under the most rigorous testing conditions. At full cure within 2-3 days, they are free of primary aromatic amines (PAAs), complying with FDA regulations for adhesives.

the ProoF is in the PerFormance The challenge: A North American flexible packaging converter was concerned about the levels of PAAs that could be left behind in the laminates they produced. They wanted to ensure that the laminates were safe to use by packagers, especially when processing `'rush'' orders. They understood the importance of fully curing the laminating adhesives before food contact is allowed, because uncured adhesive could contaminate food being packaged. The solution: The converter switched from traditional solventless laminating adhesives to Liofol® brand Smart Cure technology. By switching to Smart Cure solventless adhesives, the converter achieved faster cures than with alternative fast-cure systems, enabling optimum safety and faster compliance with FDA food safety regulations. The results: Switching to Smart Cure technology helped the converter realize higher production speeds and increase throughput while reducing energy consumption and costs. Smart Cure technology cures faster and does so at ambient temperature. And, because Smart Cure adhesives could be used for multiple applications, the converter was able to improve production efficiency, offer shorter lead times, and reduce costly inventory levels.

For a higher level of health and safety, select Smart Cure

The Henkel portfolio of Liofol® solventless adhesives with Smart Cure technology can help your company achieve sustainable goals by promoting food safety and improving production efficiency. Solventless adhesives with Smart Cure technology are superior to current fast-cure adhesive options. With Smart Cure technology, you can achieve: · Faster cures for quicker compliance with FDA food safety regulations · Optimal safety, as demonstrated by analytical testing under the most rigorous conditions · Reduced complexity due to a wide application range · Reduced energy consumption and operational costs · Improved logistics with shorter lead times and lower inventory levels attain three goals in sustainable develoPment Smart Cure technology is your wise choice for sustainable development. When you specify Smart Cure, you gain: · A safe and healthy environment for employees, customers and end consumers ­ solventless adhesives with Smart Cure technology cure faster, are quickly PAA-free, and conform to FDA food packaging regulations within 2-3* days · Reduction of materials and waste ­ solventless adhesives with Smart Cure technology require approximately 40% less coating weight, reducing packaging, landfill waste, and environmental impact during transport · Enhanced energy efficiency and climate protection ­ solventless adhesives with Smart Cure technology eliminate the need for ovens and the recovery of VOCs

* All Smart Cure products <2 ppb after 2-3 days curing at room temperature. Some substrates may differ.

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with henkel as your Partner, sustainable solutions are simPle! select smart cure technology for heightened efficiency, superior safety standards and faster migration compliance with food safety regulations. to learn more about liofol adhesives, visit or call 1-800-4-lioFol (1-800-454-6365). to learn more about sustainability at henkel, visit


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