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Naturally Sustainable...Naturally Henkel

ConstruCtion & Wood Adhesive teChnologies

AChieve green And sustAinAble goAls Henkel offers a wide range of environmentally responsible adhesive solutions that can help your company meet government standards and advance its commitment of sustainability to employees and the community. Our construction and woodworking adhesives deliver significant benefits: · Reduced VOCs · Formaldehyde-free formulations · Improved productivity · Energy savings · Enhanced quality · Improved durability reduCe voCs Global emissions standards are becoming more stringent. Henkel products can help you meet these demanding requirements.

Meet green stAndArds In a move to further support customers in the construction and woodworking markets, Henkel has obtained GREEnGuaRd certification for five brands in the Henkel adhesive Technology portfolio: dorus®, Bondrite, Formica®, Hybond® and Permagrip®. air Quality Sciences, the leading third-party testing agency, has qualified these products as GREEnGuaRd Indoor air Quality Certified® and GREEnGuaRd Children and SM Schools Certified . Bonds made with Purbond® are qualified under natureplus and meet the Japanese F**** standards. These certifications are increasingly important because they help builders and contractors supply developers and architects with products that support LEEd certification.

the Proof is in the PerforMAnCe The challenge: a manufacturer of engineered glulam beams was searching for a high performance, cost-effective, easyto-use, and environmentally responsible structural adhesive that could increase production efficiency. The solution: Henkel's Purbond® brand, a new onecomponent, formaldehyde- and solvent-free moisture-curing liquid polyurethane, met the structural bond requirements. Its ability to rapidly set without heat combined with a variety of open times enabled significant improvements in production efficiencies. Purbond® was easy to apply and eliminated the chance of sub-standard bonds caused by off-ratio or poor mixing that could occur with traditional 2-part structural adhesive systems. The results: The customer was able to reduce adhesive usage by over 50%, improve cold press productivity 5-fold, and reduce its carbon footprint. and, because Purbond® products are 100% solids, shipping costs could be reduced by more than 50% versus traditional structural adhesive systems. for the lAtest in sustAinAbility, seleCt henkel ConstruCtion And WoodWorking ProduCts Purbond®: new one-component, moisture-curing liquid polyurethane adhesive system used to create innovative structural and non-structural wood products. Purfect Glaze®: One-component hot melt systems that cure with moisture and provide immediate green strength and accelerated cure for difficultto-bond profiles. These reactive urethane hot melt adhesives offer excellent stability and durability. Dorus®: a full range of products including EPI, VaE, PVa, and PuR adhesive technologies to satisfy woodworking, edge/face gluing, edge banding, profile wrapping, finger joint, and laminating needs. Bondrite, Formica®, Hybond®, and Permagrip® Contact Adhesives: GREEnGuaRd certified products that meet high pressure laminating needs.

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With henkel As your PArtner, sustAinAble solutions Are siMPle! select henkel construction and woodworking products. to learn more about henkel's construction and woodworking adhesives, visit or call 1-800-797-4992. to learn more about sustainability at henkel, visit


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