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Alison Cameron


Work: Department of Environmental Science, Policy & Management, 137 Mulford Hall #3114, University of California, Berkeley, CA , 94720-3114, US Home: 121 Bayard Lane, Princeton, New Jersey, 08540, USA USA cell phone: +1-510-590-8697 Madagascar cell phone: +261 (0) 320797143 E-mail: [email protected]


Sept 01May 05

University of Leeds

PhD. School of Biology. Thesis title

Madagascan butterfly biodiversity, and conservation: a case study in conservation planning for climate change. I was awarded a Leeds University Scholarship to cover my fees and subsistence. This provided me with the freedom to choose my supervisor, Prof. Chris Thomas, and to develop my own research program. I conducted rapid inventories of butterflies at 30 sites in Madagascar with a team of entomologists from California Academy of Sciences and was funded by an NSF grant awarded to Brian Fisher. David Lees (Natural History Museum, London) provided me with the necessary taxonomic support for specimen identifications. I collaborated extensively to compile the largest biodiversity data-base for any taxon (Lepidoptera) in Madagascar, which is now one of the best for any tropical region. To model butterfly distributions I collaborated with the Maxent ( development group at Princeton. I collaborated with Atte Moilanen of Helsinki University to use the beta-version of Zonation ( for my conservation planning analysis.

Jan 98Mar 99

University of Cape Town

MSc. in Conservation Biology (Average grade 74%) MSc. Research Project

The effects of fragmentation of Renosterveld vegetation upon bird community composition.

MSc. course modules

Ecological Modeling Taxonomy & Biodiversity Demographic Modeling & Monitoring Community Ecology Landscape Ecology & GIS Disturbance Ecology Resource Economics Invasion Ecology Conservation Genetics Decision Analysis

Sept 93Jun 97

University of Aberdeen

BSc. Hons. Tropical Environmental Science (Upper Second Class). Honors Research Project

The effects of human disturbance upon community composition of small mammals on Mt. Elgon (Mt. Elgon National Park Uganda). First Class Honors Grade.

Honors Courses

Biological Conservation in the Tropics Project planning & data analysis Tropical Forest & Savanna Ecology Research Topics in the Tropics Tropical Forest Ecology & Silviculture Natural Resources Tropical Soil Biology & Fertility Pioneer Resource Development Plant Ecology Geography of the Tropical World Animal Ecology Latin American Geography



May 05Post Doctoral Researcher at Princeton and Berkeley Universities. Since completing my PhD I have been a full time post doctoral researcher for Prof. Kremen at Princeton University and then at UC Berkeley. My work is funded by a McArthur Foundation grant, raised jointly by the Wildlife Conservation Society and Prof. Kremen. It is essential to maintain good links between university conservation biology programs and the real world of applied conservation and I am very much enjoying providing a link between conservation research and conservation practice in Madagascar. My time is evenly divided between conservation planning research and supporting applications of my methods and results in Madagascar. I manage the budget and work plan, and provide technical and analytical support to ReBioMa (, which is the national biodiversity data-base initiative for Madagascar. I have persuaded the majority of leading taxonomists for the region to provide data (for 2345 species from 6 taxa) to the project, and have used these to conduct a multi-taxonomic conservation planning analysis. This is being used to plan a threefold expansion of the protected areas network, from 2 to 6 million hectares, which was announced by the president in 2003. Results have been presented to the governmental panel in Madagascar, and are now being prepared for submission to peer-reviewed journals. My work in Madagascar provided an opportunity to collaborate with Dr Bob Pressey (University of Queensland) in conservation planning workshops and in 2007 I will be focusing on integrating planning measures for climate change scenarios into the conservation planning efforts in Madagascar. Training and capacity building is an important part of my job. I have organized and taught three workshops in Madagascar. The first was on the theory and practice of species distribution modeling, with tutorials on the use of the Maxent species distribution modeling package. The second was in the use of Zonation conservation planning software and the third was to assess results derived by the trainees using these methods. I recently organized a visit for our two Malagasy project staff to the USA for sponsored GIS training at ESRI, to attend the Society for Conservation Biology annual meeting, and for georeferencing training at UC Berkeley. I supervised two undergraduate thesis students at Princeton University who both received student prizes and are preparing papers from their work for peer review. I am participating in a NESCent working group to research patterns of Biodiversity in Madagascar, and have been invited to join an NCEAS working group to develop methods for using the IUCN Red List Criteria to Project Climate Change Impacts on Biodiversity. Trustee, Watamu Turtle Watch: A Kenyan marine conservation charity. I provide scientific advice to the project regarding environmental monitoring methods and student research projects. I also established their turtle adoption fund raising scheme ( which has provided a steady flow of funds for the project. Company Director, Applied Research and Conservation Ltd: An environmental consultancy. Reviewed a proposed framework for integrating threat from climate change into the federal listing criteria for America's endangered species. Members host at the Private Members Club at Skibo Castle, in Scotland. This entailed meeting members and familiarizing them with the club facilities and rules. I helped guests to schedule their hunting, fishing, riding and golf and frequently took members on local sight seeing trips. I also drew up the dinner seating plan for the dinner table. I had to ensure members visits were of the highest quality, and that a convivial club atmosphere was maintained. The most notable member that I hosted was Bill Clinton. Field biologist with the Peregrine Trust. The project aim was to find and monitor a nest of the Sokoke Scops Owl. This species is endemic to the Arabuko-Sokoke forest on the Kenyan coast and no nest had ever been found prior to the project commencing. The information is important in the design of a management plan for the species. During this time I offered opportunities to each of the 18 tourist guides working in the park to experience working in the forest with me at night. All of them enjoyed the experience and they repeatedly volunteered their assistance to the project. Project Development Consultant, The Conservation Development Company Ltd. I worked as part of a team to produce a manual on project monitoring and evaluation for the Institute for Tropical Forest Conservation, Uganda. I also helped to prepare a tender document for the redevelopment of Meru and Kora National Parks in Kenya. Terrestrial Science Co-ordinator, Coral Cay Conservation Ltd. I helped establish and then co-ordinated a rainforest research and conservation project in the Philippines. Duties included: project design and planning, data management and analysis, writing funding proposals, donor liaison, budgeting, procurement, staff recruitment, training local staff, design of educational program for volunteers. 40% of








time in Philippines and 60% in London Office Teacher of Physics and Biology, The Friends School Kamusinga, Kimilili, Kenya. I taught for one year in this secondary boys boarding school, which is the same school my parents were teaching at when I was born. I taught between 10 and 15 hours of day-time classes per week and assisted with evening prep supervision and school activities such as sports day and science competitions.


04 02-04 01-05

Supervised a group project for 4 MRes students at the University of York. The project contributed 10% towards their overall grade for the degree. Awarded a Rufford Small Grant to train and supervise a Malagasy DEA student project on the butterflies of the riparian forests of the South West of Madagascar. This project is integrated with WWF's regional conservation prioritization project for the spiny forest eco-region. Volunteer program administrator for Watamu Turtle Watch, Kenya. I recruit 2 skilled volunteers per month to assist with the broad range of conservation activities that this small conservation NGO undertakes. During the summer vacation months I focus on the recruitment of university thesis students who assist with collecting biological data and conduct annual analyses of long term monitoring data sets. To date I have advised nine BSc thesis students and one MSc thesis student. Two day fact finding mission for the Kenya Forest Working Group investigate alleged illegal logging activities and other threats to the Mt. Elgon forest. Visited the area, conducted interviews, and participated in an aerial reconnaissance. Co-ordinated meetings of a core group of collaborating institutions to produce a PDF-A proposal for Global Environment Facility funding. The funding proposal is for funding to preparation of a further application for a medium sized GEF grant, for a conservation development project aimed at the forest fragments outside the Tana River Primate National Reserve in Kenya. Honorary Research Assistant to Professor Racey of Aberdeen University Zoology Department whilst writing the report for the Kilombero Valley Expedition. Member of a team of British and Tanzanian graduates who conducted a three month project to assess the conservation status of the Kilombero Valley, Tanzania. We surveyed elephant, puku antelope, hippo, crocodile, and bird populations, and conducted detailed floristic surveys of several areas of the valley. We also conducted a socio-economic survey to assess the potential for a community conservation program. Expedition Leader for a three month scientific expedition to research the impact of different land use practices upon the flora and fauna of Mount Elgon National Park, Uganda. The team consisted of 6 students from Aberdeen University and we were joined by 5 students and 2 members of staff from Makerere University in Kampala. My own project investigated small mammal community composition and the effects of human disturbance. My responsibilities included fund raising, logistics and transport, camp organisation, first aiding, initiating the collaboration with Makerere, and scientific coordination. For the two expeditions above the funding targets of £16,000 and £24,000 were raised through grants from the British Council, the British Ecological Society, the Royal Geographical Society, the New York Explorers Club, Irish Aid, WWF, WCST. We also received free flights and extra luggage allowance from British Airways.

00 00

97 97




Hanski, I. Koivulehto, H. Cameron, A. and Rahagalala, P. (2007) Deforestation and apparent extinctions of endemic forest beetles in Madagascar. Biology Letters.doi:10.1098/rsbl.2007.0043 Zakharov, E.V. Smith, C. Lees, D.C. Cameron, A. Vane-Wright, R.I. and Sperling, F.A.H. (2004). Four independent gene phylogenies confirm the ancient relationships of Madagascar endemic species in the Papilio demoleus group (Lepidoptera, Papilionidae). Evolution. 58(12): 2763-2782. Alison Cameron & Chris Thomas. 2004. Extinction Risk from Climate Change. Arborvitae. The IUCN/WWF Forest Conservation Newsletter. Page 2. Alison Cameron, Chris D. Thomas, Michael Bakkenes, Linda J. Beaumont, Yvonne C. Collingham, Barend F. N. Erasmus, Marinez Ferriera de Siqueira, Rhys Green, Lee Hannah, Lesley Hughes, Brian Huntley, Albert S. van Jaarsveld, Guy F. Midgley, Lera Miles, Miguel A. Ortega-Huerta, A. & Townsend Peterson, Stephen E. Williams. (2004) Will climate change catch us off guard? Conservation in Practice. 5(2): 2829. Chris D. Thomas, Stephen E. Williams, Alison Cameron, Rhys E. Green, Michel Bakkenes, Linda J. Beaumont, Yvonne C. Collingham, Barend F. N. Erasmus, Marinez Ferreira de Sequeira, Alan Grainger, Lee Hannah, Lesley Hughes, Brian Huntley, Albert S. van Jaarsveld, Guy F.Midgley, Lera Miles, Miguel A. Ortega-Huerta, A. Townsend Peterson, Oliver L. Phillips. (2004) Biodiversity Conservation: Uncertainty in predictions of extinction risk/Effects of changes in climate and land use/Climate change and extinction risk (reply). Nature. 430: Brief Communications. Chris D. Thomas & Alison Cameron, Michael Bakkenes, Linda J. Beaumont, Yvonne C. Collingham, Barend F. N. Erasmus, Marinez Ferriera de Siqueira, Rhys Green, Lee Hannah, Lesley Hughes, Brian Huntley, Albert S. van Jaarsveld, Guy F. Midgley, Lera Miles, Miguel A. Ortega-Huerta, A. Townsend Peterson, Stephen E. Williams. (2004) Extinction risk from climate change. Nature.427: 145-148. Alison Cameron (2003) Sokoke Scops Owl: Tracking time. Africa Birds and Birding. 8:44-50. Alison Cameron (2002) Nest Quest. Swara, 24:30-35.


06 05 04 04 02 00 00 99 99 98 98 97 97 97-99 Attended the Society for Conservation Biology Annual Meeting, in San Jose. Co-presented a poster titled

"REBIOMA: A WCS initiative in Madagascar for conservation planning" with my two Malagasy counterparts. Attended 3 day symposium: "Climate change and the worlds protected areas" at Stony Brook University. Awarded Student prize for presentation "Extinction risk from Climate Change" at the Society for Conservation Biology Annual Meeting, New York. Presented at the Students in Conservation Science, Cambridge, UK. Society for Conservation Biology, 16th Annual meeting, Canterbury, UK. Attended Kenya Wildlife Service / Tana River GEF workshop, to produce a 5 year adaptive management plan for the Tana River Primate National Reserve. Pan-African Ornithological Conference, Kampala, Uganda. Preparatory workshop for Conservation International's conservation prioritizing exercises in the Philippines. Zoological Society of London Symposium, Conservation of Exploited Species. Reserve Selection and Design Workshop led by Bob Pressey, Cape Town. Observed and assisted at WWF Africa Ecoregion Workshop, Cape Town. Zoological Society of London Symposium, Has the Panda had its Day? Presented the results of the Kilombero Valley Project (Tanzania), to the Scottish Tropical Biology Group Annual Meeting. British Ecological Society Winter Meeting.



Prof. Claire Kremen (Current employer) Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management, 137 Mulford Hall #3114, University of California, Berkeley, California, 94720 USA Tel: 1-510-643-6339 Fax: 1-510-632-7428 E-mail: [email protected] .edu Prof. Chris Thomas (PhD academic supervisor) Department of Biology, University of York, P.O. Box 373, York, UK Tel: +44(0)1904328646 Fax: +44 (0)1904 32 8505 E-mail: [email protected] Prof. Brian Fisher (PhD field work supervisor) Associate Curator and Chair, Department of Entomology, California Academy of Sciences, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California 94118 USA Tel: 1-415-750-7240 Fax: 1-415-750-7228. E-mail: [email protected] Atte Moilanen (Academic collaborator) Academy Research Fellow, Metapopulation Research Group, Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, University of Helsinki, Finland Tel: +358 9 191 57753 E-mail: [email protected]



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