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WELCOME to the first edition of NatureWax® News from Elevance Renewable Sciences! Our goal is to keep you informed about our candle wax products, products in the pipeline, and to create a forum to address some common technical questions relating to our waxes. For those of you who may not be familiar with the history of our company, Elevance was created in November 2007 after acquiring Cargill's former NatureWax® business, along with technology capable of converting natural oils to a variety of useful products. Starting with eight employees, we have grown to over 60 employees in less than three years. Of interest to our wax customers, Cargill continues to manufacture many of our base waxes and packaged products according to Elevance specifications. We hope you enjoy this publication and will think of our products to meet your wax needs. The Elevance team is here to help!




NatureWax® C-1 and NatureWax® C-3 are our formulated high performance container waxes for candles. Both of these waxes can be used "as is." Either can also be included in a blend if you desire to increase the natural wax content of your paraffin candles to achieve better performance or to simply lower manufacturing costs. Our dedication to using highperformance vegetable waxes satisfies the needs of consumers today, who are focusing more and more on environmentally friendly products. We have some of the industry's best technical and process support. Elevance's experienced application support specialists will work closely with your manufacturing team to maximize the performance and efficiency of NatureWax products on your production line. candles, lotion candles, lip balm and tarts. - Fragrance load of 6% 12% with many fragrance carriers. - No need to preheat your jars before pouring candles.


If you have a tech question you want answered, email [email protected]

Q: My C-3 candles have lots of bubbles in the melt pool when I burn them. How can I get rid of this? Angie: When making your candles, make sure to completely melt your wax and mix thoroughly. Be sure not to over agitate when you mix and pour your candles. You can try raising your pour temperature slightly, or tempering your wax (letting it sit at 180F for a short period of time). Both of these options will allow more time for air bubbles to escape before the candle sets up. Q: I've been making perfect candles with C-3 for years. I haven't changed anything and all of a sudden, I'm having frosting issues. What should I do? Did I get a bad batch of C-3? Angie: Usually, when we speak with customers who are having this issue, we find that it is due to cooling rate. Without knowing your processing conditions, my first suggestion would be cool your candles a little faster. Try lowering your ambient/pour temperatures or fan cooling. My second thought would be to check your fragrance. If you are working with a new fragrance, if it is expired, or if the carrier has changed... this could be the cause. If you have already tried these suggestions and are still having issues, contact tech services directly. We may request a sample of your material or have some other variables for you to test.

To place an order, contact customer service at [email protected]

NatureWax® C-3 soy wax: - Wax is 100% soy. - Has better glass adhesion than C-1. Highlights of each product - Fragrance loads of 6% or are: less without the use of addiNatureWax® C-1 veg wax: tives. - Wax is 100% veg made of - No need to preheat your a blend of soy and palm oils. jars before pouring. - Can be used in container


We are very excited to introduce the most recent addition to our product line, NatureWax EliteTM 200! Our goal was to provide an environmentally friendly alternative to multi-component paraffin blends, giving customers a fully-formulated, high performance natural wax without the issues normally associated with vegetablebased waxes. We definitely feel the Elite-200 has accomplished this. It was just released at the 3rd World Candle Congress & Trade Show in July, and has already had very positive reviews. NatureWax EliteTM 200 is a 100% soy, fully formulated container wax. It is a very robust wax, suitable for hand poured candles or use on automated lines. The Elite200 has a nice smooth finish and excellent hot and cold throw. When cooled correctly, it has complete, clean pull away and minimal sink in the center. Unlike traditional soy waxes, it does not tend to frost/fat bloom during cooling, burning or storage under normal conditions. Currently, we have samples available for those of you who would like to begin testing. We anticipate commercial quantities of packaged material to be available for direct purchase and from our distributors soon.

Interested in a Pillar wax... Ask us about our Feathering Palm Wax. - Used for Pillars, Tapers or Votives - 100% Palm - No Fat Bloom - Up to 12% Fragrance Load

The above information is, to our best knowledge, true and accurate. However, since the conditions of use of this information or any material supplied are beyond our control, all recommendations or suggestions are made without guarantee or warranty, express or implied on our part. We disclaim all liability in connection with the use of the information contained herein or otherwise. We expressly disclaim any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The laws of the State of Illinois are incorporated into and are to govern the terms of this document. © 2010 Elevance Renewable Sciences, Inc.


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