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1 Issues in Global Society Arjun Appadurai (born 1949) is a contemporary social-cultural anthropologist focusing on modernity and globalization

() INGO 1992

Cultural dimensions of globalization

"I propose that an elementary framework for exploring globalizatoin to look at the is relationship between five dimensions of global cultural flow which can be termed: (a) ethnoscapes; (b) mediascapes; (c) technoscapes; (d) finanscapes; and (e) ideoscapes." (p. 296)

Five dimensions of global cultural flow.


"By ethnoscape, I mean the landscape of persons who constitute the shifting world in which we live: tourists, immigrants, refugees, exiles, guestworkers and other moving groups and persons constitute an essential feature of the world, and appear to affect the politics of and between nations to a hitherto unprecedented degree." (p. 297)





"By technoscape, I mean the global configuration, also ever fluid, of technology, and of the fact that technology, both high and low, both mechanical and informational, now moves at high speeds across various kinds of previously impervious boundaries." (p.297)


`finanscapes', global capital is now a more mysterious, rapid and difficult landscape to follow than every before, as currency markets, national stock exchanges,


"Mediascapes refer both to the distribution of the electronic capabilities to produce and disseminate information (newspapers, magazines, television stations, film productions studios, etc.) which are now available to a growing number of private and public interests throughout the world; and to the images of the world created by these media..." (bottom of p.298)


"These ideoscapes are composed of elements of the Enlightenment world-view, which consists of a concatenation of ideas, terms and images, including `freedom', `welfare,' `rights', `sovereignty', `representation', and the master term `democracy. ...(p.299)

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I deoscapes m nesty I A nternati onali n

Mediascapes Korea

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Mediascapes Thailand


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