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Navtech Charts

avtech Charts are a family of legacy and state-ofthe-art charts products. Navtech has combined the best features of our legacy products, Aerad Charts and the Route Manual into a modern, user-friendly navigation product.


Leveraging Experience and Expert Analysis

Navtech Aerochart leverages our experience, research, and Human Factor analyses to improve the charting products. Navtech Aerocharts have improved presentation of altitudes and presentations of take-off minima on aerodrome charts along with depictions of landing minima. Each chart includes enhanced symbology and communication features with a name and number on each page. The classic Aerad product, together with the Route Manual, have been combined into this new and improved product. The new format was designed using research from Human Factor specialists and by gathering data from, and working closely with a number of pilots with years of experience using aeronautical charts.

Expert Customer Service

Customer service and successful practical use of Navtech Charts is important to us.

Training and Support

Navtech provides an introduction booklet, available in printed or electronic format, along with computer-based training software. On-site personal training through experienced trainers is available as well.

Aerodrome Charts

The aerodrome charts can be arranged by country, in alphabetical order by the name of associated city, or purely in alphabetical order by aerodrome name and contain: Aerodrome Briefing Card, Instrument Approach Charts, Landing Charts, Ground Charts and Standard Arrival Routes separately.

Route Facility Charts/Enroute Navigation Charts

This section of Navtech Charts is compiled from official documents and topographical reference charts. The charts are designed primarily for instrument enroute navigation with the information being kept to a minimum, consistent with the function of the charts. The content varies with the geographical coverage in the charts.

Helicopter & General Aviation

To support the Helicopter and General Aviation sector, Navtech aerochart features a specific series of charts and information pages focusing on the specific needs of the above mentioned sectors.

Charting your future paths.

Other Navtech Products

All products are available in electronic format for use in an office or in an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB). Navtech offers a web version of aerochart to provide users with access to all of the charts through an internet connection, featuring: · · · · · · Easy to operate user features Quick access to charts All pages from paper Charts, including customer's own company pages Users may create their own portfolio of charts and documents avorite route storage, updated every week Zoom in and zoom out, the picture quality stays crisp and clear

Navtech offers leading edge, ISO 9001:2000 compliant, Aircraft Performance systems, with flight safety and customization in the forefront. Our products allow operators to not only comply with regulatory requirements but also to maximize payload through optimized calculations. Aircraft Performance systems, available in both office and EFB versions, include: maximum take off and landing weight calculations, Weight & Balance calculations, a World Wide Airport Obstacle Database, Engine Failure and Climb Out Procedures, and Drift-Down and Decompression Procedures. Over 40, 000 airline professionals use Navtech Pairing Optimizer and Navtech Preferential Bidding System (PBS) software each month to build pairings, create and bid for schedules. Our solutions are fully transparent and are designed to ensure that each airline receives a fully-functional system that meets each airline's crewing requirements while giving crew members a schedule that meets and often exceeds their quality of life expectations.

Aircraft Performance Solutions

Crew Planning

Navtech partners with any workable combination of EFB hardware and software to provide a complete solution for our customers. We have numerous relationships with worldwide providers of EFB hardware and software and can create an EFB package by selecting our partners that best meet customer requirements. Alternatively, we can work with customers' providers and integrators of choice. In addition, Navtech is working with airframe manufacturers and FMS producers to assure compatibility and obtain certifications where required.

Electronic Flight Bag

Navtech, Inc. (, is a leading global provider of flight operations solutions, serving more than 350 airlines and aviation services customers. Navtech's product suite includes aeronautical charts, navigation data solutions, flight planning, aircraft performance software (take-off/landing, weight and balance), and crew planning solutions. Many of Navtech's products can be configured as part of an EFB solution, including take-off data calculation, weight and balance, and aeronautical charts. These products directly support millions of flights each year and help Navtech customers maximize efficiency, reduce costs, ensure compliance with complex national and international safety regulations, and effectively deliver their services. Headquartered just outside Toronto in Waterloo, Ontario -- Canada's technology center -- Navtech also has locations in Stockholm, London, and Ahmedabad, India, and is further supported by satellite offices around the world. Contact Navtech: [email protected] Americas +1 519 747 1170 Europe, Africa, Middle East +46 8 797 5138

Navtech Flight Plan (NFP) provides complete control over managing mission critical resources. Our dispatch and flight planning software gives users complete control over their flight plan to reduce operating costs, increase productivity, and maximize safety. An updated, browser-based GUI allows the user to more easily take advantage of our dynamic route construction functionality and optimized fuel burns routines.

Flight Planning

Navtech's Navigation Data services draw on one of the world's largest aeronautical databases to support a wide range of electronic navigation needs. Our services have an established reputation for accuracy, reliability, flexibility, and dependability. Currently, over 150 airlines worldwide utilize our services. This data is updated and maintained in accordance with the 28-day AIRAC update schedule. The entire operation is supported by a comprehensive suite of data validation and relational quality assurance programs which have been built around the requirements of EUROCAE ED76/RTCA DO 200A.

Navigation Data


Inspiring Aviation


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