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1. Is management focusing on the customer by providing quality service and focusing on the employee by maintaining high employee satisfaction? 2. Is the bowling center achieving lineage which exceeds or meets the benchmarks for bowling center of that size through aggressive advertising and promotion including promoting open and league play, promoting tournaments, and promoting youth bowling events and activities? Benchmarks can be found on the CNIC Web page at 3. Is the bowling center offering prices and services that are competitive with the local market? 4. If excess capacity exists for a CATC bowling center, has the manager researched the option of opening the bowling center to the general public where appropriate? Waivers may be requested through CNIC (N94). See section 606 of this manual. 5. Is management monitoring actual expenses to budget and prior year and taking action to address variances? 6. Is management monitoring operational plans to ensure that recapitalization plans are maintained and followed? 7. Is the installation commander ensuring that the bowling center satisfies patrons' needs? 8. Is the installation commander ensuring that bowling programs comply with this instruction and other pertinent policies and instructions?

9. Is the MWR Program Manager monitoring and providing bowling program policy?

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10. Is the MWR Program Manager allocating resources to the bowling center? 11. Is the MWR Program Manager ensuring that the bowling center manager receives training on operational, financial and technical procedures? 12. Is the MWR Program Manager ensuring the development of long range plans for bowling center operations? 13. Is the bowling center manager properly directing the daily operation of all applicable bowling programs? 14. Are employees receiving training and career development? 15. Is the bowling center manager preparing all financial, program,(lineage), facility, and equipment reports? 16. Is there a 5-year facility and equipment requirement and purchasing plan? 17. Is the bowling center manager identifying and recommending construction, modification, and renovation of the facility? 18. Is the bowling center manager conducting semi-annually focus groups and direct customer surveys to obtain the needs, wants, and desires of bowlers to evaluate the bowling program? 19. Is the bowling center manager developing annual goals and objectives as an integral part of the bowling program? 20. Is the bowling center manager conducting the Bowling Standards and Metrics Program to Determine Service Level (S/L) score for each metric and overall performance and program evaluation?

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1. Are merchandising sales regulations being followed? Sales are restricted to authorized users only! Civilians are only allowed to purchase consumable items for the games of bowling that day. 2. Is management using a purchasing plan to ensure proper buying is taking place? Is the facility merchandise turn rate at least 2.5 times per year? 3. program? Is management encouraging an active special order

4. Are gift certificates used at the bowling center? Certificates can be used for both resale and program sales to help increase revenues. 5. Is a current layaway program being used? If this program is being used, ensure that proper controls are in place. Home layaway is not authorized. C. Food and Beverage.

1. Has a separate identity been created for the snack bar area? Use a theme or other method to distinguish it from the bowling center. 2. Is the food considered to be of high quality? level of service considered efficient? Is the

3. Has management reviewed the food menu to ensure that the number of food items is limited to an amount that is manageable and can be consistently prepared and served? 4. Are food and beverage items for all bowling tournaments being purchased from the bowling center?

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1. Is management enforcing consistent lane conditions per United States Bowling Congress (USBC) standards and manufacturer's directives? 2. Is management conducting daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual preventive maintenance inspections for such items as scoring machines, pinsetters, pin decks, kickbacks, gutters, masking units, lane approaches, lane surfaces, ball returns, caps, bumpens, lane cleaning, and conditioning equipment in accordance with USBC guidelines and manufacturer's instructions? 3. Is the bowling center mechanic certified to perform preventive maintenance and maintenance on bowling center equipment in accordance with USBC regulations and manufacturer's instructions? 4. Is the mechanic or bowling center manager maintaining Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) on all equipment and chemicals? 5. Is the mechanic or bowling center manager maintaining and controlling spare-parts par stocks and inventory records?

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BOWLING LEAGUE AGREEMENT We, the undersigned as officers of the Bowling League, understand and agree to the following terms for the 1. A League schedule consisting of bowling. All games will be bowled at per bowler. bowling season. weeks of sanctioned

2. The price for league bowling is $ 3. There will be teams per league. bowlers per team and

4. After the first two (2) weeks all Leagues will pay in full, it will maintain a complete roster of members, such list of games to be submitted to the Manager of the Bowling Center upon commencement of League Schedule and the sum above specified will be paid in full each league session with no allowance made for absentees. Agreements and league schedule must be signed and delivered to the Bowling Center no later than two (2) weeks prior to start of league. 5. The Bowling Center must have a copy of the League bylaws prior to the start of the League. All Leagues must be sanctioned through the United States Bowling Congress (USBC). 6. All Leagues using house computer services will be charged an additional fee of $ This service is optional. 7. The League, consisting of bowling on bowling on 20 20 per bowler per day/night.

teams will commence and complete League and to bowl each

succeeding (day) on lanes With the exception of holidays, which are to be listed at the end of this agreement.

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8. Starting time to be


Practice starts

at AM/PM. Regardless of absent or late bowlers, all teams must start at stated time and to be off the lanes by AM/PM.

9. If the lane next to a league lane is open, it will be used for open bowling by adult bowlers who practice lane courtesy. 10. After election of officers for the new season, the league secretary is responsible for notifying bowling center management of names, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of new officers. This will enable both officers and management to make necessary arrangements for the coming season. 11. The League secretary must inform bowling center management in writing three (3) weeks prior to their League ending as to whether or not they are going to continue their League for the next bowling season. Failure to notify the bowling center could possibly result in loss of time slot and requested lanes. For the bowling center to have full utilization of lanes, each evening League must have a minimum of four (4) bowlers per team. 12. All pre-bowls/make-up matches will be scheduled through the bowling center management and will be granted based on lane availability for scheduling and lane assignments. 13. The League agrees that Parents/Guardians must keep children under the age of 10 under the direct supervision at all times. The League is responsible to ensure that no League member; their family members or guests under the age of 21 will consume any alcoholic beverages. All food and drinks must be purchased in the bowling center. Outside food or drink is not permitted. 14. The bowling center shall not be responsible for postponements due to any conditions/inconveniences beyond its control. Such delays are/or postponements shall be reasonably adjusted to the schedules.

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15. Providing that is awarded a Local, City, State, or National Tournament, the above named league will suspend bowling for the period of time required for the said agreed tournament and will add suspended or postponed dates to the end of its schedule or to some other arrangement agreed upon by the management and the league officers. 16. We, the undersigned as officers of the above named League, do hereby certify that said named league has not signed any previous contracts to bowl in any other establishments for the season and that we have been authorized by the bowlers of said League to sign agreements for the season.

17. Current League Officers are under obligation to abide by the terms of this agreement, as well as, newly elected league officers. 18. This agreement must be returned to bowling center management on or before 19. No Bowl holidays: 20. Any violation of this agreement by either party will be reported to the following Organizations: MWR Department, United States Bowling Congress (USBC), Local Men's and Women's Bowling Associations and Local Bowling Proprietors' Association. By League. 20 . .

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Bowling League President's Signature: Bowling League President's Name: Address: Phone: E-Mail: Dated: Bowling League Secretary's Signature: Bowling League Secretary's Name: Address: Phone: E-Mail: Dated: In consideration for the above, the bowling center agrees to furnish the League the lanes for the use of the League according to the schedule. The bowling center further agrees to provide said League with pins and equipment according to USBC rules and specifications. Bowling Center Manager's Signature: Bowling Center Manager's Name: Address: Phone: E-Mail: Dated:

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