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Unlocking the doors of understanding...

Spring 2010

t's that time again... NCADA's Spring Awards Luncheon is right around the corner. This year's luncheon speaker will be Wally P., a nationally-known 12-step archivist and historian who presents Back to the Basics workshops all over the nation (NCADA and FRESH Renewal are hosting his workshop on April 10th...see enclosed flyer). Wally will talk about Lois W. and Marty Mann, two seminal historical figures in the history of the recovery movement. Each year NCADA's luncheon honors individuals who have made unique or outstanding contributions to the local field of alcohol and drug abuse. This year's luncheon will be held at the Algonquin Country Club,

340 N. Berry Road in Webster Groves on Thursday, April 8th, at noon. The following awards will be presented this year: The Bronze Key to Howard Weissman, Pioneer to Dr. Katie Plax, Gateway to Y98's Paul Cook, Community Service to Dr. Steven Huss of Comtrea, and Volunteer of the Year to Jackie Votruba. The cost of the luncheon is $30 per person or $280 for a table of ten. All reservations must be prepaid by March 31 st. This event is open to the public, but seating is limited. Please make your reservations early by calling NCADA at 314-962-3456 or by going online to We'll see you April 8th!

Michael McDonald Concert to Benefit NCADA Presented by Midwest BankCentre


In This Issue: p. 2 45 Acts of Kindness p. 3 Back to the Basics p. 4 The Year Was 1965

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The place to turn


National Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse - St. Louis Area

n 2005, NCADA was proud to have five- McDonald is at the top of his game. It's a treat time Grammy Award Winner Michael to spend the evening listening to this gifted McDonald headline a fabulous concert to artist... so don't miss it! raise funds for our community programming This year's concert, sponsored by Midwest and to celebrate our agency's 40th anniversary. BankCentre and Express Scripts, will be held Since then, NCADA has held annual concerts at the Touhill Performing Arts Center on the featuring well-known local artists. UM­St. Louis campus Friday, July 23 rd. th This year, as we embark upon our 45 Tickets available soon at anniversary, NCADA is very pleased to announce Michael McDonald has graciously agreed to return to his home town of St. Louis for an even bigger and better concert to raise funds for NCADA. McDonald left St. Louis in 1970 to further a blossoming career. In 1975, after several years of playing with L.A.-based bands, recording commercials and doing session work for various artists such as Steely Dan, McDonald joined the Doobie Brothers, an established rock band with several hits under its belt. With the addition of Michael McDonald, the Doobie Brothers once again churned out hit records, winning Grammy awards for the album Minute michael by Minute and the song What A Fool Believes. Several years later mcdonald McDonald left the group to launch a concert to benefit NCADA successful solo career. After decades Friday, July 23 | 8 p.m. | the Touhill of hit records, awards, and acclaim by music industry peers, Michael tickets available soon at

THE KEY | Spring 2010

from the

About a year and a half ago we ran an article in The Key that warrants an update. It should not come as a surprise to anyone that our current military are returning from combat with high rates of mental and substance abuse disorders. Not since the Vietnam War have we witnessed such a dramatic increase in these problems, and of course, the system once again is not equipped or prepared to handle them. So how bad is it? Well, one study reported that one in eight military personnel returning from Iraq and Afghanistan from 2006 to 2008 was referred for counseling for alcohol problems after their post-deployment health assessments. And, while the military is trying to address this issue, many personnel

Executive Director

In the case of Vietnam, and now Iraq and Afghanistan, more military personnel will likely end up losing their lives to addiction and suicide than to combat. Long after wars are over, many of our brave military continue to suffer from things they saw or did; with alcohol, drugs and even death seeming for them to be their only way to escape. Regardless of the right or wrong of the current war or any past war, we owe those who serve our country everything possible to help them return to some level of normalcy. Please speak out to your elected officials and encourage them to do everything in their power to ensure the best treatment for our troops, and to do so without shame or reprisal. Push them to get past the stigma and to start treating these vets with the dignity and respect they deserve.

are reluctant to seek treatment because of the stigma associated with addiction and because they fear seeking help could hurt their careers. Some things never change. And it gets even worse, as another study reports a high incidence of violence and murder cases by post deployment soldiers being related to what has been referred to as "a mix of addiction problems, mental illness and leadership failures..." At one base, soldiers who committed murder "had a history of addiction problems, but fewer than half had received treatment." Another alarming, and yet not unexpected report shows that where many Vietnam Vets came home with heroin addiction, "today's returning soldiers are more likely to be addicted to prescription medications ­ the very opiates prescribed to them by the military to ease stress or pain ­ or stimulants used to remain alert in combat situations."

{ 45 Acts of Kindness }


ach time you donate to NCADA, you perform an Act of Kindness and "pay it forward." You help us change lives: · The high school teen who called 911 when her friend passed out from alcohol poisoning and credited TryPOD (Try Putting Off Drinking) for teaching her what to do; and · The young adult clean from heroin for one year due in part to our counselor's intervention. Just two examples of how your gifts "pay it forward." In honor of our 45th Anniversary, NCADA staff will "pay it forward" above and beyond our work. We each set a goal to perform 45 Acts of Kindness during 2010. A large vase in our lobby holds blue and clear marbles as visual reminders, and a journal records them. Here are just a few so far: · Made soup for grandpa · Knitted hat for sick friend · Shoveled neighbor's long driveway Imagine, 35 staff x 45 Acts of Kindness = 1,575 Acts of Kindness. We'll add a glass marble to recognize each donation we receive this year, your Acts of Kindness to us. Please consider becoming a monthly donor. 12 Gifts = 12 Acts of Kindness = 12 marbles added to our vase. We'll let you know how many marbles we collect at the end of the year. And, in the meantime, please stop by, read our journal, and help us fill the vase. With gratitude,

The Hallmark Hall of Fame movie When Love is Not Enough is based on William Borchert's book, The Lois Wilson Story -- When Love is Not Enough. Two-time Academy Award nominee Winona Ryder portrays Lois. This film depicts the dramatic and courageous love story of Lois and Bill Wilson and their battle with the disease of alcoholism, which lead to the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon. Sunday, April 25th @ 8:00 p.m. on CBS.

Janet Popelka

President: Rebecca Brown | Executive Director: Edward F. Tasch | Editor: Veronica Aldridge NCADA is a private, nonprofit agency serving metropolitan St. Louis as the primary resource on alcoholism and drug abuse. Services include assessment and referral, intervention services, trainings and comprehensive prevention programs for schools and communities. All contributions are tax deductible. 8790 Manchester Road | St. Louis, MO 63144 | Phone: (314) 962-3456 | Fax: (314) 968-7394 | | e-mail: [email protected]

The Key is published by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse-St. Louis Area (NCADA).



NCADA - St. Louis Area

by Dan Duncan, Director of Community Services

Addiction Treatment in St. Louis - Then and Now...

national advocate. Hughes, also a recovering alcoholic, drafted a bill to provide help for alcoholics. The NCA network supported Hughes work, and in 1970, he successfully passed ground-breaking legislation known as the Hughes Act, mandating healthcare insurance reimburse for alcoholism For almost two decades, treatment, both private and publicly-funded, proliferated. In the late 1980's, managed care, a response by insurance providers to manage costs, began a process of methodically denying benefits for addiction treatment. The result was a decimation of private sector treatment. Without reimbursement, programs began closing, forcing the public care system to assume the primary responsibility of providing treatment. Despite these setbacks, there is room for cautious optimism in regards to the future of addiction treatment. Research is gradually allowing a greater understanding of brain chemistry, genetics and neurology, all of which should contribute to scientific improvements in the delivery of treatment for addiction disease. The Paul Wellstone Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act was passed by congress in 2009. If parity for mental health and addiction is included in healthcare reform, we will see improved reimbursement for treatment by insurance providers. Whatever happens, NCADA will continue to advocate for treatment in our state and in our region.


s our agency embarks upon its fortyfifth anniversary year, it's interesting to look at the many changes that have occurred since our inception in 1965. In 1945 a pioneering woman named Marty Mann, recognized as the first woman to get sober in A.A., with the support of Dr. Bob and Bill Wilson, established the National Council on Alcoholism, or NCA. As NCA's founder, Marty travelled the country convincing major cities to open up their own NCA affiliates. In 1965, several St. Louis individuals came together to create a local NCA as a resource that would educate the public about alcoholism and advocate for improved resources. The timing was right. Things were changing. Alcoholics Anonymous had helped create a new awareness and interest towards addressing alcoholism. The American Medical Association declared alcoholism to be a disease. NCA began calling for local efforts to provide help for alcoholics. At that time, treatment was virtually nonexistent. Things began to happen, albeit gradually. As the cause became better known, other pioneers such as Iowa's Senator Harold Hughes joined Marty Mann as another

"In 1965, several St. Louis individuals came together to create a local NCA as a resource that would educate the public about alcoholism and advocate for improved resources... "

treatment as it would any other medical malady. With reimbursement, treatment programs began to pop up all over the St. Louis area. Hospitals began to create their own treatment programs and independent companies such as Compcare, Raleigh Hills and Koala opened centers in the St. Louis area.

Back to the Basics of Recovery

Coming up April 10th

New Additions to NCADA's Library

Pleasure Unwoven is a new film by Dr. Kevin McCauley, from the Institute for Addiction Study, which explores the question "Is Addiction Really a Disease?" Using the spectacular landscape of Utah to represent the anatomy of the brain, Dr. McCauley turns the complicated topic of neurophysiology into a beautiful journey that helps addicts and their family understand what has happens with addiction and that recovery is possible. Shame & Addiction, a classic film by John Bradshaw, explores the role of shame in the life of an addicted person. It is one of our most popular films on VHS, and it is now available on DVD as well.


n exciting and unique event that teaches twelve-step newcomers and veterans alike the history of how the twelve steps were originally implemented between sponsors and their sponsees will take place at St. John's Mercy Von Gontard Center Saturday, April 10th. Sponsored by FRESH Renewal Center and the NCADA, this forum has been held throughout the country and has received glowing reviews from participants. Please note: This event has limited seating and will be open to registrants on a first-come, firstserve basis. Please see Back to Basics flyer enclosed in this newsletter.

For a complete listing of available materials, please see our RADAR Catalog in the "Resources" section of our website at


THE KEY | Spring 2010

The Year Was 1965...

The Sound of Music won best picture.

St. Louis unveiled the Gateway Arch.

Bonanza was the most popular TV show. I Feel Fine by The Beatles was a #1 hit.

The average car price was $2,350. A gallon of gas was 31 cents.

NCADA opened its doors in St. Louis!

affected by substance abuse.

in concert to benefit NCADA at the Touhill July 23, 2010 8pm The following levels of sponsorship are available: · · Presenting Sponsor $10,000 VIP Sponsor $ 5,000 Encore Sponsor $ 2,500 Applause Sponsor $ 1,000

1 out of 4 kids has a parent

NCADA's Impact...

"I come from an alcoholic family and have been hurt many times... I thought my dad's drinking was my fault, but now I know it's not." -- Junior at Kirkwood High School commenting on a TryPOD training

TryPOD (Try Putting Off Drinking) is NCADA's newest peer teaching program, which teaches teens about the affects of alcohol on the developing teen brain - and much more.



Sponsorship Opportunities

· ·

To learn what is included with each sponsorship level, contact Janet Popelka at 314.962.3456.

Special thanks to: Presenting Sponsor Midwest BankCentre VIP Sponsor Express Scripts

NCADA - St. Louis Area

. . . . .B.u.l.l.e.t.i.n. . .B.o.a.r.d. . . . .

Daily Marijuana Use Could Cause Permanent Brain Damage

Animal studies showed that daily marijuana use could permanently alter serotonin and norepinephrine levels in the brain, raising the risk of depression and anxiety, according to researcher Gabriella Gobbi of McGill University. Gobbi studied the brain chemistry of 18 adolescent lab rats exposed daily to marijuana and found that they had decreased levels of mood-controlling serotonin and higher levels of the stress hormone norepinephrine. Gobbi said that the effects were magnified because the adolescent brain is still developing. "These permanent changes in the brain are also linked to certain mental illnesses, like schizophrenia," she said. Even when the cannabis use stopped at the end of adolescence, the changes were still detectable in adulthood. A future study will concentrate on adolescent marijuana use among humans. This study was published in the journal Neurobiology of Disease. Canadian Press | December 17, 2009

Survey Finds Widespread Prescription-Drug Abuse Among U.S. Troops

The Pentagon's health survey of more than 28,500 U.S. military in 2008 showed 22% of troops reporting prescription-drug abuse within the past year. Painkillers were the most commonly misused drugs. The findings show the continued toll on the military from fighting wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan since 2003. Those wars have required troops to serve multiple combat deployments. The survey also stated 60% of marines reported binge drinking in 2008. "We are aware that more prescription drugs are being used today for pain management and behavioral health issues," Brig. Gen. Colleen McGuire, director of the Army Suicide Prevention Task Force, said. "These areas of substance abuse along with increased use of alcohol concern us. Prescription drug abuse is an issue for American society as well, and we're looking at it from every possible angle," McGuire said. USA Today | Dec. 17, 2009

Marijuana Use Associated with Fondness for Songs with Pot References

According to a recent survey, ninth-grade students who listen to music with marijuana references are about twice as likely to use the drugs as peers who don't listen to such songs. Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine surveyed 959 ninth-grade students who listened to an average of 21.8 hours of music weekly, and heard an average of 40 musical marijuana references daily. Lead researcher Brian Primack said, "Interestingly, we also found that exposure to marijuana in music was not associated with other high-risk behaviors, such as excessive alcohol consumption. This suggests that there is a real link between the marijuana lyrics and marijuana use." However, he added, "Although it may be that heavy exposure to music about marijuana causes marijuana smoking, it may also be that those who smoke marijuana seek out music with lyrics related to marijuana." LiveScience | December 22, 2009

SBIRT Proposed Accreditation Standards for Hospitals

The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) proposed new hospital performance measures for screening, brief intervention, referral and treatment (SBIRT) of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use. If required for accreditation, U.S. hospitals would implement programs to screen their patients for addiction problems, potentially providing a huge boost in the numbers of individuals referred to treatment and, advocates say, saving money for the healthcare system in the process. "It could do more to medicalize substance-abuse problems than all the urging and pleading we've done for the past 30 years," said Larry Gentilello, M.D., trauma surgeon and a professor at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. | September 11, 2009

Save the date! NCADA's 2010 Prevention Leadership Conference August 5-7


THE KEY | Spring 2010

Tributes and Contributions

November 2009 - January 2010

INDIVIDUALS Wendy Ahearn Veronica Aldridge Anonymous Jenny Armbruster Karl & Tamara Arrington Terry & Marilyn Bader Don Bell Jeanette Bessen Terry Bloomberg Mary Boeger & Marvin Cummins Tim & Julie Brilley Libby Brim Ann Brown Otto & Doris Buer Cheryl Carrier Karen Clark Val Colombo W.E. Cornelius Nichole Dawsey Tom & Tina Doherty Doug & Chelle Dohrmann Gayle Douglas Dan Duncan Roland & Elaine Eggerding Dan Ferry, Jr. Bobette Figler Judy Garcia, LCSW Tom & Trish Goldberg James Goodman Bob Graham Reverend Ed Griesedieck Jim & Diann Gross Dixie Harmon Rick & Lynn Hill Julie Hook Tom & Sandy Hughes Molly Hyland Ittner Erin Jenkins Bob Johnson Karen Jones Meloney Jones-White Brad Karoll Barbara Kempland Harriet Kopolow Dawn Lammert Judy Leach Don & Hedva Levy Lu Lochmann Charles & Mary Long Steve & Sandy Marsh Lisa McKinley Sherry McNamara Arlene Miller Chip Miller Timothy & Kim Monahan Ron Moser & Janet Eto Michael Muckler Jenny Mullen Joy Norful Rod Oliver Georgia Pettus Bob & Lynne Piening Terry & Judy Piper John & Dorothy Pulliam Marilyn & Gary Ratkin Beth Riegert Steve & Emily Schwulst Warren Schwulst Ginny Shaller Kumiko Shimoda & Tim Temmen Becky Shimony David Skillman Jennifer Slay Connie Smith Martha Smith Lynne Steinman NJ Sterneck Joseph Tolan Joan Townsend Norma Jean Vavra Andria Wallace Jean Whelehon Akella Wicker Ken Williamson Jane Wilson Rob & Ibby Woodsmall Jane Young Brian Zielinski CORPORATIONS, FOUNDATIONS & ORGANIZATIONS ACT Missouri Asure Test Incorporated Bremen Bank & Trust Co. City Wide Maintenance of St. Louis Clifford Willard Gaylord Foundation Code Consultants, Inc. Dana Brown Charitable Trust The EASE Program Harster Heating & Air Conditioning Co. John R. Goodall Foundation Missouri Foundation for Health Oppenheim-White Insurance Rockwood South Middle School - STAR Schnucks eScrip The Siteman Family Foundation memORIALS Susan Gardner Acosta Lisa Katz Ruth Flesch Terry & Marilyn Bader Ann Brown Cheryl Carrier Karen Clark Bobette Figler Janet Popelka Lynne Steinman Joan Townsend Howard Weissman Daniel Foncannon Harriet Kopolow Matthew Frisella Mark & Linda Kamp Donald Gordon Carolyn Gordon James Metz Gerrianne Adams & Lisa Cuggino Ellen Rose Dr. David Weil Robert & Helen Sharp Ralph & Paula Sharp Uncle Bud Debbie Feit & Marc Mink Kay Wilson, Jr. Jane Wilson mARTY mANN LeADeRSHIP SOCIeTY Jason & Janet Popelka Ed & Karen Tasch TRIBUTeS Bobette Figler Alice Senturia First Step Recovery Center's continued success Helen Friedman, Ph.D. Harriet Kopolow Eric Armbrecht David Lauber Diane Levine Becky Marsh Ginger Imster Gene & Trudy Marshall's first grandson Sharlene Toybes Arthur "Chip" Miller Joan Luning NCADA Staff Susan & Gary Meltz, M.D. Janet Popelka Erin Popelka Kay Roush Ken & Garie Perry Mary Ellen Schukai Phil & Kay Roush Cary & Jacque White Mary Ellen Schukai Kay Roush Howard Weissman Diane Levine Larry & Lisa Zarin Howard, Susan & Grace Weissman Faith Sandler HONORARIUm NJ Sterneck St. Gabriel PFA VOLUNTeeRS Terry Flynn Claudia Imbeault Jeanette Johnson Cheryl Kellogg Michelle Mufson Mary Jo Napper Tonya Oliver Lisa Price Kay Roush Phil Roush Keith Seibert Judy Sher JoAnn Smith Jackie Votruba Brian Zielinski IN-KIND Baxter Gardens of Chesterfield Biggies Restaurant Bill Gianino's Restaurant Blue Owl Restaurant & Bakery Blueberry Hill Broadway Oyster Bar Brunswick Zone Chesterfield Citizen Kane Steakhouse City of BrentwoodBrentwood Ice Arena City of Clayton-The Center of Clayton CJ Muggs Dewey's Pizza - University City Dierbergs Markets Doug & Chelle Dohrmann Drury Hotels Duff's Restaurant Elephant Bar Restaurant First Watch - Kirkwood Ann Fischer Fitz's American Grill & Bottling Works Fortel's Pizza Den Gourmet To Go Gus' Pretzel Shop Hacienda Mexican Restaurant Harry S. Truman Library Harvest Restaurant Hilton Branson Convention Center Hilton St. Louis Frontenac Hodak's Restaurant & Bar Holiday Inn Butler Hill HoneyBaked Ham Innsbrook Resort & Conference Center Kreis' Restaurant Lu Lochmann Lombardo's Trattoria The Magic House The Melting Pot Restaurant Meramec Caverns Mike Shannon's Steaks & Seafood Missouri Botanical Garden O'Connell's Pub P'Sghettis Pasta and Sandwiches Panera Bread The Pasta House Co. Pietro's Restaurant The Queen Bean Resurrection Lutheran Church Quilters Phil & Kay Roush Saint Louis Art Museum Sam's Steakhouse The Shepherd of the Hills Silver Dollar City Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House Stan the Man, Inc. Sunshine Drapery & Interior Design T.G.I. Friday's Veterans Memorial Museum Vin de Set Henry & Lynn Watkins Woodard Cleaning & Restoration Services


NCADA would like to recognize the following businesses and individuals of the 2009 Marty Mann Leadership Society. Their generosity enabled NCADA to make a significant impact in the lives of 15,760 young people in our own communities last year.

rty Ma Ma nn

Marty Mann

Frederick Pitzman Fund Gene-Del Printing, Inc. Jacqueline Gregerson Jim & Diann Gross Bill & Sandy Herrmann Tom & Anne Herrmann Hogan Services, Inc. Phil Hutchison Joel & Carol Kamil

leadership society

Terry & Marilyn Bader Tom Bartow David & Christy Breckenridge Bart & Ellen Brnjac Steve & Rebecca Brown

Tom & Trish Casey Isabelle Coovert Sander & Kierstin Coovert Martin & Barbara Dietrich Bob & Marlene Ebel Kathryn Ellis, LCSW Emerson Henry & Diane Engelhardt Tom Erickson

Diane Levine Cheryl & Dick McKinley, M.D. Charley & Ann Meyer John Meyer, Sr. Martin Mraz, Certified Public Accountant Richard & Carole Muckler Jack & Doris Mueller Jim & Nancy Murphy

Dave & Becky Nelson Drs. Charles & Mary Parker Stella Pettus Jason & Janet Popelka Howard Potratz Jim & Nancy Ristau Phil & Kay Roush Connie Schnuck Joseph Sheehan

Mitch & Karen Stern John Straub Sumner Group, Inc. Ed & Karen Tasch Joseph & Joan Lipic Howard & Susan Weissman Kurt & Robin Wolfgram Larry & Lisa Zarin

The following volunteers were not listed in the last newsletter. We apologize for the omission and thank them for their service to NCADA.

Adam Akers Terry Bader Barbara Baker Emily Blankenship Heather Collins Jonathan Conley Madeline Dames Sami Jo Dierker Julia Fischer Marissa Fischer Sherly Goff Lu Lochmann Jamie May Erica Morris Lori Pike Thomas Porter Marjorie Powers Jill Schweitzer Andrew Scoville Taylor Seibert Tiffani Smith Jerry Specker Bob Sterneck Cynthia Stevenson Jahn Tappe Teresa Trimble Jacob Van Tuyl Kathy Waser Cole Westhoff


NCADA - St. Louis Area

2010 Board Officers

Coming Events

For more information, call 314.962.3456 or visit


t its annual meeting on January 25, the NCADA board elected its new officers for 2010. The new president is Rebecca Brown, succeeding Howard Weissman who served as president for four years and will now serve as immediate past president. Vice presidents are Tom Herrmann, Connie Schnuck , Mitch Stern, and Henry Watkins. The treasurer is David Breckenridge, and the secretary is Lisa Bernstein. Congratulations to the new and returning officers, and thanks to outgoing officers Charley Meyer and Tom Erickson.

March April

10 ... St. Louis Coalition on Addictions - NCADA main

office, 11:30 a.m. Speaker: Azi Hakim.

8 ... Spring Awards Luncheon - Algonquin Country Club in

Webster Groves; see page 1 for details. insert for details; register online at office, 11:30 a.m. Speaker: Dan Smith.

10 ... Back to Basics of Recovery with Wally P. - see flyer 14 ... St. Louis Coalition on Addictions - NCADA main


12 ... St. Louis Coalition on Addictions - NCADA main

office, 11:30 a.m. Speaker: Chris Frey.

June July

(L to R) NCADA's Executive Director, Ed Tasch; Board President, Rebecca Brown; and Immediate Past President, Howard Weissman.

9 ... St. Louis Coalition on Addictions - NCADA main

office, 11:30 a.m. Speaker: Dan Buck.

14 ... St. Louis Coalition on Addictions

- monthly meeting, 11:30 a.m., NCADA main office, 8790 Manchester Road. see page 1 for details. Tickets available soon at

23 ... michael mcDonald Concert - 8 p.m. at the Touhill;

Grants Update

· Thank you to the Dana Brown Charitable Trust for a $10,000 grant to support TryPOD (Try Putting Off Drinking), a program that trains high school juniors and seniors to teach underclassmen the latest brain science about the damaging effects of binge drinking on the developing teen brain. · Many thanks to the Clifford Willard Gaylord Foundation for their $5,000 gift and to the John R. Goodall Charitable Trust who donated $1,000 for the 2010 Teen Institute, a four-day leadership training in June for nearly 100 area high school youth.

Good Eats & Gourmet Treats

Executive Chef Chris Desens and Brian Zielinski (2010 Golf Co-chair) generously donated the food, preparation and service for an exclusive, private, gourmet dinner party to the 2009 Golf auction. Dinner guests pose with the chefs (L to R): Bob & Carolyn Woodsmall, Chef Chris Desens, Mary Jo Napper, Brian Zielinski, Mary Jane Napper, Kara Hoganson, Kay Roush, Tom Napper, and Phil Roush.



8790 Manchester Road . St. Louis, MO 63144

Celebrating 45 years!

The place to turn

Return Service Requested

National Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse - St. Louis Area

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