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Helpful Facts for LifeWay's VBS 2012


The following type fonts were used in creating Amazing Wonders Aviation resources: Jimbo, ITC Kabel Ultra, Myriad Pro (body copy), Cascade, Harting (for VBX resources).

Worship Rally DVD

Join in this fun travel adventure around the globe and meet a group of kids who find themselves faceto-face with God's amazing power. Trapped in a mysterious WWII bunker, the group stumbles upon an old film projector that defies time and space to bring one unsuspecting kid into direct confrontation with the power of God's Word and the wonder of His creation. In Jeff's choreography performance segments on the Worship Rally DVD, you can now choose if you want to use a split-track version or a full-mix version. It's simply a selection on the menu.

Snack Rotation Cards

Card 24 has a dinner suggestion for everyday. Basically just a main dish, side dish, and dessert idea with a theme name such as Aviator Burgers, Fuselage Fries, and Cargo Cookies. Card 24 has a suggestion for 3 different trail mixes set up on a runway.

Crafts Leader Guide

Illustrated step-by-step instructions of daily crafts. Pilot's Prayer Log­prayer suggestions given each day on the Bible story page for each session.

Administrative Guide CD

Enhanced CD includes audio of leader devotions. Promo skits include a Dedication Reading. Follow-up brochure has been redesigned and Follow-up Prospect Cards have been included. Prayerwalk brochure has been redesigned. Classroom Management Handout has been totally redone. New leader appreciation ideas on the CD.

Bible Study (Grades 1-6)

Leader Devotions are printed in the Leader Guides not on the CD. Audio is still provided on the CD for those who prefer to listen to the devotions. Wonder Challenge Tags are on the fold-out flap on the back cover of each Learner Guide. We have returned to the individual kid's booklet learner guide (Grades 1­2 Daily Flight Log, Grades 3­ 4 Daily Flight Log, and Preteen Daily Flight Log). Each 16 page booklet contains activities used during the daily Bible study time as well as things to repeat or use at home.

3s­Pre-K and Kindergarten Leader Guides

Revisions to the schedule and activities in these leader guides place more of the main teaching responsibilities on a "lead teacher" who is comfortable in working with preschoolers. Assistant teachers (who can be first-time preschool teachers) assist with intro and Bible-learning activities. Several options for developing a daily schedule are provided on pages 2-3 of the leader guides. The daily elements include: Intro Activity: 3s­Pre-K kids join this large-group time when they arrive at their VBS classroom. Kindergartners who do not attend worship rally also participate in intro (early arriver) activities. Bible Story Group Time: This large-group experience, taught by a lead teacher, is longer to provide in-depth teaching using a variety of learning approaches. Look for Bible stories told in creative ways,

Bible story review, and music. Also included are fun Bible verse and life application activities and games. Bible-learning Activities: Four small-group experiences help kids understand and apply the truths taught in Bible Story Group Time. These activities can be taught by assistant teachers and require less supplies and prep time than the "learning centers" of previous years. Rotation Activities: The VBS 2012 3s­Kindergarten Rotation Pack now comes packaged in a ziplock bag for easy use. Included are teaching plans for recreation, missions, music, and arts and crafts. Closing Group Time: This large-group wrap-up time has been shortened to give time for kids to get ready to go home after returning from their rotation activities.

Special Friends

Lesson sequence differs from the children's curriculum Day 3 is Power Over Sin and Death, using the John passage. Day 4 is Power Over My Life from the Acts passage. Day 5 is a review of the previous 4 days. (or an overview for churches that have a 1-day Special Needs VBS event). Links to a few videos on Not a done deal, but hoping to have special needs adults videotape the Special Friends theme skits and have them on the Facebook page in January.


The Race: Experiencing God's Amazing Power This study is designed to take advantage of students' interest in relationships and competition. Youth will work in pairs as they race to amazing locations around the world. Against this backdrop, students will be reminded of how all such places came to be--through the amazing power of God.


Follows the same Bible stories as do children, with more Scripture if/where needed. Logo developed for adults this year. Main decorating motif is an Aviation Museum. Discoveries of letters, now housed in the museum, give insight into the people and times of the 1930s-40s. The letter for each session is both a print item and an audio recording for use as desired in each session. Theme song and "Worthy" are other audio files. Photo shoot of vintage airport items should intrigue and involve adults more in the activities. Adults spin off of these locations for each day: #1 Grand Canyon, #2 Matterhorn, #3 Victoria Falls, #4 Northern Lights, #5 Great Barrier Reed. These are the locations for the Visual Pack so churches could use those items for decorating if they wanted. New parenting seminar highlights these topics in Applying God's Awesome Power to Parenting: Session titles 1: How God Prepares Families for Children 2: Parenting with Purpose 3: Coming Back from Parental Failures 4: Fulfilling God's Plan with Children 5: Essential Factors for Successful Children Sessions are approximately 90 minutes each.


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