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January 12, 2008 La Quinta Inn, Burlington

Paula B. opened the meeting at 9:00 a.m. After the Serenity Prayer, the Twelve Traditions, Twelve Concepts, and General Warranties were read by members of the AWSC. Paula then reminded the group that according to the Bylaws of the North Carolina/Bermuda AFG, Inc., Article VI, Section 2: "AWSC Functions. The primary function of the AWSC is to plan for and improve Assemblies, Area Workshops and Area Conventions, publish a quarterly newsletter and provide a link of service through its Delegate to the World Service Conference." ROLL CALL ­ Members Present: Delegate Paula M Alt. Delegate Patsy A Chairperson (Past D.) Paula B Secretary Margie S Treasurer Vickie R District 1 Steve R District 2 Linda V District 3 Deborah H District 4 Aquita B, Alt. DR District 5 Dick R District 6 Woody M Other members present--Deb Davis Paula B shared the following quote from page 172 of the Al-Anon/Alateen Service Manual regarding the balance between ultimate authority and delegated responsibility: "The Al-Anon solution to these questions is found in Tradition Two, which refers to "trusted servants." This provides that our responsible leaders be trusted to decide, within the framework of their duties, how to interpret and apply their authority and responsibility to each problem or situation as it arises. This sort of leadership discretion is the essence of the Right of Decision. We need have no misgivings about granting this privilege at every level of world service." Bullet Reporter--Linda V volunteered to prepare the bullet report for the meeting. SECRETARY'S REPORT: Margie S presented the minutes from the October 13, 2007 AWSC meeting. Deborah H moved to accept the minutes. Dick R seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously. TREASURER'S REPORT: Vickie R presented the Treasurer's report for January 2008. Vickie explained that the fiscal year ends January 31, 2007. The new budget goes into effect on February 1. The last quarterly appeal for the 2007 fiscal year will be sent out before the end of January. Most, if not all, of the donations from this appeal will be applied to the fiscal budget that begins on February 1, 2008. Paula B. has asked Vickie to e-mail the appeal letter to the AWSC. Vickie asked that DRs report to groups that it could take up to six weeks for checks that are deposited to clear the bank depending on when the funds are received and when they are deposited. Vickie generally waits until several checks have been received before making a deposit. Cissy T moved to accept the Treasurer's Report dated October 2007. Connie C seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously. Paula B. announced that the liability insurance policy is now in place. Patsy will get needed information from Sylvia to assure that this is in place for convention. ALTERNATE DELEGATE'S REPORT: Patsy A reported the following: Group Changes The DRs are still doing a great job keeping their group records up-to-date resulting in a very low percentage of returned group mail when the area appeal, area newsletter and assembly notices are sent. Patsy encouraged DR's to continue to communicate the links of service at every opportunity...the GR sends changes to the DR; the DR sends changes to the Alternate Delegate; the Alternate Delegate sends the changes to WSO. This process enables all of the links of service to be quickly updated, thereby eliminating returned mail. Patsy suggested that DRs continue to encourage groups to get and/or share a PO Box to avoid interruption of group mail from all levels of the service structure. She has seen a small increase in groups getting a PO Box or sharing a box with another group. 1 District 7 District 8 District 9 District 10 Literature Coordinator Alateen Coordinator Archivist (Past Delegate) Convention Chair Newsletter Editor Public Outreach Website Coordinator absent absent Tom W absent Harvey S Connie C Ginny K Sylvia W Cissy T Valentina D absent

The Forum "The Forum" continues to be a wonderful resource tool for meetings and public outreach. Encourage your GRs to talk about our "meeting in your pocket". At the Spring 2007 Assembly Patsy briefly reported about "crosstalk," which was a topic of discussion at the SERSS. In the September, October, and December 2007 issues of The Forum there were articles on "crosstalk." Check them out. Patsy also pointed out the articles that our WSO staff members write each month and encouraged all to take time to read them. Formation of New Al-Anon Groups Patsy asked DRs to encourage newly forming groups to meet as a "meeting" for at least three months before registering as a group. Past experience has shown that if a new group can sustain itself for three months the group has a chance of becoming a strong group in the community. This waiting period does two things: 1) gives the group a chance to form a "root system" to become a viable group and, 2) eliminates unnecessary cost in getting the group registered which includes sending the group a group binder. Exception: All Alateen groups must register prior to having a first meeting. Welcome Letter to New Groups For the past several months Patsy has been sending a welcome letter to each newly registered group. WSO notifies her each month of any group change that by passes the suggested links of communication...this includes any new group that has registered. With the increase of Spanish groups beginning to spring up in Area 42, Patsy asked Steve R, Spanish Liaison, to translate the welcome letter into Spanish so that she can communicate with and welcome the Spanish groups. A copy of each letter is sent to the DR with a copy of the letter to the Spanish groups being sent to Steve. DELEGATE'S REPORT: Paula M reported the following: Build Bridges--Energizing Our Spiritual Quest Excitement is building for the next World Service Conference. Paula has received the Conference Communication Kit for this year's conference in Stamford, CT April 13-17, and will soon be making travel arrangements. One of the highlights of the Conference will be a visit to Stepping Stones on April 15 with the 66 other delegates from the United States and Canada. The most heart-warming highlight of the Conference is receiving notes and cards of encouragement from Area 42 groups and members. The address label should read: Paula M AFG World Service Conference ­ April 13-17, 2008 Stamford Marriot Hotel Two Stamford Forum Stamford, CT 06901 The return address should be Paula's home address in the event mail is delayed. The hotel will not accept mail to th the delegates prior to April 9 . Paula will be taking suggested topics for discussion (topics that affect worldwide Al-Anon) and the "Passport to Success" booklets that were distributed at Spring Assembly. Concepts Blog Paula encouraged everyone who has not already done so to find a few minutes to access the Concepts blog on the Members Website. Al-Anon Family Groups has definitely been "thinking big", and Paula is anxious to use this new medium to study the Concepts of Service. The blogs on the Concepts in Spanish and French are up and can be viewed on the Spanish and French Member Web sites. Please spread the word. This is a first in that our French and Spanish members can now share in their own languages about the Concepts and not have to wait for someone to translate it. 2006-2009 Service Manual The Service Manuals have been mailed to all registered groups. The Spanish and French translations were released in December. 2008 International Convention Have you made your plans to attend? Pittsburgh PA July 4-6, 2008! Discussion--A question was raised as to whether the blog on the Concepts was Conference approved. Paula M explained that the blog is intended for use as a recovery tool for members' personal growth and is not Conference approved. A comparison was made to The Forum. The concept of a monthly publication is Conference approved, but the individual sharings and articles are not. Concern was expressed about the use of the website as a vehicle for the blog. It was noted that there is a note to members with information about whom to contact if there are issues with sharings in response to the blog and how/if they are reviewed before being posted. This raised a question as to how the blog was implemented. Paula M was asked to communicate the questions and concerns from the AWSC to the WSO. A topic was suggested for the World Service Conference regarding the role of the internet in communication within the Fellowship. 2

DISTRICT REPRESENTATIVE REPORTS District reports were submitted for the minutes and to the Newsletter Editor and Archivist but were not read. District 1: Steve R reported the following: District 1 now has two active Alateen meetings, one on Monday night in Asheville and the other on Tuesday night in Brevard. The District 1 Al-Anon and Alateen meeting schedule is posted on the District 1 website at The members of the 2007 Fall Assembly voted to allow District 1 to host the 2008 Spring Assembly. Preparations are already underway for Spring Assembly to be held in downtown Asheville. Primary accommodations will be at the Sheraton Four Points Hotel downtown, which is one block from the assembly location at First Baptist Church. Reservation information will be sent out at a later date. Those who are planning to attend might want to plan an extended stay since it will be springtime in the mountains. District 2: Linda V reported the following: th District 2 met October 28 in Morganton with 21 present including 5 GRs. For the first time ever the district will have a budget for 2008. In regards to that budget a Tradition 7 study and group inventory were suggested to the groups. GRs received the guideline for a group inventory (G-8). Public outreach efforts currently underway include the LME program to mental health and the supplying of meeting lists and contact numbers to local AA intergroup offices/answering services and to meeting sites for inclusion in church bulletins/newsletters. The position of liaison to th our Area 42 website is now filled by District 2 secretary Janet P. District 2 will be hosting a spring workshop April 5 in Wilkesboro focusing on the joy of recovery. Alternate district representative Anne S. will be chairing that th committee. The next meeting will be held January 27 in Granite Falls. District 3: No report received. District 4: Jim R was unable to attend the meeting but sent the following report: District 4 has a new Alternate District Representative, Aquita B, and a new Public Outreach Coordi-nator, Judy G. The District will present a workshop on our new piece of Conference Approved Literature, Opening our Hearts, Transforming our Losses, on April 12, 2008 at Main Street United Methodist Church, 306 South Main Street in Kernersville. It will run from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. The next district meeting will be Sunday, January 27, 2008, from 1:30 to 4:00 p.m. at Clemmons Presbyterian Church, 3830 Clemmons Road (Hwy. 158) in Clemmons. In addition to the usual business, the district will pick district meeting dates and locations for the upcoming year and will form an ad hoc committee to begin the process of selecting a site for the Fall 2009 (voting) Assembly. District 5: Dick R reported the following: There is nothing new to report from District 5 at this time. District 6: Woody M reported the following: District 6 has not had a business meeting since Fall Assembly. There are now 4 Spanish-speaking groups in District 6, all originating from Spanish AA. The district has a liaison to the Spanish-speaking groups to help support them and to assist with Public Outreach to Spanish-speaking members. The next district meeting is January 26, 2008 at the Historic United Church of Christ in Graham. District 7: Carma B was unable to attend the meeting but sent the following report: At the last District 7 meeting in Hope Mills on October 27, 2007, the following groups were represented: Hope Mills AFG, Helping Hands AFG, Coats AFG, Dunn AFG, Serenity AFG, Johnston County AFG, Fayetteville Central AFG, and Courageous Steppers Alateen. The DR position was passed to Carma B, which leaves the positions of District Secretary, Alateen Coordinator, and Literature Coordinator open.. District 7 hosted the 2007 Fall Assembly in Dunn on Saturday, November 3. The Public Outreach Coordinator has plans to stop by meetings with information on approaching and working with agencies. Hope M reported that they have contacted local police about distributing Al-Anon packets to victims on domestic violence calls. The DR is in the process of making contact with groups and updating contact information. Several of our members are making plans to attend the upcoming convention in February. The Johnston County Family Al-Anon group will host the next th District 7 meeting on January 26, 2008 @ 2:00 p.m. @ First Baptist Church, 202 South 4 St. Smithfield, NC. District 8: Eileen W reported the following: District 8 will be meeting in Greenville on Jan. 26th for the first meeting of the year. The district is planning a birthday celebration and workshop to be held in May. District 8 is currently polling members regarding possible locations for district meetings. Due to increased difficulty with having meetings in churches on Saturdays, the district is attempting to formulate a committee to help assist with meeting places and times. At the next district meeting there will be discussion about the efforts toward initiating a District 8 web site. District 9: Tom W reported the following: District 9 is planning on holding its annual workshop in conjunction with its first district meeting of 2008. Becky R., Alternate District Representative, is responsible for the annual event and has been working hard to pull together presenters from Whiteville to Morehead City. The title for the workshop is "Conference Approved Literature-Traditionally Speaking." The Whiteville Alateens went to SAC in November. District 9 had a great turnout at Fall Assembly with the largest number of GRs present. Next on the agenda will be to encourage our members to attend the convention in February. 3

District 10: Judy H was unable to attend the meeting but sent the following report: District 10 had a round up on October 20, 2007 that started this with a memorial service for Lois W. The district decided on this date as the memorial service for Lois W. was held on October 20, 1988. Members lit candles and read Lois' story from How Al-Anon Works, a report of a talk Lois gave on sponsorship in 1969, and several other readings from the 1988 Forum which had info about the memorial service. Members then had a pot luck supper and then listened to the first tape of the Rick B. Concept workshop at the RSS. The event was held at a member's home and lots of Al-Anon members participated. Bermuda Al-Anon members were invited to participate at the AA Convention on Thanksgiving weekend. There was an Al-Anon panel of local speakers, Al-Anon speaker Jeff H. from Virginia, and Alateen speaker Michael B. from Virginia. Al-Anon had a literature table and displayed books and pamphlets as well as info about Al-Anon and Alateen and the International Al-Anon convention in July 2008. A cake was provided for all at the convention in th honor of Alateen's 50 birthday. The "Sketches" PSA is being aired in prime twice an evening on the local TV station. District 10 is struggling to get the phone number on the PSA changed to a local number and has not been successful. The U.S. holiday press release that was sent out by WSO was sent to local press contacts, and an article was printed in the local paper entitled "To help the drinker, you may need to help yourself first" on December 7, 2007. DISTRICT REPRESENTATIVE FORUM 1. Al-Anon Information Services Tom W brought forth a concern about the role of the Wilmington AIS in District 9. In the past, the AIS has not wanted to be considered a part of District 9. In the recent past, groups in the district have resisted having someone from the AIS reporting on their activities. Tom asked for experience on the role of an AIS in the district where it is located. Dick R shared that the District 5 Office Coordinator reports on phone call received at each district meeting. Some members of the district want to support the tasks of the office, such as answering calls, but do not want to support office expenses such as rent. Currently the AIS function of the office as well as other workings of the office, which serves as a literature distribution center, are supported by the same budget. Woody M shared that it has been beneficial for the Raleigh AIS to have an association with District 6. Steve R shared that District 1 has an 800 number supported by a professional answering service. A log of calls is kept, and a District Phone Coordinator reports to the district. The struggle to find volunteers from within the program has necessitated paying for the service. Pros of this service include the ability to provide the most up-to-date meeting information. The biggest con is the cost. There are currently five Al-Anon Information Services in Area 42--Raleigh, Wilmington, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and Charlotte. It was also noted that having an AIS also increases the opportunity for public outreach. Further information about the role of the AIS can be found on page 56 and 57 of the 2006-2009 Al-Anon/Alateen Service Manual. There is also a Guideline (G4) on the AIS. 2. Spanish-speaking groups Woody M shared that the Spanish-speaking groups in District 6 have requested that information such as district meeting notices and minutes be sent in Spanish. There are currently four Spanish-speaking groups in the district. These groups have developed from Spanish AA, not as a result of English-speaking Al-Anon groups. There is a liaison in the district for oral communication. Woody asked if it would be recommended that these groups form a separate district to model AA. It was suggested that the Area 42 Spanish liaison could translate meeting notices and minutes to meet the needs of Spanish-speaking groups. In terms of forming a separate district of Spanish meetings, Woody was reminded of the Area 42 redistricting guidelines and the need to follow them. A suggestion was also made that newly forming groups register as meetings and allow time to become established before registering as a group. 3. The Forum Steve R expressed a concern based on the previous conversation about the Concepts blog that The Forum is not Conference Approved Literature. Doreen read the statement of purpose from The Forum. Page 95 of the Al-Anon/Alateen Service Manual offers a description of The Forum with further details. 4. Communication within districts Steve also asked about including members who are not serving as a GR on the District 1 e-mail contact list. There are members who have requested to receive information, causing a concern with bypassing the GR as the primary link of communication with the group. Connie C shared that as a previous secretary for District 6, she provided access to district information to any interested member and felt that all members have the right to the information. Woody also shared that he maintains a list of members who are willing to or interested in receiving information and sends information to all members on this list. The importance of getting information to the groups was emphasized as the primary consideration. 4 5. Alateen sponsor and group in SC Dick R asked about a situation with a member who lives in SC but wants to sponsor an Alateen group in NC. Because of the state boundary issue, this is considered to be an "out of

process" issue. Patsy was asked to do further research on this issue. Dick also shared that there is a group that meets in SC that has asked to be part of the District 5 in Area 42. This brought on a discussion of geographical boundaries. Members shared about the history of the Lake Norman AFG that requested to be moved on paper from District 5 to District 4 to afford members the opportunity to participate in service work. The group was moved on paper without district boundaries being changed. It was suggested that the request Dick spoke of be viewed as an area issue and that contact be made with SC regarding the request. 6. District member complaints Dick shared that he received four anonymous letters of complaint following Fall Assembly regarding chanting at the close of meetings and use of the Lord's Prayer. The members expressed the feeling that they are being told what to do by WSO. It was explained that members were being asked to consider these issues and that it is up to the autonomy of each group to decide how to close meetings and deal with any other suggestions that are made. NEW BUSINESS 1. AWSC meeting location options--Paula B presented information about options that have been explored. Options that have been considered are as follows: --continue to meet at LaQuinta in Burlington--Some members have been dissatisfied with accommodations and meeting room price has increased --Country Inn & Suites--Paula has provided information to the AWSC. --Hampton Inn or Super 8 --The Burlington Library--The meeting room cannot be reserved more than 30 days in advance. The reason for meeting in Burlington was questioned and it was explained that the AWSC in the past has agreed to meet in a central location. Raleigh and Greensboro are considered to be centralized for voting assemblies but are more expensive in general. Mebane (Exit 119) was suggested as a possible meeting site. It was suggested that a steering committee be formed to gather futher information with consideration given to centralized location, access to an interstate, cost of hotel and meeting rooms, access to restaurants, and ability to have food in the meeting room. The meeting room size needs to be a minimum of 800 square feet. Ten rooms are blocked for the night preceding the AWSC meeting. Patsy agreed to check into sites in the Mebane area. Valentina will research hotels in Winston-Salem. Steve will look into locations in Greensboro. Dick will check into the possibility of meeting at the District 5 Service Office, which would provide a meeting location free of charge. The consensus was to meet at LaQuinta in April and make a decision about future meetings after a report back on other possibilities. 2. Length of lunch break--There was discussion of expanding the lunch break to allow members enough time to have a restful lunch break and return to the meeting location for the afternoon. The location of future meetings and available lunch options will be determine future lunch break length. It was decided that there would be one hour and fifteen minutes allotted for the break at the April meeting. 3. Meeting dates--Options for upcoming meeting dates were discussed. The following dates were decided on: April 5, 2008 July 26, 2008 October 11, 2008 January 10, 2009 4. Early bird meeting at Assembly--Paula B. shared that the evaluations from Fall Assembly indicated that the fellowship prefers that the hosting district plan the Friday night meeting. The meeting broke for lunch at 11:15. SERVICE ARM REPORTS: reconvened. Service Arm meetings were held from 12:30-2:00 p.m. The full committee then

1. FELLOWSHIP COMMUNICATION­ Steve R reported for the Fellowship Communication Service Arm. Jim Roeder will serve as the chair for this Service Arm. Literature Coordinator Report Literature sales at Fall Assembly were $946.55, and a total of $33.00 worth of no charge literature was given out. Last year Harvey ran out a lot of literature because of budget restraints. He hopes that this year's budget will alleviate this problem so everyone can get the literature they want. Due to production schedules, the WSO must receive your payment and order form for the special outreach magazine "Al-Anon Faces Alcoholism" by 5 p.m. ET, Tuesday, February 12, 2008. No exceptions can be made. 5 The WSO will ship orders before April 1, 2008. The cost is: 25 copies for $ 14.00

50 copies for $ 22.00 100 copies for $ 38.00 400 copies for $138.00 How Al-Anon Works (B-22) is currently undergoing revisions. The new text, which will be available in 2008, will add personal applications of the Traditions and a new chapter on the Concepts that will also include personal applications. Literature Sales at Assembly It was asked that an announcement be made a future area assemblies that no literature sales will take place during the business portion of the meeting. The Assembly Guidelines will be revised to reflect this. Convention Committee Report The Convention Committee met on Friday, January 11 at LaQuinta in Burlington, NC. Convention chairperson Sylvia W reported the following: th. The 2008 NC/Bermuda Al-Anon/Alateen Convention will be at Days Inn Southern Pines on Feb 22-24 The Convention Committee had a successful final walk through of the hotel on Friday, December 28, 2007. Final details were discussed and a draft of the Banquet Event Order has been sent for approval. The convention program has been completed for approval at AWSC. Districts and groups are asked for CAL contributions for the literature raffle. Volunteers are needed to participate in the "Al-Anon Squares" game. Contact Deb D. via email at [email protected] The hospitality room is in need of food, money, and time--Please distribute the appeal letter to GR's. A volunteer sign up sheet will be provided-contact via e-mail is Carole [email protected] The current balance in the hospitality fund is $328. Registration flyers were mailed December 25, 2007. If interested, members should check Saturday lunch buffet of the registration form. The projected cost for the buffet lunch in $10.95. This option will be made available if a minimum of fifty members indicate interest. Make motel reservations under NC/Bermuda AFG block, Days Inn Southern Pines/Pinehurst (800-262-5737). The hotel and Alateen Registration st cut-off date is February 8. There are no elevators--Make 1 floor request when making reservations if needed. A complimentary continental breakfast is offered. There is a hot breakfast for $4, plus complimentary voucher. Registration to date is as follows: Al-Anon--99 AA--6 Alateens--7 Sponsor--1. Registration forms have been submitted to Erica to post on the Area 42 website. Registration flyers have been sent to Alateen sponsors to encourage Alateen participation. There has been no response to the invitation to provide AA literature at convention. The convention treasury balance, including hospitality fund, is $9,131.07. There is $8,803.07 in the general fund and $328.00 in the hospitality fund. Discussion about Program Chair/Convention Co-Chair Position At this time, there is no nomination to submit for approval for the 2009 convention program chair/co-chairperson. The job credentials according to 2007 guidelines are as follows: "The Program Chair is an active Al-Anon member who has served on any Convention Committee or the current Speaker Committee." Sylvia has contacted a number of members who fit these criteria, but they have declined to serve in this position for the 2009 convention. She asked for guidance from the AWSC on how to handle this situation. It was explained that the AWSC approves the appointment of the program chair since this person goes on to serve as the convention chair in the following year. Applicants for this position in the past have been denied. Points made in the discussion included concerns about opening the field to include members who have little experience in service or with convention participation. It was shared that the current convention chair remains in that position if there in no one to serve as the chair. There is no precedent for how to apply this to the program chair position. Current options for handling this situation were discussed and included leaving the nomination open to the discretion of the convention chair, include members of past convention committees in the field of eligible candidates, and open the field of candidates to any past members of a Speaker Committee. Suggestions were made for possible eligibility requirements for the program chair position. Following the discussion, Sylvia moved that the search for a convention program chair/co chair be open to any member who meets the following criteria: 1. active Al-Anon member with service experience beyond the group level 2. has attended more than two previous NC/Bermuda Al-Anon/Alateen conventions 3. has knowledge of the world wide fellowship of Al-Anon Harvey Stallings seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

6 Area 42 Newsletter The Area 42 ~ Volume 38 ~ Issue 4 ~ Winter 2007 - 2008 Edition of the North Carolina/Bermuda Newsletter

went to press at the end of December with an order of 575 copies. The number of individual subscriptions has increased to 178. At the 2007 Fall Assembly an overwhelming number of the members responding to the newsletter questionnaire indicated that they are in support of leaving the newsletter at the current size with the same "quality and quantity" of news and information. There was one response consisting of mostly constructive criticism, which was and will continue to be given due attention to issues raised within that response. Cissy appreciates the input of suggestions and the support. As the newsletter is constructed every effort will continue being taken to keep each member as informed as possible. Cissy expressed her appreciation to each AWSC member who adheres to the deadline with the much needed and complete information. She expresses a concern that some are not adhering to the newsletter deadlines and reinforced that it is the responsibility of each AWSC member to pass along all necessary and current information, to the Newsletter Editor. This is done in order to keep each Al-Anon and Alateen members better informed. All reports for the Spring Edition of the North Carolina/Bermuda Newsletter are due on Saturday, March 1, 2008. Please mark your calendars and respond accordingly by e-mail to: Cissy T at [email protected] with the words "Spring Report" on the subject line. Website Coordinator Report No report received 2. PUBLIC OUTREACH--Linda V reported for the Public Outreach Service Arm. Valentina D chaired. Valentina's Public Outreach Coordinator report included the following: Al-Anon Faces Alcoholism 2008 th The deadline for ordering the second printing of AFA 2008 is coming up on February 12 . Now would be a good time to make a plan at your district meetings to distribute this literature and designate someone to order the literature if you have not already done so. Delivery is set for April 1 (in time for Alcohol Awareness month). GR's are also asked to announce this in their group to see if the members might want to make a plan to distribute AFA 2008 in their community. National Conference Call for Area Public Outreach Coordinators Report Back Highlights of the call below were excerpted from a summary of the call WSO distributed. The conversation covered three main topics: 1. How can we make better use of the main resources for Public Outreach? AFA 2008 was mentioned as one of the most encapsulating outreach tools. Several Coordinators expressed a desire for Al-Anon posters to attract families and friends of alcoholics to local meetings. A new poster is being developed at WSO. Check page 92 of the 2004-2006 Al-Anon/Alateen Service Manual for more information on posters. 2. How can we gain more participation from the fellowship to develop new resources for Public Outreach? All were encouraged to develop e-mail distribution lists for DRs, AISs, and newsletter editors so appropriate information can go to trusted servants as soon as possible. One coordinator urged all of us to find ways to celebrate what individual volunteers accomplish so more members will feel inspired to participate. Some coordinators were under the impression we have to pay for space to run stories in newspapers. It was pointed out we don't pay to have news releases published. We do not pay to run public service announcements either. Someone else mentioned that newspapers have non-profit sections that we can target. WSO introduced the idea/plan to prepare Al-Anon columns for newspapers in a question-and-answer format. Coordinators discussed the need for this on electronic mediums (such as the internet, Youtube, etc.). One coordinator expressed the concern of isolation in using the Internet. One coordinator mentioned a trial of the newspaper column. Valentina, Area 42 Coordinator, expressed her preference for using our limited resources on mediums other than the newspaper so as to attract younger members, possibly through the Internet or other electronic mediums. The demographic of newspaper readership is now primarily 54 year olds and up. Newspaper circulation is also down significantly as people rely more and more on the Internet. To spend the time crafting a weekly question-answer column for the newspaper seems like an unfortunate use of our resources. Valentina also admitted that she was not aware of how that question-answer format could work for us on the Internet. 3. How do we serve families and friends of alcoholics who are incarcerated, living in shelters, or visiting doctors' offices? Al-Anon Faces Alcoholism 2008 and all future editions are appropriate for use in prisons, jails, shelters, and doctors' offices. Some facilities may require removal of the staples, but that can be handled on a case-by-case basis. It was 7

mentioned that literature will always be necessary to serve families and friends of alcoholics who are in jails. Several

books are currently available in soft cover especially for such use: Hope for Today (B-28); Opening Our Hearts, Transforming Our Losses (B-29); Dilemma of the Alcoholic Marriage (B-4); Alateen, Hope for Children of Alcoholics (B-3); Courage to Be Me (B-23); and Lois Remembers (B-7). Another Coordinator suggested giving materials to counselors who work at shelters, instead of trying to visit the shelter where its location is a security issue. Television Public Service Announcements District 2 & 9 are patiently awaiting their FREE PSA that they will receive, (because they have committees willing to distribute them to local TV stations). These PSA's are still on back order. Outreach to Alcoholics Anonymous Please encourage and invite members in your district to participate in this project. The goal is to contact each of the AA Intergroups in your District. Public Outreach to Professionals Project--NC Local Management Entity (LME) Please let Valentina know of any LME's contacted, so we can tally the number of LME's contacted and be able to report back to the fellowship. Report back on Holiday News Releases WSO sent out the Holiday News Release that Valentina sent out on e-mail in December. Congrats to Catherine & Judy in Bermuda for getting the Holiday News Release printed in their local newspaper!!! Also, thanks to District 3 for getting information to Valentina on the many newspapers, locations, churches to which they have distributed the News Release: great going Group Rep. Beth M. and Public Outreach Rep, Fred T. for Wednesday Nite AFG in Newton. Wow, you make us proud! Public Outreach Service Arm Meeting Report The members of the public outreach service arm felt that more time is needed to bring the current public outreach focus on the LME project and outreach to AA intergroups. They did not feel that it would be beneficial to implement a new outreach project until these have had more time to be fully implemented. The service arm discussed using remaining funds to purchase a display board for creating a public outreach display with Al-Anon information. At the next AWSC meeting members of the service arm will work on creating this display during the service arm meeting. 3. Group Services Connie Cwas the recorder for the Group Services Service Arm. Patsy Aldred chaired. Archivist Report Ginny K asked that DRs continue to send quarterly reports. Alateen Coordinator Report Connie C reported the following: Numbers Two Alateen groups have been reactivated, one in District 1 and the other in District 5. Convention 2008 The Alateen speaker will be Megan J from VA. Because there are only a few Alateens registered so far, there is no host or chairpeople yet for the Alateen meetings. Connie will have the phone number for both the SC and VA Alateen Process Persons at Convention in case there is a need to verify any AMIIAS from out of state. In addition, Connie will supply the registration desk with the most current AMIIAS list so they can verify the numbers. Connie wrote to all the sponsors in Area 42 and enclosed the registration flier and the travel form, asking them to encourage their teens to attend. Alateen Conferences Connie attended the EAR (Eastern Alateen Roundup) board meeting in Winston-Salem on Nov 10. They have a tentative venue for their next conference and are working on a date. She also attended SAC (Southeastern Alateen Conference) this past November and reported that it was magical! What a gift that these kids can get away from the chaos of their homes and spend a weekend sharing their feelings with their peers. The kids run the entire event, policing each other, cleaning up, running meetings, participating in a talent show and dance, keeping a curfew, everything! Connie also reported that the sponsors, too, are a very committed group of Al-Anon members. Connie has acquired the EAR by-laws and is still awaiting receipt of the SAC bylaws. When she has both sets, Group Services will review them and make a recommendation to the AWSC on whether or not to continue with the Alateen Coordinator as a liaison to the EAR and SAC boards. Alateen Sponsor Certification The plan to validate our requirements for Alateen sponsor applicants was presented to the Group Services Arm at Fall Assembly and tabled until Spring Assembly. Connie is committed to supplying each Alateen sponsor with the plan, plus some alternatives, so they can discuss it with the teens and perhaps encourage some of them to come to Spring Assembly. Because there was a lot of feedback about the cost of each background check, Connie will present some options for payment. The Group Services Arm of AWSC will collaborate on this presentation so it will be ready when the handouts are mailed for Spring Assembly. 8 AMIIAS Recertification The plan is to put the recertification form on the Area 42 website so the AMIIAS can retrieve it, print it, fill it out, and send it in. AMIIAS without e-mail will receive a copy of the form via U.S. mail.

Bloopers Connie missed the opportunity to provide Alateen information at NC School Guidance Counselor Conference in District 4 this year and encouraged all AWSC members to create a thorough job description for their successors to avoid missed opportunities in the future. Group Services Service Arm Meeting Report Treasurer Concerns Vickie presented concerns about copy cost for Assembly materials. $382.04 was spent on copies for Fall Assembly handouts. The annual budget for supplies is $2,000.00. This includes other copying plus mailing of area appeals and assembly notices. At Spring Assembly Vickie will present the cost of printing the handouts for the last two assemblies and the average amount donated per group. This info will be background as the service arm suggests that every district create an e-mail address for each group, using District 9 as a model, so that every group can then retrieve and print their own copies of the handouts. In addition, all handouts will be available on the Area 42 website. After some discussion and review of the expense guidelines, the AWSC is urged to remember that these are guidelines. The most important thing is that we are all safe and comfortable, that we do not drive rather than spend the money on a motel if we are tired, and that we do not sleep in a motel where we are uneasy or uncomfortable. LCD Projector The Group Services Service Arm will submit the proposal to purchase an LCD projector at Spring Assembly. The background info for this has already been distributed. Improving the Assembly Assembly Guidelines--Because the list of documents presented at the GR orientation changes often, the outline part of the GR Orientation section will now say (addition in italics) "Briefly review the (suggested list)." In addition, the Alateen Coordinator will create guidelines for the Alateen Sponsor orientation. Assembly evaluations showed some desire for a wireless microphone at each table. The cost of these microphones will be presented at Spring Assembly with an explanation that we cannot afford them. The evaluations also indicated no interest in a multi-day assembly, so this will not be considered further. Group Services made a proposal to purchase table decorations that will be used at every Assembly, thus removing the burden of inventing something from the hosting district and the repeated expense from the Area. It was proposed that the area buy a sufficient number of bases (about thirty) that can hold two 4" x 6" flags, one of Bermuda and one of NC. The suggested cost of this purchase would not exceed $200.00. The Alternate Delegate would store and transport the decorations. Discussion of this suggestion included a suggestion to use an Al-Anon related item for table decorations. Connie moved to spend an amount not to exceed $200 for the purchase of a sufficient number of bases and NC & Bermuda flags to be used as a permanent table display, to the exclusion of any other, at Area 42 Assemblies with an Al-Anon symbol to be included. The Alternate Delegate will be responsible for the storage and transportation of these table decorations. Ginny K seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously. Old Business Strategic Plan--Paula B asked for suggestions on how to proceed with the discussion of developing a Strategic Plan for Area 42. After a brief discussion it was decided that the AWSC will not proceed with this task. Announcements 1. Paula B announced that the AWSC is scheduled to do an AWSC inventory during the second year of the term of office. Paula will e-mail this to the committee. Response can be sent my e-mail or U.S. mail for those wishing for their input to remain anonymous. 2. Spring Assembly is scheduled for Saturday, May 17 in downtown Asheville at the First Central Baptist Church. Recommended hotels will be Four Points by Sheraton and the Ramada Inn. The Festival of Flowers will be occurring at this time. Steve R suggested that members may wish to plan an extended visit on assembly weekend and will see if hotel prices can be guaranteed for the dates preceding and following assembly. Linda V shared the Bullet Points from the meeting. Connie C motioned to close the meeting. Deborah H seconded the motion, which was approved unanimously. The meeting was closed at 4:00 p.m. with the Serenity Prayer followed by the Al-Anon Declaration. Respectfully Submitted, Margie S, Area Secretary 9


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