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CBET Questions and Answers - 2007 1. How do I get information about becoming certified? Check out <> where you can click on "certification" and then download the applicant's handbook (17 pages in Portable Document Format). 2. What does it cost to become certified? The exam fee is $285. In addition two books are strongly recommended at a cost of about $140. "The Human Body in Health & Disease" by Thibodeau & Pztton - Mosby Press, covers anatomy and physiology, while "An Introduction to Biomedical Equipment Technology by Carr/Brown -- Prentice Hall, is very comprehensive regarding the electronics and instrumentation aspects of the science. If you already have a text about medical devices you can pass on the Carr/Brown book as it's a bit of overkill on electronics, which is being simplified on current examinations. Additionally, AAMI offers a CD-ROM called "Assessing Your Knowledge" -- (code SGCD) for $125. It contains about 500 interactive questions and answers and lots of automatic housekeeping features to make practice fairly easy. While expensive, it really works, allowing you to take sample exams, review exam questions by category, and to retake any missed questions during practice. Any fees for preparation classes are additional and usually are only a small portion of the total expense to prepare for the exam. Materials and testing fees should cost between $450 - $540 with class fees added to that. The NCBA usually offers classes in conjunction with their fall educational seminar at a minimal cost; mostly to cover materials and food associated with the class. 3. How do I get started? Watch the North Central Biomedical Association's web site at <> for class registration information. Check with on-line booksellers like <> or <> to order books at a discount. Order the AAMI CD-ROM and load it on your computer ASAP and start reviewing the questions -- learn how to navigate your way around the system, using the Function keys for help and additional information. Sign up for the NCBA fall seminar and CBET preparation class early to be assured a seat. 4. What are my chances of becoming certified? Nationally about 53% of examinees pass. The NCBA preparation class boasts a higher percentage, about 85-90%. One reason for this is the intense classroom sessions well before the exam, and the selection of materials to augment the class. With the class in September and the exam in early November, there's enough time to organize your study efforts and to master the subjects. The highest percentage of passing usually occurs with those individuals who acquire ALL the study materials AND spend some time each DAY preparing. 5. Just what do I get out of all this effort? You join a rather elite group of certified technicians around the WORLD that has demonstrated their knowledge and dedication to the field of biomedical equipment technology. You will probably be more employable and some organizations offer more pay for certification, although that's not common. You might even be asked what the CBET after your name means, with the chance to explain to other health care providers. 6. What if I need more information or have additional questions? Contact Ray Nielsen, CBET-Emeritus at <[email protected]>, 612-724-9280, or by mail at 5508-26th Ave. So., Minneapolis, MN 55417.


CBET Questions and Answers - 2007

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