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Steps for Success


Don't forget to activate your student e-mail! Visit WWW.NCC.EDU/STUDENTEMAIL

i Read through this booklet carefully!

Inside is information you will need to ensure successful enrollment at Nassau Community College.



Join us! Community is more than our middle name -- it embodies our approach to a well-rounded college experience and our commitment to serving you with rigorous academic programs, life-enriching events and activities, up-to-date professional development and continuing education, customized workforce training, exciting athletic contests and a wide range of opportunities for Nassau County and Long Island.


From our beautiful, park-like, central Long Island location in the heart of Nassau County to our study abroad programs in countries around the globe, Nassau is the community college of choice for nearly 24,000 fulland part-time students and almost 15,000 continuing and professional students.


Take our online campus tour. Review our academic programs, support services and student resources. Search the library catalog. Whether you're online or in person, your experience at Nassau Community College will be filled with growth, change, service and opportunity -- the opportunity to explore the world, learn new things, meet new people, exchange ideas, debate issues and serve others. Welcome to NCC!

Dr. Kenneth K. Saunders

Steps for Success

Please read through this booklet carefully. It contains important information regarding:

· Activating Your Student E-mail Account · Completing the Admission Process · Transfer Students · SAT/ACT Test Scores · Financial Aid · Health Records and Immunizations · English as a Second Language · Center for Students With Disabilities · Placement Testing · Academic Advisement · Registering for Classes · Paying Your Bill · Student ID Cards · New Student Orientation · Purchasing Textbooks · Your MyNCC Account



with the checklist on the last page of this brochure.

Make sure to complete each step in order to guarantee successful enrollment at NCC.


i Activating Your Student E-mail Account

Visit to activate your account as this is the official form of communication from the College.

i Complete Your Admission Process

Your Degree-Seeking admission application has been received. We will send you an e-mail informing you of what documents and/or testing you need to complete your application. Make sure you submit all documents by the semester deadlines. Visit for more information about Admissions dates and deadlines.

i Transfer Students

You must submit official college transcripts for every college or university attended. Your course(s) will be evaluated and once you are admitted, you will be able to use MyNCC to see the accepted transferred-in credits and how they apply to your degree program.

i SAT/ACT Test Scores

Although submission of SAT/ACT scores is not a requirement, it is strongly advised that you submit them to the Office of Admissions PRIOR to taking the placement test. Your test scores may exempt you from one or more part(s) of the placement test.


i Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

You must complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at if you wish to apply for financial aid. Our school code for the FAFSA is 002873. Processing may take 6-8 weeks so be sure to fill out the application as soon as possible. New York State residents should also complete the TAP (Tuition Assistance Program) application which may be accessed right after you complete the FAFSA. Our school code for the TAP application is 2113. After you have completed these applications online, our Financial Aid Office will send you information directly about further steps to take. Visit for more information.


i Health Records & Proof of Immunizations

You cannot be admitted until you submit the required immunization forms to Student Health Services. Visit to print the forms. For other health-related questions, special requirements for programs and health insurance information, visit


i English as a Second Language (ESL)

If you were in ESL classes in high school or arrived in the USA from a non-English-speaking country in the last six years, contact the ESL Office at 516.573.0172. They will determine the placement test you need to take.


i Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD)

If you have a learning, physical, psychological, hearing, visual and/or medical disability and need special assistance or accommodations, we urge you to contact the Center for Students with Disabilities. CSD is located in Building U and can be reached at 516.572.7241. All information and documentation are confidential.


i Taking the NCC Placement Test

Most degree- and certificate-seeking applicants to Nassau Community College are required to take a placement test prior to registering for courses. An entering student must demonstrate readiness to learn the course material successfully and that's why you're asked to take the Accuplacer Computerized Placement Test (CPT), also called the Placement Test, at NCC. For more information, visit Remember­ you must bring a valid government-issued photo ID (ie. driver's license or passport) or High School photo ID with a copy of your birth certificate, a pen, and your appointment confirmation to the test. You may bring a calculator for the math test.


Q. What is the purpose of the placement test? A. NCC uses a Placement Test to provide information about your skill levels in reading, English, and mathematics. Your scores on the test determine the reading, English and mathematics courses that are most appropriate for you. It is used to place you in either remedial (non-credit) courses or college-level (credit) courses. Q. What if I have to take an ESL placement test? A. Contact the ESL Office at 516.573.0172. An ESL counselor will advise you of the test you need to take. ESL placement test dates are different than the placement test dates. Q. What if I need special assistance or accommodations to take my test? A. We urge you to contact the Center for Students with Disabilities at 516.572.7241 BEFORE the placement test. Your documentation will be reviewed to determine what accommodations are needed. If you choose to test without accommodations, you cannot be retested. Q. Who takes the placement test? A. Students who must take the test are: · Degree-Seeking students · Students planning to take an English or mathematics class · Students planning to take a course with an English or mathematics prerequisite Q. How can I waive the placement test? A. English Test · Official transcript(s) from an accredited college/university that indicates you have completed a 3-credit collegelevel English course equivalent to our ENG 101 (Composition I) with a grade of C or better · A Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution in the United States · A score of 540 or higher on the writing exam portion of the SAT or a score of 24 or higher on the ACT Reading Comprehension · A score of 550 or higher on the reading portion of the SAT or a score of 24 or higher on the ACT · See English test above Mathematics Test · Official transcript(s) from an accredited college/university that indicates you have completed a 3-credit collegelevel mathematics course equivalent to our MAT 109 (Algebra & Trigonometry) with a grade of C or better · A score of 550 or higher on the SAT Math or a score of 24 or higher on the ACT will waive you from the Algebra test · If you want to enroll in a higher math course or your program requires a higher level math, you must take the college Level Math (CLM) test Q. How do I schedule my placement tests? A. Test sessions are available throughout most of the year. Once you have completed the admission application requirements you can visit to schedule a test. Click on Schedule a Test to reserve a test date. The application fee must be received before scheduling your test date.

More FAQ's i

Placement Testing Continued i

Q. What if I have little or no computer experience? How will I do on a computerized placement test? A. NO PROBLEM! The test is very user friendly and there is always a proctor in the Testing Center to answer your questions. Q. How long does the test take? A. That depends on you. You are permitted up to an hour to complete the essay. The reading comprehension and mathematics portions of the test are multiple choice and they are not timed. You work at your own pace. You should expect to spend about 2½ hours in the computer lab when taking the reading, English and mathematics tests. Q. Should I guess if I am unsure of an answer? A. Yes! Questions are chosen for you on the basis of your answers to previous questions. Therefore, you must answer every question when it is first given. You cannot omit a question or return to it later. Q. Can I prepare for the test? A. Yes! Come to the test well-rested. If you have not taken mathematics in 6 months or more, take a free diagnostic test at to analyze your math skills and identify your strengths and weaknesses. The placement test is very important because it determines your course placement. · To review for all parts of the test you should visit these sites: · Hard copies of sample tests can be obtained from the Placement Testing Office in Building U or from our website at

Q. What type of tests are given? A. Please visit our website for sample questions and detailed descriptions. The following are short explanations: · English Test ­ Type a 300-600 word essay on an assigned topic · Reading Comprehension ­ Consists of 20 multiple-choice questions · Algebra ­ consists of 12 multiple-choice questions · Arithmetic ­ If you score below 65 on the Algebra test, you will be required to take the arithmetic test. This test consists of 17 multiple-choice questions · College Level Mathematics (CLM) ­ If you are interested in taking a pre-calculus or calculus course or your program requires these higher level mathematic courses, you will need to take the CLM. This test consists of 20 multiple-choice questions


i Meet with an Advisor

You will receive information via your Student E-mail on where and when you can obtain academic advisement. The day of your advisement meeting, you'll have the opportunity to attend an Enrollment Information Session that will review the enrollment process described in this booklet. It's a great way to make sure you stay on track and understand your Steps for Success. Please note: for late applicants, this process may change and the enrollment information may be communicated in other ways.


i Build your Schedule and Register

Once you have been advised, go to and click on MyNCC/Banner Login to register. Follow your advisor's course recommendations. If you placed into remedial courses, you MUST enroll in those during your first semester..


Video tutorials are available at MyNCC Topics include how to:



i Get to Know All the Important Features of Your Account

· · · · Register for classes Run a Degree Evaluation Check your financial aid Review your class schedule · · · · Pay your NCC bill Check your grades Print transcripts Register for SUNY Alert

· log into your account · search for classes · add or drop a class · get on a wait list for a class · print your unofficial transcript


i Resident Tuition

To be eligible for the resident tuition rate, a student must have one year's legal residency in New York State and six months in the County of Nassau. The legal residency of unmarried students under 21 is deemed to be that of their parents. New York State students from counties other than Nassau may have the non-resident tuition rate waived by submitting a Certificate of Residency from their home county. Residents of counties outside of Nassau County may contact their local County Comptroller's Office or the NCC Office of the Bursar ( for additional information.

i Paying Your Bill

Your registration is not complete until payment has been made or you have completed the financial aid process and confirmed you have enough aid to cover your charges. In order for financial aid to be awarded, be sure to submit necessary documents and fulfill all requirements. Your classes will be cancelled for non-payment if your payment is not received or your financial aid is not completed by the due date. For bill due dates and tuition liability information, visit


i Student ID Card

Bring valid photo ID and your paid bill to Public Safety to get your Student ID Card. Your ID card is required for services throughout the campus. Visit for further information.


i Purchase Your Textbooks

Information on textbooks for all your courses can be found through, click on "textbooks."


i Support for your Success

As a student at Nassau Community College, you'll never have to go it alone. At every turn, the services you need to be successful--now and in the future--will be readily available. Whether you need assistance creating a meaningful educational plan that meets your goals, figuring out an ideal career path for you, ensuring special accommodations are in place for your specific disability, or lining up outstanding child care while you're in school, NCC will be there for you. Isn't that nice to know?

Services Include:

· Career Counseling to advise and guide you in all phases of the career exploration process. · Educational Counseling­The Center for Educational and Retention Counseling offers students help with educational planning and direction · JobPlacementOffice provides placement assistance for part-time, full-time, summer, internship and volunteer positions · Psychological Counseling provides psychological assessment, counseling and crisis intervention · Child Care Services­The Children's Greenhouse serves the entire College community by providing outstanding, yet reasonably-priced, child care that allows parents to continue their education knowing that their children are in a safe and nurturing environment



i Expect a Great Community

After all, community is our middle name. The NCC campus practically spills over with activities and events. We work hard to bring fascinating people to campus and offer free or low-cost events and programs that you'll find worthwhile. Although we can't add extra hours to your daily life, we can add life to your hours.

i Clubs & Organizations

So, you're into anime and art? Chess and criminal justice? Interior design and investing? The great thing is that no matter what you're interested in outside the classroom, NCC's student organizations and activities have you covered. When you're engaged in the NCC community and involved in student organizations and activities, you're going to be a much more successful student.

i Athletics & Recreation

Get in the game. Participate in one of NCC's intramural sports teams or join one of our more than 20 fiercelycompetitive NCC Lion teams...some of them national champions. Come to a game and show your school spirit.

Visit for more information!


i The World In 225 Acres

Nassau Community College has everything you need for an education that will reward you the rest of your life. Big talk? You bet. Big campus and big opportunities too. At NCC, you'll find yourself surrounded by 225 beautiful acres that feel more like a traditional four-year college campus than the community colleges you're used to seeing.

College Fast Facts & Information

· · · · · · · ·

Affordable tuition! Easily-accessible campus from the Meadowbrook Parkway, Stewart Avenue and Hempstead Turnpike Over 23,000 day and evening students and nearly 15,000 continuing and professional students attend each year Hundreds of day, evening, weekend and Distance Education courses available in more than 70 fields of study Our faculty hold doctorates at twice the national rate for community colleges The average class size is 22 students Honors Program available Our graduates number more than 120,000

Visit for a detailed view of the campus!


Need to get in touch with NCC? Here's the place to start!


Phone Number Academic Advisement Center 516.572.7436 Admissions Office 516.572.7345 Athletics 516.572.7522 Bursar's Office/Student Financial Affairs 516.572.7326 Center for Students With Disabilities 516.572.7241 Financial Aid Office 516.572.7396 Information Services Center 516.572.7501 Placement Testing Center 516.572.7780 Public Safety 516.572.7100 Registrar's Office 516.572.7131 Student Activities Office 516.572.7148 Student Health Services 516.572.7123 Student Services 516.572. 7506 Website

Steps for Success


Go over the following list to make sure you haven't missed a step!

q Complete Your Admission Process­Make sure you have submitted all necessary documents ·Transfer Students­Submit transcripts from prior institutions that you attended ·Submit Your SAT/ACT Test Scores­Although not required, your scores may exempt

you from part of the Placement Test

q Activate Your Student E-mail Account­This is how NCC will communicate with you, so check it often q Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at q Submit Proof of Immunizations q Call ESL services if you are not a native English speaker or took ESL classes in high school q Contact the Center for Students With Disabilities if you have a documented disability q Take the Placement Test q Meet with an advisor for Academic Advisement q Register for Classes q Pay Your Tuition Bill q Get Your NCC Student ID Card q Attend Student Orientation q Purchase Your Textbooks q Learn to run Degree Evaluations through MyNCC to make sure you are on the right track to graduate

Don't forget...

@ activate your student e-mail! Almost all communication is done through your student don't miss out!



... to log into your student information account often to run degree evaluations, check financial aid, print your schedule and more!



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... to complete your admission process! Remember to send in transcripts and any other documents needed to ensure successful enrollment!


... to get your NCC Student ID Card! You'll need your ID Card for a lot of stuff on campus, like attending concerts or visiting the get yours today!

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One Education Drive Garden City, NY 11530

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