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March 2009


Step by step guide to using the online Report Card Templates 1. Options for use You can use these Report Card Templates in two ways (a) Print a blank template and handwrite your reports (b) Download and save a blank template, type your reports, then save and print them. In order to avail of option (b) you will need Adobe Reader 9. You can download this for free at Click on `Get ADOBE READER' and follow the instructions to install it. If you already have an older version of Adobe Reader your computer will automatically replace it with the newer version.

Screen shot 1: Downloading Adobe Reader

2. Choose a template. There are 9 different templates. Each template includes four common areas for reporting children's progress and achievement: sharing insights gained into the child's learning disposition(s) reflecting on the child's social and personal development reporting on the child's learning across the curriculum recognising the key role of parents in supporting the child's learning. 3

The templates offer variations in layout and options for reporting and commenting. They can be viewed or downloaded in English at and as Gaeilge at

3. Create and save a master template. When you have selected a template, type the school and report details into the boxes on the cover (see screen shot 2). The font face and size are fixed and text will be automatically centred.

Screen shot 2: Customising the cover page

You can insert an image in the first (largest) box, for example the school crest. The image must be either saved on your computer beforehand, or on a CD or USB key inserted in the computer. Click in the box, browse to find the image, and click on `select'. Alternatively you may wish to leave the top box blank for use by the child. For example, he/she could insert a comment, a photograph or a drawing. Save this as the master template. The `save' command is in the File menu, as shown in screen shot 3.


Screen shot 3: Saving the master template

It might be useful to create a new folder specifically for report cards, and save all the cards together, grouped by class and year, as shown in screen shot 4.

Screen shot 4: Saving to a dedicated folder


4. Add pupil details. You can now create a report for each child. Fill in the details on page 2 of the template. A grey/blue background will show you where you can enter information. If this grey/blue doesn't appear when you open the template, click on the `Highlight fields' button in the topright corner of the screen, as shown in screen shot 5.

Screen shot 5: Highlighting the fields for completion

Points to remember when entering information: place the cursor in the grey/blue area where you want to type. the font face, size and alignment of the text, as well as the maximum number of characters, are fixed in all boxes where you can type a comment. These features cannot be changed. the template in this example has `radio buttons' to rate the child's progress in certain areas. Click on a circle to choose the rating. If you wish to change the rating, click in a different circle. Only one option can be chosen in any one line. There is space at the end of the template for the teacher and principal to sign the report card. If you intend to print the cards to give to parents, these boxes can be 6

left blank until printed out. If the report cards are to be emailed to parents you can fill in these details electronically. See the leaflet Information for Schools, at for details on each of the four areas in the templates. Adobe reader 9 offers some additional features such as the capacity to add comments and/or electronic signatures.

5. Save the child's report. Choose `Save as' again (see screen shot 3) to save the report. It's important to choose a new unique file name for each child's report, probably his/her name. You will need to repeat this for every child.

6. Print the report cards. You can now print the report cards. The print command is in the `File' menu.

Screen shot 6: Printing report cards

The printer settings for printing dual sided reports depend on your own printer. You can usually choose the settings you want by clicking on `Properties'. 7

Check that the Page Scaling box reads Fit to Printable Area. If not, select this option (screen shot 7).

Screen shot 7: Page scaling



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