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Gap Analysis Questionnaire

1. Can you predict demand for services over the next 2 to 5 years? Will your workforce be prepared to handle the changing demands? 2. Can you predict the availability of skills and competencies to support your work team's services? 3. What is DHHS's strategic plan to address projected skill and competency deficiencies overall? How will this plan affect your workforce? 4. Examine any worklife issues that may affect your unit's continued performance. What are the system barriers, policies and procedures that will affect your service delivery? 5. Will there be sufficient budget and resource allocations for your work unit's service delivery? If not, what impact will this have on your workforce? 6. Can you predict changing skill requirements and the effect on your future workforce? 7. What attrition and retirement can be expected over next 2 to 5 years? What effect will attrition and retirement have on your workforce and service delivery? 8. What will be the effect of budget decisions on your pivotal staff and key leadership positions? 9. Will there be any concerns or issues with current staff and redeployment? 10. Are new hires going to be required? Are they going to replace current employees or go into newly established positions?

Tips for Analyzing Workforce Gaps

· · · · · · · · Identify unique gaps in skills between the current and future pictures. Think in terms of skill development--technical, special, thinking, and basic skills. Consider the skill levels of new hires, and determine if these are meeting organizational need. Keep in mind that there may be new, entry level skills for new hires in the future picture. Is there a gap between total compensation in today's environment versus total future compensation. Consider early retirement potential and career advancement exits. Analyze your exposure to this workforce vulnerability in the 2 to 5 year picture. Consult labor market data on applicant pools for positions critical to your workforce goals. Identify existing gaps between skill supply and demand. Identify anticipated gaps between skill supply and demand.

NC Department of Health & Human Services Manager's Toolkit Copyright 2007


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