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KindergartenMATHAssessment(endofyear) Name: ____ K.1.1. I can count to 20. *Oral I can count to __________. K.1.3. I can make a one-to-one connections. I can match the kite to the child. Date:

K.1.5(a). I can identify numbers to 10. * Oral Say these numbers. 4 6 1 9 3 7 K1.5(b). I can write numbers to 10.






K.2.1 (a). I can name a circle, triangle, rectangle, and square. Color the rectangle red. Color the circle blue. Color the triangle green. Color the square orange.

K.2.1 (b). I can draw a circle, triangle, rectangle, and square. Circle Triangle



K.2.3. I can name positions and directions: inside, outside, between, above, below, behind, left, right.

Put a redXon the smiley face that is above a star. Circletheshape that is belowa triangle. Put a boxaround the shape that is betweenthe two arrows. Write your name inside the box. Draw a ball outside the box. Make an R on the right side of the box. Make an L on the left side of the box.

K.3.1. I can tell how I sort objects. Circle all of the triangles.

size, color, shape.

K.3.2. Read and tell about picture graphs. How many moons? How many triangles? How many happy faces? How many rectangles?

Which shape has the most?______ Which shape has the least?______

K.4.1. I can name the days of the week in order. * Oral Sunday Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday Saturday


K.4.2. I can tell the time to the hour (digital and analog clocks). Show clock to student and ask student to tell the time displayed.



K.4.3. I can put pictures in order; first, next and last. Write the number to show what happens first, next, and last.

K.4.5(a). I can name a penny, nickel and dime. * Use real coins and orally assess. Penny Nickel Dime

K.4.5(b). I can tell how much a penny, nickel, and dime are worth. * Use real coins and orally assess student. Penny Nickel Dime

K.5.2(d) I can name a pattern

K.5.2(a). I can add to a pattern.

K.5.2(b). I can make a pattern. * Children draw or use manipulatives to make a pattern of choice.

K.5.3. I can use manipulatives to solve a problem. Show this to your teacher using manipulative. (have a full sheet of colored paper and triangle shapes) There are two triangles on the paper, one more is put there. How many triangles are on the paper now?


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