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Important information about your NCL cruise


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It won't be long now until you're packing your bags and getting ready to embark on your cruise vacation with NCL. Along with your tickets, here's a handy welcome pack where you'll find lots of good advice and other important things you'll need to know. We look forward to seeing you soon and just let us know if you need anything else. Welcome aboard!

What To Know Before You Go What Should I Pack? When You're Onboard

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Your Cruise Ticket is Here

First piece of advice? Don't pack your ticket away but keep it handy in your pocket or handbag for presentation at the pier before boarding. You'll also need a valid passport. This includes infants, children and adults due to a new government regulation.

Insure Your Baggage

We usually recommend you insure baggage and personal effects, as NCL's liability is limited by the terms of the Passenger Ticket Contract in the event of loss or damage. This insurance can be obtained through your travel agent, or you can contact NCL directly at 1.800.327.7030.

On-board Amenities

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Take a closer look at all the amenities that await you on your NCL cruise and all the things to see and do. From dining to fitness to casinos, it's all here.

For Air/Sea Guests

Your airline ticket is enclosed with your cruise documents. Please be sure that you or your travel agent confirms your flight numbers, dates and flight times with the appropriate carrier at least 72 hours prior to your scheduled departure. For guests who have elected to participate in one of our optional hotel packages, please check all documents and verify the respective information and dates.

Bon Voyage Gifts & Packages

NCL offers a selection of gifts and packages for every occasion. Check out the different wedding, honeymoon, birthday and bon voyage gifts that can be waiting for you in your stateroom.

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Airport Arrivals, Day of Sailing

If you have purchased air through NCL, an NCL representative will greet you at the airport baggageclaim area to take you to your ship or hotel.

Assistance While En Route

Should you need assistance while en route to your cruise, please call an NCL representative at 1.800.327.7030.


What to K now Before Yo

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Okay, here are some commonly asked questions. (We did not include "Why haven't I done this before?")

diseases. This is important stuff to remember because guests who are denied boarding by local immigration officials for lack of proper documents are not entitled to a cruise refund. · FOR TRAVEL ABROAD: In addition to your passport, visa requirements vary by country and are subject to change, so if you're traveling abroad, we urge you to contact your travel professional, local immigration office and/or respective embassy or consulate to determine the entry requirements for your particular cruise destinations.

What does my ticket say about my cruise?

Please check your tickets to be sure you're booked on the proper date, ship and itinerary. If you have booked flights through our Air/Sea Program, check your air ticket date and time of departure. You should reconfirm your flight numbers, dates and flight times with the appropriate air carrier at least 72 hours prior to your departure. If you are enrolled in NCL's Travel Protection Plan, a reference will be indicated on your ticket (U.S. and Canada only). If your enrollment isn't indicated or is incorrect, please contact your travel agent right away. Also, keep in mind that your ticket is basically a contract and your acceptance of the Passenger Ticket Contract means you agree to the conditions it contains. NCL reserves the right to decline or accept any person as a guest of the cruise at any time.

How do I pay for on-board expenses?

It's pretty easy. For your convenience, all shipboard expenses are charged to NCL's special on-board credit program. You simply sign up on the first day of your cruise by establishing a method of payment: VISA®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, JCB Card®, traveler's checks or cash. If you choose to settle your account with cash, a deposit will be required in advance. You may also use a debit card; however, please be advised that NCL obtains preauthorization, which some banks may hold for up to 30 days.

What does my cruise fare include?

Your cruise fare pays for your accommodations, meals and entertainment aboard ship. A few of the specialty restaurants have either nominal cover charges or fixed-price menus and à la carte pricing. Items of a personal nature aren't included, like alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, spa treatments, certain specialty exercise classes, laundry, service charges, photographs, casino, ship-to-shore phone, email, internet, fax and Shore Excursions (including all Dive InTM programs). Government taxes and fees are also not included.

What about currency?

You may cash traveler's checks at the Reception Desk. Travelers checks and most major credit cards are accepted in the ports we visit. Remember, proper ID is required when cashing travelers checks. We recommend that you carry a small amount of local currency when visiting foreign ports, although we've found that credit cards are commonly accepted in shops and restaurants.

Documentation, visas and passports

All guests must carry a valid passport. It's your responsibility to check with your travel professional, local immigration office and/or respective embassy or consulate to determine requirements for passports, visas and other documentation, including vaccinations for infectious



What about insurance?

If you have purchased NCL's Passenger and Baggage Protection Plan, a policy coverage description booklet is included in your ticket jacket. If you haven't purchased our plan, we strongly urge you to get some kind of travel, medical and baggage insurance. Additional insurance will supplement any present coverage you have, including Medicare, which does not cover participants traveling outside the U.S. Remember, NCL's liability for loss or damage to baggage in connection with the vessel is limited by the Passenger Ticket Contract which covers up to a maximum of $100 per guest. NCL does not accept responsibility for the loss or damage of contents off our vessels. Once you're on board, you'll note that all staterooms and suites have mini-safes. Please note, however, that NCL cannot accept responsibility for valuables left in staterooms or elsewhere on board. Jewelry, valuables, fragile items, medications and important papers should not be packed with baggage but should be hand-carried.

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Many staterooms have refrigerators to store medications that must be kept cold. Guests who need oxygen or require oxygen therapy are welcome on all NCL ships but must, of course, supply their own oxygen. Guests who use wheelchairs must also provide their own. One last thing: all guests who require medical equipment to be brought on board must advise NCL's Ship Coordinator Department prior to sailing. Failure to do so may result in equipment not being cleared before departure. Visit our website at for information about accommodations on specific ships.

What about Shore Excursions?

A Shore Excursion brochure and a pre-request form are included with your cruise documents. We encourage you to sign up before you go. For one thing, you'll be sure to get the excursion you want. Also, it's one less decision to make once you get on board. Fax the enclosed form to 1.305.436.4110 or visit to pre-request online. Shore Excursions can also be arranged for and purchased at the ship's Shore Excursion desk.

May I bring my pet?

Sorry, but no pets are allowed on board, except service dogs.

What if I'm pregnant?

Throughout the travel industry, pregnancy is regarded as a medical condition. An expectant mother's application for passage must be accompanied by a medical certificate establishing her due date and fitness to travel, and acceptance is subject to the following conditions: · NCL will not be responsible or liable for any complications of pregnancy that may arise or occur during the cruise. · NCL will not accept guests who will have entered their 24th week of pregnancy by the time their travel with NCL concludes. · For further information, please contact our Ship Coordinator Department.

How can we celebrate a special occasion?

You may purchase wine, fruit baskets, champagne, birthday cakes, canapés, flowers or other gifts for your stateroom. Please contact NCL's Ship Coordinator Department at least three weeks in advance of your cruise by dialing 1.800.327.7030 or visit our website at

How can I send a gift to someone on board?

NCL is happy to go the extra nautical mile to provide just the right gift for that special someone. In the Bon Voyage and special gift section of this brochure (page 22), you'll find an assortment of ideas for any occasion. Choose from wines and champagnes, gourmet hors d'oeuvres, flower arrangements, on-board credit certificates, NCL memorabilia and cruise wear. For advance orders, contact NCL's Ship Coordinator Department at least three weeks in advance of your cruise at 1.800.327.7030 or visit our website at Once you're on board, you can order gifts by calling the Reception Desk.

What about people with special needs?

NCL welcomes guests with special needs. All we ask is advance notice in order to accommodate you, so please call 1.800.327.7030 and ask for the Ship Coordinator Department at least three weeks prior to your cruise. All of our ships have designated staterooms with wider doorways and bathrooms that accommodate wheelchairs. For hearing-impaired guests, we have staterooms with light alarms and under-pillow vibrating alarms. And for the visionimpaired, we allow guide dogs on all NCL ships.



What should I not pack?

Do not pack a watch. On our ships, there is no Pacific, Mountain, Central or Eastern Standard time zones. There is only you and your own sweet time. Which means wake when you want, go where you want, eat when you want. Have breakfast for dinner or dinner for lunch wherever you want. On NCL it's always whatever o' lock. (The only c exception is when the ship is in port and we ask you to be back by a certain time. So, only pay attention to the time when you're not on the ship!)

Freestyle Cruising gives you the freedom to dress as you please. So come as you are. No need to check for a "suggested dress code" as you do on traditional cruises. Resort casual attire is always appropriate -- morning, noon and night. If you like, you can slip into a pair of khakis and a polo shirt, a skirt and blouse or a sundress for dinner. We do not allow T-shirts, shorts, cutoffs, tank tops, bare feet, etc., in any of the restaurants at dinner. However, T-shirts and shorts are permitted in buffets, trattorias, outdoor barbecues and all 24-hour venues. For those who do love to dress to the nines and get that annual formal portrait done, there are optional formal evenings in at least one of the main restaurants on every cruise. This means black tie or dark suit for gentlemen and evening gown or cocktail dress for ladies. But remember, on formal evenings, you can always choose to dine in one of the alternate restaurants and enjoy some of the other lounges and leave your dressier clothes at home. Whether you're sailing to the warm tropics or the glaciers of Alaska, remember to bring clothing that can be easily layered. A sweater is a versatile accessory that's ideal for everything from air conditioning to a cool breeze. For visits to places of worship, check the on-board daily newsletter for attire guidelines. Be sure to bring a pair of comfortable walking shoes, too. Other essentials include sunglasses, a sun hat or visor and sunscreen. Don't forget to bring prescription medicines in original containers and an extra pair of glasses or contact lenses. Carry valuables and medication in a handbag you keep with you at all times. IMPORTANT NOTE: All suitcases are collected the night before we return to our home port, so be sure to bring a smaller overnight bag that can hold your personal essentials for the last night.

Do not pack routines/schedules

Do not make the bed, let out the dog, wake up the kids, make their lunches. Do not drop them off at school, stop and get coffee, drive to work, say "Hi" to the boss, work-work-work. Do not take a short lunch, workwork-work until it's time to drive home, make dinner, give baths, do chores, watch TV and turn out the lights. This is Freestyle Cruising. Do not pack routines.

Do not pack stress

If a little should sneak aboard, make an appointment immediately at our spa.

Will I need an electrical converter?

Probably not. The electrical current on board is 110volts AC, same as most American households. Some high-voltage hair dryers, electric rollers and electric razors may require a converter, but most of the time, you'll find it's plug and play.

How many suitcases can I bring?

Each person is allowed up to four pieces of personal luggage on board, with each piece weighing a maximum of 50 pounds. However, if you are traveling by air, ask the airline if they have different restrictions. Airlines and NCL have limited liability for loss, so be sure all baggage and personal belongings are properly insured. Suitcases should be securely locked and tagged. And remember, it's always a good idea to hand-carry important documents, medication, jewelry or other valuables.



When You're

Baggage Assistance

Whether you're traveling on NCL's Air/Sea Program or traveling independently, you are responsible for claiming your luggage at your airline's baggage claim area. Airport porters and self-service luggage carts are available at all airports to help make things easier. Porter service is also available at each pier during embarkation and disembarkation. Oh, by the way, there's a customary tip for porters: $1 a bag ($2 a bag in New York). Gratuities are the guest's responsibility. Please be sure each piece of luggage has a luggage tag listing your name, ship and stateroom number. You'll find luggage tags in your ticket jacket.

On Board

What time is dinner?

Promptly at whatever o'clock. NCL's exclusive Freestyle Cruising lets you decide. We offer open-seating dining in a variety of restaurants and cafés with individual menus, and it's your choice. You can have lunch or dinner with friends at one of the fancy restaurants. Reserve a table for two at an intimate bistro. Order an omelet prepared just the way you like it from the breakfast-buffet chef. There are special menus for youngsters even entrées from Cooking Light®. Special meals are available, including low-calorie, vegetarian, no-MSG, low-/no-sodium and low-/nocholesterol meals, as well as sugar-free and fat-free desserts and kosher meals. As you can see, when it comes to dining, Freestyle Cruising rocks. Remember, all of our restaurants are nonsmoking. Most of the specialty restaurants require a per-person cover charge or offer à la carte pricing. Reservations are recommended and can be made on board. And now with NCL's new TV information system, your decision of where to dine is easier than ever. Just check the TV outside each restaurant for helpful, up-to-theminute table availability.


Here's an important one: You must be on board one half-hour prior to sailing time, or your cruise reservation is subject to cancellation. (We're pretty sure that this is where the famous phrase "missed the boat" comes from.) Also, keep in mind that many of the piers that we sail from do not have restaurants. Once you get on board, a complimentary lunch is available on all ships during embarkation hours. Lounges are also open for the purchase of cocktails and soft drinks. As stated on the Passenger Ticket Contract, please remember that you can't bring personal liquor on board. Additionally, any liquor purchased in any port of call will be put away for safekeeping and will be delivered back to you on the last evening of the cruise.



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Are babysitters available?

Yep. In addition to the Kid's Crew program, group babysitting programs (for kids ages two to 12) are available at a nominal cost from 10 pm to 1 am each evening and while in port from 9 am to 5 pm. During the group babysitting program hours, youth counselors will supervise and entertain children with a variety of activities. (Programs, age groupings and hours of operation are subject to change; check the on-board daily newsletter.) Private or in-room babysitting is not available. Parents with participating children who are not potty trained will be issued a beeper and be alerted to return to the poop deck when the child needs to be changed. Beeper range is limited to on board the ship. According to U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS) regulations, no diapers of any kind are permitted in the swimming pools or hot tubs, including diapers marketed as "swimmers."

What about smoking, drinking and gambling on the ship? (Short answer: yes.)

You can smoke in designated areas in the bars and outside on open decks. All other areas onboard ship are non-smoking. If you're 18 through 20 years of age and you have the written consent of your parents or guardian you can purchase beer or wine for yourself only when the ship is sailing in international waters (except in Alaska and Hawai`i where you must be 21 years of age to consume or purchase alcohol of any kind). If you want to gamble in our casinos, you must have a valid ID showing your 18 years or older. If a guest under the age of 18 wins in the casino ("Dude! Look, you won!") and cannot provide proof of age, he or she will not be paid the winnings. ("Bummer, dude.") There are no casinos in our ships in Hawai`i.

What are the customs allowances? NCL encourages the responsible use of alcohol and accordingly reserves the right to permanently or temporarily revoke the drinking privileges of any guest who violates NCL's Passenger Code of Conduct or who is deemed by vessel management as a danger to himself or herself or others. Continued abuse of alcohol while sailing and/or violation of NCL's alcohol policy may result in immediate disembarkation. Tell me about the children's programs.

Our complimentary Kid's CrewTM and Teen's Club programs are designed for kids from ages two to 17. Our counselors are well-trained and offer an age-appropriate array of fun-filled options so kids can get as much excitement out of the cruise as you do. With everything from parties to video arcades to cool learning sessions, there's so much for kids to do that your kids are sure to have the trip of a lifetime. Kid's Crew hours: Sea days: 9 am ­ noon, 2 pm ­ 5 pm, 7 pm ­ 10 pm. Sea days & port days: 7 pm ­ 10 pm. Okay, this part's a little confusing, but bear with us. (We're just following the laws.) United States residents must declare all articles acquired abroad and in their possession when they return to the U.S. This includes items purchased in "duty-free" shops. The duty-free exemption allowed on purchases or gifts for returning U.S. residents varies. The standard exemption for U.S. residents who have been abroad more than 48 hours is $600­ $800, which may include one liter of alcohol or 1.5 liters total, two 750 ml bottles (if you are at least 21), 100 cigars and 200 cigarettes. (Wow, someone had a good time.) Residents returning to the U.S. from the U.S. Virgin Islands may bring $1,200 worth of goods, dutyfree. U.S. citizens and residents are not allowed to bring more than 200 cigarettes into the U.S. if they are produced in the U.S. whether made for export or not. Excess U.S. cigarettes marked with "U.S. tax-exempt for use outside U.S." or "made for export only" will be seized. Foreign-manufactured tobacco products will be subject to duty and internal revenue taxes. (The duty-free exemption for U.S. residents doesn't need to include items that are mailed back to the U.S.; those will be assessed for duty when they arrive.) The duty-free exemption for a package mailed as a gift is $100; the exemption for a package marked for personal use is $200. Non-U.S. citizens should check with their local authorities for customs allowance information.



For more specific customs information, be sure to attend the briefing by the Cruise Director before your ship reaches home port. Check the Freestyle Daily (the daily onboard newsletter) for time and place. You can also obtain information before you sail by contacting the nearest U.S. Customs office (look under United States Government, Department of Treasury in your local phone book). You can also visit the U.S. Customs website at or call 1.202.927.6724 and ask for the brochure "Know Before You Go." Whew. We told you it was confusing. NOTE: Bottles of liquor you purchase on board or ashore will be held in a secure area and delivered back to your stateroom at the conclusion of the cruise.

When You're

On Board

· Gift shops feature duty-free shopping, with fine jewelry, perfumes, clothing, cosmetics and a selection of drugstore items. · And (not that it's a fun attraction or anything, but nice to know) there are full laundry and dry-cleaning services.

Is there a doctor on board?

Yes. A physician and nurse are on each ship to provide medical care and services at customary charges. Commonly used medications are kept on board and may be prescribed by the ship's doctor.

What about shopping on board?

The gift shops on board are all duty-free (local tax isn't added to the prices). Due to local customs regulations, the shops are only open while at sea. Hours are posted outside the shops and in the onboard daily newsletter. Remember, items purchased in the gift shops must be included among your "purchases from abroad" when clearing customs on your return to the U.S. or Canada.

What if I need to stay in touch while we' e at sea? r

Believe it or not, if you've got a cell phone, you can probably use it aboard select ships through our Freestyle Cellular Service. International roaming charges will apply. For more info, visit And, all of our ships have computer terminals you can rent by the hour in the Internet Café. You can also telephone or fax to anywhere in the world and be billed at the usual ship-to-shore rates. (Please refrain from bragging too much when writing to people who are not currently taking an NCL cruise.) Friends, family and work associates back home can reach you via the personal email address we have printed on your cruise ticket. They can also dial you directly by calling 1.888.NC.SHIPS (from outside the U.S., dial 1.732.335.3280). If you must contact work, please avoid talking to the boss and tell everyone else you'll "get right on it," right after your massage and body wrap.

Shopping Ashore

SHOP AND EXPLORE WITH CONFIDENCE. There's an adventure in every port, but an unfamiliar place can be a time-consuming challenge. Why not let an NCL Port & Shopping Consultant do a little legwork for you? Whether you're looking for the best beaches or trying to get a handle on the local taxi rates, they can show you the way. Your Port & Shopping Consultant is also your "Shore Shopping Specialist." From duty-free shopping to shopping ashore, our on-board experts will steer you toward great buys. You can even pick up a Shop Ashore Port Guide, featuring port information, a local map and all the recommended shopping spots. And you can shop with added confidence, since all the stores listed in your Shop Ashore Port Guide offer an exclusive NCL shopping guarantee.

What about tipping?

SERVICE CHARGE A fixed service charge of $10 per person, per day will be added to your on-board account. For children ages three to 12, a $5 per-person, per-day charge will be added (there's no charge for children under the age of three).

What other cool stuff is available?

· Every day our cruise director is coming up with cool stuff to see and do. Check the on-board daily newsletter to see what's going on. · Art auctions · Photographs taken throughout the cruise · Fitness center open 24 hours · Internet Café · Beauty parlor and spa services, including hairstyling, manicures, pedicures, facials and massages



e en Youo'rrd Wh a

On B

A lot of folks go, "Hey, I just paid my ticket fare; why this extra thing?" We know -- it sounds like we've added it as padding, but it's not true. The reason there's a fixed service charge is an important one: Our crew (as are the crews on other cruise lines) is encouraged to work together as a team and is compensated by a combination of salary and incentive programs that your service charge supports. On the final day aboard most cruise lines, it's a matter of finding all the folks who've waited on you hand and foot to tip them. Here it's one less thing to worry about. We really want you to love your Freestyle Cruise experience and are certain every crew member will provide you with the high standard of service NCL is known for. In fact, we offer a best-in-class ratio of approximately one crew member per stateroom, so you're sure to enjoy gracious service around the clock. Therefore, if you have any concerns about the service you receive during your cruise, please bring them to the immediate attention of our Reception Desk staff on board so that we can address any issues in a timely manner before the cruise is over. NCL has a structured guest satisfaction program on board designed to handle any concerns about any service or on-board product quickly and efficiently. In almost every case, we're able to come up with a satisfactory solution to any issue and make sure our guests can focus on enjoying their cruise. In the unlikely event that we can't satisfactorily resolve the issue through our guest satisfaction program, guests will be able to adjust the service charge according to the level of inconvenience they feel they've experienced. Our clear priority is to have the opportunity of resolving the issue when it happens, to everyone's complete satisfaction. GRATUITIES Unlike most other ships in the cruise industry, there's no required or recommended tipping on NCL. Guests should not feel obliged to offer a gratuity for a service that is generally rendered to all guests. However, all of our staff members are encouraged to go the extra mile, so they're permitted to accept cash gratuities. It's entirely at the discretion of our guests who wish to acknowledge particular staff members for exceptional or outstanding service. In other words, there is genuinely no rule that asks you to tip, but feel free to do so if you want to acknowledge particular individuals.

Also, certain staff positions provide service on an individual basis to only some guests and do not benefit from the overall service charge. We encourage those guests to acknowledge good service from these staff members with appropriate gratuities. For example, for guests purchasing bar drinks, the recommended gratuity is 15 percent. Similarly, for guests using concierge and butler services, we recommend they consider offering a gratuity commensurate with services rendered.

Safety and Security

At any given moment, there are likely to be "trouble spots" in the world in terms of crime and/or war or terrorist actions. Accordingly, it may be necessary to change the published cruise or Shore Excursion itinerary. Any such changes are for your safety and beyond NCL's control. While we endeavor to provide reasonable protection for your comfort and safety on board our ships, we cannot guarantee freedom from all risks associated with war, terrorism, crime or other potential sources of harm. NCL reminds all guests they must ultimately assume responsibility for their actions while ashore. The U.S. Department of State and other similar government agencies regularly issue advisories and warnings to travelers giving details of local conditions in specified cities and countries according to the agency's perception of risks to travelers. We strongly recommend guests and their travel professionals obtain and consider such information when making travel decisions.

Where can I keep my valuables?

All staterooms and suites have mini-safes. Please note, however, that NCL is not responsible for valuables left in staterooms or elsewhere on board.

Are visitors allowed on board?

Due to security reasons, unfortunately, no.

What if I still have some questions?

Contact us toll-free at 1.800.327.7030 or in Miami at 1.305.436.4000 or visit our website at



Art Auctions at Sea

OILS AND WATER ACTUALLY DO MIX. Whether you're an art aficionado or just interested in seeing a live art auction for the first time, you'll enjoy one of NCL's art auctions at sea. Each cruise offers you the chance to purchase exceptional original artwork at up to 80 percent off normal gallery prices, and thousands of dollars in artwork is given away during our free art raffles. All artwork is original, and anything you purchase or win can be custom-framed and shipped home for you. Art auctions at sea are held two to three times during each cruise and include work by artists such as Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Norman Rockwell, Thomas Kinkade, Peter Max and more. Many auctions also feature sports memorabilia and animated art from Warner Brothers, Disney, Hanna-Barbera and others. Check the on-board daily newsletter for listings and times.

The great ships of NCL are designed to especially complement the kind of freedom and flexibility you enjoy with Freestyle Cruising. Discover Freestyle Dining

NCL's exclusive Freestyle Dining lets you make your own dining decisions throughout your cruise. With up to 13 restaurants on every ship, most guests can order from a different menu every night of their cruise. With Freestyle Dining, you'll always find a restaurant to suit your mood, taste or attire. And unlike any other cruise line, you have the option to either make reservations or simply show up at your convenience. Wherever you decide to dine, you'll have the freedom to eat whenever you want, with whomever you want. That's the beauty of Freestyle Dining. We also offer special menus for children, great sail-away barbecues, special low-calorie, low-carb and vegetarian meals and sugar-free desserts. And in addition to the fabulous cuisine, you can select from a wide variety of specially selected wines.


HERE'S TO LIFE AT SEA. Wine connoisseurs love our specialty wines program. Our program offers hand-selected specialty wines from all around the world. Just ask to see our specialty wines list, and you'll be sure to find a selection perfect for any meal or occasion. Wines are available at all restaurants and can also be delivered to your stateroom. If you're looking to learn more about the world of wine, we offer winetasting classes and sessions. Check the on-board daily newsletter for listings and times.

On-board Shops

SHOP UNTIL YOU DROP. Each of NCL's ships offers a wide variety of tax-free, duty-free items, complete with an international guarantee. Save on liquor, tobacco, fragrances and cosmetics. There's affordable beach attire and the latest in casual cruising apparel, as well as great discounts on fine jewelry and watches. Emeralds, diamonds, tanzanite and pearls are all available for purchase, as are watches from manufacturers such as Citizen, Guess, Skagen and more. You can even take part in seminars on jewelry from all around the world.

Specialty Restaurants

Each of our ships also features a selection of imaginative, enticing specialty restaurants. From creative French cuisine at Le Bistro to steaks at Cagney's Steakhouse to Asian fusion fare, there's something to please every palate. Most of our specialty restaurants require a nominal per-person cover charge or offer reasonable á la carte pricing. Reservations at all specialty restaurants are recommended, and can be easily made on board. All of our restaurants are nonsmoking.

On-board Photographer

YOUR WHOLE CRUISE IS A PHOTO OP. You'll make some great memories on your NCL cruise, so why not preserve them? Each of our ships has an onboard photographer who can help you remember your cruise just the way you want. Whether it's an adventure in a port of call, a special occasion on board the ship or photos with the captain and crew, we'll help you make the most of any occasion. You can also take advantage of continuous deals on photos throughout your cruise. Check the on-board daily newsletter for more information.

Bars & Lounges

WHAT'LL IT BE? There are up to 11 different bars and lounges on board all our ships. That's a lotta bars and lounges, folks, and they're open until the wee hours so you can make the most of every night at sea. Whether you're in the mood for a quiet corner wine bar or a crowded dance floor, you'll find a great setting for any occasion. With specialty drinks in every bar, unique settings and live entertainment, the nightlife at sea basically rocks.



Casino Gaming Items for Order

CASINO CHIPS/TOKENS* Give the gift of good fortune with NCL's table game chips and/or slot tokens. TRIPLE PLAY CHIPS* -- PAY $10, GET $15 IN CHIPS Triple Play Chips stay in play as long as they win, so you get more chances to lure Lady Luck to your side. These chips are good on all table games. WIN CARDS Learn to play your favorite table games like a pro. NCL's Win Cards show you how with instructions in Craps, Blackjack and Roulette.

Casinos at Sea

LIKE VEGAS, WITHOUT THE DESERT If you're a gaming fan, you're in luck. NCL's Casinos at Sea pay out more winnings than any other cruise line and have been recognized as "The Best of Gaming" on a cruise line by the readers of Casino Player and Strictly Slots. Each of our ships offers a wide variety of gaming options for players of all levels.

B-I-N-G-O Like to play Bingo? Well, you're in luck. NCL offers entertaining, rewarding Bingo games at sea. Most Bingo events take place in one of our theaters or lounges and are hosted by your friendly cruise staff. NCL also offers fleet-wide "Jackpot Bingo" and an array of great giveaways throughout your cruise. Check the on-board daily newsletter for listings.

· Blackjack · Craps · Roulette · Caribbean Stud/3-Card Poker · Baccarat · 24-hour slots · Video Poker · EZ Pay Coinless Slots · Progressive Banks · Mystery Jackpots · Slot Machines from 1¢ to $100 · Progressive Jackpots · Free Gaming Lessons · Highest Table Limits at Sea · Personal Betting Limits · Casino Credit · Player Programs · Membership Club

Every NCL cruise offers a variety of tournaments and promotions from a launch party to gaming lessons to blackjack and slot tournaments. NCL is also the first cruise line to offer membership rewards that can earn players "comps" on board or for future cruises. Membership in our fleet-wide Casinos at Sea Players Club is quick and easy, and SEABUCKS earned through the program are good for up to 18 months after your cruise. Please note the casino will be closed on all Hawai`i cruises.

*Some restrictions apply to purchase and use of game chips and tokens. Nonnegotiable chips, including Triple Play Chips, have no cash value and must be played on casino gaming tables only. Chips may not be exchanged for value chips or tokens. This offer is restricted to one per person, per cruise. Management reserves all rights. Offer may be withdrawn without notice.

Mandara Spa®

AFTER YOU'RE DONE RELAXING, REALLY RELAX. You're on vacation, so why not spoil yourself a little bit? NCL's fleet-wide partnership with the famous resort spa operator Mandara Spa offers an array of relaxing, rejuvenating treatments from the spa's expert staff. Depending on the ship, treatments available include some or all of the following:

· Facials · Massages · Body Wraps · The latest in hair and nail treatments · Teeth Whitening (Yes, teeth whitening) You can also purchase Mandara Spa gift certificates on board, and many cruises also offer embarkation and cruise-specific specials. Check the on-board daily newsletter for listings.




STAY IN SHIP SHAPE. Each of NCL's ships offers a fitness center with 24-hour access. Our ships also offer fitness classes and seminars with personal trainers. Topics covered may include the following:

Future Cruise

GET DISCOUNTS FOR BOOKING WHILE ON BOARD. At NCL we're confident that you're going to love your cruise. In fact, we're so confident, we offer you the opportunity to book your next cruise while on board. And not only is it easy to book on board, but it's also rewarding. When you book your next cruise vacation while on board an NCL ship, you'll receive the following benefits:

· Yoga and/or Pilates · Stretch & Relaxation · Aerobics/Spinning/Step Classes · Circuit Training

Communications At Sea

PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING BUT REGULAR MAIL DELIVERY From our Internet Café to cell phone service (international roaming charges apply), staying in touch is easy, even at sea. You'll find a variety of newspapers on board, too. Some ships offer Wi-Fi you can access with your own laptop or a rented one (we suggest sending "wish you were here" emails while you're tanning by the pool). Stop by the Internet Café for more information, and check the on-board daily newsletter for specials on communication packages.

· Stateroom upgrades · On-board credits depending on the category of stateroom booked · Ability to pick your own stateroom · One-stop shopping ­ book your air and hotel

When you book your next cruise on board, the booking can still go through your personal travel agency. It's easy, flexible and free of hassles. For more information, see the on-board Port & Cruise Consultant.

What is the Latitudes® Program?

Latitudes is NCL's past guest program. Once you complete your first NCL cruise, you're automatically a member of Latitudes and are eligible for members-only savings and discounts. Visit us at for a complete list of benefits and privileges. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make sure your travel agent has given NCL your member number so you can enjoy all your member benefits once on board.

On-board Laundry Service

CLEAN YOUR BERMUDA SHORTS, EVEN IN BERMUDA. Wouldn't it be nice to return from your cruise with as many clean clothes as you left with? You can, thanks to NCL's on-board laundry service. A friendly crew member will pick your laundry up directly from your stateroom and provide professional laundering services for dresses, skirts, jackets, pants, shirts, ties, tuxedos and more. Consult the laundry services order form in your stateroom to find out more and check the on-board daily newsletter for laundry specials available at the end of your cruise. Some ships even have launderettes, so you can do your own laundry.



Gifts & Packages

On-board Credit Certificates

TAKE CREDIT FOR SOMETHING SPECIAL Most everything in your cruise vacation is covered by the cost of your fare, but if you want to really indulge, why not give yourself or other guests a treat with an on-board credit certificate? These certificates can be used toward the purchase of any item on board the ship. All certificates are available in $25 increments. MANDARA SPA GIFT CERTIFICATES There's nothing more luxurious than a treatment at our Mandara Spa. Treat yourself or someone special to a complete menu of soothing experiences. Try a Coconut Body Polish, a Javanese Honey Steam Wrap, a Bali-Press Massage or a selection of other spa treatments.

Romance Packages Bon Voyage Gifts

Celebrating a special event at sea? Or just want to give someone a spectacular send-off? Whatever it is you're looking to celebrate, NCL can help make it memorable. All the items you see here and on the following pages can be ordered by contacting NCL's Ship Coordinator Department at least one week prior to sailing. ENHANCE YOUR ROMANCE. With a romance package from NCL, your journey together can be even sweeter. You can add touches to your cruise like breakfast in bed, a Swedish massage for two or a quiet candlelit dinner. Packages are for newlyweds and for couples renewing their vows. Please visit for prices. A 15-percent gratuity will be added for all massages and wraps.

· NCL Private & Vintage Selections · Adult Soda Package · Cruise wear/NCL Logo Clothing · Flowers & Arrangements · Goodies & Gourmet Fare · Honeymoon At Sea · Kid's Crew Backpack · Kid's Crew Refillable Soda-fountain Cup · Mandara Spa Gift Certificates · On-board Credit · Party Packages · Teen Passport Program By Phone:


Honeymoon/Anniversary Package

· Sparkling wine and strawberries in your stateroom upon embarkation · Canapés delivered to your stateroom one evening · Complimentary champagne and cake party · A keepsake photograph · Romantic dinner for two at Le Bistro with a complimentary bottle of wine

Deluxe Honeymoon/Anniversary Package

· Champagne and strawberries in your stateroom upon embarkation · Canapés delivered to your stateroom one evening · Complimentary champagne and cake party · A keepsake photograph · Breakfast in bed on one day of your choice · Romantic dinner for two at Le Bistro with a complimentary bottle of wine · Two 25-minute Mandara Spa half-body Seven Seas Massages

By Fax:


By Mail:

Norwegian Cruise Line Attn: Cash Application Department 7665 Corporate Center Dr., Miami, FL 33126

For more information, visit our website at



Romance Package

· Champagne and strawberries in your stateroom upon embarkation · A traditional Mandara Spa pedicure and manicure for one · Two 25-minute Mandara Spa half-body Seven Seas Massages · Tea service in stateroom on the afternoon of your choice

Deluxe Romance Package

· Champagne and strawberries in your stateroom upon embarkation · Two 25-minute Mandara Spa half-body Seven Seas Massages · Choice of Mandara Spa Exotic Frangipani Body Nourishing Wrap or Exotic Coconut and Milk Ritual Wrap for one · Tea service in stateroom on the afternoon of your choice · A keepsake formal portrait · Romantic dinner for two at Le Bistro with a complimentary bottle of wine

Suggested phone-machine messages for your Bon Voyage:

SUGGESTION #1: FOR WORKER BEES Hello, you've reached ___. I am currently Freestyle Cruising on one of NCL's great ships. If you have a problem that needs immediate assistance, please put a signed job-request form in the circular in-basket immediately to the left side of my desk on the floor. Thank you. SUGGESTION #2: FOR TIRED PARENTS Hello, you've reached ___. Frankly, I'm surprised you didn't get a busy signal with our kids being on the phone 24/7. In any case, we are not doing laundry or running errands because we are Freestyle Cruising on one of NCL's great ships and are currently in a hot tub having one of those cute drinks with the umbrella in it. Buh-bye.





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