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DC CAS Bank of Released Items User Guide

The purpose of this document is to provide users of the Bank of Released Items with guidance on how the bank is organized, how it can be accessed and manipulated, and the ways LEAs, schools and teachers might choose to utilize this valuable resource. Each content area and grade level is stored in a separate file, where items are organized by content strand and standard, except in reading where items are organized by reading passage. Below each item, users will find specific information about the item, including item type, content area, grade level, strand/reporting category, content standard code, maximum points, correct answer and the location of the item on the 2009 test. Scoring rubrics and sample responses for constructed response items are provided in a separate scoring guide. The diagram below illustrates the structure of the Bank of Released Items followed by brief list of frequently asked questions.

DC CAS Bank of Released Items File Layout

DC CAS Bank of Released Items User Guide

Reading Item Sets By Reading Passage within Grade

(7 files)

Math Item Sets By Content Strand & Standard within Grade

(7 files)

Science/Biology Item Sets By Content Strand & Standard within Grade

(3 files)

Scoring Guides for Constructed Response Items (3Folders)

In Reading/English Language Arts, more passages and items will be released as OSSE receives permission from publishers to use some of the passages. When the Bank of Released Items is updated with additional items, LEAs will be notified through the OSSE newsletter. Note: The reading passages posted to this site are for internal access only and cannot be posted on a public domain. However, LEAs, schools and teachers may make as many print copies of the documents as they need to meet the needs of the students. If you have any questions or require further assistance, please contact Leroy Tompkins at (202) 7410256 or by email at [email protected]

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DC CAS Bank of Released Items Frequently Asked Questions

In which tests did the released items appear? The released items were used on forms 1 and 2 of each grade and subject area on the DC CAS administered in the Spring of 2009. Can I copy the items from these item cards into my own documents? Yes. The items are provided as .jpg images embedded within the item cards, which are MS Word® documents; as such, they can be copied and pasted into your own documents like any other .jpg image. I'd like to alter some of the text of the questions. Can I do that? The item card images themselves are not designed to be directly edited or altered because they represent the actual items found on the 2009 administration of the DC CAS. Standard image editing software could be used to alter the items, but that is not the intention of this public release and is beyond the scope of this user guide. After I copy/paste the items into my own document, they look a bit smaller (or larger) than I would like. Is there any way to change the size of the items? Yes. If you are using MS Word®, you can click on the lowerright corner of any image to drag/resize them to suit your specific needs. Why don't the item images contain the original item numbers? The original item numbers can be found in the item attributes shown below each item. Will these items be on any futures tests of the DC CAS? No, but similar items will be on future tests of the DC CAS. How do I score student responses to constructed response items? Refer to the Scoring Guides which include exemplar responses for each score point. Keep in mind, however, that there are multiple ways for a student to respond to a constructed response item; it is the quality and degree of correctness of the response that determines a score. How do I know which standard the item is assessing? You can find the standard label that the item assesses in the item attributes section. The first number in the label is the grade level and the next set of letters and numbers refer to the particular strand and standard. A complete list of content standards can be found on the OSSE website for crossreferencing at,a,1274,q,561249.asp

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