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NCLM departments and staff listing, January 2011

Office of the Executive Director

Overall management of League operations and activities, including services to cities and towns, advocacy, research, publications, finance and risk management services; work with Board of Directors and RMS Board of Trustees. S. Ellis Hankins Executive Director 919-715-4000 [email protected]

N.C. Metropolitan Mayors Coalition

Founded in 2001 as an affiliate organization of the League, the N.C. Metropolitan Mayors Coalition focuses on issues that affect our state's metropolitan areas including transportation, public safety and economic issues. The mayors of the state's 26 largest cities work cooperatively through the Coalition to improve the quality of life in our urban areas. Julie White Director, Metropolitan Mayors Coalition 919-715-7895 [email protected]

Melissa Smith Manager of Meeting Planning and Facilities 919-715-3927 [email protected] Diane Godwin Principal Meeting Planner 919-733-2635 [email protected]

Regan B. Reynolds Senior Executive Assistant 919-715-8835 [email protected]

Athena Banks Meeting Planner 919-715-2908 [email protected]

Gayle Jordan Administrative Specialist 919-715-3948 [email protected]

Crystal Correia Meeting Planning Assistant 919-715-3941 [email protected]


Human resources, operations, information technology. Federal relations, including lobbying U.S. Congress and coordination of advocacy with the National League of Cities. Work with UNC-Chapel Hill School of Government on training opportunities for elected officials, including the Local Elected Leaders Academy. Meeting planning for League events, including annual conference, regional meetings, workshops, affiliate organization conferences and training sessions. Staff to N.C. City and County Management Association. Charles Archer Associate Director for Operations and Federal Relations 919-715-3918 [email protected] Yolanda Guerra Administrative Specialist 919-715-3913 [email protected] Glenn Dean Print Shop/Facilities Coordinator 919-715-3914 [email protected] Gene Beasley Printing and Mail Technician 919-715-2745 [email protected]

Lori Moye Staff Associate I 919-715-0950 [email protected]

2 HUMAN RESOURCES Human resources function for the League's internal operations. Assistsance in organizational training and development efforts. Development and administration of a comprehensive human resources program for the League. Staff to N.C. Black Elected Municipal Officials. Michael Naylor Manager of Human Resources 919-715-3915 [email protected] Fawn Watson Senior Programmer/Analyst 919-715-7719 [email protected] Linda Black Chief Financial Officer 919-715-8719 [email protected]

Thomas Livers Principal Network Engineer 919-715-2235 [email protected]

Tricia Wagner Controller 919-715-3939 [email protected]

Jody Hartley Network Administrator 919-715-3922 [email protected]

Joseph M. Corey Senior Accountant 919-733-3302 [email protected]

Shelia Morton Human Resources Generalist 919-715-6655 [email protected]

Gail Gilley Database Administrator 919-733-3301 [email protected]

Danise Hobson Accounting Supervisor 919-715-2916 [email protected]

Information Technology

Development and implementation for all information technology-related services and systems for the League. Management of various IT projects and the development of future applications related to network servers, personal computers, local and wide area networks, Internet services and the League's information technology systems. Assistance with research activities. Programming support to League's insurance pools. Representation of League on external boards and committees. Ryan Draughn Chief Information Officer 919-715-2915 [email protected]

Hope Moore Information Technology Support Technician 919-715-2903 [email protected] Kathy Battle Database Specialist 919-715-6657 [email protected]

Tracey Chavis Financial Assistant III 919-715-7648 [email protected]

Sandra Massengill Financial Assistant III 919-715-2925 [email protected]


Development and preparation of financial policies, procedures, controls, financial accounting, financial statements and reports and standards for all League functions. Coordination of the annual independent audit. Financial support services for NCLM affiliate organizations. Fiscal support and guidance to managers and staff of all three insurance pools. Staff to Debt Setoff Clearinghouse Program.

Doug Lintelman Financial Assistant III 919-715-2913 [email protected]

John D. Hice Senior Programmer/Analyst 919-715-3919 [email protected]

Tisha Newkirk Financial Assistant II 919-715-3924 [email protected]

3 Wanda Veasey Staff Associate 919-715-2218 [email protected]

Governmental Affairs

Development and implementation of League's overall advocacy efforts, including state legislative lobbying and state governmental affairs work. Fiscal and legislative research work necessary to the advocacy process. Coordination and liaison with state agencies. Implementation of the League's policy development process. Provision of comparative data and instructive information about municipal government to League members. Develpment and coordination of efforts to engage membership in legislative process and responsible for member communications on legislative matters including the League's website. Kelli H. Kukura Director of Governmental Affairs 919-715-3942 [email protected] Paul Meyer Chief Legislative Counsel 919-715-3930 [email protected]

Karl Knapp Director of Research and Policy Analysis 919-715-7968 [email protected] Chris Nida Research Analyst 919-715-3945 [email protected]

Legal Affairs

Legal inquiry service, charter revisions and other forms of legal assistance to League members. Legal research activities and amicus brief program. Provision of internal legal assistance to Risk Management Services and other departments. Staff to N.C. Association of Municipal Attorneys and N.C. Association of Municipal Clerks. Kimberly Smith Hibbard General Counsel 919-715-3936 [email protected]

Public Affairs

Development of League public relations, media relations, publications programs. Responsible for content, design and maintenence on the League's website. Edits League Letter and Southern City. Research, writing and production of League publications and collateral materials. Responsible for League social media, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channel.Staff to N.C. Women in Municipal Government. Responsible for development of the League graphic identity. Development of League advertising concepts and graphic design. Matt Lail Interim Director of Public Affairs 919-715-3929 [email protected] Dana Davis Bayley Design Specialist 919-715-3921 [email protected]

John M. Phelps II Senior Assistant General Counsel 919-715-3920 [email protected] Gregg Schwitzgebel Senior Assistant General Counsel 919-715-3937 [email protected]

Jennifer Webb Grassroots Coordinator/ Legislative Assistant 919-715-1726 [email protected] Erin Wynia Policy Analyst 919-715-4126 [email protected]


Risk Management and Member Services

ADMINISTRATION Overall responsibility for administration of three League-sponsored insurance programs providing workers' compensation, health plans and property and liability coverages. Works with the RMS Board of Trustees for the three programs. Responsible for Member Services. Bob Haynes Associate Director for Risk Management and Member Services 919-715-2900 [email protected] Kristy Barefoot Executive Assistant 919-715-2904 [email protected]

Griff Jones Health Program Consultant 919-715-8154 [email protected]

Ron Tilton Risk Management Field Consultant (Northern Piedmont Region) 919-715-2573 [email protected] Jerry Todd Risk Management Field Consultant (Southern Piedmont Region) 919-715-2919 [email protected] Amy Whisnant Risk Management Field Consultant (Western Region) 919-715-8965 [email protected] Brenda Rich Administrative Specialist 919-715-2902 [email protected]

Julia Cress Health Program Assistant II 919-715-7974 [email protected]

Lisa Ervin Health Program Assistant II 919-715-7973 [email protected]

RISK MANAGEMENT CONSULTING SERVICES Loss control services to insurance program participants, including development of manuals, online training programs, regional supervisors' safety training workshops, onsite assistance and writing on various safety, risk management and loss control issues. Extensive onsite consultations to help participants develop loss control programs. Assessment of loss and claims history and review and interpretation of safety standards. Jim Davenport Manager of Risk Management Consulting Services 919-715-2905 [email protected] Paul Miller Risk Management Field Consultant (Eastern Region) 919-715-2223 [email protected]

HEALTH BENEFITS TRUST Oversight and administration of the health program, including eligibility and enrollment process. Management of service providers for claims, network utilization, case management, pharmacy benefits, vision benefits, life and short-term disability benefits. Assistance with member requests and concerns, including Medicare, COBRA, HIPAA and other eligibility issues. Provide plan booklets and other materials to participants. Health, wellness and EAP consultant services to members, including grant programs, startup assistance, onsite training programs, dissemination of information on wellness/EAP programs. Julie M. Hall Health Programs Supervisor 919-715-9782 [email protected]

MEMBER SERVICES Marketing of League services and programs, including the Health Benefits Trust, Workers' Compensation Trust, Property and Liability Trust and programs and services offered through contract service providers. Human resources and organiza- tional & management consulting services. Oversight of contract studies, including classification and pay plan studies and organization and management studies. Annual municipal salary survey and biennial fringe benefit survey. Man- agement of the NCLM interim manager/administrator assistance program. Presentations on forms of government, roles and relationships and the manager/administrator recruiting and selection process at municipal offices. Staff to Organization of Municipal Personnel Officers, N.C. Association of Resort Towns and Convention Cities, and the Carolinas Association of Government Purchasing. Oversees endorsed vendors which meet certain criteria, and contract services that assist in consulting.

5 Rob Shepherd Jr. Manager of Member Services 919-715-9767 [email protected] Cell: 336-456-7151 Hartwell Wright Human Resources Consultant 919-715-0352 [email protected] Cell: 919-218-0617 Madeleine Henley Marketing Program Administrator 919-715-2918 [email protected] Cell: 919-522-3663 Angela Greene Member Services Field Consultant (Western N.C.) 919-715-1249 [email protected] Cell: 919-812-9644 Lisa Kinsey Member Services Field Consultant (Eastern N.C.) 919-715-2222 [email protected] Cell: 919-749-2233 Tanika Sneed Research Survey Analyst 919-715-2746 [email protected] CLAIMS ADMINISTRATION Management of workers' compensation and property and liability claims, and litigation management. Assistance with claims issues, reinsurance placement and legal matters of the department. Assists participants with risk management concerns. J. Steven Lee Director of Claims 919-733-3106 [email protected] PROPERTY/LIABILITY CLAIMS Claims adjustment and settlement in the property and liability insurance program.This includes litigation management, reinsurance recoveries, subrogation and salvage recovery. Willie Wilson Manager of Property and Liability Claims 919-715-2909 [email protected] Michael Bryant Property and Liability Field Adjuster (Western Region) 919-715-0490 [email protected] Frank Miller Property and Liability Field Adjuster (Piedmont Region) 919-715-0353 [email protected] Max Eatman Property and Liability Field Adjuster (Southeastern and Coastal Region) 919-715-1229 [email protected] David L. Robertson Property and Liability Field Adjuster (Northeastern and Coastal Region) 919-715-2556 [email protected] Daniel Miles Property and Liability Field Adjuster 919-715-2298 [email protected] Audrey Downing Property & Liability Adjuster 919-715-6653 [email protected]

Kathy Bullock Claims Administration Supervisor 919-715-2301 [email protected] Helen Richardson Claims Assistant II 919-715-4319 [email protected]

Rita Messer Claims Assistant I 919-715-1696 [email protected]

Ashley Knotts Claims Assistant I 919-715-3105 [email protected]

Joshua Lunsford Claims Assistant I 919-715-2403 [email protected]

Brittney Hunter Claims Assistant I 919-715-2234 [email protected]

6 Christopher MacKay Property & Liability Adjuster 919-715-1220 [email protected] Dianna Wodziak Property and Casualty Underwriter 919-715-9549 [email protected] Patty Stewart Associate Property and Casualty Underwriter 919-715-8151 [email protected] WORKERS' COMPENSATION MEDICAL CLAIMS Claims adjustment for medical-related workers compensation claims when no time has been lost from work. Assistance to members. Annette Charping Manager of Workers' Compensation Medical Claims 919-715-0407 [email protected] Mary Correia Workers' Compensation Medical Adjuster 919-715-8152 [email protected] Karen Cardwell Workers' Compensation Medical Adjuster 919-715-2907 [email protected]

Charlotte Martin Property & Liability Adjuster 919-715-0743 [email protected]

PROPERTY/LIABILITY & WORKERS' COMPENSATION UNDERWRITING Underwriting functions, rate making, coverages, property appraisals, actuarial services and reinsurance contracts for property/liability and workers' compensation programs. Preparation of workers' compensation audits. Preparation of quotes, renewals and endorsements to participants' coverage. Insurance reviews to assess participants' needs. Mark Rockett Director of Property and Casualty Underwriting 919-715-2910 [email protected] Ryan Ezzell Property and Casualty Underwriting Supervisor 919-733-2633 [email protected] Carol Regina Senior Workers' Compensation Auditor Underwriter 919-715-2914 [email protected] Steven Hulme Workers' Compensation Auditor Underwriter 919-715-3923 [email protected]

WORKERS' COMPENSATION LOST TIME CLAIMS Claims adjustment for lost time workers' compensation claims. Investigation and management of complex workers compensation insurance claims. Assistance to members. Cyndi Smith Manager of Workers' Compensation Lost Time Claims 919-715-8997 [email protected] Amy Neisen Senior Workers' Compensation Lost Time Adjuster 919-715-8965 [email protected] Sharon Tart Workers' Compensation Lost Time Adjuster 919-715-2717 [email protected] Jane Hardy Workers' Compensation Lost Time Adjuster 919-733-2634 [email protected] Ruth Thompson Workers' Compensation Lost Time Adjuster 919-715-2557 [email protected]


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