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Guidelines for Blue Sheet Completion

The purpose of the Blue Sheet is to allow for Stewart Theatre or Thompson Theatre technical staff to review the details of your event, and to plan accordingly. Therefore, it is crucial that you provide as much detailed information as possible for the theatre staff. Below are a list of guidelines and suggestions to help aid you in thinking about, and completing the Blue Sheet.


1. The Blue Sheet must be turned in for approval no less than 10 working days prior to the event. Please allow yourself and your organization enough time to plan out the details of your event. The more organized you are in advance, the smoother rehearsal and production normally flow. 2. Blue Sheets that are marked with ` Be Announced'(TBA), etc. will not be To accepted and will be returned to the individual or group making the request. 3. An advisor must be present at the theatre any time off-campus participants are in the theatre.


It is the responsibility of your organization to work out the logistics of the rehearsal prior to your arrival at the theatre. Advance planning may ensure that you make the most of the time allotted to your event. Things to think about: A. Who will act as Stage Manager for the Rehearsal? (This individual should have extensive knowledge of the production). B. How many performers, groups, or scenes need to be rehearsed? C. What is the total time allotted for your rehearsal? D. How much time can each group rehearse and be on the stage for?

Tech Planning:

Deciding on the events technical information requires that you have fore knowledge of each event. Technical information involves both light and sound. If your anticipate having several performers or acts, each group may ask for different lighting or sound requirements. For more information please see the Equipment list on the Technical Information packet.

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Things to think about: A. B. C. D. E. Will all the acts or performers require the same lighting or different? Will there be many people on stage or only one? What type of mood is the performer trying to create? Will taped music be played? Will the performers require that a professional sound company be hired?


When planning your event, carefully consider the order of activities and the number of people on stage. Things to think about: A. B. C. D. Will you need a podium or chairs on stage? Will you need shells or risers? What props will your performers require? Will the performers remain stationary or will they travel across the stage?

Ticket Sales and Distribution:

Some groups choose to sell tickets to an event. Groups can provide tickets through ` Ticket Central'or distribute them through another means. Things to think about: A. How will you authenticate tickets? B. Who will be responsible for tracking ticket sales or distribution? C. How will you number the tickets so they are not distributed in access of Stewart or Thompson' seating capacity? s



I hope that you have found these suggestions useful to planning your event. Please remember that the advisor to your organization is there to help guide you in planning out your event. Should you need additional assistance or have specific questions, please call Jean Chevalier, Stewart Theatre' Technical Director, at 515-3900. s

C:\WINNT\Profiles\temphrl\Local Settings\Temp\Guidelines for Blue Sheet Completion.doc


Guidelines for Blue Sheet Completion

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