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Registration Form

Sixty-second Annual Convention of the

Conference On College Compostion and Communication

Member No. ______________________________________________ Member Nonmember Check here if this is your first CCCC Convention. Check here if you have a program role. First Name________________________________________________ Last Name ________________________________________________ In the spaces below, please give the address to which a prepaid advance copy of the Convention Program should be sent. Your receipt will be sent to the same place. (Because of mail delays, Programs will not be mailed to addresses outside the United States.) Home Address ____________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ City _______________________ State/Province _________________ Country ____________________ Zip/Postal Code________________ Institution ________________________________________________ Email ____________________________________________________ Please check type of institution: 2-year college 4-year college that grants only bachelor's degrees 4-year college/university that grants master's degrees 4-year college/university that grants master's degrees and Ph.D.'s Other: _______________________________________________ Phone Numbers Home: ( ________ ) _________________________ Office: ( ________ ) _________________________ CCCC can best assist people with disability-related needs if they contact us well in advance of the meeting. Please contact Sue Gallivan, Meeting Planner, by February 4, 2011, to explain your needs or to ask questions about the accessibility of hotel accommodations or meeting facilities. Phone 1-800-369-6283 ext. 3675 or [email protected] ___W.3 ___W.4 ___W.5

April 6­9, Atlanta, GA

Registration Fees

Pre- and post-convention workshops are optional. Complete appropriate blanks by supplying quantities and totals. ____ CCCC member: $115 each--by mail ($145 onsite) $ _______ ____ NCTE but not CCCC member: $140 each--by mail ($170 onsite) ____ Not a member of either NCTE or CCCC: $190 each--by mail ($220 onsite) ____ Full-time student registrations at $40 each ____ Part-time, adjunct faculty, or retired: $85 each--by mail ($115 onsite) ____ TYCA Breakfast ($25) ____ Copy of Advance Program ($15) (Cannot be mailed outside of U.S.) Total workshop fees Total fees $ _______ $ _______ $ _______ $ _______ $ _______ $ _______ $ _______ $ _______

Workshops (optional), Wednesday, April 6 Registration fee includes conference materials, tuition, and coffee service. Please number choices in order of preference (i.e., 1st, 2nd, 3rd).

All-Day Workshops, (9:00 a.m.­5:00 p.m.) $40.00

___W.1 ___W.2

___W.6 ___W.7 ___W.8 ___W.9

How to Register

1. Use this form to register either onsite at the Convention or in advance by mail. To register in advance, complete this form and send it with your check made out to NCTE in the appropriate amount to: NCTE 1111 W. Kenyon Road Urbana, IL 61801-1096 2. If you cancel prior to February 11, 2011, you will receive a refund of your payment minus the service fee of $25.00. If the cancellation is received after February 11, 2011, but before the conference begins, your payment will be credited toward the 2012 CCCC Conference in St. Louis. Registrants who fail to attend and do not cancel prior to the event are not entitled to a credit or refund of any kind. Unfortunately, there will be no exceptions. 3. Registration Forms must be received by February 16 or earlier; those received later will be returned unprocessed. 4. Hotel rooms should be reserved in advance. To make your reservation, visit

Labor Organizing in Hard Times New Webs of Relationships: International Dialogue about Higher Education Writing Research (Sponsored by the CCCC Committee on Globalization) Fuck Tradition!: Mapping/Making/Performing/Contesting Queer Relations We Are Not Alone: Strategic Coalition Building Across (Contested) Spaces Serving Basic Writers 20th Anniversary Feminist Workshop Retrospective: The History and Future of a Space and its Knowledges (Sponsored by the Committee on the Status of Women in the Profession) Sound Teaching: Bringing Music and Audio into the Composition Classroom One-on-One with Second-Language Writers The Web of Meaning: Incorporating Multi-Media Technology into Writing-Intensive Courses Situated Invention--Mapping, Documenting,Theorizing and Contesting Generativity

Half-Day Workshops, (9:00 a.m.­12:30 p.m.) $20.00

___MW.1 Building Arguments for Best Practices with the CCCC Statement of Principles and Standards for the Postsecondary Teaching of Writing ___MW. 2 The Arts and the Writing Life--Aesthetic Pleasures in the Life of the Classroom and the Life of the Writing Teacher ___MW. 3 Negotiating Archival Spaces: Exploring Existing Archives and Building New Ones ___MW. 4 Youth Empowerment and Advocacy Through Playwriting: Young Playwrights Inc.'s Write A Play! Curriculum ___MW. 5 Experimenting with the Practice of Writing (Cont'd)

___MW.6 Theater Games for the Composition Classroom ___MW.7 A Common Ground in a Sea of Change: Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Writers in the Writing Classroom ___MW.8 Making a Case for Tenure and Promotion within/outside Rhetoric and Composition ___MW.9 Play/Write 3.0: Connecting Game Studies and Composition Pedagogies

Half-Day Workshops, (1:30­5:00 p.m.) $20.00


Personal or Institutional Check; make check payable to NCTE. Purchase Order; purchase orders must be accompanied by Registration Form. MasterCard VISA Discover PO# _____________________________ If you pay with either MasterCard, VISA, or Discover, please give your account number (all numbers on the account number line of the card) and expiration date below. Account Number ___________________________________________ Expiration Date ____________________________________________

Your signature, authorizing charge. NOTE: Your signature also authorizes NCTE to charge the correct total amount in case of error in addition. By registering for this convention, I grant CCCC/NCTE permission to use photographs and videos taken of me in group settings during the convention in future published materials.

___AW.1 "Grammar for the Right Brain" ­ Teaching Writing in the Context of Grammar ___AW.2 Contesting Institutional Barriers and Boundaries: Engaging the Politics and Pedagogy of Ebonix (and Other Linguistic Varieties of Americans) in Classroom Practice ___AW.3 Standing Peachtree: Trading Ideas about American Indian Rhetorical Texts with `All Our Relations' ___AW.4 Teaching Writing with Latino/a Students in the South: A Workshop Sponsored by the NCTE/CCCC Latino/a Caucus ___AW.5 The Webs We Weave: Connecting and Contesting Boundaries through Participatory Acts of Composition ___AW.6 Building a Philosophy/Building a Program ___AW.7 Writing as Radical Hybridity: An Interdisciplinary Writing Workshop ___AW.8 Broadening the Circle: Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Writers in the Writing Center ___AW.9 Informed Inferences: Pedagogical Uses of Physical and Digital Archives



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