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Full Spectrum Power Needs for Munitions and Advanced Weapon Systems

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Nov 17, 2008

Army Power Spectrum

Power & Energy Requirements

1 -100 mW 1W 1 KW 10 KW 100 KW HPM EM Gun ADS Fuzes: · M234/M235 SD Fuzes · M762A1/M767A1 ET Fuze · MOFA · M732/M732A1 · Precision Guided Kit 1 MW 10 MW 1TW

LGE Armament Systems: · Active Denial System · HPM based C-IED · Laser Guided Energy (LGE) · Electro-Magnetic (EM) Gun · High Power Microwave (HPM) Payload

Precision Munitions: · Excalibur · High Power Microwave (HPM) Payload · Mid Range Munition (MRM) · Common Smart Munition

Munition Power Source Needs

­ High G survivability from Gun Launch (10 kGs ­ 140 kGs) ­ 20 Year Shelf Life ­ Extreme Temperature performance

­ - 40 Fo to +145Fo Operating Temperature ­ - 65Fo to +165Fo Storage Temperatures

­ Increased Power and Energy Density

­ Increased mission time for extended range and increased lethality ­ Reduced footprint

­ Increased reliability and manufacturability ­ Reduced cost ­ Improved industrial base


· To develop advanced, affordable, on-board gun-fired munition power source technologies with increased energy and power densities, reduced volume and weight, increased mission time, satisfy a 20 year shelf life, & improved extreme temperature performance.


Technical Approach

Improve Thermal Batteries by novel thermal management techniques that will result in longer lasting yet smaller batteries Improve Liquid Reserve Batteries by development of new organic electrolytes that will lead to higher production throughput and lower costs and catalyzed cathodes that provide higher power and energy densities Develop new types of energy harvesters to supplement and reduce the dependence on batteries ("Energy Hybrid Systems")

So What

­ The performance of current munitions and the development of future munitions are limited by the size and power constraints of existing batteries. Technology exists to overcome these constraints, but funding is required to complete qualification so they can be inserted into programs of record. ­ Systems approach to power management ­ Can be applied generically to other applications ­ Strengthen power source industrial base

Accelerating this technology transition timeline saves lives and enhances war-fighter capability

Novel Power Sources for Advanced Munitions


·Develop advanced, novel on-board munitions power systems with increased energy and power densities, increased mission time for extended range & increased lethality, increased reliability & manufacturability, improved extreme temperature performance, reduced volume and weight and at a reduced cost.


·New thermal battery prototypes with higher energy densities in a smaller volume that meets maximum time of flight requirements. ·Novel liquid reserve battery prototypes that are more producible and cost effective. ·Hybrid power system prototypes that provide required power for guided missiles and projectiles thru integrated functionality.


Tasks FY04 FY05 FY06 FY07 FY08

· Energy System ­ Thermal batteries - novel insulators · Energy System ­ Organic Electrolyte improvement for liquid reserve batteries · Alternative/Hybrid Energy Systems X = TRL 5





·Systems that will provide reliable, producible and affordable energy systems to support development of future large, medium and small caliber munitions, missiles, and rocket systems ·Scalable and flexible architecture that will meet increasing power requirements.






Transitions Plans:


Benefit To Warfighter

Advanced Novel Munition Power Systems enables safe, affordable, reliable and decisive military superiority

Smaller improved thermal batteries provide enhanced lethality Increased thermal battery runtime enables increased range and mission success Increased warfighter safety due Improvement of lethality Improved reliability which reduces # of duds Lower system weight reduces transportation costs


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