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Eng. 2/ Level F Vocabulary Unit 6 Answers to the exercises in the book: Completing the Sentence 1. surreptitious 2. heinous 3. insurgents 4. vicarious 5. fetters 6. contrive 7. ennui 8. bizarre 9. cajoled 10. disabuse 11. immutable 12. megalomania 13. sinecure 14. transmute 15. demagogue 16. castigated 17. anomalous 18. transgressed 19. brusque 20. aspersions Synonyms 1. heinous 2. aspersion 3. fetter 4. demagogue 5. disabuse 6. castigate 7. insurgent 8. contrive 9. anomalous 10. cajole 11. bizarre 12. immutable 13. sinecures 14. transmute 15. surreptitious Antonyms 16. brusque 17. ennui 18. megalomania 19. transgress 20. vicarious Choosing the Right Word 1. demagogue 2. aspersions 3. transmute 4. anomalous 5. ennui 6. contrive 7.surreptitiously 8. fetters 9. cajole 10. vicariously 11. castigated 12. megalomaniac 13. transgressed 14. heinous 15. immutable 16. insurgent 17. bizarre 18. brusque 19. sinecure 20. disabuse

Extra Study Aid ­ More Sentences with Vocabulary Words

Unit 6 Vocabulary anomalous We wondered at the anomalous appearance of Abraham Lincoln in the play, which was set in the 1960's. aspersion The frequent, mean-spirited aspersions cast upon the club president by the club members were unkind and uncalled for. bizarre The bizarre costumes worn by the stage performers were unlike anything the children had seen before; they were both delighted and frightened by the strangeness of the performers' appearances.

brusque My aunt frowned at the brusque manner with which the hurried salesperson treated us. cajole My brother cajoled me into attending a dance with one of his fraternity brothers; I hadn't wanted to go, but his coaxing was effective. castigate The boy was castigated by his parents after his arrest for public intoxication. contrive Contriving a scheme to get out of my piano lesson was not easy, but the illness I wound up faking was convincing to my mother. demagogue The politician was considered by many to be a demagogue; he would say almost anything to shore up the support of the voters in his district. disabuse Alice was disabused of the illusion that her uncle was a cold-hearted man when she saw him rescue and take in a stray kitten that he found in the street. ennui ­The ennui of waiting in the long line was unbearable; I wished I had a brought a book to entertain myself. fetter Passion's too fierce to be in fetters bound. --Dryden. heinous We couldn't imagine a fitting punishment for the heinous crimes that had been committed. immutable

One of the few immutable circumstances of life is that we all must eventually die. insurgent

The insurgent was captured and brought before a military court. megalomania The student earned the label megalomaniac by insisting on taking five A.P. classes, participating in seven clubs, playing three sports, and auditioning for the lead in the spring play. sinecure The sinecure was provided by the boy's father; he would receive regular wages, but he would have very little real work to do. surreptitious The cookie dough was surreptitiously tasted by my little brothers when I wasn't looking. transgress

The priest had transgressed the limits of what his Bishop would tolerate; therefore, he was removed from his position. transmute In the Middle Ages, alchemists tried to transmute lead and other substances into gold. vicarious The emails from my traveling friend allowed me to experience Peru vicariously.



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