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Eng. 3/Level G Vocabulary Unit 14 Answers to the exercises in the book: Completing the Sentence 1. gainsay 2. coup 3. pariah 4. consigned 5. behemoth 6. imminent 7. febrile 8. loath 9. minutiae 10. nostrum 11. beatific 12. moratorium 13. visionary 14. innate

15. chicanery 16. wizened 17. euphemism 18. cacophonous 19. manifest 20. blandishments

Synonyms 1. euphemism 2. pariah 3. coup 4. nostrum 5. behemoths 6. chicanery 7. innate 8. gainsay 9. wizened 10. minutiae 11. beatific 12. cacophonous 13. consigned 14. imminent 15. blandishments Antonyms 16. visionary 17. febrile 18. loath 19. moratorium 20. manifest Choosing the Right Word 1. coups 2. innate 3. febrile 4. moratorium 5. beatific 6. visionary 7. blandishments 8. minutiae 9. consigned 10. chicanery 11. gainsay 12. nostrums 13. loath 14. behemoth 15. wizened 16. Imminent 17. pariah 18. cacophony 19. manifest 20. euphemistically

Extra Study Aid ­ More Sentences with Vocabulary Words 1. beatific adj. Mary's expression of love is beatific as she looks at her blessed son, Jesus. 2. behemoth n. Are you going with us to the "Monster" Truck Rally to see those automotive behemoths? 3. blandishment n. Mary hoped the series of carefully timed blandishments delivered to her mother would put her into a better mood and cause her to change her mind about being grounded. 4. cacophonous adj. The cacophonous, grating laughter of the witches in Macbeth helped to set the eerie tone. 5. chicanery n. "Cooking the books" is a type of accounting chicanery that allowed several corporations to steal money from these businesses; Enron is the most famous.

6. consign v. When Chris left for college, he consigned his 1965 Mustang to he sister Kelly's care. 7. coup n. Taking two cars so that we could leave before our parents was a clever coup. 8. euphemism n. Chunky is a more pleasant way, that is to say a euphemism, of describing my fat sister. 9. febrile adj. Winter finals are a week of febrile activity when most of us are too busy to think about vacation. 10. gainsay v. I may not agree with your opinion, but I won't gainsay your right to express it. 11. imminent adj. After the election of reform party candidates, the citizens believed that change was imminent. 12. innate adj. Playing music by ear is an innate talent that is not taught nor learned. 13. loath adj. I am loath to give you an extra credit assignment since you have not done the required work. 14. manifest v./adj. The Red Death manifested itself with dizziness, bleeding from the pores, and death within 30 minutes. The manifest purpose of the call was to invite John to our party. 15. minutiae n. The minutiae of a teacher's day includes sorting, filing, recording versus the major work of planning and evaluating student work. 16. moratorium n. On snowing mornings the attendance office calls a moratorium on listing lateness as a tardy. 17. nostrum n. Chicken soup is a well-known nostrum for all sorts of ailments. 18. pariah n. Because of his unusual appearance and alleged child abuse, Michael Jackson has become a pariah in the entertainment world. 19. visionary adj./n The architecture of the new subdivision was too visionary to attract many buyers. MLK was a social visionary; he saw the world as it should be, not as it actually was. 20. wizened adj. Prunes are wizened plums.


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Microsoft Word - LEVEL G UNIT 14 WEB.DOC