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NANDTB News Feb 2011 CASA Agreement closer

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority has offered a draft Deed of Agreement to the NANDTB for consideration. The agreement sets out the terms and conditions under which CASA will financially support the activities of the Board. John Flannery and Richard Allen have been instrumental in working through the process within CASA for some time, to bring it to this point. A recent meeting of the Board has agreed in principle to the agreement with only a few minor items for clarification. The securing of this support will assure the future operation of the Board, and relieve some of the financial burden from employers and members who so generously give of their time and resources. For its part, the Board will introduce financial control and reporting procedures to demonstrate that its fiduciary responsibilities are maintained.

Ageing Aircraft Advisory Group meeting

On 8th December CASA hosted the second meeting of the Ageing Aircraft Advisory Group to which the Board was invited. Interest in the NANDTB by this group by its chair Peter van Dijk was previously reported from the National NDT conference in Melbourne last October. The background to the ageing aircraft issue is that it has been recognised that many older aircraft do not have effective maintenance plans commensurate with their age and operating environment. To assess the scope of the problem and recommend strategies, CASA commissioned an industry report from Aviation Concepts and Training Services. Borrowing from former US Defence Secretary, ACTS approached the work by asking; what do we know we know, what do we know we don't know, and what do we don't know we don't know. This report is part of the Stage 1 overview and was delivered to the government on the 5th December, only few days before the meeting. Stage 2 will be the implementation of selected strategies and Stage 3 will be monitoring and control. Initial analysis of the available data by ACTS identified some priorities, with potentially up to 5,000 aircraft being of concern with structural or systems problems related to ageing. Whilst this analysis work continues, in the future as specific problems are identified through field audits and assessments of aircraft, the AAAG intends to seek guidance from the NANDTB on the application of NDT to the inspection problems identified. Such an arrangement will be an excellent opportunity for the Board to demonstrate its value to the Australian aerospace industry. The next AAAG meeting is expected in the first half of 2011.

Aircraft Airworthiness and Sustainment Conference 2011 ­ Australia

The annual Australian Aircraft Airworthiness and Sustainment Conference will be held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre over 26-28 July 2011. This follows a very successful 2010 Conference attended by over 200 delegates from over 40 organisations and agencies. This Conference brings together engineers, operators, maintainers, scientists, technicians, logisticians and managers, from both the military and commercial aerospace communities, to share their knowledge, experience, ideas and technologies relating to platform sustainment. Collaboration is strongly encouraged between the commercial and military fleet management environments in regard to sustainment methods and initiatives employed. AA&S (Australia) is the sister Conference to that of the same name in the US, and an ongoing collaborative relationship is shared through these two events, with members of the US community attending each year and providing updates on the US fleet status and initiatives underway to address ageing and sustainment issues. The Conference also warmly welcomes delegates and input from the broader international community. This event is for the benefit of the entire aerospace community ­ government, defence, industry and academia alike. By becoming involved, whether as a speaker, discussion participant or simply networking with other members of the aerospace community, you are making a valuable contribution to our fleets and to our great industry. Contact Richard Gauntlett at


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