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EL509 OTL Power Amplifier ·} 6 Sî­{ñ~H

FET"ü--ÍPNPTr··"®`···ñ~H 4­{·À--ñSEPPñ~H EL509 260V 9mA ¶ 1k INPUT 56k ¶ ¶ 75k 130V 4.5mA 9.2mA 4.5mA 9.2mA 260V 680 ¶ 75k ¶ 47k¶ 4.7mA 4.7mA 10V NPNTrx·[X ·Ú'nñ~H 0.6mA 300k¶ 130V 15k¶ 47k ¶ 0.1A ·~4 130V 0.6mA 300k¶ 130V OUTPUT 130V

97/08/16 Shinichi Kamijo



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