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In Attendance: Start 8:10pm DW, NS, SG, RE, PB, SJ, T Regan, Jan Johnson, A Downman Short review from each committee section: Events & Publicity July 2nd Notley event ­ Volunteers identified Planning for the November 19th Starfest nearing completion (see below) Observatory A further wall unit is to be put up and outdoor lighting repaired ­ to be carried out on the 23rd June (subject to further person being available) Secretarial Membership stands at 76 with a further family interest identified Treasurer £1356 in bank; £450 in cash

total: £1806

Outreach Local Boys Brigade showing interest for an autumn interaction; further Brownie Groups also in contact Additional topics: Notley Stargazing Ongoing. Next on July 2nd with both solar and dark sky viewing. The June event brought in £13.06 in funds to the Society (Contribution bucket!) Starfest Costs for both the Guilberd and Alec Hunter School's schools have been received. AH School is significantly cheaper (£26/hr) and therefore is the chosen venue. A visit is to be planned to confirm layout and details. Five Speakers (with two in reserve) and Trade stands now confirmed; contact with the BAA underway re Trade stand Starbeque August A further membership contact re tickets are to be made. Given the large membership this year, a limit of 50-adults will have to be identified to the membership (children on top of this). Attendance to be on a first come first served basis (payment made) with last confirmation accepted on the 1st August (to allow for food to be procured against the numbers confirmed). A new Gazebo (£100 approx) and Barbeque (£50 approx) are to be purchased a.s.a.p. Dunmow Primary School Event ­ 25th June NEAS support (Solar Viewing plus posters etc...) is confirmed; 6 volunteers identified Curry Night ­ 30th June 12-off Members have signed up for this event to date

AOB Local (to Observatory) developments: One of the two identified developments (the waste site extension) has been turned down by Essex Council. The further (Wakes Colne Farm) Holiday Cottage development is also (unconfirmed) thought to be a "no-go'er". Radio Telescope: The Data-Controller box is under manufacture. The purchase cost of £127.50 is to be cleared/paid by the Society. New Purchase: A solar continuum filter (£50 approx) is thought to be a good buy (increased contrast in solar images). Public Meetings ­ Speaker topics: A discussion re the balance and nature of Public Meeting Presentations identified concern. A revised balance for new year was considered to include space and planetary science together with core Observing topics. Additionally, a "Telescope Q&A" night was thought to be useful. The potential for gaining Membership "preferences" is to be considered. Finish at 9:20pm



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