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Iron Farm Cattle Company


n our corner of this world we have truly been blessed in so many ways this year with an abundance of moisture, summer grazing like never before, an exciting set of new calves born in the spring and fall, a solid commercial replacement female market, and a fantastic long term outlook to the cattle business in general. Even more importantly, our blessings have overflowed in terms of family, friends, and faith. At Iron Farm we take the "lemonade" approach by taking whatever is put before us with a positive frame of mind and an optimistic outlook. The demand for beef will continue to be sound, our industry has a great future, and the demand for quality Brangus cattle continues to rise. Iron Farm Cattle Company is a Brangus seedstock program focused on producing beef bulls for the commercial cow/calf owner. We are totally dedicated to the long term success of the beef industry and our Brangus breed in specific. Our roots go back through four decades of involvement in this awesome breed of beef cattle. Realizing so much faith is placed on Iron Farm through purchased bulls we feel a strong commitment to producing the RIGHT KIND of seedstock Brangus bulls in terms of efficiency, economy, stayability, and profit potential. Starting with our herd matrons we build from the ground up with close attention paid to structural integrity, udder soundness, and skeletal strength. In our opinion the most important trait we deal with every year is that of fertility and the economics dictating that belief. It is impossible for any cow to pay for her care and upkeep, plus put a little extra in the bank, if that cow does not calve every year! It just will not pencil out. For well over a decade we have culled as hard as any program in the beef business to insure that our pastures are full of highly fertile, sound structured, maternal, efficient, even tempered Brangus mother cows. If the seedstock cows in our herd can't walk, can't move, can't stay

sound then they will not forage efficiently and therefore will have problems thriving in our forage based environment. The convenience issues of long term udder soundness, calf survivability, and temperament are problems we choose not to deal with and realize our bull buyers also would rather not deal with the same. We know for a fact the traits we see in our cow herd will transmit to those same traits in the herds of our bull buyers and seedstock customer, therefore we take our role as your seedstock provider very seriously. We are excited about the results of our years dedicated to raising the RIGHT KIND of Brangus bulls displayed through the 2008 NRCA Bull Sale offering. We trust those of you in the cattle business will appreciate the dedicated effort we put forth every year in designing, producing, and supplying Brangus bulls that will be easy to use, fault-free to own, and the kind to put pounds on the scale at the pay window. As this event evolves each year three things remain constant ­ genetic design, evaluation and culling; and then genetic design, evaluation, and culling; and then...well you get the picture. We are completely dedicated to doing those three things as right as we possibly can since the results of those three constants mean our success or failure in producing the RIGHT KIND of Brangus bulls well suited to our bull buyers needs. It is our primary objective to raise the very best bulls in the country and guarantee the RIGHT KIND of Brangus Bull enters the seed stock and commercial cattle industry. In return, our desires are to establish our permanent place in the Brangus seedstock side of our business, a constant and confident position in the annual Brangus bull market, and a viable position in the beef industry's food chain. This is our fourth annual sale. Each year the offering and our knowledge has improved and each year our dedication has become more apparent. Our passion for raising the RIGHT KIND of bulls will never change. Our desire to satisfy our customers drives our stringent culling and selection process. We welcome your input and realize how meaningless we are without satisfied customers.

Iron Farm Cattle Company

With those thoughts about our philosophy at Iron Farm I would like to note a few things very important to me. I want to thank my wife Koren and son Brayden. Without their daily help, support, commitment, and love it just wouldn't be possible to keep all the balls juggled in the air yet still keep everything in perspective. I must thank our manager, Jonathan Weiss and his family Brenda, Hailey and Paige for their constant dedication and passion for what we do on a daily basis at Iron Farm. Like proud parents we are all proud of Hailey for showing Ms Iron Farm Alias 30S3 to Grand Champion Heifer honors at the 2008 National Junior Brangus Show. Big win for the Weiss family and a big win for Iron Farm. As mentioned earlier, 2008 has been a blessing to us in so many ways we will be forever grateful. A year ago Danny Males, my partner and great friend too me and many others, faced a difficult challenge to his health. Through faith in God, countless hours of prayers, and Danny's strength of character he has overcome this battle. Danny now is a witness to His greatness, the power of Belief, and for this we are truly grateful. Our passion and our love for the Brangus cattle industry are second to none. We are also blessed to have Tracy Holbert and Vern Suhn heavily involved with this event in so many aspects. They each share our same passion and love for our industry. These two cattlemen collectively bring decades of knowledge to our program, but more importantly, unquestioned honesty and integrity. They are exactly the caliber of cattlemen we want associated with our program. Last, but definitely not least, I would like to thank Joe Cavender and his crew for allowing us to share our program with theirs. Those in attendance last year saw the new sale facility that Joe Cavender redesigned strictly for the comfort of our bull and commercial female buyers. This year Joe has again put your comfort in mind with a new office, registration, and restroom facility at our sale location. We guarantee you will love the facility and see it is second to none. We may have two different brands, but we have one shared goal, to breed the RIGHT KIND of Brangus cattle. We hope you will be with us on Friday, December 5th for an early preview of the sale cattle and a great evening meal along with a time to relax and socialize with others in our business. For certain we look forward to seeing you on December 6 at Neches River Ranch. Sincerely, Scott Vancil Iron Farm Cattle Company

Cavender Ranch


s cattlemen we are in a little different environment than last year. Last year we received the needed moisture and worked our way out of a severe drought which brought optimism and led to a good market. This year rainfall has been better than ever in our area giving us timely rains that have allowed us to build an abundant supply of hay. We have never gone into the winter with as much moisture as we have received this year. This year we are facing different input costs coupled with a volatile economy. We have made it our philosophy that in the economy facing us our operation has to become more efficient. We have put even more selection pressure on our replacement females as well as the bulls that we produce. We are culling harder than ever before and have taken the approach that "they better be pretty good" before we spend any time, effort and expense taking them to the next level. This has always been our approach, but we are forced to take a harder stance than previously. We all are forced to do more with less and quality genetics is the most effective way to improve your operation. With that said, you will find the kind of quality in both the bulls and females in this year's sale that can help your program be successful. Quality genetics has never been more important than right now. Many people have said that "it does not cost any more to feed a good one" and these words or never more true than today! This year we have seen the results of the last 4 years of breeding and culling decisions in our registered herd. We will have an offering of over 50 bulls and 33 sons out of Suhn"s Affirmed 416N4, our lead sire and possibly the most talked about bull in the breed. Shortly after Richard Hood of Ultimate Genetics viewed our last calf crop, he immediately

made us an offer to lease Affirmed and include him as an "Ultimate Sire" in their marketing program. As part of their ad promotion, the headline for Affirmed is "Separating the Men from the Boys." Affirmed is siring an unbelievably consistent calf crop for us. He is siring moderate birth weights with plenty of power and pounds at weaning and yearling. We are having an astounding success rate and have only culled a little over 10% of the 225 Affirmed calves born to date at Cavender Ranches. If you had to pick one bull in the Brangus breed to breed across the board, Affirmed would be that bull! You can count on similar consistency using his sons in your herd. What you will find in this year's bull offering is what we have been striving for over the last 4 years: consistency and uniformity within our bulls. The depth, quality and improvement in this year's offering is this biggest leap that we have made by far since we have started our annual event. This will be an opportunity for several operations to take a position and possibly buy 3 or more bulls out of one sire. This could be a great opportunity for you as a producer to also build consistency and uniformity into your calf crop. In our opinion based on our past history of breeding cattle, the fastest way of upgrading and improving your herd is by using better bulls. Over the years we have seen what an upgrade in bulls can do for a commercial calf crop. Our bull sale is one of the last sales of the year so if you need to take a look at our bulls several weeks before our sale, we would be glad to show you our offering. We also have several bulls in this year's offering we consider to be herd sire prospects with the genetic reach to for registered programs. As you look through the catalog you will see the performance of the bulls in this offering. We feel these bulls will compete against any other Brangus program's offering. As we have been looking at our top ten or so bulls, it has been hard for us to pick how they rank. You will not gravitate to just 2 or 3 bulls, but find a depth in the fall yearlings that goes deep enough that several could and should be considered for herd sire prospects. We will let the buyers decide where they fall! If you have an interest in a

Cavender Ranch

herd sire prospect and cannot attend the sale, please feel free to discuss your needs with any of our sales team and they will be glad to help with your needs. The female sale offering will again be around 600 head. Our females were strongly received at last years' sale as well as the elite "Stock Show" events. Our goal every year is to get better and we think this year's group will match up with last year and will be stronger in some areas. We will have an excellent selection of Brangus, Brangus Super Baldies, F1 Tiger Stripe and F1 Blacks. We are estimating to have about 200 pairs on the ground by sale time. The quality and depth of this year's sale will be as good as any offering in 2008! The one big thing that we are making sure of this year as we did last year is that all of the cattle will have plenty of age and size. Our crew has done an excellent job in sorting through our cattle to make sure this offering is the best we have offered to date. These heifers have been developed at Neches River to insure their ability to continue produce in their new pastures in an efficient and forage environment. We have concentrated and are doing our utmost to use bulls selected for calving ease first and then their ability to add dollars after the calves hit the ground through growth and replacement heifer value. The Angus bulls are, without question, low birth weight bulls selected to get live calves on the ground. We know there has been negative news in the financial market resulting in a lot of people worried. However, now more than ever is the time for cattleman to put an emphasis on quality and to make breeding decisions as well as buying decisions that will impact where your program is headed, and where you will be positioned in the next several years. We hope you will take this opportunity to invest in our cattle to help propel your program in a positive direction. Plan to be with us Friday night, December 5th for a time to socialize and have a good meal with us. Feel free to call us on any questions you have about the sale offering. Look forward to seeing you at Neches River Ranch on December 5 and 6. Sincerely, Joe Cavender Cavender Ranches

More Sale Information

NRCA Partners in 2008... The NRCA Bull Sale offers an impressive selection of breeding age bulls from the NRCA partners Cavender Brangus and Iron Farm Cattle Company. Also participating in this year's NRCA Bull Sale are long time friends of the program David and Laurie Horton, Horton Farms, Jackson, Tennessee; Domonic and Angelia Gandy, Star G Ranches, Ben Wheeler, Texas; R.C. Smith, Polk Creek Farm, Oden, Arkansas; and David Burke, St. Rose, Louisiana. Retaining Breeding and Semen Interests.... At sale time we will have information available in our Sale Day Supplement Sheet that will alert all buyers to those bulls we will choose to keep semen and breeding rights. All bulls will sell with 100% possession to their new owner. This information will also be announced from the sale block regarding changes of any cataloged information. Selling In the Ring... The cattle will not sell in numerical lot number order, but we will have a printed sale order available sale morning. We will sell all bulls first followed by the commercial females. All bulls will sell one lot at a time in the sale ring. All commercial females will sell through the sale ring in uniform groups of mostly 5 head per pen sold. Some commercial female pens will contain as few as 3 head and as many as 10 head per group. The commercial females will be pre-sorted in uniform groups for type, age, and breeding status. Complete information on each female pen will be available December 5. All cattle will be available for inspection at sale location. Breeding Soundness Evaluation and Guarantee... Each sale bull has passed his Breeding Soundness Evaluation which includes a physical examination and actual semen test. Each bull will carry a guarantee for the first breeding season. If a problem should arise we will offer an immediate replacement bull (if available) or credit in the 2009 NRCA Bull Sale. The Measured Facts.... The information for each sale bull will include the following: The data boxes noted as Individual Performance include information for actual birth weight (BW), adjusted 205 day weaning weight (AWW) followed by weaning weight ratio (WR), adjusted 365 day yearling weight (AYW) followed by yearling weight ratio (YW), and scrotal circumference (365 SC) in centimeters adjusted to 365 days of age. Also you will find carcass merit ultrasound information to include ribeye area (REA) noted in square inches, measured marbling value (IMF%) noted as a percentage, and fat thickness (Fat) given in hundredths of an inch. Unless otherwise noted each carcass measurement has been adjusted to a constant 365 days of age.


More Sale Information

The Calculated EPDs.... The information box to the right of each pedigree contains the most current Expected Progeny Differences (EPD) for birth weight (BW), weaning weight (WW), yearling weight (YW), milk value (M), total maternal value (TM). Due to the possible information overload we do not put the EPD accuracies in our sale catalog. Since all bulls in this sale are non-parents their accuracies are the lowest calculated by our National Sire Evaluation Program and in some case may be calculated strictly as pedigree only EPDs. If you have any questions concerning accuracies please visit with someone from our sale team. Summit Cows and Summit Sires.... Summit Cows and Summit Sires are noted in pedigrees throughout the catalog with the word Summit or the abbreviation Sum. We consider these designations as elite status symbols due to the levels of production a cow or sire must achieve. Initially a cow must calve at 30 months of age or younger. Then she must maintain a calving interval of 380 days or less weaning at least 3 calves with weaning weights recorded for all calves. Finally, the weaning weight ratio for all calves must average at least 105%. A sire is given Summit status once he has at least five daughters reach Summit Cow status. Registration Prefix.... Bulls noted with an R number are registered Brangus. UB lots are blended genetic bulls from Brangus and Angus parentage called Ultra Blacks. AX registered are Appendix recorded purebred Brangus that have a nontypical Brangus color pattern but are Association recorded and will include recording papers. The exceptions for receiving recording papers include those sale bulls noted with a P number (performance only). Embryo Transfer Bulls (ET).... Embryo transfer bulls are spread throughout the catalog and are noted with an ET in their name. Keep in mind these ET bulls are raised by recipient dams with huge variations in calf raising quality which has great affect on a given bull's adjusted weaning weight. The recipient dam's milk production does not affect a given bull's genetic merit for milk or growth. However, recipient dam milk load can have some affect on the individual measurements for weaning weight, yearling weight, scrotal circumference, and carcass related measures. Pregnancy Examinations.... You will be given our best estimate concerning the breeding status of all commercial females. However, palpation is still a best estimate and not guaranteed to be 100% accurate concerning exact months bred and service sire in case of both AI and natural service breeding. Each female noted as safe in calf is so guaranteed. If a female is noted as exposed only then she has been exposed to given sire but not guaranteed safe in calf at time of palpation.



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