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Roll Call and Introductions: None Admin. Eliot Hillside Mitchell Jo-Anne Bagley Margorie Margolis, Teresa Leonelli Vonnie Ferandes, Seth Evans

Officers Present: Sherrill Neilsen Julie Minarski Raylene Roberts Eunice Flanders Stephanie Hamel Lou Corbosiero Joan Smith

Broadmeadow Maria Melchionda Newman Pollard High School Unit A Unit B Unit C Unit D Unit E Shelly Beermann, Anne Regnier Hank Genaske, Nicole Audette Renee La Fontaine,Jonathan Cooke, Andy Bigelow Rosemarie Greene None JoAnn Pope, Karen Godino Joan Kirkman None Minutes NEA Executive Committee Thursday, October 30, 2003 @ 3:30 Newman Media Center

1. Call to order 2. Minutes of previous meeting 3. Reading of Correspondence

4. Reports A. Report of Treasure · NEA laptop was purchased by Perry Nardone and Lou Corbosiero. Perry is currently in the process of putting together all the information for the NEA website and should have it on the web in December. · For future reference the NEA website will be:

B. Rights and Responsibilities · Please remember: you have the right to have a union representative at any meeting!

C. Report of Membership · None D. Report of Negotiations · Units A and B will have separate negotiations. · Eunice is organizing meetings for the negotiation team and support team, they are as follows:

· Wednesday, December 3rd, @Newman Elementary School @ 3:30 in the library.

This meeting is with Unit A Teams and Dorine LeVasseur, our MTA representative to discuss the upcoming negotiations with administration and to get us all information we need as well as discuss any issues we want to bring to the table. Survey information will be available by that time.

· Monday, December 15th. @ Pollard Middle School library @ 5:00. This meeting will

be with both administration and school committee as well as Dorine LeVasseur to go over bargaining ground rules and training. Please bring your calendars to this meeting! We will work on setting as many meetings as we can into next year for the negotiations.

· Surveys for Unit A negotiations have been sent out. If you still have one please return it to Eunice Flanders at Pollard as soon as possible! E. Report of Communication · Julie is continuing to work with Perry to organize information for the NEA web site. We are currently working on an NEA database of officers and building reps. 5. Old Business · Laurie Sullivan has agreed to be the Unit B leader. 6. New Business · MTA will subsidize release time for the NEA President in combination with money from a written grant to the MTA and NEA funds. · Motion to pursue draft of MTA (NEA) President Release Grant: Approved. · Please email Sherrill if you have any questions about or would like to see anything added to the President's newsletter. 7. Building Concerns and Questions: 8. Adjourn Next meeting: Thursday, November 20, 2003 Julie Minarski V.P. Communications NEA



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