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chapter 6

company listings

details: Hwange Colliery Company Limited, 17 Nelson Mandela Avenue, Harare, Zimbabwe | [email protected]

hwange Colliery Company limited

hwanGe Colliery Company limited, Zimbabwe's leadinG Coal produCer, explores, mines, proCesses and markets Coal, Coke and assoCiated by-produCts. the Company is loCated in the remote western tip oF the Country in hwanGe town.

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Hwange Colliery Company mines coal that provides the energy needs of the whole Zimbabwean nation. Roughly two thirds of their coal goes towards running the Hwange Power Station, situated adjacent to the mine. The power station currently takes about 180 000 tonnes of coal per month, which is delivered as an opencast run-of-mine product from the upper portion of the coal seam. Higher quality coal from the lower portion of the seam is sold after processing through local distributors for use in various strategic industries such as agriculture, ferrochrome, steel and allied industries, cement production, brick making and manufacturing. Three smaller thermal power stations in Bulawayo, Harare and Munyati are also powered by coal from the Hwange Colliery. Apart from the higher quality coal, the company also mines low phosphorus coal and coke. By-products from coke works include crude tar and crude benzol which are further refined at Zimchem Refineries in Redcliff to produce road tar, creosote, benzene toluene and other chemicals. A tar-based product is also blended for use as the fuel additive to manufacture MBM explosive at the opencast mine. Excess coke oven gas from the coke works is sold to the Hwange Power Station as a diesel substitute. The company's board comprises ten members whose composition reflects the holdings of the major shareholders. The shares of the company are quoted on the Harare, London and Johannesburg stock exchanges. Hwange Colliery's role in Zimbabwe's economy is of great strategic importance, as coal is a vital energy source found in abundance in the country. to sustain Hwange's raw coal mining capacity to levels consistent with the demand. It also opened up opportunities to provide a consistent supply of low phosphorous coal from the dragline pit that has the potential to capture new markets both locally and internationally. The company recently procured two state-of-the-art drilling machines which will go a long way in providing coal to both local and foreign markets. The two percussion ROC-L8 machines were bought from Swedish-based Atlas Copco, at a cost of US$1,2 million as part of the company's recaptalisation programme. The acquisition of the two machines comes at time when the colliery company has also procured ten modernised haulage trucks from the Chinese-based world acclaimed Norinco Industries. The trucks will assist in transporting coal from Chaba to the primary tippler before being taken by conveyor belt to the Process and Quality Service Assurance Department. pany owns and operates a hospital, the biggest in Matebeleland North outside Bulawayo, which is staffed by qualified doctors and other professional staff. The company prides itself on looking after its employees' interest and needs, `from the womb to the tomb'. The company has developed a selfcontained community with a population of about 55 000. All services associated with local and central government - from road maintenance to refuse collection, water and power reticulation, schools, health, housing, recreational facilities and sewage disposal - are provided by the company. It also operates its own railway and road transport system, internal security and telephone system. Although the demand for coal and coke products is expected to remain firm in both the domestic and export markets, the company aims to produce more tonnes of coal per annum in order to satisfy these customers. In the long term, Hwange Colliery has a recapitalisation programme to improve production significantly as well as making that increased output sustainable.

the way Forward: opportunities & challenges

Hwange Colliery employs more than 3 200 people, for whom it provides and maintains suitable housing. The com-

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Hwange Colliery's initial coalfield, the Hwange Coalfield, is situated in the North-Western corner of Zimbabwe. Coal mining operations on the Chaba mine started in February 2006. The first tonne of coal was mined in April 2006 and an overall 22 563 tonnes were mined in the same month, with an increased output every month since. The mine was developed as part of a new strategy to exploit the Chaba East reserve. This proved the best way

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