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Grade 4 WNCP Math Curriculum Changes

Optional implementation September 2007 Full implementation September 2008

100% coverage of the new WNCP curriculum!

Grade 4

Coming Spring 2007!

Math Focus is committed to supporting success for every student in Western Canada.

How does Math Focus help you meet the diverse needs of learners in your classroom? · Comprehensive teaching strategies that support a wide range of ability levels · Built-in literacy strategies to help students become better readers · Problem-solving approach that encourages students understanding of concepts · Many examples, practice questions, and frequent review · Numerous assessment opportunities · Student Success Workbooks for struggling students (Grades 3­9) · And more!

Grade 4 curriculum change

Number Concepts

What's New?

· No new content · · · · ·

What's Been Removed?

Estimate, then count the number of objects in a set (0 to 1000) and compare the estimate with the actual number Use skip counting (forward and backward) to support an understanding of patterns in multiplication and division Round numbers to the nearest thousand Sort numbers into categories, using one or more attributes Connect proper fractions to decimals (tenths and hundredths), using manipulatives, diagrams and symbols

Number Operations

What's New?

· · Explain the properties of 0 and 1 for multiplication, and the property of 1 for division Demonstrate an understanding of fractions less than or equal to one by using concrete and pictorial representations to: - Name and record fractions for the parts of a whole or a set - Compare and order fractions - Model and explain that for different wholes, two identical fractions may not represent the same quantity - Provide examples of where fractions are used Describe and represent decimals (tenths and hundredths) concretely, pictorially and symbolically (outcome 10 from 1995 is embedded in the achievement indicators of this outcome) Relate decimals to fractions (to hundredths) · · ·

What's Been Removed?

Verify solutions to multiplication and division problems, using estimation and calculators Verify solutions to multiplication and division problems, using the inverse operation Justify the choice of method for multiplication and division, using: - Estimation strategies - Mental mathematics strategies - Manipulatives - Algorithms - Calculators



Patterns and Relations

What's New?

· · · · · Reproduce a pattern shown in a table or chart using concrete materials (moved from Grade 5) Represent and describe patterns and relationships using charts and tables to solve problems (moved from Grade 5) Identify and explain mathematical relationships using charts and diagrams to solve problems Express a given problem as an equation in which a symbol is used to represent an unknown number Solve one-step equations involving a symbol to represent an unknown number ·

What's Been Removed?

Make and justify predictions, using numerical and nonnumerical patterns

ges by topic.

Statistics and Probability (Data Analysis)

What's New?

· Demonstrate an understanding of many-to-one correspondence · · · · ·

What's Been Removed?

Select a sample or population, and organize the collection of data Discuss the process by which the data was collected Design and conduct experiments to answers one's own questions Identify an outcome as possible, impossible, certain, uncertain (moved to Grade 5) Compare outcomes as equally likely, more likely, less likely (moved to Grade 5)

Shape and Space (Measurement)

What's New?

· Read and record calendar dates in a variety of formats · · · ·

What's Been Removed?

Construct items of specific lengths, including mm Select the most appropriate standard unit to measure length Describe the relationships among mm, cm, dm, m and km Estimate, measure, record, compare and order objects by length, height, perimeter and circumference, using standard units Relate the size of a unit to the number of units used to measure: - Length - Volume/capacity - Area Solve problems involving mass (weight), using g and kg Relate the size of a unit to the number of units used to measure mass (weight) Relate years to decades; decades to centuries; centuries to millenniums Estimate, count, and record collections of coins and bills up to $50 Estimate, measure, record, compare and order the capacity of containers, using standard units (mL, L) (moved to Grade 5) Describe the relationship between g and kg (moved to Grade 3) Make purchases and change up to $50 (moved to outcome 11 of Number)


· · · · ·

· ·

Shape and Space (3-D Objects and 2-D Shapes)

What's New?

· No new content · ·

What's Been Removed?

Relates nets to 3-D objects Compare and contrast: - Pyramids - Prisms - Pyramids and prisms Communicate and apply terms of direction, such as north, south, east, west, and relate to maps and grids Place an object on a grid, using columns and rows Trace a path, using oral or written instructions, and write instructions for a given path Recognize, from everyday experience, and identify: - Points - Lines - Parallel lines - Intersecting lines - Perpendicular lines - Vertical lines - Horizontal lines (moved to Grade 5) Classify angles in a variety of orientations according to whether they are right angle, less than right angle, or greater than right angle (moved to Grade 6) Identify and sort specific quadrilaterals, including squares, rectangles, parallelograms, and trapezoids (moved to Grade 5)

· · · ·



Optional implementation September 2007/Full implementation September 2008

Math Focus is a brand new series of math resources committed to supporting success for every student in Western Canada. For more information, fax this response form to Linda Krepinsky, Product Manager, Mathematics, Thomson Nelson at 1-800-430-4445.

100% aligned to the new WNCP Grade 4 curriculum!

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