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Between the Lines 12

A multi-genre, thematically organized anthology that explores popular themes and provides opportunities for students to discover the world around them.

Before you read, as a

class, define "eulogy" and discuss what purpose eulogies serve.

We knew we were the luckiest kids in the world.

As you read, imagine

Literature selections were extensively researched and selected by grade 12 English teachers. Selections are appealing, topical, real-life, and reflect relationships among family and friends.

the emotion felt by the mourners, by the millions of Canadians watching on television, and by Justin Trudeau himself as he gave his speech.

A Son's Eulogy for His Father

by Justin Trudeau


Pierre Elliott Trudeau (1919­2000) was born in Montreal and was Prime Minister of Canada from 1968 to 1979, and 1980 to 1984. He is perhaps best remembered for the Official Languages Act (1969), the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the Constitution Act (1982), which gave Canada its independence from Great Britain. Justin Trudeau is the eldest son of Pierre Elliott Trudeau and Margaret Sinclair.

Complete text of the eulogy given by Justin Trudeau at his father's funeral in Montreal.


Friends, Romans, countrymen ... I was about six years old when I went on my first official trip. I was going with my father and my grandpa Sinclair to the North Pole. It was a very glamorous destination. But the best thing about it is that I was going to be spending lots of time with my dad because in Ottawa he just worked so hard. One day, we were in Alert, Canada's northernmost point, a scientific military

Justin Trudeau delivers a eulogy for his late father during the state funeral at the Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal on October 3, 2000.

installation that seemed to consist entirely of low shed-like buildings and warehouses. Let's be honest. I was six. There were no brothers around to play with and I was getting a little bored because dad still somehow had a lot of work to do.


Memorable Moments and Influences


Table of Contents

UNIT 1: Future Considerations Shape of Things to Come--from miscellaneous sources (list) The Fun They Had--Isaac Asimov (short story) Supertoys Last All Summer Long--Brian Aldiss (short story) Which One is Yours?--Ben Wicks (cartoon) A Clone of Our Own--Gunjan Sinha (interview) Stem Cells Q & A--Amina Ali and Owen Wood (Web site article) Smart Shirt--Priya Giri (magazine article) Risk--Joanna Ross (short story) When Cars Drive You--Keith Naughton (magazine article) Logged On to the Guy Next Door--Scott McKeen (newspaper article)

There Will Come Soft Rains--Ray Bradbury (short story) Fire and Ice--Robert Frost (poem) Simple Ways You Can Help Save the Earth-- Earthworks Group (magazine feature) Zoo--Edward D. Hoch (short short story) Reflecting On the Unit Unit 2: The World of Work Zits (I Like to Do My homework)--Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman (cartoon) Deportation at Breakfast--Larry Fondation (short short story) Sporting That Strangely Piercing Look-- Sharon Lindores (newspaper article) Four Minutes That Get You Hired--Connie Brown Glasser and Barbara Steinberg Smalley (book excerpt)

The Far Side (OK, Mr. Hook)--Gary Larson (cartoon) Warren Pryor--Alden Nowlan (poem) The Hidden Songs of a Secret Soul--Bob Greene (essay) Assembly Line--Shu Ting (poem) For Laurie, Truck Driving Paved Her Road to Freedom--Danielle Bochove (profile) The World of the Stay-at-Home Dad--Andrew Olscher (essay) Weird, Odd, and Unusual Jobs and the People Who Love Them--Charlene Rooke (Internet article) Cold Missouri Waters--James Keelaghan (lyrics) When Choosing Your Path, Follow Your Heart--Elizabeth Newton (newspaper article) The Dignity of Work--Charles Finn (essay) Reflecting On the Unit







Technology evolves so much faster than wisdom. ­ Jennifer Stone Other than life experience, nothing left a deeper imprint on my formative self [than media]. ­ Letty Cottin Pogrebin You can tell the ideals of a nation by its advertisements. ­ Norman Douglas

Each theme unit opener begins with a collage to draw the student into the readings. Questions help students focus on the reading and literary quotes complement the topic.

We l i v e i n a t e c h n o l o g y - c e n t r e d w o r l d , c o n s t a n t l y responding to new innovations and media images. The quotation by journalist Jennifer Stone suggests that there may be a time lag between the introduction of new technologies and our adjustment to them; it may take time for us to understand how they affect us. Columnist Letty Cottin Pogrebin suggests that media, such as movies and television, affect us significantly and change our values and the way we see ourselves, others, and the world. As you look at the advertisements in this unit, think about British writer Norman Douglas's words and the influence of advertising on Canadians' ideals and personal values.


As you read the selections and examine the visuals in this unit, think about the following:

1) How do media, technology, and advertising affect our values and quality of life? 2) What are some of the issues and concerns raised about our "brave new world"? 3) What are some of the benefits brought about by media and technology?

UNIT 3: Leisure, Dreams, and Happiness Slam, Dunk, & Hook--Yusef Komunyakaa (poem) Runyan's Vision? To Inspire the Best in Others--Tom Barrett (profile) The Hockey Song--Stompin' Tom Connors (lyrics) Herman (Are They Playing Overtime?)--Jim Unger (cartoon) Just Once--Thomas J. Dygard (short story) Pow Wow--Vickie Sears (poem) On the Right Track--Dorothy Chisholm (short story) Field of Dreams a Real-Life Gem--Wayne Coffey (newspaper article) Dreams--Langston Hughes (poem) Why Don't You Carve Other Animals?-- Yvonne Vera (short story) Triumph on Mount Everest--Stacy Allison (memoir)

Out of this World--Chris Hadfield (memoir) Four Who Make a Difference--Jennifer Burke Crump (profiles) Coyote's Morning Cry--Sharon Butala (memoir) Reflecting On the Unit UNIT 4: Media & Technology Dilbert (Press "One")--Scott Adams (cartoon) Cellphones--Rex Murphy (TV editorial) Not Like the Movies: Hollywood and Tragedy--Fred Topel (Web page article) The Far Side (Don't Worry, Jimmy)--Gary Larson (cartoon) Finding Forrester--Sebastien Pharand (online movie review) Pearl Harbor, Al, Apollo 13 Movie Posters-- various agencies (movie posters)

Sony Clie, Forest Stewardship Council, Lycos Advertisements--various agencies (print ads) Yonge Street, Willowdale, #4, 1995--Robin Collyer (colour photograph) Buy Nothing Day Provokes Pause for Thought--Liane Faulder (newspaper column) Television's Child--Glen Kirkland (poem) Calvin and Hobbes (It Says Here)--Bill Watterson (cartoon) What Colour Is a Rose?--Drew Hayden Taylor (essay) Zits (My Dad is Low-Tech)--Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman (cartoon) Turning the Generations Upside Down--Ellen Goodman (newspaper column) Be Specific When Searching the Web--Andy Walker (technology column) Reflecting On the Unit continued...

Table of Contents



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