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(Platycarya strobilacea)


HPLC DIAION HP20SS Sephadex LH-20 Chromatorex ODS H-, 13C-, NMR MS

pedunculagin casuariin casuarinin eugeniin 1()-O-galloylpedunculagin pentagalloyl- -D-glucose ellagic acid oaklactone precursor 3-hydroxy--calacorene myricitrin quercitrin 2,4-cycloeudesmane 1) gallotannin oaklactone precursor casuarinin 1()-O-galloyl pedunculagin ellagitannin gallic acid ellagic acid meta-digallate sinapylaldehyde coniferylaldehyde vanilin vanilic acid syringic acid syringa aldehyde 1) 52 p96-98(2008)


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