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July ~ August ~ September 2007

The Ridgeline

President's Message

Greetings to All, The summer BBQ was very well attended this year. We had 115 people at the event and around 60

a publication of the New England Rhodesian Ridgeback Club

Secretary's Report

New England Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Board of Directors Meeting August 11, 2007 The Ekengren's Dunstable, MA

The meeting was called to order at 9:35 a.m. Board members present were: Cheryl Fraser, Alan Fraser, Jean Gamble, Evelyn Strawn, Barbara Ferguson, Kenn Walker. Evelyn made a motion to approve the minutes of the May 6 B.O.D. meeting as corrected. Jean seconded. All board members were in favor. Secretary's Report: First Reads: Owen & Jamie Jamison, Bradford, MA - Associate Sponsor: Cheryl Fraser To Be Voted On: Jill & Randy Alford, Cumberland, RI Patrizia Cappelletto, Bourne, MA Anita Craven, Franconia, NH Jim & Liz Crittenden, Hollis, NH Celine Herrmann, Beverly, MA Chrissy McCarthy, Salem, NH John & Maureen Ribeiro, Holyoke, MA Colleen Thiboutot, North Dartmouth, MA Cheryl made a motion to vote in new members. Evelyn seconded. All board members were in favor. Treasurer's Report:

Ridgebacks. Special Thanks go to Ulla-Britt and Don Ekengren and their family for once again allowing us to hold the BBQ at their home. The weather was perfect and if you have not viewed the photos from the BBQ, please go to the clubs website and have a look. The Basket of Cheer was won by the Bieber family,

congratulations. The Cheer raffle was a huge success, with matching club funds, NERRC was able to make a $500.00 donation to the Rhodesian Ridgeback Health & Genetics fund, a fund specifically set aside for approved research for Ridgebacks. To read more about what this fund does and more on the health and genetics of our breed, please visit: Thank you to all who helped out during the day to make the BBQ a success. Included with this newsletter is the Holiday Ridgebash flyer. We have a wonderful event planned at the Fireside Grill in Middleboro, Ma. On Sunday November 18, 2007. We will feast on a delicious all you can eat Sunday Brunch, followed by the Annual Meeting, Club elections and Yankee Swap and fun. I would encourage you to come join us. We are hoping to have at least 40 people attend. Please R.S.V.P by November 10th. To club members who are also RRCUS members, NERRC member's Cathy Ford and George Sexton are candidates for the RRCUS BOD in the upcoming RRCUS election. So make sure you vote for Cathy & George when your RRCUS ballot arrives!

Cheryl Fraser

Check out the club website for recent event photos!!!


A written report provided by Alan was reviewed. Alan added that the insurance document has been received.

July ~ August ~ September 2007

Committee Reports:

The Ridgeline

New Business:

By-laws: Nothing to Report Supported Show Committee: Evelyn reported that the contracts are signed for sweeps judges. The supported show at the Cape is on Sunday, September 16, 2007. Lure Coursing Committee: Sue Ann submitted a written report. The Labor Day trial (Sept. 3) and tests (Sept. 1 & 2), as well as the October 20 & 21 trials and tests are set. The September trial/tests will be held at Wolfwind Farm, Fort Plain, NY. Judges are Denise Como, Rich Whritenour, Ian Davies, and Carlee Davies. Saturday JC's judge: Ian Davies. Sunday JC's judge: Carlee Davies. October trials/test will be held at the Kinnie Farm in Criswold, CT. Judges are Jocelyn Gagne, Marilyn Smith, and Laurie Soutar. Saturday JC's judges: Laurie Soutar and Jocelyn Gagne. Sunday JC's judge: Marilyn Smith. Celia O'Brien is the field trial secretary. Historian Report: Nothing to report. Mass Federation of Dogs: Jean attended the recent meeting at which a guest speaker from SMART (State of Massachusetts Animal Response Team) discussed a plan for animals in the event of an emergency. Nominating Committee: Jean reported that approaching members to be on the committee. Membership Care Committee: Nothing to report. Ways and Means Committee: Barbara brought new merchandise to be sold at the BBQ. Ridgeline: Nothing to Report. Rescue: Four dogs have been placed. Two more dogs are in need of being placed. The rescue calendar for 2008 is still open for submissions. Policies and Procedures: Nothing to Report. Unfinished Business: ·The holiday part has not been finalized. The date will be Sunday, November 18. The board is still discussing locations for the party. ·Jean is investigating a canine first aid training clinic to offer club members. She will see about making it a February event. ·Cheryl suggested we put together a Ridgeback information packet to be given to people making inquiries about the breed through the Boston Globe breeders directory. ·With the membership dues reminder letter, Cheryl would like the labels to identify the membership type. she is still

Member Mort Myers suggested that the board discuss ways to provide Canine Good Citizen (CGC) testing for members' dogs. Mort believes that the Rhodesian Ridgeback's appearance on dangerous dog lists is going to cause more problems for owners in the future, and if more Ridgebacks achieve CGC, the better we can demonstrate that the Ridgeback is not a problem dog. Members of the board responded by saying someone would have to spearhead an event to hold CGC testing. A group of members would be needed to assist at such an event. Cheryl agreed to solicit the membership at the general meeting to see if anyone is interested in helping to organize CGC testing.

The Next BOD meeting will be held on Sunday, September 16. Jean made a motion to adjourn. All board members were in favor. The meeting ended at 10:50 a.m. Respectfully submitted, Kenn Walker, NERRC director

Minutes of the NERRC General meeting at Ulla Ekengren's home in Dunstable MA, Saturday, August 11, 2007.

Meeting called to order at 12:35 pm. Members present had signed in upon arrival. Secretary's Report: Jean Gamble made a motion to wave the reading of the previous minutes and accept the minutes as posted in the Ridgeline. Motion was seconded. Cheryl Fraser read the names of the new members voted in at the board meeting and welcomed them all to the club. Treasurer's Report: Cheryl read the Treasurers report showing a balance of $14075.99 with $3564.59 listed as rescue funds and $10,511.40 as general funds. Supported show: Evelyn Strawn reminded the group about the supported entry at the Cape shows on September 16th as well as the Boston shows on December 8th. Lure Coursing: Cheryl talked about the Lure coursing event sponsored by GONE and NERRC will be held Labor day weekend in NY, and about the


July ~ August ~ September 2007

The Ridgeline

Meeting was called to order at 9:10 am. Present were: Barbara Ferguson, Evelyn Strawn, Jean Gamble, Cheryl Fraser, Alan Fraser, Helen McCune and Diana Barrie. Jean made a motion to wave the reading of minutes of last meeting, and accept them as written in the Ridgeline. Seconded by Evelyn. All board members voted in favor. Secretary's Report First Reads: Nancy Fox Pepperell MA Voting: Single Sponsor: Ulla-Britt Ekengren Owen & Jamie Jamison Bradford MA Voting: Associate Sponsor: Cheryl Fraser Treasurer's Report Written report provided by Alan Fraser was reviewed. A copy of the report is available upon request. Committee Reports By-Laws ­ Anita Craven Nothing to report. Supported Show Committee ­ Evelyn Strawn Nothing to report. Lure Coursing Committee ­ Sue Ann Leslie Our tests and trial on Sept 1, 2 & 3 went well. The entries were low compared to our usual numbers. We made a profit of $72.35. Help from Club members was also low. Alan attended the events. Thank you Alan. Alan took many great photos! We are anxiously waiting the viewing! Our next trials are on Oct. 20/21. Everything is set. The premium is posted on the web page. Thank you Cheryl! I will be writing a report for the next "Ridgeback" newsletter. Respectfully submitted, SueAnn Leslie, Lure Coursing Chair Historian Report ­ Mary Wickwire Nothing to report

October NERRC trials in Griswold CT in October. Premiums can be found on the NERRC website. Mass Federation of Dog Clubs: Jean reported that Mass Fed was again encouraging dog owners to talk to their local legislators and senators to let them know they support vicious dog legislation, but not breed specific. The guest speaker at the recent Mass Fed meeting presented information about SMART the State of MA Animal Response Team which has been put in place to prepare for animal care during local disasters. Info on SMART can be found on the MEMA (Mass Emergeny Management) website. Nominating Committee for November 2007 elections was not discussed, but is listed below: Chairperson: Jean Gamble Members: Diana Barrie and Pam Shattuck Alternates: George Sexton and Lisa Keating The positions needing re-election are: Vice President, Secretary and Board position (Evelyn's) Rescue: Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue, has been quite lately. Four dogs placed since the last update and there are still a couple of females in foster care in New England looking for homes. Unfinished business Cheryl noted that the Holiday party would be held on November 18th and we would be investigating holding the event again in Middleboro. She indicated that NERRC would like to do another basket of cheer and that the monies would go to the Rabies Challenge Fund. Cheryl also mentioned that the club was considering offering a first aid course in the near future. New Business: Cheryl asked the group if there was any interest in Canine Good Citizen testing at a future event. Club Member Mort Myers talked a little about the possible advantage of having a CGC title for housing and possible insurance purposes. A notebook was put out near on one of the raffle tables to determine if there was enough interest in planning a CGC event in the future.

Meeting was adjourned at approximately 1pm

New England Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Board of Directors Meeting ­ September 16, 2007

Barnstable County Fairgrounds, Falmouth MA


Mass Federation of Dogs ­ Jean Gamble Today, September 13, there was a meeting at the state house for responsible dog owner's month. I had forwarded the info to the board and committees previously. As far as the mailing from the AKC looking for donations, Mass Fed certainly would appreciate donations for local legislative issues, but they agree that the national organization could also use support.

July ~ August ~ September 2007

Membership Care ­ Cheryl Cote Nothing to report. Ways & Means ­ Linda Koch Nothing to report. The Ridgeline ­ Cheryl Fraser Nothing to report Rescue ­ Cheryl Fraser

The Ridgeline

Jean seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Additional First reads:

Jessica Willis ~ Littleton NH ~ voting Family sponsor: Ulla-Britt Ekengren

We have an 8 year old male in need of a home. Kayco is a delightful dog in many ways; he just does not like cats. Other than that, he is perfect. We have a 3 year old female also in need of a new home. She is coming from a very busy household. She has resorted to pottying in the house and is in need of a family who has the time to re-train her. Webmaster The website is up to date with events. Policy & Procedures ­ Kenn Walker Nothing to report Unfinished Business · Is there an interest in forming a CGC committee to facilitate promoting CGC awareness and organizing a testing event. Jean, Barbara and Helen will work together to see if there's enough interest to hold an event. · Draft a set of guidelines and procedures for each committee. Start to review the Supported Show committee guideline with the goal of making it a policy. · Prepare referral information packet to be given from inquiries made from the upcoming club listing in the Boston Globe, Breeders' Directory. New Business · Discussion about whether it is realistic to build the Cape show into a regional or should we be looking at a more central site. After a brief discussion, it was decided to continue sponsoring the Cape show. This is only our second year and it is a great venue that could accommodate a regional specialty in the future ­ which is our ultimate goal. The next BOD meeting is November 18th at 10:00 a.m. at the Fireside Grille before the annual holiday Ridgebash and the general meeting. Meeting adjourned at 10:00. Respectfully Submitted, Helen McCune, NERRC Secretary

NERRC 2007 Club Officers & Committees:

President Cheryl Fraser 508-393-6966 [email protected] Vice Pres. Barbara Ferguson 508-477-2063 [email protected] Treasurer Alan Fraser 508-393-6966 [email protected] Secretary Helen McCune 508-690-2049 [email protected] Board Of Directors: Board Evelyn Strawn 508-746-3206 [email protected] Board Jean Gamble 978-779-6112 [email protected] Board Kenn Walker 603 472 8692 [email protected] Committees: By-Laws: Anita Craven 603 823-5225 [email protected] Mass.Federation of Dog Clubs: Jean Gamble 978-779-6112 [email protected] Policy & Procedures: Kenn Walker 603 472 8692 [email protected] Historian: Mary Wickwire 413-628-3869 [email protected] Rescue: Barbara Ferguson 508-477-2063 [email protected] Membership Care: Cheryl Cote 413 548-9404 [email protected] Theresa Chan Conza 781 575-6323 Joyce Myers 781 784-2704 [email protected] Ways & Means: Linda & Garry Koch 603 783 4483 [email protected] . Lure Coursing : Sue Ann & Clay Leslie 860-848-7629 [email protected] Supported Show: Evelyn Strawn 508-746-3206 [email protected] NERRC Webmaster: Cheryl Fraser 508-393-6966 [email protected] "The Ridgeline" Editor: Cheryl Fraser 508-393-6966 [email protected]

NERRC 2007 Events:

Handling Clinic Lure Coursing in Jacksonville, VT April 1st June 9-10 August 11th

(raindate Aug 12th)

Online Motion:

On August 22, Cheryl moved to approve the pewter proof of the NERRC logo, created by the Woodbury Pewter Company of CT, as solicited by Lisa Keating, to be used as trophies by NERRC.

Annual BBQ


July ~ August ~ September 2007

Lure Coursing in Starkville NY PetRock 2007 ­ Worcester, MA Supported Cape Cod show Lure Coursing in Griswold, CT Annual Meeting ­ Holiday Party Supported Show ­ Boston, MA

The Ridgeline

September 3rd September 9th September 16th October 20,21 Nov 18th Dec 8th If there is a Ridgeback in need of rescue in ME, NH or VT., contact Barbara Ferguson or Cheryl Fraser Rhode Island Coordinator: OPEN !!! If you want to apply , contact Barbara Ferguson. If there is a Ridgeback in need of rescue in Rhode Island., contact Marie LaPointe [email protected] New England Regional Coordinator: Cheryl Fraser 508-393-6966 [email protected] R.R.Rescue Volunteer Coordinator: Barry Sullivan 978-974-0719 [email protected]

BOD meetings will be Jan 28th, Feb 25, May 6th, Aug 11th, Sept 16th, Nov 18th. 6


Rescue Report:

Rescue has a lovely older male Ridgeback in need of a home. Kayco needs a new home as his family had a new baby and they no longer have time for Kayco. Kayco is a wonderful dog in all ways except he does not like cats. We are sure we will find a lucky family to adopt Kayco. On September 30, Rescue placed a lovely 3 year old female with a new family in Connecticut. The 2008 Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue Calendar will be on sale soon, check the rescue website for details. Remember: Your donation to Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue Inc, is tax deductible! Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue, Inc. is a not-for-profit, charitable organization formed under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. Donations to Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue Inc., are tax deductible for US taxpayers to the extent allowed by law. Please visit the Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue website.

Lure Coursing Report for Weekend, Sept. 1, 2, & 3rd



This was New England Rhodesian Ridgeback Club's 2nd annual Lure Coursing Trials held on Labor Day Weekend in Fort Plain/Starkville, NY. The AKC Labor Day Tests and Trial are held in conjunction with GONE's (Gazehounds of New England) ASFA Trials. We held ASFA Trials, followed by AKC Tests on Saturday and Sunday and an AKC Trial on Monday. The weather was Beautiful! Breezes across the hill top with

enough sun to keep us warm, but not too hot for the hounds. It couldn't of been nicer! The field and view was perfect, as you can see in all the photo that are posted. The nice LONG courses saw some great runs in all breeds ! BIF was won by a Pharaoh! The entries were low compared to our usual numbers. We had

approximately 12 JC's on Saturday 9 on Sunday and 40 entries for the trial on Sunday. We did have a 4 point major for Ridgebacks! Thanks to everyone who came out & supported the club. some new faces and hope they come back to future trials. I saw

Rescue Contacts:

Connecticut Coordinators: Marie LaPointe 860 395 1502 [email protected] Massachusetts Coordinator (excluding Cape Cod): Cheryl Fraser 508-393-6966 [email protected] Massachusetts Coordinator (for Cape Cod): Barbara Ferguson 508-477-2063 [email protected] Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont Coordinator: OPEN !!! If you want to apply , contact Barbara Ferguson.

On Sunday, after the trial was completed, we had a pot luck cookout on the field! We had pulled pork, hot dogs, sausages, hamburgers, sliced ham, baked potatoes & baked squash. There were salads, desserts, and munchies. The cook out was a great one, with lots of laughs and camaraderie!


July ~ August ~ September 2007

The Ridgeline

Fired Up (see below) won on Sunday. And the Best Bred By went on to take a Group 1 in the Bred By competition: Jendaya's Independence Day bred by Helen McCune (see below).

Alan Fraser attended the events with NERRC's 'Ways and Means' merchandise. Thank you Alan. Alan also took many great photos which can be viewed on NERRC's web page at:

Our next trials are on Oct. 20/21, in Griswold, CT. The premium is posted on NERRC's web page. Here are the Ridgeback results for 9/3/07, AKC Lure Coursing Trial 8 Open 1 Sophia-CH Ridgelea Sophia Keghamoush SC 2 Buckley-Walker's Buckley of Myka SC, FCH 3 Chaminuka-CH Tophat's Chaminuka of Tumomak MC, FCH 4 Wyntr-CH Ushamwari's Blizzrd of Kuluta 5 Rosie-FC Lamington's Caperucita MC, VFCH, LCM, FCH 7 Specials 1 Hudzon-DC Walker's Shombay of LeCreme MC FCH, TDI, CGC 2 Athena-FC Ridgelea Kallistos of Aristos SC 3 Zeke-DC Jendaya's Azikiwe of Tumomak MC 4 Wrigley-DC Walker Coil Wrigley LeCreme SC, FCH 5 Myka-DC LeCreme Myka KhoiKhoi Walker SC, FCH, TDI, CGC

Sweepstakes Judge: Sandra Gordon

Best in Sweepstakes Shabani´s Meeka of Tumomak Creed) Owner: Elizabeth Keating Best of Opposite in Sweepstakes Shabani´s God of War Aries Breeder: Bonnie Johnson & Daniel Wood (Ch Ikimba Tumomak Sheikh - Ch Shabani´s Kali´s Creed) Owner: Karen Heine Best Veteran in Sweepstakes Ch Rocky Ridge´s Hi Caliber Shabani Breeder: Howard Posner & Bonnie Johnson Ch Rocky Ridge´s Lethal Weapon - Ch Shabani Shona) Owner: Dale Stammel & Kent MacFarlane Breeder: Bonnie Johnson &

Daniel Wood (Ch Ikimba Tumomak Sheikh - Ch Shabani´s Kali´s

Respectfully submitted by, Sue Ann Leslie, Lure Coursing Chair

Regular Classes Judge: Mrs. Cheryl Myers-Egerton

Winners Dog

Cape Cod Cranberry Cluster Supported Show Results By Evelyn Strawn Supported Show Chair ~

The NERRC board and supported show committee would like to congratulate the winners at the Cape Cod Kennel Club show on Sunday, September 16 and also to thank everyone who came and supported this entry. The consensus is that the Cranberry Cluster is held at a great site (Barnstable Fairgrounds, Falmouth, MA) with good camping facilities and a great set up for lunch and general socializing after the show itself. September can be the best time to be on the Cape and that was true for at least three out of the four days of the cluster. NERRC is looking forward to building up to a Regional Specialty to be held here in the future. And it was a good time for Ridgebacks. Two BOB winners went on take Group 1´s: On Saturday Concetta Jez handled Ch Paden of Nashira (Ch Nashira´s Excalibur of Ridgelea - Ch Nashira´s Samantha of Sprvaly) and took the group and Ch Rocky Ridge´s All

L´Engai´s 1st Knight of Nashira Breeder: Concetta Jez & Doris & Pasquale Pio (Ch Springvalley´s Merlin of Nashira - Ch Nashira´s A.L.B. of L´Engai) Owner: Jennifer Finnie Reserve Dog Mzazi´s Beau De Soleil Breeder: Pat Hoffmaster & Jim Hoffmaster (Ch Ivy League´s Academy Award - Ch Mzazis That Why) Owner: Pat Gardiner-Hoffmaster Winners Bitch Tumomak Cayman Tao Breeder: Susan Rexford Ch Ikimba Tumomak Sheikh - DC Shadyridge Numas Paji) Owner: Susan Rexford Reserve Bitch Shabani´s Meeka of Tumomak Breeder: Bonnie Johnson & Daniel Wood (Ch Ikimba Tumomak Sheikh - Ch Shabani´s Kali´s Creed) Owner: Elizabeth Keating


July ~ August ~ September 2007

Best of Breed Ch Rocky Ridge´s All Fired Up

The Ridgeline

days away from home (although two weeks is suggested) with your family and pets. Have items in a specific place so that you can gather them quickly in an emergency. You should have food and water for your pets (and yourself), an extra collar and leash, crates or carriers and blankets and or pet beds, bowls, garbage bags, bleach and some extra towels. Canned food (and a can opener for your dog or your food) is suggested since it keeps for a long time and won't become damaged if it gets wet, but dry food in a waterproof container is acceptable as well. Your dogs should have collars with identification of some type whether it be tags, or your phone number and address. Remember to bring a litter box and litter if you also have cats. You should also prepare a first aid kit and have any pet meds or essential supplements available. Of course you need to check these items periodically to make sure they are still not expired. You should do it at least every six months when you are changing the clocks and changing the batteries on your smoke detectors. Make sure that you also have a copy of Vet records (and the Vets phone number) showing they are up to date on vaccinations, or at least the Rabies shots. You should have pictures of all your pets and ideally have pictures of you and your pet together so that if you are somehow separated, you can use these pictures as proof when you go to claim your pet. What else to you need to do? Create a plan to get away. Do you have friends or relatives that you can stay with, or that your pets can stay with? Have you identified kennels that you could leave your pet or have you asked your kennel if they have an emergency plan in case your dogs are being boarded when a disaster occurs? You should also have a list of hotels that accept dogs in the event that you need to take them with you and cant stay with friend. If possible develop a buddy system with neighbors so that they can get your pets out if you are away from home and they need to be evacuated. You can do the same for them. Have cell phone numbers and identify one or two places in advance that you would meet in the event of an emergency in your area. Keep informed and be proactive instead of re-active. Our pets are worth the extra effort.

Breeder: Dale Stammel & Kent

MacFarlane (Ch Rocky Ridge CaughtintheXFire - Ch Rocky Ridges Smooth Operator) Owner: Margaret & Daniel Spinella & Dale Stammel Best of Winners Tumomak Cayman Tao Best of Opposite Rocky Ridge Flirt´n With Fire Breeder: Dale Stammel & Kent

MacFarlane Ch Rocky Ridge CaughtintheXFire - Ch Rock Ridge Hi Caliber Shabani Owner: Dale Stammel Best of Bred by Exhibitor Jendaya´s Independence Day Breeder: Helen McCune (Ch Alchemy Oridgenal OneMoreTime - Ch Jendayas Akiki of Tumomak) Owner: Helen McCune & Jayne MacVarish Highest Scoring Ridgeback in Rally Ch Mshindaji´s X Phile Bijoux Breeder: John & Sandra Stanley & Jean & William Stanley (Ch Mshindaji Calluna Sonofagun - Ch Mshindaji;s Rhythm in Gold) Owner: William & Jean Gamble

Are you prepared for an Emergency?

Submitted by Jean Gamble Have you planned for your pet as well as the rest of your family? After Hurricane Katrina a lot of states are finally coming up with some type of emergency plan for pets. The new guidelines say that you should not leave your pet behind during an emergency if at all possible. I know that not all members of NERRC live in Massachusetts, but the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency now has an organization called State of Massachusetts Animal Response Team. SMART is a network of organizations, agencies, and individuals who are committed to responding to the needs of the animal population in disaster situations in the State of Massachusetts. Check with your state since they may also be helping to prepare to care for animals in the event of a disaster. Either way, you too should get prepared. Assembling a disaster kit and a plan are a little bit of work, but it is well worth the effort in the end if it allows you to protect your pet in the event of a disaster or local emergency. Plan in advance for at least three

To learn more about SMART, visit the website>

Brags and Announcements!


July ~ August ~ September 2007 From Helen McCune:

The Ridgeline

On August 5th at the Cheshire Kennel Club show under Judge P. Levi Marsman, 'Maia' finished her championship! She is now Ch Jendaya's National Treasure SC CGC !

Hope to see you all at the Holiday Ridgebash!!!

"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion." ­Unknown

NERRC Upcoming Lure Coursing Events

October 20 & 21, 2007 NEW ENGLAND Rhodesian Ridgeback Club will be offering a 2 day ALL BREED LURE COURSING TEST AND TRIAL LICENSED BY THE AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB in Griswold, CT Premium available on the NERRC website. FTS ~ Celia O'Brien

Articles ­ Brags- Announcements for the October-November-December newsletter are due by Dec 12th.

We'd like to let you know about a new supported show in New England and we'd love to see you there!

Sweeps Judge; Kent MacFarlane; Regular Judge; Donnelle Richards Sponsors; Lisa Keating, Helen McCune, Susan Rexford and Diana Barrie In addition to the RRCUS Medallion being offered we have some awesome prizes including original, custom portraits of the BOB and BOS winners Souhegan Kennel Club; Royal Plaza Trade Center; Fitchburg, Mass. Veteran's Day Weekend; Sunday, November 11, 2007 Plan to come for the whole 4-day cluster Fri-Mon. ­ Great cash prizes in the bred-by competition!

For more information contact Lisa Keating at [email protected]


The New England Rhodesian Ridgeback Club 2007 Holiday Ridgebash Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Holiday Ridgebash will be held at the Fireside Grille, 30 Bedford Street, (at the Middleboro Rotary) Middleboro, MA. 11:00am ­ 12:30pm All you can eat Holiday Brunch Buffet cost is $18.00 per person / $5.00 for children under 12. 12:30pm ­ 3:00pm Annual Meeting & Election & Party NERRC BOD meeting 10am-11am. A Yankee Swap is planned. If you want to participate, bring a wrapped dog related gift. There will also be a rescue raffle table, items are appreciated. The "Silent Auction", will be in full swing and as always, a lot of fun. Items for the "Silent Auction" are also welcome. ~ And back by "Popular Demand" ~ A "Basket of Cheer" will be raffled off to the lucky ticket holder. Donations to the basket of cheer are welcome. Proceeds from the Basket of Cheer will go to the Rabies Challenge Fund For more information, please contact Alan Fraser 508.393.6966 [email protected] R.S.V.P. to Alan Fraser by NOVEMBER 10, 2007. The cost is $18.00 per person / $5.00 for children under 12, send checks payable to NERRC to: Alan Fraser 100 Pleasant St Northborough, MA. 01532

Directions: from route 495 North/South take exit 5 and head towards route 18 Bridgewater, the Fireside Grille is located on the left, just before the rotary . 508.947.5333


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