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Unicenter Service Desk Knowledge Tools r11.2


Unicenter® Service Desk Knowledge Tools (Knowledge Tools) is a powerful life cycle, knowledge management solution that empowers self-service users and analysts alike. It makes it easy to keep knowledge accurate and up-to-date. It is designed to capture valuable problem-solving experience and publish it for reuse. It is a self-managing solution that automatically maintains the content of the knowledge database. Portalenabled for personalized service, it provides dynamic self-service information to online end-users, customers, employees or support analysts. It features advanced search tools that efficiently find the right solution and immediately provide it to the customer.

Key Features at a Glance · A Complete Knowledge Lifecycle Management Solution · Request, Incident and Problem Management Integration with CA's Unicenter Service Desk Solution · Included Document Designer and HTML Editor Give the Ability to Easily Create Dynamic and Actionable Content without the Need to Code What Analysts are Saying · Forrester Research recognizes CA as a leader in IT Service Desk Management Tools "The Forrester Wave: Service Desk Tools, Q1 2006", Chip Gliedman, Forrester Research, February 2006 · Gartner lists CA in the leader quadrant in IT Service Desk Tools "Magic Quadrant for the IT Service Desk, 2006", David M. Coyle, Kris Brittain, Gartner, May 2006

The Challenge is Supporting End-Users

In today's fluctuating marketplace, the cost and complexity of supporting endusers and customers is continuously growing, and expectations are higher than ever. Problems are often complicated, yet the need for resolution is urgent. Providing these sophisticated resolution methodologies directly to everyone who needs the information requires powerful knowledge management capabilities. Knowledge management must place the right solution into the customer's hands quickly. It must be efficient, simple-to-use and suited to each individual's problem. For example, end-user customers benefit from a simple natural language search while service desk representatives may

prefer to browse the knowledge base by category or topic.

A Complete Knowledge Solution

CA's Unicenter® Service Desk Knowledge Tools delivers comprehensive knowledge solutions via multiple problem-solving technologies that can be used individually or collectively. It is designed to be used in concert with the Unicenter® Service Desk. It is based on the same technology as Unicenter Service Desk and is intimately integrated with it. It features multiple solution retrieval mechanisms but regardless of the problem-solving mechanism used, data is retrieved from a common knowledge base.

Data Sheet


This powerful product gives end-users and customers the solutions they need for increased productivity. Knowledge Tools helps align IT to the business it supports by presenting accurate and consistent answers tailored to the needs of endusers, customers, service desk analysts, partners, customer service representatives, technicians and managers alike. It improves overall productivity by empowering all users with flexible and intuitive problem resolution and instructional knowledge tools, so that the support environment runs more efficiently and consistently. It provides additional business efficiency by leveraging complete -- yet simple -- authoring and publishing knowledge functionality, eliminating the need to employ a large team of knowledge engineers. Knowledge Tools intelligently solves problems by building on the knowledge of others. Learning from every solution captured, its knowledge base is continually and automatically updated and refined via the integration with the Unicenter Service Desk. This integration enables both end-users to solve their own problems and makes support analysts more efficient thus helping reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of managing the service desk. Knowledge Tools is designed for easeof-use with a personalized, intuitive, web-based interface with a sophisticated knowledge management engine running in the background. The Web delivers a cost-effective way to manage today's demands and easy-to-deliver knowledge to anyone who needs it. By providing enduser and customer access to all or part of your knowledge base, Knowledge Tools helps to minimize call volumes, enhance self-service capabilities, accelerate problem resolution and speed the education of new service analysts. Moreover, life cycle management of the knowledge base is easily maintained via the Administration tool provided with the product.

Distinctive Features and Functionalities

A Total Solution. Whereas other products provide partial solutions or generic solutions that are only loosely tied to the service desk, Knowledge Tools is tailored specifically to the service desk environment and it provides a solution flexible enough to meet all service desk knowledge management requirements. · Comprehensive Functionality. Knowledge Tools offers comprehensive knowledge management functionality including authoring, retention, retrieval, notification and life cycle management. This ensures that the right and consistent answer is provided to the right knowledge user. Built from the ground up to be integrated with Unicenter Service Desk it delivers unprecedented problem solving capability to analysts. · Rapid Access to Solutions. FAQs feature patented "Bubble Up" technology that allows users to find solutions to questions based on categories and ranked by frequency of use. This helps them focus on "20% of the solutions that solve 80% of the problems." Favorite solutions can also be bookmarked, making it easy to find solutions to common questions. This speeds browsing of the knowledge base, helping to reduce costs and time to resolve problems. Multiple Knowledge Search Methods. Knowledge Tools features multiple knowledge search methods: Natural Language Search (NLS), featuring a selflearning algorithm for quick problem resolution; and the ability to browse the knowledge base from a topic and subtopic perspective. · Natural Language Search Capabilities. A natural language interface makes it easy to search and find specific solutions. NLS uses an advanced self-learning algorithm to search the knowledge base and return best-fit weighted solutions.

· Related Incidents. An advanced feature provided in the Knowledge Tools is the ability to display to service analysts history as to where the candidate knowledge solution was used successfully in the past. · Most Recent Solutions. Users can sort search results by date to see which solutions were added or updated most recently. · Decision Trees. In some instances, a simple textual document is insufficient in resolving an issue. Thus, CA provides decision tree technology, which guides the user to an appropriate conclusion. These decision trees are perfectly suited to multi-step procedural tasks. Complex tasks are reduced to simple steps, ensuring that these tasks are executed correctly the first time, thus helping save money and time. Speeding Solutions to Users. Advanced technologies speed solutions to users. Having the correct information and being able to get to it quickly saves time and money. Knowledge Tools has unique capabilities that enable organizations to cash in on the promise of knowledge tools. · Self-Service. Customers implementing Knowledge Tools can provide access to end-users via a web interface, permitting them to solve problems without involving the service desk staff. · Knowledge Partitioning. End-users, service desk analysts and managers often require access to different levels of detail regarding candidate solutions. Knowledge Tools allows you to control access to this information so that only those authorized can access it. This speeds searches and supports multiple classes of knowledge users to be serviced out of a single knowledge base.

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Enabling Technologies. There are numerous technologies that enhance Knowledge Tools and enable the process of delivering the right knowledge to the knowledge consumer quickly and efficiently. · ITIL Compatibility. Similar to other products Knowledge Tools and Unicenter Service Desk share a common database, the MDB. One benefit is the ability to use Knowledge Tools as a vehicle to manage your ITIL Known Error database. · Service Aware. Knowledge Tools is service aware. This means that applications can access the knowledge base directly for immediate solutions to problems encountered using Web services technology. · Integrated Database. Knowledge Tools uses one integrated knowledge base to support all knowledge tool functionality. Regardless of the technology used, the solution will be consistent across all retrieval methods. This simplifies knowledge base administration and eliminates redundancies and the possibility of error. · Network and System Management Integration. Users of CA's Unicenter Network and System (Unicenter NSM) technologies can benefit from an outof-the-box integration that can tie obscure system messages captured by Unicenter NSM to the knowledge tool database for further explanation and elaboration. · Leverage Existing Knowledge. Users can import information from existing -- knowledge packages, such as KnowledgeBroker Inc., PCHOWTO, Right Answers or a delimited file, into the integrated knowledge base. This pre-packaged knowledge allows organizations to get started quickly and to realize near immediate benefits from the knowledge tool. · Simple Administration. Knowledge Tools administration is accomplished via an integrated administrative tool that addresses both Unicenter Service Desk

Figure 1. Unicenter Service Desk Knowledge Tools focuses on supporting the request, incident and problem management processes of the service desk. and Unicenter Service Desk Knowledge Tools. It is a centralized console for managing the content and life cycle of each problem-solving paradigm in the knowledge base and provides a mechanism to build and edit the knowledge underlying retrieval tools. It assigns ownership of a particular knowledge solution to an appropriate individual. With Unicenter Service Desk Knowledge Tools administrative tools, knowledge users are assured that the solutions they get are both accurate and timely. · Tailor to Your Needs. Knowledge Tools' forms can now be modified by the common screen painter drag and drop web form editing tool common between it and Unicenter Service Desk. · The Knowledge Report Card. The knowledge report card is designed to show usefulness of knowledge as well as to provide an incentive to create useable knowledge. There will be displays that show how effective the knowledge base is in solving problems and the displays will be able to be sorted by individual knowledge author, group, and subject area or by individual solution document. The benefit is a more valuable knowledge base, improved usage of knowledge base and the identification of those subject areas that need more management attention. · Unicenter Service Desk Technologies. Existing Unicenter Service Desk customers will be pleased to see numerous Unicenter Service Desk features such as data partitions and form groups also now apply to Knowledge Tools. The re-implementation of Knowledge Tools using the base technologies of Unicenter Service Desk went far beyond simply making it run in the Unicenter Service Desk environment, the re-implementation also took advantage of all the enabling features Unicenter Service Desk enjoys.

Data Sheet


· Performance Enhancements. Unicenter Service Desk Knowledge Tools can now take advantage of the Unicenter Service Desk architecture and take advantage of multiple server instances which supports improved performance and failover capabilities. · Accessibility. Release 11.2 of Unicenter Service Desk Knowledge Tools provides unparalleled accessibility to the full capability of the product's web-based interface for use by blind and limited vision users. Changes have been made in support of the Section 508 and WCAG guidelines to improve compatibility with a wide array of operating system accessibility options and screen reader technologies. Language Support. The English version of this solution is certified to run on a variety of non-English operating systems, allowing characters from the non-English language to be stored and retrieved within text fields. See readme file for specific details on supported platforms. In addition to the English version, the product is scheduled to be localized in French, German, and Japanese. Microsoft Windows only versions are scheduled to be released based on the English r11.1 version. Non-Windows localized versions in French, German and Japanese are scheduled to be released based on the English r11.2 version at a later date. Note: Unicenter Service Desk Knowledge Tools is a single-language application and does not support intermingling text from multiple languages within a single application instance.

Figure 2. Unicenter Service Desk Knowledge Tools shows analysts where the solution has historically been used to resolve problems.

Supported Environments

· (Server) Microsoft Windows · (Server) Linux -- Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server · (Server) Unix -- Sun-Solaris, HP-UX, IBM-AIX · (Web Interface) Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox · (Database) Ingres, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle For additional details and an up-to-date list of supported product versions please visit the Unicenter Service Desk Knowledge Tools product home page on

For more information on CA Service Management Solutions, visit or 1-866-576-9551.

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