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IBM Gains Complete Visibility of Network Performance with SnifferTM Solutions

Introduction IBM is the world's largest information technology company, with eighty years of leadership in helping businesses innovate. Drawing on resources from across IBM and key Business Partners, IBM offers a wide range of services, solutions, and technologies that enable customers, large and small, to take full advantage of the new era of e-business. IBM is set on being a leader in developing and delivering trendsetting ICT solutions--supplying advanced computer systems in a wide variety of sizes to companies, organizations, and consumers. Software ranges from operating systems to customized general and sector-specific solutions. Many IBM Global Services employees are involved in the development and delivery of professional solutions and services. These services include network solutions, system integration, outtasking and outsourcing, consultancy, training courses, e-business and continuity services. IBM also plays a prominent role for Next Generation companies, including offering flexible, scalable solutions to online companies of all sizes. IBM Needed the Right Tool At the IBM Network Support group, part of IBM Networking & Connectivity Services, the staff focuses on maintaining the customers' network efficiency and ensuring that each IBM customer is getting the most for their IT dollar. With customers across all sectors of industry and commerce, from banks to ISPs, IBM has found that e-business networks, and the data that runs through them, become more diverse with every new technology development. Just looking back over the last three years, advances such as wireless, Voice over IP, intranets, extranets, LANs, WANs, and PANs have all changed the network landscape and its function within the context of business or e-business. Adding to that the broader IT issues of security, hosting, and convergence, it is not hard to see why sometimes the role of managing IT is considered an unenviable task. At IBM, the skilled personnel that are troubleshooting the networks, analyzing the problems, and finding the solutions, rely heavily on the tools they have in their kitbag. For IBM's Networking & Connectivity Services, analysis tools are a must-have. Without them, they are essentially doing their jobs blindfolded. In an environment where time, or more importantly downtime, is such a critical measure of performance, it is essential for problems to be identified and rectified as soon as technologically possible. Constant monitoring of corporate networks is also necessary to reduce the risk of network outage or slowdown in the first place.

Challenge To help IBM Network Support group, part of IBM Networking & Connectivity Services, focus on maintaining the efficiencies of customers' networks and ensuring that each business that has selected IBM is getting the most for their IT dollar. Solution Sniffer Portable Benefits As a market leader in the analysis field, NetScout Systems provides a variety of products that offer complete visibility of network performance. With products such as Sniffer Portable, Sniffer Voice and Sniffer Wireless, the company provides a solution for all aspects of network architecture, delivering monitoring and analysis to the highest possible standards.

"It is comforting to know that NetScout has the products and the support to help us in our endeavor."

IBM Network Support Group


Sniffer Solutions Was the Answer For the IBM Network Support Group, one of the main companies of choice for network analysis tools is NetScout. With products such as Sniffer® Portable, Sniffer Voice, and Sniffer Wireless, the company provides a solution for all aspects of network architecture, delivering analysis and monitoring to the highest possible standards. Han Hulshuis of IBM Network Support Group, explains the benefits of using Sniffer tools: "Typically IBM customers will call in and say they are experiencing difficulties with the network and need a replacement router or server. By using Sniffer products we can assess whether it is a hardware, software, or generic network environment problem. We can send one of our support team to help the customer diagnose what the problem actually is. Without Sniffer that would be impossible to do. If you don't have the right tools you can't fix the problem." The benefits of using Sniffer products for IBM Network Support Group are twofold. Not only does it improve the performance of IBM customers' networks, saving them money in the process, it also reduces the time taken by field engineers to find and fix the faults. This means that IBM Network Support Group experiences greater efficiencies from its staff and can ultimately be more profitable. As a support service, the IBM Network Support Group is well aware of the importance of the customer relationship. Supporting some of the largest companies in the world across all business sectors, IBM Network Support Group needs to run a slick operation. When you are in the business of uptime, customers expect efficiency across the board. No e-business can afford to wait around in a 24/7 economy and

NetScout ensures customer satisfaction through its own support and training network. NetScout Takes IBM's Service Further "In order that customers get the most from our products, we encourage training on every aspect of Sniffer product functionality and the e-business network as a whole," said Jilali Ajaba, Sniffer University. "Through our Sniffer University program, IT managers and network engineers can receive a range of training packages to help keep track of how to improve network efficiency." Through regular contact, the IBM Network Support Group has understood how to get more functionality out of Sniffer products. "More and more we are dealing with wireless solutions and that requires another layer of understanding from an analysis perspective. It is comforting to know that NetScout has the products and the support to help us in our endeavor," says Han Hulshuis, IBM. It is widely accepted that downtime and network slowdown are the biggest drain on IT resource and e-business performance. With the right planning and management, companies can reduce the risk of downtime and increase productivity. NetScout has a vital role to play in this equation, monitoring for hot spots at all times. It is also an effective troubleshooting tool in times of outage or similar operational crisis. Businesses are becoming less tolerant of the IT department being a high maintenance cost center, now expecting a return on investment at every corner. This equation increases the pressure on IT managers and directors to deliver benefits back to the business. The appeal of Sniffer products is they won't break the bank, but often save the day.

About NetScout Systems NetScout Systems provides advanced network and application service assurance solutions that deliver complete visibility into real-time, packet/ flow-based operational intelligence. IT operators at the world's largest enterprises, government agencies, and service providers use the Sniffer and nGenius solutions to troubleshoot service degradations faster and more efficiently in order to reduce MTTR. Our world-renowned Sniffer and nGenius solutions include:


Intelligent Data Sources for high capacity, deep-packet recording and monitoring Analysis Software for real-time and historical network and application performance management, troubleshooting, capacity planning, and reporting Advanced Intelligence for early detection and in-depth analysis of complex or specialized application services



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IBM gains complete visibility of network performance with Sniffer

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IBM gains complete visibility of network performance with Sniffer