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FARSI 101 ELEMENTARY FARSI I 3 CREDITS In this course, students are introduced to the Farsi language. Through classroom activities that develop their oral comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing abilities, students learn about the basic structure of Farsi grammar and writing as well as become familiar with elementary conversational skills. Farsi culture and social traditions are also presented and discussed as part of the students' introduction to the Farsi language. FARSI 102 ELEMENTARY FARSI II 3 CREDITS With an increased emphasis on reading, writing, and conversation, this course offers a review of basic grammar and introduces the student to additional linguistic features. There is a continued focus on Farsi historical and cultural achievements, with an introduction to the Farsi-speaking world. Prerequisite: FARSI 101 (with a minimum grade of C) or equivalent. (Foreign Language Core Course) FARSI 201 INTERMEDIATE FARSI I 3 CREDITS In this course, students are provided with an intermediate level of training in speaking, listening, reading, and writing in Farsi. Students review their knowledge of Farsi grammar before they are introduced to more advanced grammatical concepts and comprehension skills. In addition, students expand their knowledge of linguistic features through readings of classical and modern writing, film, and other texts as well as through the further development of their abilities to conduct and maintain conversations in Farsi. Prerequisite: FARSI 102 or equivalent.


Neumann University Undergraduate Catalog · 2011­2012

FARSI 202 INTERMEDIATE FARSI II 3 CREDITS The four language skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing are further enhanced through the introduction of more advanced grammatical concepts, expanded vocabulary acquisition, and rigorous speaking and listening exercises. Students also continue to develop their conversational and comprehension skills through cultural activities. Prerequisite: FARSI 201. FARSI 480 INDEPENDENT STUDY PROJECT (ISP) CREDIT VARIES Qualified students who seek individualized advanced study in some area of Farsi that is not covered in scheduled courses may apply for an Independent Study Project (ISP). Students assume responsibility for special readings and research under the supervision of a designated faculty member. As a minimum requirement for this project, the student is expected to submit a substantial essay that demonstrates extensive learning and competence in Farsi. Regular meetings with faculty and completion of all assignments are required. Prerequisite: FARSI 201 and Conditions of the University's ISP Policy.


Neumann University Undergraduate Catalog · 2011­2012

SPECIAL TOPICS IN FARSI CREDIT VARIES Neumann University periodically offers Special Topics courses in Farsi [FARSI] which reflect specific topics of study which are not part of the standard University curriculum. Special Topics courses in Farsi that are numbered at the 126/226 level are generally open to all students and may be designated as Core courses. Courses at the 326 level are specifically designed for students at the junior or senior level, while courses at the 426 level are only open to students with senior standing. For any given semester, course title(s) and content area(s), as well as any specified prerequisites in addition to those listed below, are published during the preceding semester. Permission of the instructor may also be required before a student can register for any Special Topics course. Prerequisite: FARSI 201 for any Farsi Special Topics course at the 200-level or above.


11 NEU UG i-97_041572_PGS_00i-077

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11 NEU UG i-97_041572_PGS_00i-077
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